23 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-1-17

  1. 🙂 Two Southeast Conference teams will meet for the Women’s Basketball Championshop.
    South Carolina and Mississippi State. I saw the SC/Stanford game.
    I’m glad UConn lost.
    At this level, you never know which is really the best team. But SC an MissSt are still standing.

    SC men play Gonzaga tonight.


  2. Jo, one time I was in the elevator at my college, and someone had found–and pinned to the wall–someone’s blank deposit ticket, I guess so that the woman could claim it. The person was a friend of mine, and I was sorely tempted to go to her bank and deposit a penny just to have her scratching her head when she balanced her checkbook. But I gave her the deposit ticket instead, and told her what I’d been thinking. She said, “I wouldn’t have noticed–I don’t balance my checkbook.”


  3. 😦 My husband says these things usually come in threes, so I guess the threes in our house were my camera breaking, the car not starting while we were out on a date, and the electricity being out for more than an hour yesterday and taking down our internet with it (meaning we needed someone to come to the house to bring our internet back up once we got the electricity back).

    🙂 But our son-in-law was available to jump both cars and help us get the Prius to the shop for a new battery and the second (lightly used) car running again.

    🙂 And when I saw that my camera make has a newer, longer zoom, I thought it looked nice but too expensive and was wondering how I can get a cheaper camera that would still be nice enough that I would enjoy it . . . but a publisher contacted me about editing a project and told me their usual price and their “rush” price, and the rush bonus is enough to pay for the camera (including a four-year warranty) and still have $20 left over. And since it’s a similar model to the camera that just broke, I already have batteries and so forth that fit it. And the “kit” even included a new, larger camera bag. (The one I have is great for taking with me when we go hiking, but it fits the camera too snugly for me to want to use it at home, when I might want to grab my camera quickly and don’t want to wrestle it out of the case.)

    😦 But a quick date for coffee turned into three hours because of the dead battery, and then lost electricity, and so forth, so I haven’t gotten as fast a start on the new project as I would like. I got it a day early, though, so all in all I should be OK.

    😦 We have had really crazy amounts of rain, and the ground is heavily saturated.

    🙂 Our pastor’s wife came for lunch yesterday, and it was nice to have some “girl time.”

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  4. 😦 My trickster house continues to bamboozle me. A broken sewer line (clay pipe) under the driveway, several inches away from the house, which was causing my driveway to buckle and crack in that area has led us to discover that several more sections traveling down the driveway toward the street also have blockages (and thus potentially are broken as well).

    🙂 A few guy friends who are looking out for me and providing the work and brain power needed to figure it all out while trying to keep my costs from going through the roof. And good neighbors who don’t mind if I use their bathroom now and again.

    😦 In the meantime, there’s an open sewer pit in my driveway. Lovely.

    🙂 Hoping to go to the Ligonier conference in L.A. later this month. It’s a short one, a Friday night and Saturday only, but is probably an hour’s drive each way from where I live so I’d need to get time off work. But there are a few women at church also thinking of going. Unfortunately, I missed the ‘early bird’ registration rates — they ended yesterday but I’ve been too preoccupied with work and the house so I forgot. I could use a spiritual boost right about now and those conferences usually do that for me (I haven’t been to one in a number of years, though).

    😦 I told Carol I’d spend Good Friday with her but for some odd reason she wants to go to the service at what looks like a very small, ingrown-independent Baptist church near her that neither of us know anything about. She’s fixated on going there for Good Friday for some reason, but I’m going to suggest we explore some other possibilities …

    She also wants to take a drive up to the Hollywood sign lookout, which always is tricky to find in the winding hills, but we wound up there once so I should be able to get to it again. Interesting bit of trivia: The Hollywood sign went up in the same year, 1923, that my house was built.

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  5. Cheryl–I’d like to know about that Prius battery replacement. It’s the reason my engineer will not consider a Prius. Batteries only last 7 years and he’s been suspicious that when people start to replace them the bill will be a whopper. You can email me or just confirm here it was a whopper or not. Thanks.

    Beautiful day in northern California. My daughter-in-law’s childless aunt and uncle are moving to town, so we’ll be helping them unpack. We’re also working in our garden, buying new plants and recovering in time to sing tomorrow’s church service and then attend TWO parties in the afternoon.

    My husband said this morning, “don’t you love living happily ever after?”


    Oh, and the new neighbors finished chopping down the ugly plant hedge that has blocked the sun on the east side of our driveway. It also has just lessened the chance of me running over a walker coming around the blind corner. I’ve been out there cheering for two days!

    Don’t you love spring? 🙂

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  6. It was a beautiful morning for cleaning the chimney. Warm and breezy, not cold and blowy. I waited for the frost to melt off and the roof to dry though.

    The fifteen year old and ten year old got over a quart this morning. They were just getting about a pint when they started. And these goats have two month old kids so it is not like they are just starting to produce milk. Good job, children!

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  7. Michelle, my banker husband did the research and determined the Prius was the most cost-efficient car out there. He bought it new seven-and-a-half years ago. This week we watched it get 111,111 miles on it. It keeps a running tab of gas mileage, which he verified with a few fill-ups to be a tiny bit optimistic, but generally the mileage displayed is 48 and above–he likes to see it above 50.

