101 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-17

  1. So yesterday something good happened. W who is now the Team Leader at the KW where I work (we met several years ago when I was on the real estate team where I was fired) told me that when she went through the interview process and was asked the 3 people she admired the most, that I was one of them. She told them her mother, another woman we both love and respect, and me. She had told me Thursday night some of the fall out that happened after I was fired.
    You all know how much that devastated me then, but now I am able to see the positives. Really to be a national company it is a small community and the guy who fired me is well known and respected within the company. It has always bothered me that one day I may have to explain that situation and use him as a reference. I worried what he would say or what I would say. Now, I can say with all honest that the story of my life would be Kim Bounced Back or If You Can Manage to Laugh, You Can Survive. If we go with Kim Bounced Back, I can tell that the low point of my life was being fired by this man because it called into question my honesty, ethics, whatever and it almost destroyed me. It took me a long time to heal from it, but looking back I can see where I would have been worse off if I had stayed.
    On the other side of this, I am still trying to wrap my brain around someone I respect telling me that I am one of three people she respects the most. Who knew? I am just me.

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  2. Yes it is. I didn’t sleep well–so much going through my brain. Also I get up at 5 am 3 or 4 days a week and Amos decided it was time I get up and let him out. He started his wake mama up routine and Lulabelle heard, so she came to help him. Now I am chatting with you, drinking my coffee, and one of them is asleep on her ottoman and the other is asleep on his day bed (a really fancy dog bed that stays under the dining room window so he can survey his kingdom from comfort. No. They aren’t rotten.

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  3. Good morning. I am blessed that my brother will mow our yard this a.m.

    Glad to hear your news, Kim. That’s quite a compliment, and I feel it is well deserved.

    I have to get Miss Bosley into her carrier early since where she stays closes at noon. I never look forward to doing that. Because they are not open on Sundays, it means extra time and cost for her to board. At least I trust they will take good care of her.

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  4. A female goldfinch. I never see one, but I think of the strange female goldfinch who spent two years staring and pecking at her reflection in our windows. She would perch for hours on the window sill to do it, and coming up the other side of the glass didn’t seem to frighten her away. I suppose birds, like animals, can develop without their normal instincts – we had a baby goat who was seriously brain damaged once – but it seems strange to think of a brain damaged bird.

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  5. Speaking of boarding a pet, as Janice was, Nightingale decided to put Janie in a kennel after all. Her friend was not replying to her texts asking if she would still take Janie for the week, or when she did, she ignored the question.

    I am relieved. I knew it wouldn’t work out.

    My earrings today are little dangling silver snowflakes, with a pinkish gem (fake) in the center. I usually only wear them in winter, but they go with the top I am wearing, so I thought, why not?

    The older I get, the more comfortable I am being on the goofy, silly side.

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  6. You know that line in “What a Wonderful World” that goes, “. . .the bright blessed day & the dark sacred night”? For the longest time (okay, until last week), I thought the words were “. . .the bright blessed day & the dogs say goodnight”. πŸ˜€

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  7. I never had that book.

    Miss Bosley is at her home away from home.

    My brother got the lawn mowed. He got weak doing it because of his diabetes so I had to round up something to help raise his sugar level. He had mowed a lot the day before at his house and that was catching up with him. Problem is that I am trying to cut out sugar. I found some blueberry/pomegranate juice that I use sparingly in smoothies. I am sure that was not expected as a substitute for his request of graham crackers. He had already used a good portion of the glucose he carries. Our yard is not big enough to be so troublesome!

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  8. You go, Kim. So good so see you in a work spot that seems to be such a good fit πŸ™‚

    Kizzie, those earrings sound very pretty! And Christmas is coming …

    Glad the puppy issue is settled.

    And poor Miss Bosley … 😦 She will be very unhappy. But she’ll get over it.

    I had a restless night after the news at work yesterday so I wound up doing some laundry and throwing away some more “things” from the living room from about 2-3:30 a.m. πŸ™‚ Might as well get something done, I figured.

