39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-17-17

  1. Good evening Jo.
    Good morning Aj and everyone else.

    😦 I just got an e-mail from a friend I have known almost all my life. Met him the first at Carolina. He has melanoma.
    He is almost, like me, 87. It happens to all of us.

    I’ll have to tell you about Vernon some time.

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  2. I told you before that I have a brief history of my life in a loose leaf notebook. Mostly annotated photographs. Here is a brief bit about Vernon.

    From my “History”.
    We arrived at the seminary about four in the afternoon expecting to find our house trailer there, but it wasn’t . so we went to the seminary and rented a room for the night. Later that evening, we were confused and discouraged, not knowing what to do. But we went out looking for something .to eat. Fast food was not generally available at that time. Not knowing Fort Worth, I just drove around looking for something. I didn’t know what.

    Happenstance can be weird some time. But this happened in such a way that I have to believe God was in the event. Driving around on Sunday evening, not knowing where I was going, I found myself driving down Hemphill St. . I was driving by just as Travis Avenue Baptist Church was letting out of evening services. Suddenly, I hear Charlie!

    Vernon has noticed the only car in the world that looked like mine. We were overjoyed to see them. ………..

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  3. We have company coming from Maryland today. Mr. P keeps assuring me how much I will like the wife and that she will be my new best friend.
    1. Don’t sell it so hard. You make me think she must be beastly when I am sure she is a perfectly lovely woman.
    I also told Guy on Monday that I was thinking of taking a mental health day on Friday. Our guests have rented a yacht that is moored in a marina in downtown Pensacola. They will have it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, then will be back at our house for Sunday and Monday.
    Guy asked me if I was sure I was going with that story or did I want to tell him BG was going back in the hospital. Then he mentioned how much time I took off when she was in the hospital and that he didn’t say anything about that. No, only called me all the time and wanted to know if I had my computer with me. I got the mental health day anyway. We have an intern this summer so he can abuse him a little. I have mentioned that I am a W-9 employee, not a W-2 haven’t I?
    I was awake during the night praying, “Please, God, let the right thing work out”.

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  4. Hello to all, and I hope things are going well or at least better for those in a spot. For those who teach, I know it is a high season with expectations of some time away from routine. I still miss that seasonal teaching routine. Although with homeschooling it was blurred since we tended to do math catchup in the summers.

    Miss Bosley is happy I am at home more now. I got so far behind on things that it is difficult for me to prioritize what all needs to be done.

    Kim, I am glad you are taking the time off. That sounds like fun.

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  5. Great header photo with birds on the wire! Blue sky!

    Remember the watches I posted? I ended up wearing the black one most, the one Kim liked best, because it tended to go with more of my outfits. The watch died yesterday. I got the battery replaced, but am back to wearing the Stauer with the more rugged/natural look with the webbed band. I think it is best for summer. Thanks for talking me into getting it repaired.

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  6. Good Morning…it is beautiful here in the forest and the sky is bluer than blue…it’s going to change later on…but no longer a foot of snow predicted…only 5 inches! 🙂
    Kim breathe in deeply that beloved salt air of yours…it’ll do you good…not to mention being away from “him”…don’t take your phone or computer!!!
    I love that accounting of the Lord’s unexpected blessing in your lives Chas….it just makes me smile!! ❤

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  7. Thought of you this morning, NancyJill, when I was out trudging through the spring snow to feed the animals. Sounds like we got a bit more than expected (still nothing more than a skiff of the wet heavy stuff, still coming down) and you are getting less than expected. Must be spring.

    Husband has been swooped off to Canada for a quick trip as he is one of the few in the company willing and able to go there.

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  8. It’s Wednesday, we’re getting’ through the week. And it’ll soon be June. If I want to finish this house project by the end of the year, I will have to ask soon about whether roofers can do that foundation job. If not, we need to find a Plan B.

    I had a dream last night that I could see the ocean from my house. It was a pleasant realization and I keep wondering why I’d never noticed the view before.

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  9. Looking at a watch is a whole lot quicker than getting the phone out, sorry. 🙂 I love my phone but sometime low-tech serves a simple purpose much better. At least for me.

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  10. Miss Bosley is amazed that a mattress .ca be flipped. And she knows how to get out of the way of a flipping mattress. I did not even have to say, “You go girl!”