    He has put tires on it twice, has changed the oil, and just now he changed the regular battery (not the hybrid battery)–that is all he has done to the car. It has no belts to need changing. I’m guessing the hybrid battery would be an expensive fix, and even the regular battery was a little trickier than most cars (they basically keep the car on the automotive version of life support while they change it), but it came in at $300 at the dealer.

    I don’t like driving it–visibility out the back window being its main drawback. One can change it to drive like a regular car, but in “eco” mode (which my husband drives it in), it gets better gas mileage–with the tradeoff for me meaning that in eco mode you have to press harder on the gas pedal, so I prefer driving it in whatever the non-eco mode is called.

    We drove a daughter to college a few years back, shipping most of her stuff because we were taking both daughters so our older daughter could see the campus too. At the end of the school year we picked her up, but only had one passenger that direction, so we could fit all her stuff (including stuff she had bought during the year) in the car without shipping any. (We also had his luggage and mine, though we did intentionally pack light.) Now, I joked that if she had had one more hanger it wouldn’t have fit . . . but that little car holds a lot of luggage. Plus my husband is 6’3″ and wears a fedora, so he test-drove cars wearing his hat to be sure it had enough head room, and it does. And it hurts the gas mileage to put petal to the medal to drive around slow drivers, but it has gumption when you need it.

    Prius drivers get a reputation for being slowpokes because they drive to milk that gas mileage–my husband is no exception–but it does have the power. My hubby always knows when traffic lights ahead will turn red or green and he drives accordingly if no one is behind him, commenting on how many lights he has caught on this trip to church. But it really is an efficient little car, with the lowest cost-per-mile over its lifetime because of great gas mileage and low maintenance costs.

    Me, I’d rather drive a Corolla or a Camry, but I rarely drive it and he loves it, so it works.

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  8. PS My husband doesn’t usually buy his cars new, but he’d done the research and the newest generation of the Prius was considerably better than the previous one, including on cargo room. And knowing that he had two girls who would be going to college soon (but NOT yet knowing he’d have a wife with whom to take trips to the Smoky Mountains), and planning to keep the car for many years, he bought it new. I believe we have a third-generation and a fourth-generation is now out, but I’m not the expert on all things Prius.


  9. Slowpokes is right 🙂 I’ve driven a Prius as a loaner a few times, not overly impressed with them and have never liked the body style so it’s not something I’d consider ever buying. But aren’t most all the car makers now making the hybrid models? Seems like you’re not confined to a Prius if you want to go that route.

    But I’ve also heard replacing that main battery is very costly.


  10. By the way, my husband has never had to get new brakes either. Literally just tires and now a battery (and of course windshield wipers). And I did the math; if you get 30 miles to the gallon on one car at $2.50 a gallon and 50 mpg with a Prius, over 100,000 miles that saves about $3,300. If you’re also saving money on brakes and belts and all that other stuff, and also not having the hassle of a car that is needing to go to the shop periodically and not needing to be filled up with gas as often, it’s a pretty good tradeoff. Eventually you’ll probably have the expense of a hybrid battery, but as much research as my husband does, I know he figured that calculation into the total lifetime cost. And in snow country, just having to get gas half as often is a nice perk!

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  11. 🙂 😦 Rambunctious crowd of dogs and people at the dog park, made for both fun and irritation. Some people make the mistake of SCREAMING at their dogs which only riles them up even more (though I know it’s a natural response if you think trouble is about to begin). But after awhile I just couldn’t take the constant yelling from all the people.

    🙂 😦 Consulted with Driveway Guy and Real Estate Pal about the way forward on the sewer pit, they seem to have somewhat different ideas of where it should go from here, so that’s a bit awkward and complicated. But we all agreed another 1-2 days of chill time for more research and information gathering would be a benefit. It’ll wait.

    🙂 Saw my cousin who was hit by an SUV and faces an uncertain future regarding the healing of a very badly broken leg. Sounded like doctors thought partial amputation might be needed if things don’t go well, which is something no one wants to even think about. He sees the doctor on Tuesday, but they said it would probably be 8 weeks before they have a handle on the future f that leg. Driver did stop and was insured, but it’s a very serious and complicated case, of course, so my cousin has an attorney.

    🙂 Always love seeing his 1918 Craftsman house with all the beautiful woodwork, all still intact. It’s still somewhat a work in progress, however (it was a trashed mess when he bought it, but the original stuff was mostly all still in place). He’s been working lately in the kitchen — he took out the linoleum counter top someone had put on and is replacing it with simple off-white tiles himself, put in a nice farm sink. The cabinets are all original and painted white with the dark metal pulls. The accident, of course, will slow all of that work down for him for the time being.


  12. Oh, and I believe that my husband bought the Prius with life insurance money from his late wife (that and paying off the house seemed like the wisest investments in the future, though he had some fear that people who had donated toward her hospital bills might think he was being extravagant). We have a low-income household and those choices seemed (and seem) wise.


  13. 🙂 Bridal shower for future DIL today!!

    🙂 Both dogs did well in the hotel (Keva always does, but this is Duke’s first time)

    😦 Trying to figure out how to take care of the dogs and who looks after them during the shower and who gets the vehicle is frustrating me because I had “solved” all the issues last week, but now husband is changing his plans and I don’t know what’s happening right now. Argh.

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  14. Chas, did you see the end of the North Carolina game? Surely that was one of the sloppier endings to a “final four” game!


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