    We’ll know more in August, but essentially the company’s Southern California group (we have 11 newspapers) will offer buyouts (a certain number but that number is unknown yet) to be followed possibly with layoffs if enough people don’t leave voluntarily. Ugh. The buyouts won’t be very generous from the sounds of it and I’m personally just not in a position to up and leave right now anyway, unless I think I have to (I also don’t really *want* to quit working at this point). It’s always a roll of the dice if you don’t take a buyout, of course, as then you might still wind up getting laid off — without the buyout pay, such as it is. I’m in a better position than many, but you still want to leave work on your timing and with enough planning time, not based on someone else’s idea.

    What’s odd is the publisher gave such a relatively ‘rosy’ picture just a week ago, saying things have finally stabilized, that we had come out of the financial free-fall we were in several years ago and things really were looking up. Hmmmm. Guess this means we won’t be getting those raises he said he was so hopeful we’d get πŸ™‚

    The crazy, ever-rocky world of news publishing these days, there’s just never a dull moment.

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  9. I need to go out and tend to my little tree today — as part of the constant watering I’ve been doing, the grass has had a strong revival all around the tree but now is growing through the tree well, probably robbing the tree roots of water to some extent. I tried pulling some of it out the other evening, but it’s really tightly webbed in there so will need to find a tool in the backyard … I’m sure I must have something.

    But the tree is doing well and it’s good to see the grass starting to spread.

    I have two more bags to add to the Salvation Army pile — and maybe more to come, I’m going to take another swipe through the closet to see what else I can live without. πŸ™‚ I’m on a roll.

    Now if I could just get that foundation and window work lined up & done (as affordably as possible!) …

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  10. Sorry, DJ, for your situation at work. I well remember my husband coming home from a midnight shift, where he was just told by a foreman that he needn’t worry about lay-offs. The morning newspaper announced lay-offs for him. Apparently, the company didn’t want the workers to know. I believe that is now against the law for some companies.

    My youngest daughter used, “A Wonderful World” for the father-daughter dance at her wedding. It was a nice song for that.

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  11. Yep, Kathleena; my son used it to dance with me at his wedding and watch me cry.

    Layoff situations are awful; so very sorry.

    DJ, why don’t you lay black trash bags on the grass around the tree to kill off some of that grass? It won’t be pretty, but it might help. Toss grass clippings on top of the black bags to pretend it’s being mulched?

    I’ve just been throwing grass clippings on my tomato bushes for mulch, myself. The surface soil is so awful, nothing grows there so I don’t have your problem.

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  12. Hubby recently found out that Diana’s (the bakery he delivers for), which had been family-owned for years, was sold to another company six months ago. He is suspicious of the fact that they didn’t tell the employees, & wondering if it will affect his employment at some point.


  13. Apparently what happened in our case is *someone* left an internal memo regarding layoffs that would cut the overall SoCal force by a quarter lying around on a printer in one of our papers and someone else decided to leak it to media covering media. Thus the rush yesterday morning to call us all in for staff meetings to quickly spill the news so we didn’t start reading about it from another source.

    The memo was more dire (they told us) than what the plan actually eventually became and is now — buyouts instead of (or that’s the hope) layoffs — but still. Ouch.

    One of our newer hires had donned her “migraine” sunglasses by early afternoon and everyone else huddled trying to figure out what was in store. A couple of our staff are in good shape — long timers who are married to government employees who bring very big pensions to their retirement tables. They’re the only ones who seemed relatively pleased. The rest of us, not so much. 😦

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  14. Wondering if my feeling/theory about something is shared by others. . .

    Often, the custody arrangement for children of divorce (or the break-up of unmarried parents) makes the child live half the time with one parent, & then the other half with the other parent, rather than having one primary residence. And even children who live during the week with one parent, & on the weekend, or alternating weekends, with the other are told that they have two homes. From what I understand, at least here in Connecticut, it is becoming more common to split the time equally between the parents rather than have one primary home.

    Now, I realize that children can adjust to a whole lot in life. But it seems to me that we (both adults & children) can only have one place that is truly home. There may be other places (like the home of dear friends) where we “feel at home”, but our home is our home. So I tend to think that splitting children between “two homes”, rather than one home & visiting the other parent’s home, doesn’t leave the child with the security of a “real home”.

