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  1. Morning, Chas, AJ, everybody.

    “It” is time for me to get ready for my endodontist appointment. That root canal specialist consultation that has been delayed / rescheduled / changed again / etc. etc., over and over, for about two months now.

    Then time to get caught up with a lot of stuff. A busy weekend with much going on. Hope you all had a good one!

    Blessings on your day, all.

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  2. My objection yesterday was not paying for the audio, it was having to buy the book for my Kindle then paying the price of the audio when I already own a hard copy of the book. I would have just liked to pay for the audio, not have to buy the book again too. This is a book I NEED to read and haven’t so my solution is that I drive 45 minutes each way and I have heard the audio is about 6 hours. I can have it done in no time.

    ON TO BIGGER things than me being cheap. I take my Florida License Law exam today at 2:30. I am going to run through the online study again and answer the questions. Please remember to say a little prayer for me that I pass. These types of tests upset my stomach more than any exam I ever took in college…

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  3. Kim–get yourself an Audible account. The book you’ve got is free with that and with all your driving, you’ll love being able to listen to all sorts of books. I bought a gift certificate for my son for Audible one Christmas and he’s kept it ever since.

    Many of my writer friends have one, I’ve been tempted myself, and use it while doing housework. That’s how they’re able to “read” the latest books.

    It’s possible you might be able to get your Kindle to read it aloud to you. I could do that on my Kindle back in the dark ages. It sounded awful, but got the job done.

    You also might consider it a business expense if it enables you to learn while you drive.

    I, personally, have been listening to podcasts whenever I’m in the car this year. It’s been a good use of time.

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  4. Here is a little something for everyone to discuss today.
    Yesterday in Boundaries we were discussing Myth #5
    Boundaries mean that I am angry.
    Boundaries donโ€™t cause anger in us. Anger tells us that our boundaries
    have been violated. Or our anger is a result of our reluctance to set boundaries
    and wishing we had. The more biblical our boundaries are, the less anger we
    experience. You are more in control of your life and values.
    โ€œDonโ€™t get mad. Set a limit!

    One of the women said that after doing a lot of reading in other books she stumbled across a concept that anger can be an addiction. Getting angry, blowing your top, and lashing out at all around you can release chemicals in your brain that give a “high”. Getting that feeling can become an addiction, especially if you are prone to other addictions, like alcoholism.
    I found it especially interesting because in the Summer of 2010 a young guy turned on to the alley behind my house, floored the gas, and almost hit Amos. I screamed a sound I had never heard come out of me before, dropped my phone, stepped in front of the car (sort of), and when he stopped I almost reached through the window and pulled him out. (Those of you who have met me can just visualize how funny and deranged I must have looked). I think I terrified the poor guy. I don’t know what all I said to him but I never saw him again in the neighborhood. Now let’s remember that the past 4 or 5 years leading up to that Summer had been some of the most difficult I had ever lived. I had swallowed all of my feelings and had most of them suppressed. After going “crazy” on that guy I FELT so GOOD. There was a feeling in my whole body of power, peace, I will survive, I want to feel this way all the time.
    I have never managed to feel that way again, but I can remember how good it felt. Yesterday when the woman in class told that it was a light bulb moment for me—so coming from an addictive background that release of chemicals felt good and I wanted to feel that way again. Fortunately I really am not the kind of person who goes into a screaming tirade, so I don’t really have to worry about becoming addicted to anger.

    Your thoughts or experience with this? Have you ever experienced anything like this?
    Remember, anger is not bad. Jesus was angry a time or two. It’s how you handle the anger and what you do with it.

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  5. Here is another one for you writers and editors.
    I am reading a book right now where the author writes:
    Luke laid his drink on the table. It isn’t a mistake that was missed. Later Meg laid her drink beside the pool.
    I would have used set or placed but not laid. Is this a regional thing to do with your drinking glass?


  6. I haven’t experienced anything like that, Kim. But I did experience fear. I was in a C-97 that caught fire on takeoff. (#1 engine) They successfully aborted and emptied the plane. The crew stayed with it. What did we do? We performed as trained.
    But after it was over and I thought about it, I had to sit down. I got so nervous I couldn’t do anything.

    I learned something then. I call it “dealing with the situation.
    You can apply that to anger.
    Anger is generally unproductive. . It can render you useless.
    But if keep a clear mind and act to correct the situation, it can be useful.
    It depends on your attitude toward it.

    getting even keeps you from getting ahead.

