62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-28-17

  1. Good morning!!!
    All is quiet at my house….it’s just me and the dog…I’m still drinking coffee and waiting on the caffeine to work its magic…
    My sister in law and her two boys are in town from Chicago. They are staying with my MIL, who lives about an hour from us. They are coming over for dinner tomorrow — so I’ll be spending the day cleaning. Oh joy!

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  2. Had a very nice day. If you want to shop in PNG, just take a plane. From wheels up, it was only a 14 minute flight. I could see the Highlands Highway down below. One vehicle looked like it was stopped, then I noticed all the deep potholes in front of it. I bought lots of bilums, string bags, to give as gifts. Very relaxing. One gal said that she would never drive there again. The road is really terrible and dangerous. We even found a kilo of cream cheese.

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  3. Up early here, fretting over the driveway project that now won’t start until Wednesday, which is probably best. Thinking of making a grooming appt for the dogs that day to at least get them out of the house for what should be the worst of jackhammer portion of the work.

    It occurred to me that the water will have to be turned off for much of this, maybe, and I’m really not sure if the bathrooms will be operable (thinking they should be, at least in between work sessions when they go home at night).

    OK, I’m going to try to go back to sleep for a little bit (it’s only 5 a.m. here) if I can get Tess off the bed.

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  4. Donna is waiting for her driveway project to start?
    The guy was supposed to start remodeling my bathroom in “mid March”.
    I haven’t heard from him yet.
    Actually, I’m glad he wasn’t here last week.
    I’ll call him today sometime.

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  5. Ah, the photo is from Michelle, and I had guessed Donna. It looks like a lovely, peaceful setting. I have a Kim Pampering appointment this afternoon at 3. I started to cancel it because between the IRS, doctor’s co-pays. and having to eat out all of my hidden money is gone, but then I decided that in order to take care of others I needed to take care of me too.
    I need to talk to the Dah Dee (what BG called her father when she was younger) and make sure he can swing by the therapist’s office tomorrow. I am sending her by herself. For me to go with her is an hour over, and hour waiting, and an hour home. Guy has been understanding but I don’t want to push it and if BG doesn’t show for the appointment it is $100 no show fee.
    Our home projects right no involve the landscaping. I am not a genteel, southern belle when it comes to yard work. I can’t do anything I need to do when I have on garden gloves. I have cuts on my hands and ragged fingernails. 😉 Yesterday I managed to rearrange the linen closet, throw out some cardboard boxes and get most of the accumulated junk out of the bedroom I use for my office. Now to get all the junk that went to the garage into the attic.

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  6. Jo, glad they spoke up and cautioned you to take a ride and a number. So much better than when they say, after you get back with none of your money or packages, “Too bad you did not ask me, I could have told you that was a dangerous walk.”

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  7. I guessed the same as Kim, too, but when I saw the “Today’s pics are from Michelle” I thought, oh yeah, that makes sense, another Californian. But now I wonder, was that taken in Hawaii? That’s my final answer — or guess. 🙂 Beautiful, wherever it’s from.

    Our sermon text Sunday was from Genesis 37 (verses 1-11). A small part of our pastor’s message spoke of jealousy and favoritism (regarding Joseph’s brothers being jealous of him, and hating him, because of their father loving Joseph more than the rest of them). That got me to thinking about some of the favoritism I’ve witnessed in my life, and how it’s made me feel. It rattles my sense of justice when I see examples of some who are treated so much differently than others in the group. However, unlike Joseph’s brothers, it doesn’t make me despise the ones who are treated with favoritism, but instead makes it hard for me to love the ones who very visibly have their favorites, especially if they also treat their less-than-favorite people with open disdain. This has happened in the family, I’ve witnessed it, and one who has been particularly hurt by it has poured out her heart to me on occasion about how hurtful it is.

    So I guess this could be a multi-part QoD: How do you deal with favoritism when you see it? Does it change your feelings about the ones showing or receiving preferential treatment? How do you help someone who’s been hurt by favoritism?


  8. 6, Joseph brought much of it on himself because he talked too much.
    “I have had a dream that all of you are going to bow down to me.”
    is not the way to become a buddy.

    Elvera is back like she was. Only I have to give her some exercises to strengthen her legs. and a woman is going to come to help her bathe on Saturday.. I can see that she showers, but I can’t get her clean. They gave her a walker, but she doesn’t use it. Really doesn’t need it.

    I didn’t think Palm trees grew in that part of California. Must be somewhere else.


  9. My second thought was HI also. Caption, please. 🙂

    But yeah, when I first opened the page and saw a palm tree, I said Hey, that’s my theme!

