27 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-11-17

  1. I enjoyed this article from David Brooks. It must be read with the data from Coming Apart in the back of your mind. Forty years ago upper-middle class young people married lower-middle class young people all the time. That no longer happens with any regularity.

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  2. “The business owners in this industry have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build facilities across the state,” the Department of Taxation’s statement continued. “They have hired and trained thousands of additional employees to meet the demands of the market. Unless the issue with distributor licensing is resolved quickly, the inability to deliver product to retail stores will result in many of these people losing their jobs and will bring this nascent market to a grinding halt.” according to fox.

    And so it goes when you legalize marijuana and run out of product in the first two weeks.


  3. Yes.

    The light blue print are usually links, and anything that highlights when you scroll over it is too.


  4. Sleazy John. Real sleazy.


    “Sen. John McCain faces questions in a defamation lawsuit about leaks leading to publication of the now-infamous dossier that alleged Donald Trump’s campaign had connections to Russian operatives, McClatchy has learned.

    The dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and his London firm, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., amounted to a collection of uncorroborated reports of collusion gathered as political research for sale to Trump’s opponents. It proved explosive when published by online news site BuzzFeed on Jan. 10.

    Now, two lawsuits — one in the United States and a second in the U.K. — are being brought by lawyers for Aleksej Gubarev, a Cyprus-based Internet entrepreneur whom Steele’s Russian sources accused of cyber spying against the Democratic Party leadership.

    According to a new court document in the British lawsuit, counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, R-Ariz., a vocal Trump critic, and a former State Department official as two in a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by BuzzFeed.

    The court document obtained by McClatchy confirms that Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain.

    “The Defendants considered that the issues were self-evidently relevant to the national security of the US, UK and their allies,” the document says, explaining why Steele and his partner, Christopher Burrows, felt it necessary to share the dossier’s findings.

    Wood had told Britain’s The Guardian in January that McCain had reached out to him about the dossier, and had obtained it through other means. The court document confirms that Wood, Steele and former State Department official David Kramer decided together that new information gathered after the election should be shared with authorities in Britain and the United States.”


  5. Nevada, not Utah, I know you are from the east, but they are different states. Yes, I laughed and laughed when I saw that, Talk about your major issues. Not flooding or wildfires or plague, but, “we are out of pot! The world is coming to an end!”


  6. But none of it matters anyway, because we’re all going to die from global warming mass extinction soon anyway.


    “A “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means a sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is under way and is more severe than previously feared, according to research.

    Scientists analysed both common and rare species and found billions of regional or local populations have been lost. They blame human overpopulation and overconsumption for the crisis and warn that it threatens the survival of human civilisation, with just a short window of time in which to act.

    The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, eschews the normally sober tone of scientific papers and calls the massive loss of wildlife a “biological annihilation” that represents a “frightening assault on the foundations of human civilisation”.

    Prof Gerardo Ceballos, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, who led the work, said: “The situation has become so bad it would not be ethical not to use strong language.””


  7. Well, I for one, am living eternally. I do care about this world and try to do my part to keep things nice and nicer than when I arrived. But things have been going extinct for several thousands of years.

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  8. Ricky,

    Brooks is taking heat from all sides for that column, especially the snobby hipster sandwich names. 🙂

    And it’s all from Twitter folks, so CONTENT WARNING!!!!!


    “David Burge @iowahawkblog
    I’m pretty sure David Brooks doesn’t have any friends with only HS degrees. Also, I’m pretty sure David Brooks doesn’t have any friends”

    “I have a PhD and no clue what that stuff is. This person probably seemed anxious to flee because she was stuck having lunch w/David Brooks. https://twitter.com/yashar/status/884754467375239168 …”


  9. What’s wrong with this picture?


    “The Post Office lost $5.6B dollars in fiscal year 2016. (To be fair, they actually showed a small profit, but the federal government forced them to pony up $5.8B to fund future retiree pension costs. That’s a story for another day, however.) But they might have made up a bit of that cash if they weren’t paying overtime costs to cover workers in battleground states who took unpaid leave to go campaign for Hillary Clinton. If that sounds like the sort of thing which would never happen where you work, well… you’re probably right. But once again we need to look no further than the involvement of the union which represents your letter carriers. (Government Executive)

    The U.S. Postal Service spent $90,000 on overtime to cover for employees who took time off to campaign in advance of the 2016 election, according to a new report.

    Unionized postal workers are allowed to take unpaid leave to engage in official activities on behalf of their labor groups, according to the USPS inspector general, but the agency did not follow proper protocols to ensure it should have granted the time off. Ninety-seven letter carriers across the country took leave without pay to “participate in political activities on behalf of” the National Association of Letter Carriers in the months leading up to the November election.