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  7. Kim, I wouldn’t “lay” a glass anywhere, though I might lay down my sunglasses case. A glass is upright and it simply doesn’t sound right.

    Hey, here’s a question for people. How do you pronounce gyro? My husband says it differently from how I heard it in Chicago, and they were all over the place in Chicago. . . .


  8. I meant Cheryl for the writer question. Now that I’m home on a keyboard, I can’t quite get my brain in gear to type properly!

    As for Kim’s question, yes, regrettably, I have felt the thrill of releasing anger. It’s exhilarating, but for me, wrong.

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  9. Kim @ 9:12 am – It could be that they had had so much to drink that they laid the glasses down while attempting to set them down.

    Cheryl @ 9:33 am – I say “hero”, but I’ve heard it pronounced “yee-ro”, “gee-ro (g as in guide)” and “ji-ro” (as in gyroscope). Here is the dictionary.com pronunciation guide: “[jeer-oh, zheer-oh; Greek yee-raw]”.

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  10. We learned it, though I am certain we have Americanized it, almost yee rrah with the yee almost having a hard g and the double r almost a rolled r.


  11. My friend, Karen, and I recently had a discussion about addiction to anger and how those near and dear to us might possibly be afflicted. When you witness habitual anger then it seems a possibility.

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  12. Good Morning! Another beautiful day in Colorado albeit a hot one…but it is summer is it not?
    Boundaries are a good thing I have learned. As I have said recently I have asserted a boundary for myself and without anger. I felt hurt but I will not allow myself to be treated as though I have no worth. I know who I am and to whom I belong…and I must say it felt good to stand up to the offender.

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  13. Audible sounds intriguing — do they have ‘everything’ ? In other words, a very big selection or mostly best sellers? I don’t have a long commute so not sure how much use it would get with me. I do remember having the Bible on CDs years ago and I enjoyed listening to those from time to time.

    Photo above was taken on the 3rd of July on board the Battleship Iowa — awaiting Kamala Harris (I know people who now immediately smile & say ‘POTUS’ when they hear her name mentioned) & others who spoke at a ceremony where 41 young people and children were sworn in as new US citizens.

    Cleaned out the hall closet last night and found … boxes of more antique books. Sheesh, our family had tons of those, from history to mathematics to other topics, all with the latest information form the late 1800s. Out to the garage for now. Once I go through them a little more closely (to rule out anything of actual value) I may wind up selling them as a “lot” — that seems to be how many sell them on E-Bay. Unless I can figure out a better disposition for them.

    But at least they’re out of the house. Found a lot of them in the spare bedroom closet and cabinets as well. It was such a whirlwind when I moved into this house & there were so many things from my mom’s house that had been in storage for several years … I know, I should have gone through all of this ages ago but I really didn’t know what was where — or how much of it there was taking up space.

    Have my flannel sheets all in blanket bags now for storing on the top shelf of the main bedroom closet. And I’m going to take another stab at some sweaters I can surely pare down some more.

    6, prayers for that dentist appt, hoping they’ll get to the bottom of it and fix what needs fixing (easily, painlessly and cheaply?).

    Happy traveling Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. I’ve been re-reading JC Ryle’s “Holiness,” something I haven’t read in ages (and I’m not sure I even read it in its entirety but I think I did, many years ago, however).

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  15. My exam on on July 11th! Oh well. I am ready.
    Take into account that I learned to say gyro in the South, but I learned to say it first from a Greek friend and then from a Turkish client:
    eeee roh with a rolling r


  16. Camping was, of course, wonderful but different. We were at a campsite with family and with strangers. The family was wellbehaved. The strangers not so much.

    Usually, when I go camping, we go far from others, and I bring things for building an outhouse as sometimes there is one close and sometimes not. Because we were going to meet at an established campground, I did not. Though we could have improvised with what we had. The campground was full so we went to an alternate site, with fire rings and room for tents and such but no outhouse. That was about half a mile away. So we got some exercise and saw some deer and lots of chipmunks and had a good time.

    The neighbors were loud but not obscene or profane. They kept a loud truck blaring music all the time they were there, but did leave during the day to go boating. But at night? They went into the wee hours. Not as rude as I have heard but sleep disturbing. The second night they did not stop until about four in the morning. It was much louder than my home. Camping seems like it would be quieter.