    OK, had a shower and feel a little better, but for some reason this job is stressing me out — just anticipating the big yucky hole in the middle of my driveway that’ll be open for a few days (and the added stress that, gulp, this might end up invading my neighbors’ property depending on where this line leads and how much of it needs replacing — manhole cover in the street is more in front of their house, apparently, which could be a hint). The guys suspect the line takes an diagonal turn and shoots across the front part of their property once it gets across my driveway.

    I’ll need to call them today, obviously.

    And I pay for it all, no matter what, of course.

    I may be painting this whole house by myself after this.

    Our editor shows favoritism which is hard to watch. Some people he takes a big shine to, they can literally do no wrong, he loves them (most are cute young women, of course); others he picks on usually quite publicly — and the rest of us fall somewhere in the middle, praised and snarked at by turns, depending on his moods. He’s typically always openly rude to our calendar listing person who takes it stoically without uttering a word back (at the time anyway). She must just bite her tongue sometimes. Don’t know why he’s that way, but he is.


  10. Photo was taken from the condo complex we stayed in on Kauai several weeks ago. It was beautiful. I watched the sunrise and the moonrise from that little beach most days we were there.

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  11. 6 Arrows, I have seen how uncomfortable it makes someone to BE the favored person, so I don’t envy them. But I don’t like it when I see preferential treatment. I don’t care if someone likes one person over another and you “can tell,” since that is only human sometimes to have preferences, but if you can tell because they show preference, that’s different. When I was a girl, I knew that at one point of my childhood, I was my mom’s favorite and that at another point my brother was, and my sister never was. But I never “took advantage” of Mom’s preference for me; I simply noticed it. My sister said pretty much exactly the same thing when we were adults, that I was preferred at one point and then my brother, never her, and that I never “used” Mom’s preference to get anything out of it.

    I had one history teacher when I was in seventh grade who always called on me when I raised my hand. I don’t know if it was easier to call on me (since I would have the right answer and would state it succinctly), if she was trying to help give me confidence by giving me chances to speak up, or even if she thought I was showing off by always raising my hand and she was trying to teach me not to do that. At any rate, my understanding in school had always been “raise your hand if you know the answer, and the teacher will choose someone with her hand up and call on her.” I tended to know the answer, so I raised my hand a lot, but I didn’t think anything of it till this teacher. But she was calling on me several times per class period, until I finally stopped raising my hand to say “I know the answer” and started raising it only to say “this is a question I want to answer.” And then I would raise my hand and she would call on me. It felt weird, to be honest, and I never felt any connection to this particular teacher (except that she was close friends with the teacher who was my favorite, my English teacher).


  12. Since newsrooms aren’t known for being genteel places to work, and editors often are gruff types, and the business is in such a nosedive that any kind of positive morale long since went out the window, I suppose we all shrug it off mostly, but it really can be bothersome.

    Ugh. Tess ate Annie’s food again. I forgot to put it away when I took my shower.

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  13. Yep, I thought “Donna” until I scrolled down and saw Michelle’s name, and then I thought “Hawaii.”

    My husband associates palm trees with Florida, with lushness. I “get” that association, but I associate them with Phoenix, since we had a lot of them, and several different species. My next-door neighbors had a couple tall ones, I suppose royal palms, and for a few years we even had a palm seedling in our backyard (it never got very tall, less than a foot), until I made the mistake of transplanting it and killed it. It was a “voluntary” plant and I rather assumed that one of us was eating dates in the backyard and it planted itself that way, but I don’t know.


  14. I have a hard time with 6’s question. I am the only child of an only child mother and I have an only child. Until I ended up with two dogs I had never had two of anything to love in my entire life.
    There is someone at work that is the obvious “chosen” one. It doesn’t matter what she does or who she angers, or anything else…she is protected and favored. She has no command of the English language yet is allowed to write emails to the company and beyond where she writes “I seen” or some other incorrect grammar. She flits around the office visiting with people when it is causing those who are overloaded with work to glare. She is a large part of why I moved my office home. Early on I made the mistake with her of telling her who my father was. She called her grandmother and found out some things. She got me right in front of people and said “My grandmother said your father was a fine man and my grandfather’s best friend but that first wife of his was crazy”. That first wife would be my mother. From then on out she did everything she could to make me look incompetent. Granted I was trying to learn my way and was incompetent in some areas, but if she overheard me being told to do something, she did it first and sent it to the boss.

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  15. Good morning from outside the tax office! We got home around 11:00 p.m. last night. I am having a relaxed morning easing back into my alternative life. At least by staying so late, I was able to get all my work done. But gracious me! I offered to help Art with all his load, and he had nothing he could give me.