    While the practice of allowing employees to take leave without pay to conduct union business is legal, a spokesperson for the Office of Special Counsel said it is coordinating with the Postal Service’s IG to determine whether any of the employees violated the Hatch Act.
    To be fair, neither the article nor the IG report specifically say that the union members were campaigning for Hillary Clinton in those battleground states, but I don’t think we need to call in Sherlock Holmes on this one. Look no further than the NALC endorsement statement from June of 2016.”

    It endorsed Hillary.


  10. I think people like Brooks, Dreher, Charen, Goldberg, Noonan, Douthat, Stephens and Williamson have been the real heroes of the last 18 months. Unlike some folks like Tucker Carlson, they have maintained their intellectual honesty. They have not sold out. At a time when most of their constituency turned hostile, they have continued to speak their mind.

    At the same time, they like Murray and J D Vance have really tried to understand the changes that led to the popularity of Trump and Sanders.

    These folks still disagree on many things. Noonan is very sympathetic toward Trumpkins, but will not excuse Trump’s poor behavior. Most other Never-Trumpers consider Jennifer Rubin and Evan McMullin to be zealots, and I suppose they are even as I am.

    I think deep down most Never-Trumpers are having the time of their lives.


  11. The Great Sort — In part this was driven by advances in transportation and communication. Its been easier to set enclaves and commute. And the progress and independence of women in education and the workforce allows them greater selection in mates — and thus well educated and independent wealthy women seek same or better. Urbanization increases the number available to sort and makes each demographic independently viable. Also the increase in inequality has created an atmosphere of fear where the upper 25% are afraid of any decision by their children which will force them into the abyss of the working class. Interestingly this is more of an Anglo-American phenomena than European. In terms of intergeneration mobility, the Scandinavians have us beat. The American Dream is alive and well in Denmark — key reasons free education, high minimum wage, lower inequality etc. One of my Polish friends occassionally waxes nostalgically for the golden days of communism when the people no matter the occupation lived near each other as the income of doctors and ditch diggers barely differed.

    Trump’s Polish speech — Rather amused his speech caused such intellectual discourse. It seems the American intelligentia of left and right keep hoping Trump is more than he appears. He’s not. The speech was tailored made for his Polish audience — nothing more than mere pandering with a boiler plate standard European right wing populist speech. Nationalists Poles view themselves as the bulwark of European civilization — they stopped the Mongols, the Tartars, the Turks at Vienna, the Russians in 1920, and overthrew communism. They view themselves at the border of the barbarian hordes and its their destiny as Poles to defend Europe. Trump’s speech (written by somebody else) clearly played on the local sentiments as the bussed in supporters of the Law and Order party cheered him on.

    Russia — Its clearly a leaking tap going drip-drip-drip. Perhaps each revelation on its own isn’t hugely damaging but added together and with the excuses offered by Trump’s admin, the total sum must be taken seriously. Look at this entirely possible scenario — a damaging dossier is released by Wikileaks on Trump a week before the election and Hilary wins by the narrowest of margins and in fact loses the popular vote. Months later its discovered that Bill and\or Chelsea met with Russians connected to Putin and the excuses barely hold water — I think the right wing blogs would be howling treason. And if Chelsea took Hilary’s place at a G20 meeting because Hilary was tired, they would be hollering nepotism and wondering at about Hilary’s health. The present administration has all these issues of credibility — many voted for Trump to avoid the nepotism, corruption, and ill health of Hilary but now its present in the Trump admin and these same people say nothing??

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  12. Brooks article is demonstrated very well in Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy when he goes to dinner with tablecloth and lots of silver and is terrified because he doesn’t know how to eat in that setting.

    My husband drove a group of high school band members to a festival in Sacramento once, when we lived in the small farming community. He didn’t want to eat at McDonald’s on the way home and told the kids he’d pay if they could go to a decent restaurant.

    Other than our child, none had ever eaten in a restaurant with a cloth napkin, not to mention 5 pieces of cutlery.

    A graduate of the Navy’s “Knife and Fork School,” my husband gave them a tutorial.

    Nice kids, but they had limited experience. Pot, of course, is a major crop in that part of the world–and has destroyed a lot of those kids by now. Drop out rate, high when we lived there, 33%?, has soared . . .

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  13. Michelle, I once drove four of my son’s basketball teammates 200 miles to the University of Texas summer basketball camp where my son and his team were “coached” by Kevin Durant.

    My riders asked my son what sort of music they should play in my car. Per his advice, they stuck to The Temptations and other Motown artists and avoided Rap. In return, we ate at chicken places of their choice coming and going. It was no sacrifice for me. Weavers have been eating fried chicken since long before the War.


  14. Conservative David French now thinks the Trump/Russia issue is serious.

    I will continue to take the position that “attempted collusion” falls within the realm of Inspector Clouseau.


  15. Maggie Haberman is going to win a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Trump White House. Her sources within the White House are very good.


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