    But there was a swimming beach and a rope swing from a tree to swing out into the water. No lifeguards so people were generally with their children. We let the fifteens go down alone. Fifteen year old daughter was able to find the outhouse by herself and the beach. But when we were coming home and stopped at a rest area. She not only could not find the truck which was right out the door, but when she did, she ran around the truck, onto the road, in front of a moving car, without ever seeing it. She is so fear driven. We have never left her and have never threatened to.

    But she enjoyed the rope swing, and picking and eating huckleberries. Fifteen year old son had the best time he has had in a long time. The youngers always love camping so it was good all around.

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  17. Anyone have any experience with Amazon Prime?

    Like, love, hate, or meh?

    My wife already loves the 2 day shipping, and I did see some movies I’d like to watch, but we have zero experience with it otherwise. Any tips?

    Tomorrow is Prime Day, and I may be looking for a Nikon 3400 or a Canon EOS Rebel 6, if I can find a deal to my liking.


  18. It doesn’t matter how you say it, they’re still nasty. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Must be the cucumbers and lamb. ๐Ÿ˜œ


  19. Love prime, I’ll confess. But I order a lot online nowadays (from Amazon), everything from dog food to trash bags (to even some of my bathroom remodel items last year) and other household goods I like to have in larger quantities (I also use Smart n’ Final for those things, but Amazon prices are still usually cheaper). I also use the video service.

    My guess is once you get prime you’ll use Amazon more to save on gas and time. We love-hate Amazon in the culture, i know, but they have managed to hit on what is so far a pretty brilliant new biz model. And they’re customer service has always been excellent, with liberal (and easy) returns.

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  20. I have not had a “yee-roh” lately, but recall loving them.

    Amazon Prime is pretty good for finding deals and receiving quickly. I have ordered office supplies and that works well. I have found the best deals on small appliances when compared to local stores. With my brother working at Fry’s, he told me that his store will not do price matches with Amazon Prime. It is because of the up front membership paid for Prime.

    I have used the subscription service for five products we commonly use in our household. I am not doing it now, but it was good overall, but I had a problem with cat litter supplied by a third party that arrived opened. I shopped it back and received a refund, but it was a mess to do so. I am not using subscription until I use up products that I bought that we have on hand.

    We have not made use of the streaming of current movies, but that is appealing, too. If we had wireless at home we would use that. Sometime we might use it at the office.

    It really depends on your needs. If it is a year when you expect to purchase a lot it is worth it. Our son has it to get the books he needs for classes really fast. We use it for some book purchases, but I buy more from Christianbook.com.

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  21. Art and I were blessed to go to a quickly organized concert at my church for this group on their first U.S. tour. They are from Moldova and do music ministry in the Middle East. The musicians are all siblings. Their father is a courageous evangelist.


  22. I am trying to mow today. Slow and steady wins the race. The humidity is down, but you would not think that to be the case considering the sweat pouring off of me from my first session.

    Again, we saw little of son since his friends had rented the cabin through today. Son arrived too late for dinner with us last night, and Art took him to the airport at 4 a.m. so son could get to work this afternoon. At least we got lunch together on Friday. We are headed out his way later this month and hope for more time with him then.


  23. I’ve had Prime at least five years and it’s been our only television since then as well. Free shipping is helpful for me and I’ve purchased a couple items on their specials that were great (suitcase, for one).

    Vacation was lovely. You all can laugh at me.

    The house was worn, the showers leaked, we needed several kitchen items and the only gathering room–the living room–had a large pool table in the middle, which we loved (them)/ hated (me). It got a lot of use.

    When we arrived on a sweltering day, they air conditioning had been turned off and the beds had been slept in and sheets not changed. My husband had talked to the owner the day before, so my heart sank into negativity.

    But then, the managers showed up with apologies and went right to work–the owner hadn’t told them we were coming–put in a second air conditioner, washed sheets, remade beds, cleaned, and so forth. It was cool enough to sleep by bedtime and frosty the rest of the week–which several people loved. The rest wore sweaters inside!

    It had a dock–which is what they wanted–and, surprise, a little beach. The Adorables spent most of their time in the water at the beach–with several supervisors from several different angles.

    7 year old: “This is the first time I’ve spent all day in the water until dinner time.”

    Me: “What do you mean? You have a pool at your house.”

    7 year old “This is the first time I’ve spent all day in LAKE until dinner time.”