    The office has turned into the land of sweets. People bring things in like cakes, donuts, and other goodies. And I found out yesterday that the DQ does not even have unsweetened tea on their menu. The day before Art ordered unsweetened tea for me from McDonald’s. It turned out to be sweet tea and I did not have the heart to complain. It feels like a conspiracy to fatten me up! Maybe there should be a television show, The Biggest Gainer.

    My friend Karen is sick with a virus and had to cancel important doctor appointments this week. I need to call her but dread it because I may hear she needs to be hospitalized. I did see the lady at our office who had surgery this season. She is awaiting results from a biopsy.

    I apologize for my absence here, but my life is all about tax work right now. I wish I could share some of the interesting stories I hear, but since they involve tax clients, I caan’t.

    In my family it always felt like my brother was the favorite. Because of his diabetes, he required more attention. I understood that and did not want the trade-off of having a disease to make me the “favored” one. If you can understand the why behind the favoritism and it is logical then you have less bitterness or resentment although it still can hurt at times.

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  16. The header photo is beautiful, Michelle. I am thankful I get great enjoyment from scenic photography and almost have a sense of being there just from seeing it in media. It is a blessing from God to be so easily and inexpensively entertained.


  17. I have often been accused of favoritism. Interestingly, they all think all the others were the favored ones. Apparently I have had lots of favorites. I even have a mug that reads:

    Mom’s Mug, a gift from your favorite child. I love you, Mom! and I’m sorry your other kids aren’t as awesome as me. I know you love me best.

    Which is the attitude I want them all to have because it was the one I had growing up. I always thought the others were favored, but when I really thought about it, I knew I was the favorite.

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  18. Mumsee, my sister’s second son is the clown of the family. This year when he sent a thank-you note for his Christmas gift, he said something like “I know I’m your favorite nephew since I always get the best gifts!” I thought it was both funny and sweet (he wasn’t saying “Theirs is better!” but “Awesome gift!”)


  19. I was thrilled last night when I opened the mail so late to see my new soaps and lip balm had arrived. They are super! Thanks, Cheryl, for letting me know about these excellent products.

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  20. Favoritism is hardest for me to deal with when I see it in those who profess Christ. One of the things that bothers me most about the family member I mentioned above who does this is that said person will often request prayer for a variety of people and differing circumstances, which is fine, but when the family member this person acts most unfavorably toward has a serious need for prayer, the one showing favoritism clams right up and never says one word along the lines of “Please pray for [so-and-so relative].”

    When someone will go to great lengths to request prayer for a former classmate’s neighbor’s third cousin who is sad because his pet rattlesnake died, but a close family member whose had a suspicious mammogram and two biopsies gets not a mention, then something is seriously wrong with that Christian’s attitude, IMO. (OK, I’ll admit that’s a slight exaggeration in the first half of that scenario, but is totally true in the second half.)

    If one is going to request prayer for someone who is only remotely connected to another, if even that, for a matter that doesn’t involve serious concern or tragedy, and purposely exclude only one family member when there is a hard situation that person is facing, or another good reason to request prayer, then that is something that really eats at me.

    I know it shouldn’t bother me, because the problem is that person’s, and not mine, and is between God and said individual. It’s admittedly tough for me to watch things like that unfold, though, anytime a Christian displays such.

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  21. 6 Arrows, I understand what you are saying about the prayer. I guess I feel that if someone has something against someone to such a degree that they can’t rightfully pray for the person then perhaps it is best that they not pray for the moment. Maybe they leave the prayer request to be done by someone else who is closer to the person. I know we are suppose to pray for our enemies, but I am not sure that simply not holding someone in a favored position qualifies them as an enemy. Your comment gives a lot to consider.


  22. Cheryl, could you post the soap site again, or email it to me? I meant to hang on to it.

    In the news …



    Princeton Theological Seminary just reversed the decision to recognize Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, for his church-planting and public witness.

    Seminary president, Craig Barnes, explained that awarding Keller the Kuyper Prize—named after Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper. would imply that the seminary endorses Keller’s views on women’s ordination and LGBT issues.

    As a member of the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, Keller takes the historic view on sex and gender. For the liberal mainline Protestants at Princeton, that’s reason enough to blacklist him, with one writer for Christian Century calling his views “toxic.” …

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  23. And a new book that looks good:


    We don’t have to lose the next generation to culture. In this practical guide, John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle explore questions including:

    What unseen undercurrents are shaping twenty-first-century youth culture?
    Why do so many kids struggle with identity?

    How do we talk to kids about same-sex marriage and transgenderism?

    How can leaders steer kids away from substance abuse and other addictions?

    How can we ground students in the biblical story and empower them to change the world?

    With biblical clarity, this is the practical go-to manual to equip kids to rise above the culture.