    I see that with Little Guy. Whenever Mr X tries to tell him that his (Mr X’s) home is Little Guy’s home, it confuses him, & seems to make him think he has to choose which is his “real home”, which causes him to feel grumpy. (This is part of what I was referring to as emotional manipulation in my rant on Rants & Raves.)

    Do you all see it that way, too, or do you think a person, child or adult, can truly feel that they have two real homes?


  15. I have had 2 hours to myself to clean, do laundry, strip and remake a bed, mop,vacuum and make granola. Hubs took brother and sis in law to Cripple Creek to the Molly
    Kathleen Mine and to lunch. I am exhausted and have three more days of company….I am getting grumpy 😳
    On the other hand, I plan to have lunch with my dearest friend when everyone leaves…in a restaurant where I will neither have to cook nor clean!

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  16. People are manipulative. Children as well as adults. Children know how to play the game but don’t necessarily know when they are being played. And remember, the first one in with the story is often the one believed. Anyway, I suppose in an ideal situation where both parents are looking out for the well being of the child, it can work to have two homes. And once a child knows how the game is played, even if they mess up sometimes, the child can be comfortable in both homes. But when one or both is trying to point out the evil of the other, the child is torn and feels he cannot be himself. Tough times. But God is above all that and can bring the damaged one into His plan, along with his scars, to bring glory to God.

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  17. BG had a full bedroom at both houses and left clothes at both. Of course her father and I have had a better divorce than we did marriage. We BOTH tried our best to make her feel “at home” wherever she was. The problem didn’t happen until she decided to go live with him full time and he sold the house.


  18. Guests: they can be exhausting and I have had a few of those but most try to make life easier, knowing it is hard. Phos and Kim both made it very easy on me. I would have them back anytime. They know and maybe understand my oddities enough to just let it go or pitch in.

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  19. We all, including Nightingale, do our best to not bad-mouth Mr X. When he would not bother to show up to pick up LG, we would make excuses for him. Eventually, Little Guy learned that maybe Daddy would show up or maybe he wouldn’t. He seemed to take it in stride.

    He doesn’t come out & say “Daddy said. . .”, but we infer things from other things he says (hard to explain). Like when he all of a sudden emphatically avers to Nightingale, after a visit with his dad, “You are a good mommy!”

    Did I tell you all about the time Little Guy had a cut on his finger that happened when he was using a paring knife? At the time, he had been successfully using a paring knife to help cut food for a year or more, but one day slipped up & cut his finger. That night or the next day, he had an overnight visit with his dad. Mr X took off the bandage & scraped off the scab, causing it to bleed again, then posted a photo of it on Facebook, claiming that Nightingale had been neglectful & that it was infected. He did that another time with another wound Little Guy had.


  20. I wish we could have emoji’s here instead of just the like button. Some of those posts really need a big laughing face. πŸ˜€

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  21. I would be careful about making excuses for the missing parent. Children are pretty intuitive and figure things out. You don’t want him thinking you are complicit in deception. A simple, “dad may be having you over this weekend” and carry on with your own plans followed by “guess he didn’t make it but we had plenty to do. Maybe next time.” .

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  22. Actually, when I first saw the bird in the header photo I thought it was a female goldfinch, but as I zoomed in I realized it wasn’t, and thought it was a female or juvenile Baltimore oriole. But when I noticed she had no orange on her and compared her to Baltimore photos, it wasn’t a match. But she was a match for a female orchard oriole. She’s a small oriole, and her mate is black and red (nearly the colors of a male American robin, but maybe just a tad more red). I did get to see the male once, a few days later, though I didn’t know immediately that was what he was. I’ve seen the female a few other times since. Baltimore orioles are prettier, but it’s pretty cool to get another oriole species identified.

    I was gone all day helping our new pastor move from a rental house into a “bought” house, and I’m sweaty and tired. We were blessed that a good number of young men showed up, though, because it was quite warm and humid and it was easier to share the load.


  23. Hmmm….not sure that will go over really well here. Maybe something on making a wall mount out of your first coyote. Or how many hides the local guy will buy at a time and if he wants the whole body frozen or if you should go ahead and skin it.

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  24. Looking at the pictures of the two, Cheryl, I can see the difference, but it has me wondering about that female goldfinch, who was quite thin for a goldfinch.