    I hate to admit it, but in some arenas she’s a lot like me . . .

    They broke the sailboat the first afternoon and had to order a part–which didn’t arrive until Wednesday, but they played in the water, rented a tubing boat, entertained friends who stopped by, ate and ate and ate. They also had many board games, bridge went on several times and I read–when I wasn’t doing anything else.

    Truly a lovely vacation. There. I said it.

    We came away thankful for our time together. We are blessed in so many ways. Clear Lake was empty–even on the 4th of July. Lakeport is pretty much dead; there is no industry in the country except drugs. It’s a very sad place; I only left the property three times–to go to the grocery store–and once to Foster’s Freeze for my annual soft ice cream cone.

    Thanks for asking. Back to work for me.

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  24. Oh, in International News, we Facetimed with Hill and all went well at Serve the City. We talked with her on Friday, with 19 people in the house and just passed the Ipad around. She kept saying, “if only I could teleport there!”

    Out of Africa, CR has been having a splendid time working in the clinics, seeing amazing birds, the joy of small children with an Iphone, and hiked a hill to visit a local healer. She’s finished the working part of the trip and is on safari with friends in Uganda for three days and then off to Rwanda for three days. Most of her fellow students (there were 10 on the trip) are going on to a follow-up trip in Tanzania she’s wishing she could attend, too.

    But, she’s flying home on Monday and has three days to recover from jet lag before heading to Nicaragua–where we think her real ministry lies this summer. I’m probably going to drive down next week and be her “go-fer” girl so she can sleep some of those three days. Aren’t you glad you’re not 25 anymore?


    Need anything, DJ? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  25. When I went out to mow the second go around, cloud cover formed shade. That lasted a few moments. I mowed in the sun getting my weekly vitamin D. At least it has not rained. Every day it has rained here. I need to finish before the rain comes again. We thought we had escaped rain yesterday, but brother informed us there were some giant drops falling in a sparse manner as he neared our home late yesterday. He and Art and I went to Outback without son who was stuck in traffic (construction delays). I brought home half my steak to share with son. I felt I was very generous.

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  26. My husband says it “hero,” too, but in Chicago I think I heard guy-roh and jeer-roh, and “hero” was new to me. It made me wonder how many different ways there might be to say it, and the answers today confirm what I suspected: a bunch.

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  27. I was reminded yesterday during a discussion about drainage/flood plain problems in my county that back when I took a class in Real Estate for my BBA requirements that I did my term paper on the drainage problem in my county. Things have only gotten worse with all the construction since then. Funny how the facade of the county has changed, but the basics have not. Now I am on a mission to find that term paper. I wrote it when I worked from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. in a photo booth. One customer was a helicopter pilot, and I asked him to get aerial photos of some of the worst of the problem. He was kind to do that for me. I got an A on the paper and was quite pleased with it.


  28. We get Prime sometimes. We have it this year. You can get it free for 30 days, see how you like it, as long as you remember to cancel before the 30 days is up. I had a product I was ordering that was $30 for the product, $14 for shipping, but free shipping with Prime. So I got Prime and then cancelled, but a month or so later my husband went ahead and got Prime. When you’re trying to do work around the house (as we are), it’s convenient, and at Christmas it can be nice.

    Plus . . . my credit card is an amazon one (Michelle, close your ears, please)–I’ve had it since 2001 or 2002, and I get 1% on most purchases, 2% on some, 3% on purchases at Amazon . . . only now, with Amazon Prime it is 5% cash back. You’d have to place more orders than we do to make the difference between 3% and 5% pay the $99 a year, but 5% is enough that my husband forwards me what he wants ordered through them, and a 2% bonus will certainly return some of the fee.

    We’ve watched two of the videos, I think. The selection is kinda “meh,” for us, but the fast shipping is good. (We almost never pay for shipping through Amazon, so the “free” shipping is rarely useful.)

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  29. We’ve had Prime for about three years. I’m not sure it quite pays for itself with the free shipping for us, but I think it comes reasonably close. We watch quite a bit of the free video content, particularly old TV series like Star Trek (all incarnations), Numb3rs, Dr. Who, Stargate, MacGyver (the original 80’s version), Quantum Leap, Magnum PI, and sometimes older seasons of current shows like Blue Bloods. Some recent and old movies are free. Also they change what’s free from time to time, so things we bypassed because we didn’t want to pay for them have sometimes come back free later.

