26 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-18-17

  1. Neither his spelling nor his attitude have improved:

    Expect this Tweet to be deleted once his 11 year old notifies him of the spelling error.

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  2. Bill Kristol gives Trump advice:


  3. The melodrama goes on, each playing their role perfectly


    Reading the news stories that have created the consuming controversies of the past few days, this is what I see. Hostile officials inside the executive branch of the government seek the removal of Donald Trump from office. They are powerful. They lack any qualms about abusing their positions. And they are determined.

    With malicious intent, “current officials” inside the intelligence agencies with access to top secret information, for example, have passed it on under the cloak of anonymity to their friends in the mainstream media. Even “former officials” — i.e., former Obama administration officials — have gotten in on the act. (The source of their information is neither revealed nor apparent.) The adage to the contrary notwithstanding, there is something new under the sun after all. …

    … In this death struggle, moreover, President Trump is mismatched. His flaws of temperament and character have aggravated the situation roughly since day one. He has burned through the credibility of his White House staff, and he thinks it’s their fault. Republicans on Capitol Hill have mostly gone to ground, and not just John McCain. …

    Is there anyone who can tell the president he would be well advised publicly to welcome the appointment of Mueller, to pledge his cooperation and to reaffirm that he has nothing to hide? Is there anyone who seriously thinks that the president helps his own cause with his public complaints of unfairness and mistreatment? I may be mistaken, but I doubt that he does.

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  4. “Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone into overdrive…”

    Thank you Capt. Obvious. 🙂

    So what was your first clue that we might have an epidemic on our hands? (As he glances over knowingly at Ricky)


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  5. This opinion piece by John Zmirak is one of the better assessments of the day. And his prescription for pushing through it, is spot on.

    …..Journalistic standards, never immune to liberal bias, have virtually collapsed. So we really shouldn’t be shocked when newspapers grossly distort and exaggerate the president’s behavior. When they cast him as a lawbreaker who needs to be impeached — for behaving in just the same ways that Barack Obama did (in between penning yet another auto-hagiography, and collecting a Nobel Prize simply for showing up). When they act as if normal back-and-forth and influence trading in the White House is evidence of “chaos at the top.”

    We should also avoid the temptation of dismissing any criticism of the president, simply because so much of it is foolish, overheated, or grounded in evil motives. The fact that liberals will lie, or distort the truth, to harm President Trump, doesn’t mean he isn’t making some real mistakes.

    His greatest mistake, I think, is giving so much credence to people who clearly despise him. Not just him, but the millions of “deplorable” voters who put him in office. He keeps trying to beat the media and political elites at their own game by being clever on Twitter, or tweaking them in speeches. What he needs to do is find his inner Calvin Coolidge and ignore them.

    He should drill down on the issues that drove voters to put him in office, and doggedly push them forward. That means building a wall, protecting religious liberty, promoting more pro-life policies, and a long list of other things that would outrage our nation’s elites, while actually accomplishing something. That means listening to people like Steve Bannon, who helped him get elected, rather than Jared Kushner, whose sister is selling U.S. visas in China.

    Yes, the left will wail and gnash their teeth, but they’re doing that already. They couldn’t hate Trump any more than they already do. He needs to see how liberating that is.

    What we need to do is step back from panicking over the president, or desperately defending him in futile Tweets and Facebook posts. Instead we should see the deeper stakes of the battle at hand. And that should drive us daily to pray for the president: that God grant him the virtues of temperance, justice, prudence and fortitude, for the toughest job on earth. That’s the only real power we have. It’s quite enough.


    I would only add that Trump and his supporters must also be prepared to listen to the gnashing and wailing from segments of the Republican party as well as establishment Democrats.

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  6. And here’s another terrific interview with Pat Buchanan.

    …….I knew when Trump got in, he’s going to have to fight for his agenda every day. A part of the Republican Party disagrees with it and a part of the Republican Party will also seek to sabotage and stop it. It’s going to be a long slog. I accept that.

    Indispensable to the agenda is the president himself. It doesn’t depend as much on the people around him as long as he stays true to his goals and on trade it looks like he really is trying to do that. I’ve got my own ideas on what he ought to do. I think you’re going to need a tariff and then use all the revenues from the tariff to cut taxes on American corporations. I think he’s trying to do something there.

    He’s clearly working on something on the borders. He retains his reluctance to get involved in a major war in the Middle East. A new war which would consume his presidency.

    The people we’ve been battling with all these years they didn’t say, “Well it’s all over we’re going home.” As soon as the election was over, the same old interests began to advance the same old agendas without much opposition.

    Does the GOP eventually get around to embracing Trumpism completely?

    Trump was a good salesman for these ideas, and these ideas had real currency with the American people. I think the Republican Party will be brought around to these ideas because their previous ideas were unsustainable. Open borders, and refusing to protect the borders, and amnesties like Bush and McCain wanted was going to be a disaster for the country and the party.

    You keep up the same trade policies with China running $400 billion trade surpluses and you won’t have a manufacturing plant left in the country. And you get involved in a couple more wars over there, the American people will rise up against the Republican Party and throw them out the way they did in 2006 and 2008.

    It’s not the persuasiveness of tactics that got these issues elevated in the hearts and minds of millions. It’s what happened. We tried the wars, we tried the free trade globalism, and we tried the open borders and people don’t like the results. And they’re not going to like it better if we go back to the same approach.


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  7. What?
    No leak of secrets to the Russians?
    No demands of loyalty?
    No firing of those investigating Trump?
    No “tapp” Tweets?
    No new special “counsels”?

    This is a boring evening. Hopefully, the basketball will be good.

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  8. Like

  9. Its interesting to read of those who think the Trump presidency can be saved. What they fail to understand is that there is no such things as Trumpism. There is no ideology or coherent direction. The actual rationale behind the Trump presidency is for family members to sell visas in China, to increase the exposure and profitability of Trump properties, etc. The equating of Trump enterprises and the Trump presidency is the sole purposes of Trumpism.

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  10. HRW, It may not be an ideology, but as a cult, I would put it up there with Scientology. It makes otherwise rational people defend sexual assaults, obstruction of justice, distibution of Top Secret info, serial idiocy and incoherent Tweeting.

    As with Obama, Trump cultists see in Trump what they want to see.


  11. Some of the Trump supporters are not members of the cult. They view Trump as a useful idiot to advance their own agenda. However when advancing their agenda begins to look like its done at the expense of the nation’s interest, they may want to jump off the train wreck before their agenda becomes too closely identified with Trump.

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  12. Matt Walsh has been smoking some of that stuff available in Colorado and Oregon, and a nice little shop a block from my house.

    As long as Trump continues his nepotistic corruption, a change of gender won’t help.


  13. HRW, The problem with the thinking of those you described @ 10:42 is that no one’s agenda can really be advanced by a man who is determined to set himself on fire every morning.

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  14. My take from Dreher is simple: left or right, the bread and circuses has taken over the asylum. The decline of western civilization part three: the reality television era.

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