    She did not lock me in my bedroom, but I was glad I could lock myself in the bedroom πŸ˜‰ Though I seem to remember spending most of my time in other parts of the house, such as the somewhat chilly schoolroom…

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  25. Mumsee – When I say “making excuses”, I don’t mean anything specific, but something like, “Maybe something came up & he couldn’t make it.” Eventually, we learned to be careful to say, “Daddy might be coming to pick you up today” rather than “Daddy is coming. . .”

    Since the whole mess of last July (the attack on Nightingale & the legal aftermath), he has been faithful to take him Little Guy for a couple to a few hours every Saturday. It was every other Saturday for a while, but has been back to every Saturday. (It is Mr X’s mom who picks up Little Guy, since Mr X is not allowed near our home due to the protective order still in effect for Nightingale.)


  26. And yeah, by age three or four, Little Guy was saying things like, “Maybe Daddy will pick me up & maybe not.”


  27. Chilly? No,no, you must have that confused with some other place. I was just up there and the schoolroom is quite warm. Maybe too warm. Maybe mid eighties or more. Or less. But warm, definitely warm. Not chilly at all.


  28. Mumsee, that was one of the best weeks of my life. I only had to worry about what was for lunch. I would come back any time and may just surprise you one day when I call from the Boise airport and tell you to have someone pick me up.


  29. We knew a Navy couple who split and the wife rented a small apartment where she lived whenever her ex-husband was home from sea. When he went out to sea, she moved into the (Navy) house, thus keeping the children’s life steady and normal.

    I’ve always liked that arrangement better, but I recognize it’s not practical for most families. Still, it was the parents who broke up the family, not the kids. Why shouldn’t the parents have to make the biggest sacrifice?

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  30. casserole night for church, way too hot to cook and I was out of garlic powder & Italian seasoning, which is so strange as I was sure I had both on hand …

    Cold shower in my future before bed


  31. Recently I read somewhere about a divorce arrangement where the children keep the house. I can’t remember where I read it, but the article focused on one couple who is doing it. The children stay in the house they’ve always known. I think the parents each have their own apartment and take turns staying with the children in the house. I’m not sure who owns the house. It seems to work well for them. It would be a financial challenge for a lot of people, though, having to maintain three homes.

    Did someone mention it here? Or maybe I saw it on Facebook.

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  32. Before I head for bed, I see a new photo is up. This one is a fun one for me, not because it’s a superb photo (two of the birds are flying away from the camera, and the third is in shadow), but because swallows are so very hard to photograph on the wing, they’re in focus, and the clouds behind them are lovely.

    Down the street from me a ways, maybe 3/4 mile, is a barn where barn swallows (like these) and tree swallows and maybe (I’m not sure) a purple martin or two have been growing slowly more numerous through the years. Swallows are in my area only over summer months, since they’re insect hunters extraordinaire and would starve in winter here. Barn swallows do indeed often nest in barns. They fly after insects (gnats, mosquitoes, etc.) on the wing, and if you have never seen them hunt, you have missed a treat. How a bird can maneuver as quickly and as deftly as a small insect, I do not know, but you marvel watching them. They love to fly around in the wake of someone on a lawn mower, looking for insects that are scared up, or possibly even mosquitoes attracted to a sweaty human.

    In the middle of the day, if we drive past this barn, 20 or so swallows will be sitting on the wire, and all will leave as the car approaches. Yet I can walk down the street and find the same 20 on the wire and they will stay on the wire, not flying at my approach. I’ve gotten some decent photos of them sitting, preening, flying to and from the wire. I even walked around the wire and got them from two different angles, and they only flew when I went back to the first place again, and then they decided I had been paying just too much attention to them. (Even then one male tree swallow stayed, looking over his shoulder at me as if to say, “I don’t know where everyone is going. I only see one little person, and she can’t fly.” Only this summer have I gotten to where I can get these birds in flight–faster camera, more skills at using it with birds in flight, I don’t know. They fly so quickly and so erratically that they’re truly difficult to get. It is a little easier to get them when they are flying to or away from their perching wire, because their location is less erratic, but they are fast.