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  30. I think part of the reason gyro is pronounced so many different ways is that our English doesn’t have an exact equivalent to the Greek opening consonant sound. I asked a young Greek friend to pronounce it for me, and we went back and forth several times until he told me I just about had it right. There’s a bit of hard-g sound (as in gold), but it’s muted, so the sound is something between GEAR-oh and YEAR-oh.

    Anyway, AJ’s and Linda’s opinions notwithstanding, I think they’re great no matter how you pronounce it!

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  31. Yer-oh would be how we would pronounce gyro.

    I don’t have Amazon Prime. We don’t have broadband and don’t get our movies online. I do know some people around here do, though. Some have gotten broadband and some get it via satellite, like we do. Theirs most be faster. I am always thinking we should change, but I am never sure if that will actually be better for us.

    I was not happy the last time I ordered from Amazon. I bought two things and found later I could have gone straight to Walmart and done much better. They were identical items and shipped from Walmart. One had a packing slip with the price of the item and it was lower than I paid with the ‘free shipping.’ I complained to no avail. I hate feeling cheated.

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  32. Kim:


    Lights. Cattle. Action.

    Series Premiere: Thursday, August 10th at 8p ET

    INSPโ€™s new original series The Cowboy Way sets the stage for real-life cowboy adventures. This one-hour series follows three modern-day cowboys โ€“ Bubba, Cody, and Booger โ€“ as they build their cattle business in south Alabama and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

    The Old West meets the Deep South with these three friends who spend their days herding cattle, breaking horses and tilling fields while taking time to sip a little sweet tea. These men live by a code that is as important to them today as it was to the cowboys who first tamed the West. They work hard, play hard and depend on each other. When the sun goes down, they head home to hang with their wives, babies and those they love. Their days may not be easy, but these three friends wouldnโ€™t have it any other way.


  33. I pronounce gyro “JAHY-roh.”And I say “WEE-roh” for guiro (a Latin American percussion instrument).

    No credit cards for anything but a couple local stores, so we don’t do the online ordering thing.

    NancyJill, good for you in establishing those boundaries. Praying for you as you deal with the recurring thoughts of how your boss treated you. Don’t you wish the former things like that would just never come to mind once they’re over? Well, I do, anyway — silly, naive me. ๐Ÿ˜› But, of course, that is not how life works.

    Thanks again for all the prayers with my dental business today and past weeks, friends. Friday I go to get the permanent crown on, something my dentist wanted to hold off doing until after the endodontic evaluation. I got the all-clear, which is a tremendous relief. The permanent crown is already fully paid, and there will be no root canal expense to add in.

    Sounds like a lot of interesting travels for a number of you — Jo, Mumsee, Michelle and more. Memory-making in progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janice, 1:07, I enjoyed that music. Thank you for sharing it.

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  34. Janice, one of the guys at the dog park just got back from Atlanta (road trip he takes often, his mom lives there) and said it rained every day.

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  35. Question for anyone who would like to answer:

    My piano student who will be a senior is applying to colleges, and her mom called me today and asked if I would write a letter of recommendation to one of the schools on behalf of her daughter. She plans to major in Music Theory and Composition, and needs a letter of recommendation on file from one of her teachers. I told mom I was delighted to oblige!

    Any tips for me on what to include / not include? Length? Other ideas?

    Thanks much.


  36. Glad to hear the good news 6.

    (And, of course, you can use your debit (visa) card online, it doesn’t require an actual credit card)


  37. We don’t have a debit card, either. We are very backwards here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Although, I guess there are some one-time-use cards, too, that might be an option?


  38. 6- The Latin-American instrument is pronounced with the u: gee-ro. The u is there to keep the g a “hard” sound (voiced guttural stop in linguistic terms, as opposed to the voiceless fricative hard ‘h’ sound). So the ‘w’ pronunciation would not be the Spanish pronunciation.

    And that is your Spanish pronunciation lesson for today.

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  39. 6- I’ve written a few letters like that. They don’t need to be long, but should include why you think the student would do well there in relation to what you teach. Only include weaknesses if you think that would impede the student’s progress at the college level.

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  40. All these language lessons lately! I feel like I must owe you some money for them by now, Peter. ๐Ÿ™‚


  41. I pronounce “gyro” the same way Michelle does, jigh-row. As for the food, I don’t think I’ve ever had one, I think of gyro in relation to gyroscope and gyrate.