  11. I like mumsee’s world.

    I still get links to houses for sale in Idaho. The last one featured a stuffed — at least I think it was stuffed, but it was real — mountain lion mounted on the living room wall. There must be some very interesting open houses up in those parts …

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  12. Speaking of mattresses, I need to call that furniture repair guy to see when my bed frame might be ready. It’s been almost 2 months of sleeping on the box spring/mattress in the middle of the bedroom floor.

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  13. Well, crazy phone did something on that last post. Kim has a crazy phone, too.

    Our son never wears a watch but uses his phone instead. I like the convenience of a twist of my arm to see the time. Even a pocket watch seems it would take too much effort.

    I liked your story about your friend, Chas. Quite a coincidence or a “God wink” as some refer to serendipity.

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  14. I just got the Covenant College magazine (son’s magazine), The View. I was happily surprised to see the daughter of one of my critique partners holding the books she and her mom have done together. The daughter illustrated them. She has high functioning autism. The book titles are Hope’s Colors and Homeschooling Hope in case anyone has any interest. They can be found on Amazon.


  15. My autistic children are a piece of cake and a delight. It is the emotionally disturbed ones that are the challenges. I would almost wish high functioning autisic children on everybody, but God has a better plan so I won’t.

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  16. I always wear a watch! I do not feel completely dressed until it goes on the left wrist
    So did ya’ll know that your homeowners insurance will go up substantially if you file a claim….like four years ago fo 368.00 for a hotel room when we were evacuated during the Black Forest fire? And the only reason we turned in that claim was because when I was dropping insurance on a car we sold, I told the agent’s assistant to call my cell phone because we were currently at a hotel due to mandatory evacuation. She advised me that she would open a claim and I need to turn in my receipts…because that is what homeowners insurance is for!!!! I was compliant to her instructions and now, when we are leaving that company for a new company, a claim showed up on their report for said amount and our homeowners insurance just increased 300.00 with the new company! I am livid!!! We are still going to switch to new company because we are paying 35 dollars a year more on homeowners, but we are saving over 2000.00 dollars a year on car insurance….what a racket…

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  17. I think this was the mountain lion-decorated house. I’ve never seen anything like that before

    $119,900 2 bd 1 ba

    202​ Spalding​ St​
    Winchester,​ ID​

    Meanwhile, my boss just got back from a trip to Nashville, he says it’s now swarming with Californians snatching up real estate and prompting the building crane to be designated the official Nashville “bird.”


  18. It was in the sixties this morning and now it is in the upper eighties with the high suppose to be 89. I am glistening from running errands. Miss Bosley thinks because I have the air conditioning set at 72 that it is cuddle time if I sit down. Maybe I need to again have the air off and outside heat in. But I just can’t do that this year. She is just such a people kitty and is everywhere that I am. I still think there may be some dog genes in her. She never barks, though. I am waiting to hear that.

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  19. I am still loving the chocolate mint lip balm I got from Cheryl’s relatives. I hope they do well. Some day I will be reordering. Probably for Christmas if not before.

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  20. Sorry, DJ, that cat does not match your color scheme. But yes, that would be Winchester. That is also where the wolf information center is. They had an escapee a few years ago but insisted she would not have lived long in the wild. It is actually a beautiful area with a nice lake, lots of trees, State Park. Old logging community.

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  21. I should have asked the roofers. If they return to do the foundation, I will. They’ll have views of other things from that vantage point, however. I’ll ask if they can install a/c while they’re down there


  22. I agree with Mumsee, all of my clocks tell a slightly different time. If I can’t see a clock, I use my fitbit to tell the time! 🙂 How high tech is that?!

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  23. I stopped wearing a watch when I went freelance and figured I have clocks in every room. I didn’t yet have a cell phone in any meaningful way. (Until we married I had a prepaid one I rarely used.) Thing is, my wrist is so small that a watch is a bit of a nuisance and never did fit well. I liked it as jewelry and convenience, but having gotten out of the habit 14 years ago, I doubt I’ll ever go back.


  24. City guy called, he’s in the nursery looking for my new fern pine tree as we speak.

    I’m on a roll here, apparently, so now I’ve texted Dan the Furniture Repair Man to see when my bed might be coming home.

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