    Sometimes they fly almost into my face. Whether they see insects, or they’re being friendly, or something else I don’t know, but two or three may fly in erratic loops within feet of me for 30 seconds or so, zipping around here and there, and then a minute or two later they’re back high again.

    A week or two ago I walked past this property (with my camera) and a woman was collecting her trash cart. Some of the neighbors have questioned what I photograph, and so I have tried to be proactive in saying hi, complimenting the natural aspects of their property, and answering any questions (lest they think I am taking close-ups of their home or some such thing with my long zoom). Anyway, I saw her and I said, “I love your swallows.” She smiled and said, “Aren’t they cool?” Then she added, “Except when they dive-bomb me [I think she meant that flying in your face thing]–then they aren’t so cool. But it all comes with the territory.”

    It was the next property over (closer to my home), property that doesn’t have any house near the street, where I photographed the female oriole. Across from the thistle patch with the oriole is the stream where I photographed the muskrat and where I have also seen turtles, frogs, a baby coon, various other creatures, and occasionally even mink. It’s well worth walking down the street a bit to get opportunities like these.


  33. First! (For Sunday, since Cheryl and Donna posted before going to bed. And it was still Saturday in LA for DJ.)

    My D2 and her hubby have a cat, so now visits to them will involve keeping the cat off Mrs L’s lap (she doesn’t care for cats on her lap, and so they seem to go to her first).

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  34. Wedding songs— I have a photo or really ex husband has it now of BG and her daddy dancing at a wedding. She was the flower girl and had on an ivory, raw silk, ballerina length dress. She still had almost white, blond hair put up in a bun and baby’s breath tucked in. G is holding her in his arms and smiling at her. When I hear this song, I think of that photo. The words aren’t right for a father/daughter dance or maybe they are. I get teary eyed every time. When BG was younger she would ask me why the song made me cry and why I listened to it. I always told her it made me think of her and her daddy. PS-I couldn’t listen to it just now before I posted so you are on your own


  35. The update on that wild landing in Managua yesterday:

    “I was looking out the window and idly chatting with the woman next to me when we made our approach. We landed on one wheel going way too fast so our pilot just launched us right back up into the air.

    “My row all gave each other wide eye looks and we laughed nervously as we sailed up into the sky again. The pilot came over the speakers saying weather issues prevented our landing the first time, but that we would make a second pass shortly.

    “Everyone cheered when we landed safely the second time, but we still came in hot. The runways are shorter in Nica, so we braked harder longer than usual before coming to a reasonable pace. What a greeting to Nica!

    “John later explained the wind shear caused the plane to tilt when we made our first attempt and that’s why the pilot bailed. It’s nice to know we had a cautious pilot and not a Daredevil.”

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  36. Well, we are just the other side of nowhere. I forgot to day is Sunday, no Hope Depot for me. No cordless hose, they will be all sold out by the time I get there. Maybe go to the amazon…

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  37. Cheryl,

    I’m sure I asked you this before and you told me, but I can’t remember. What is your camera model again? πŸ™‚

    And does it allow for lens changes?

    My current one doesn’t, but I’m looking at another Canon that does, and one that doesn’t but has more than twice the zoom capability of the one that I have now.

    Thanks. πŸ™‚


  38. KIm @ 9:25. It was halfway through before I caught on.
    I thought it was going to be by a spurned guy.

    Reminded me of our wedding. I didn’t notice, bet Elvera said that both fathers cried.


  39. We were coming into an airport in Memphis, I was at a window sear. T.n. I noticed and mentioned to the lady beside me., that we were coming in unusually high. Then, suddenly, they gunned the engine and started climbing.
    I said, “abort landing, we’re e going around again”
    She said, “Is that bad?”
    I said, “Going around again is always the right decision.”

    You usually get only one chance to do it right.
    The pilot announced that there was a ball game and another aircraft in the vicinity.

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  40. This post is long and came from Facebook. Bob Jennings was our pastor for several years. He died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago. The song was performed at the wedding of his youngest son.


    “What Have You Done?”
    Written & Composed by Martha Taplin
    Performed live by Stephen & Abigail Gates

    Ignoring Your love
    We went our own way
    We were far off
    We talked our own praise.
    We were like sheep
    Just going astray
    But You have come, Lord what have You done?