    Finally went to the doctor today and got the more powerful inhaler again. I didn’t want to, but yesterday I was feeling pretty nasty so I realized it was time. Thankful for student insurance – it would cost more than $150 dollars without it and it only has 60 doses.


  42. Kim, I was curious about your question Friday about Governor vs. Advocate. Were you going to tell us what made you ask? Is there a “right” answer?


  43. So blessed to hear of your success with the tooth issue 6! Praying you are in the clear for many years to come!
    Gyro….gee…row…like geese..only gee…and it matters not because they won’t beeeee eeeaten around here…I’m thinkin’ they are made with lamb….which is so not ok around me! ๐Ÿ˜›

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  44. 6, only one page as most people have little time. If you know the school then you may want to research to see what they stress as important features of what they offer. Most schools want serious students who are willing to dedicate hours of study/practice to do their best and make the school proud. I would think good team player would be good for most musicians who have to work with others.


  45. Since gyro originates from the Ancient Greek word for ring or circle, ฮณแฟฆฯฮฟฯ‚, it technically should start with a hard ‘g’. However, the very fact that it is spelt in English with a ‘y’ instead of a ‘u’ indicates how far the pronunciation has shifted. Ancient Greek’s upsilon was pronounced more as a double ‘o’ sound, modern Greek pronounces the upsilon more like an ‘e’ sound.


  46. On Kim’s question about using “laid” to describe placing a drinking container on a surface, I wouldn’t use the verb “to lay” for placing a glass or cup. I would probably use “to set” as in “She set the table”. It’s funny when one thinks about it, because sometimes people do say things like, “Lay the table for four”, or they will speak of “laying” the plates or cutlery; but when it comes to drinking utensils, people speak of “setting” the cups or glasses.

    On Kim’s question about anger as catharsis, I find it too stressful to get angry and show it very often. Just expressing my opinion when I know it contradicts other people’s is enough to make me feel stressed for days afterwards, constantly replaying what I said in my mind. Expressing my opinion in anger is that much more stressful. Besides, if I get really blazingly angry, I become incoherent and end up not making much sense. When it is necessary to communicate my anger, I have to freeze it in order to get my point across. It is a weapon I try not to wield, since, when I discovered how to project icy rage in my adolescent years, I intimidated even my own siblings, and was accused of being heartless because of how bitter-tongued and sardonic I could be. I realized, meditating on passages such as I Corinthians 13 and James 4, that wielding such a weapon was not honouring to the Lord, unless I was dealing with hard hearted hypocrites – in the way Jesus dealt with the scribes and Pharisees. There are many hard hearted hypocrites out there, but they are usually more powerful than I – as the Pharisees would have been – and I have little contact with them. The people I have most contact with are just regular human beings, flawed and sinful, but needing to be treated with dignity and humanity. It would not be right to wield the weapon of my tongue against them.

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  47. Peter and Janice, thanks for your responses to my recommendation letter questions. Very good point about being brief. I will need to make sure I don’t ramble, as is sometimes my tendency. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  48. Kevin- No, I didn’t pay attention as when I started reading the thread here were not so many posts. Well, I gave 6 Arrows #57.

    Ao, since this is #71, I’ll take it (the year I graduated from 8th grade.)


  49. isn’t this how the “secret room” thread started a couple of years ago? Last I saw it was up to 4,000+ posts. Is it still going?


  50. This thread should really say Our Daily Thread 7+10=17 at the top of it. I propose a little edit, Sir Wandering Views Administrator. ๐Ÿ™‚


  51. I will. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually, it will still be toward the top of the page, in the sidebar under Recent Posts, for two more days.

    But who looks over there, you ask?

    I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  52. My name isn’t Surely, so I can just ignore Cheryl’s 10:43 and happily move this thread along toward 100.


  53. Wow, we’re all being so nice and polite here, and along comes someone pushing a big red sign in our face. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  54. No thanks, Peter. No interest in that. But I figured people here would be polite enough not to push and shove in some petty contest to be last. Why would anyone care?



  55. If you click on that link above, it will take you to what I’m pretty sure Mumsee meant at 10:13 a.m. yesterday.


  56. Well, since I got 4444 not long ago on a certain thread, I will just nonchalantly mosey on over and whistle a little tune โ™ซ โ™ซ on my way to one-one-one.


    And last!


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