24 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-10-17

  1. McMuffin is showing his true colors. He always was a Dem plant to win Hillary the election, but now he doesn’t have to hide it anymore.


    “In battling against Trump, activists have also targeted cherished conservative causes. They’ve flooded town halls to demand that Congress not repeal the Affordable Care Act — a longtime goal of conservatives well before Trump — and to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, who is also popular on the right.

    Still, organizers say they’re also trying to reach out to people beyond the left.
    “We’re seeing people in quite red districts who are organizing to resist the Trump agenda,” said Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible, the resistance movement that boasts at least two chapters in every congressional district across the country. “We’re hearing about people who are independents and Republicans coming together.”

    Evan McMullin, a former congressional aide who ran a quixotic third party presidential candidacy as a choice of anti-Trump conservatives in November, said it’s still early, but initial conversations between the left and right are already underway.

    McMullin would not detail those discussions, though he noted that both sides could unite on issues like the president’s refusal to release his tax returns, the subject of nationwide demonstrations planned for April 15. “It shouldn’t be so new for people on the left and the right to make contacts in the defense of democracy, but it feels like East Germans making contact with West Germans through a hole in the Berlin Wall,” McMullin said.”


  2. https://www.getreligion.org/getreligion/2017/4/6/future-of-fox-news-will-moral-conservatives-keep-buying-what-bill-oreilly-is-selling

    Future of Fox News: Will moral conservatives keep buying what Bill O’Reilly is selling?

    (Intro to a podcast on the link)

    … First of all, millions and millions of Americans watch talk-TV commentary shows – usually the ones featuring hosts with political and cultural views that mirror their own – and it appears that they think they are watching the news. This happens on the left (think MSNBC and most of CNN) and it also happens, of course, on the right with Fox News.

    The bottom line: Millions of Americans do not know the difference between basic news and advocacy news and commentary. They don’t understand that many journalists are still committed to keeping bias, opinion and open advocacy out of their news work. This is having a serious impact on public discourse.

    Meanwhile, there is this second fact: Millions of moral, cultural and religious conservatives are watching Fox News day after day, night after night, without giving any thought to what BRAND of conservatism is driving the particular commentary show that they are watching. (NOTE: Fox News does have one or two news shows left, such as Special Report, that mix basic news reports with commentary, often from panelists on the left, right and middle. It is interesting that this show was originally created by Brit Hume, a religious and cultural conservative with a long and solid background in mainstream news.)

    Truth is, the whole Fox News operation has never been all that interested in the role that religion plays in America and the world, other than a few segments dedicated – think “Christmas wars” – to hot-button topics. Yes, commentator Todd Starnes focuses on religion quite a bit in his opinion pieces and analysis work on radio, but that isn’t hard news or prime-time material. …

    … In a post this week – “Tale of two Foxes: What kind, or kinds, of conservative values drive Fox News?” – I noted that, in the whole Roger Ailes era, the dominant stream of conservative thought at Fox appeared to be a kind of muscular Libertarian mindset, with lots of conservative views on economics, foreign policy, Nativism, etc. The emphasis was on personal freedom, success and power, as opposed to community, morality, faith and culture.

    The poster child for this radical individualism, especially in the ratings, was Bill O’Reilly. …

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  3. I don’t like talk radio and I don’t like talk/commentary “news”. Report the news to me and let me form my own opinions. Don’t get me started on CNN —The Impeach Trump Channel.
    If I want an opinion piece I will go looking for it.


  4. I don’t listen to talk radio typically, and the only ones I *will* listen to on a commute are Dennis Prager or Michael Medved. But I more often listen to music.

    I’ve not been watching cable news for several weeks now in sort of a self-imposed blackout (which is not difficult, I really just crave a break from it all post the 2016 election).

    Too much noise.


  5. Frivolous indeed.


    “This brings us the charges brought to Office of Government Ethics that spurred the House Ethics Committee to launch its probe. The committee is investigating whether Nunes violated rules prohibiting the disclosure of classified information when he held press conferences to discuss the reports he had seen. What is the violation? It’s the fact that Nunes said publicly that he had seen summaries of raw intelligence reports that he said inappropriately contained details about the Trump transition and were not related to Russia. While the chairman never acknowledged that the sources of his information were NSA intercepts, any mention of any information collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is technically classified.

    This sounds worse than it is. This complaint, brought by a handful of lawyers who have been harsh critics of Trump and by progressive activists like MoveOn.org, is a ruse, meant to distract from the bigger question of how the Obama White House was receiving raw intelligence reports on the activities of Trump and his advisers after the election.

    The infraction, if it was one, was not serious. Nunes did not disclose the targets of the surveillance or any details about how the information was collected. There is rarely a day that goes by in Washington when someone in the media is not reporting on classified information. It’s a part of the ecosystem. In most cases these leaks are considered to be the cost of doing business and a way for the press and Congress to hold the national security state accountable.

    That is not to say there are not leaks that are really harmful. One example of such a leak was the disclosure that Trump adviser Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador in a series of phone calls at the end of December. As I’ve written, that leak represented a breach of trust between the government’s eavesdroppers and its citizens. It’s inevitable that U.S. citizens will be swept up in government surveillance, but we should be able to trust the government not to deploy this information to influence our politics.”


  6. Debra, I gathered from our conversations that all I needed to do to be a Globalist was to support free trade. However, I learned this weekend (both from admitted globalists and from nationalists angry with their hero Trump) that part of being a Globalist is supporting an interventionist foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.

    Since my foreign policy positions are close to yours and Ron Paul’s, I have been expelled from The Globalist Society. To add insult to injury my spot was given to a member of The Trump Cult, who following the lead of his master, is now in favor of intervention when previously he was opposed, just as he now is OK with sexual predators though previously he was opposed.

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  7. DJ — Not to hard, the British royal family is mostly German.

    I Imagine most of you have seen the video of the police dragging a man off a United flight in Chicago. I wondered — in capitalism and the free market, pricing is extremely important. Now, United was in the market for a airplane seat and there were approx 200 owners of a seat. They offered $800 for a seat but there were no takers. To increase supply should they not raise their offer instead of resorting to state owned violence. If I want to buy a house and my offer is rejected, I either raise my offer or I go elsewhere. United should adhere to free market principles instead of using state sponsored violence.

    Reflecting on Trump’s actions in Syria; Trump informed the Russians prior to the attack so as to avoid accidentally bombing a Russian jet but he did not inform Congress until after the launch was attack. So not only does he not ask Congress’s permission, he informs a foreign government prior to informing Congress….

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