    What have You done?
    What have You done?
    What have You done, Lord
    Hallelujah, what have You done?

    You sent Your Son
    From Your very own side
    He poured Himself out
    such great sacrifice
    To die for sinners
    Redeem fallen man
    You bore our own sins, Lord,
    What have You done?

    What have You done?
    What have You done?
    What have You done, Lord
    Hallelujah, what have You done?

    All! All! All for Christ!
    He deserves our all!
    All, brethren, all for Christ!
    Give to Christ your all! [2x]

    How blessed is the man
    Whose sins are forgiven
    Whose sins are covered
    With His precious blood
    How blessed is the man
    With righteousness given
    Apart from his works, Lord
    What have You done?

    You call us saints
    You don’t call us sinners
    You call us sheep
    You don’t call us goats
    You call us friends
    Not Your enemies
    You call us sons, Lord
    What have You done?

    We’re waiting on You
    Our eyes are on You
    We cannot say
    No – talk, sing, or tell
    Words cannot capture
    Enough of Your worth
    We thank You and say,
    Lord, what have You done?

    Let’s give Him our strength
    Let’s give Him our youth
    Never postpone
    No, never be fooled
    Hold forth the Truth
    The Word of our God
    This privilege is ours
    Oh, what have You done?

    What have You done?
    What have You done?
    What have You done, Lord
    Hallelujah, what have You done?

    All! All! All for Christ!
    He deserves our all!
    All, brethren, all for Christ!
    Give to Christ your all!

    Christ! Christ! All for Christ!
    He deserves our all!
    Christ! Christ! All for Christ!
    Give to Christ your all! [Amen]



  41. AJ,

    No interchangeable lenses. It’s still a bridge camera (you can adjust it manually or use pre-determined settings–though I hear they don’t do manual all that well). I’ve only had this one a few months; I wore out the older one, which had a shorter zoom. This one is a Canon PowerShot XS 60 HS. It has a 65X zoom. I does better with macro shots than the previous models–there are still times it won’t let you zoom in well on a flower or something small, but nowhere near as often and it seems to get them clearer. Macro isn’t my main interest, but I like the ability to get them. My previous one had two different fast-action settings, and this one seems to have only one, but one on the previous camera was too slow for such things as birds in flight so I only used the faster one, and two seems a bit redundant.

    I believe this is a flower fly on a blade of grass. They come in different sizes, but this one was tiny. I was amazed that I could zoom in and get so much detail. If I recall correctly, this is one I took while it was rubbing its back legs together (you can see the shadow of one rear leg), but I particularly liked that it was in the sun and you see the iridescence in the wings. You don’t get to see the detail in the eye that a true macro lens should pick up, but when a bug is maybe 1/8 inch long, you just can’t get everything.

    It cost quite a bit more than the previous model, but it uses the same batteries so I didn’t have to rebuy batteries or charger. (You have a different model than I had, though, I think.) While I was trying to decide whether I could justify the expense of a new one, I was offered an editing job with a bonus “rush fee” a little more than the cost of the camera, and that was enough to make my decision for me. And I can sense the difference in lens length–it’s amazing. It’s not a professional-quality camera, but neither does it carry a professional-quality price. I can live with its limitations considering it gets wildlife shots better than any camera did 50 years ago.

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  42. Oh! You mean the shopping district! Well, of course we have that. You can go there when you want to buy a tractor or get a pizza or beer or stop by the sheriff office or the bank or post office. And on Thursday evenings in the summer, they play a movie on a screen in the park.


  43. I hope she did not run out of gas between Missoula and Kooskia. I will figure she stopped to enjoy the view.


  44. I left another prayer request on the prayer thread tonight. (I don’t know how many check the prayer thread late at night or the day after.)

    Sorry to jump in, not knowing what’s going on with everyone, having been absent from here for a while. I’ll catch up with you all sometime next month.

    Thanks for praying in my semi-state of overwhelm.

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  45. Hurray! Jo made it to the nest. Show Mumsee the picture you took at the cave so she can see her “older” brother does exist.


  46. That was not a question, not that I would not want to hear the answer, but don’t want to put you on the spot.


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