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  24. DJ,

    Here’s the soap (and lotion, lip gloss, etc.) special:


    30% Off with code 30promo through April 25th

    Natural Soap And Body Products

    Natural Handmade Soap at amazing prices! We use all natural ingredients and no added coloring, making our soaps purer and more wholesome!
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    Spring Cleaning!

    Our soap varieties are all scented with essential oils (except for our unscented soaps), no fragrance oils.

    That includes some of Spero’s exclusive proprietary blends. Choose from amazing scents like “Dewdrops,” which contains Frankincense and Myrrh, and “Cookie Dough.” Guys have choices too, with our ManSoap varieties like “Lumberjack” and “Nitty Gritty”!

    Just like our soaps, our body products are scented with essential oils, some varieties also have cocoa in them. Looking for a natural lotion? Our body butter or buttery soft lotion alternative might just be right for you! With 0% water content, compared to lotion which contains up to 2/3 water content, our lotion alternative goes deeper and lasts longer!

    Until April 25th, get 30% off of any sized order! Use the coupon code 30promo!

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  25. Cheryl, which of your parents were from Scotland? Were they 1st or 2nd generation?
    My great grandfather came over but he died when my grandfather was 16 months old.

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  26. Kim, I’m nearly 100% Scottish, but I’m pretty sure my ancestors were all here before the WNA (aka War Between the States). Apparently both sides came through North Carolina, though my dad’s family settled in Arkansas and Texas and my mother was born in Connecticut (I don’t know if my mom’s side actually had “ties” to anywhere). Since my grandparents were all born in the last half of the nineteenth century, I’m not sure how many generations back we were in the U.S.


  27. Second photo was taken at Bellow’s Beach–a military beach during the week and open to civilians on weekends. At the far end of the beach where we are, military IDs will get you on during the week. Military vacation cottages are located here, along with a mini mart and an outdoor equipment rental spot.

    The waves are warm and generous, but on this day were nearly flat to my daughter’s disappointment. I sat under an umbrella and read. Just looking at this photo, I can feel the heat on my face from the warm, muggy day and hot sand.

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  28. Favoritism…..I was not the favored child growing up. My sister could do no wrong, and I could do no right in my mother’s eyes. The phrase I can always remember is ‘R will be pretty, but J will be beautiful ‘. My dad was not like that. I have tried to not do that with the children and grands. All have their endearing and irritating qualities. All need my unconditional love.

    My mother and I have had a difficult relationship all my life. I am the only child left in the state, so it falls to me to do everything that needs doing. I take her to family holidays, outings with the cousins, shopping, etc. I try very hard to ‘honor my mother’. Most of the time I do that by just keeping my mouth shut.

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  29. 😦 My camera just stopped working a couple of hours ago. Left two-thirds of the screen black (and photo shows up the same way). It looks like a newer model with an even longer zoom is out . . . but at $500 it’s a luxury. (That’s more than this one cost.) But one can pay thousands for a camera; this isn’t extravagant, but isn’t affordable, either.

    Time to leave it for my husband to figure out.

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  30. And now I got offered another editing project, which will make the next two months a blur (I just got my husband’s “permission” because it means I won’t be cooking much for the next two months), but means I should be able to go ahead and order the camera because my schedule is full enough to pay for it.

    It would be lovely if freelance would space itself out a bit more. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t see much of me for the next couple months. I’m just getting into my crazy schedule, but I’ll be around eventually.

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  31. You wore your camera out? 🙂

    Tips for driveway pavers? They’re only needed for a 15×16-foot section in the middle, so kind of a decorative patch is what we’ll wind up with basically (wish I could do the whole thing, but I can’t).

    Of course I love cobblestone but I quickly learned that they are (a) the most expensive and (b) the most labor-intensive to install. I especially liked the ones that were imported from Europe.

    Hahaha. Good taste,. that’s me.

    Brick? I like that, too. Downside is they last only about 25 years (cobblestone lasts 100 years), but that’s probably fine — that would be my second choice. Cement pavers are likely the easiest, most affordable and practical. If I can find those in some subtle colors, it might be OK.


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  32. Favoritism – I don’t often see it. Perhaps that is because I have very low expectations of how I will probably be treated, so I always feel surprised and grateful when someone shows me any kindness. When it comes, I view it as a gift from God, who knows how difficult I find it to interact with people. I don’t really compare myself to how others are treated by teachers, etc. I might notice it if they were consistently cruel to me and nice to others, but I don’t think I’ve had that experience – people have been cruel to me, but a) they treated everyone like that, b) they had no kind of power over me, or c) they were obviously manipulative, nice when they felt it would benefit them and nasty when it suited them.

    Thinking about it, I would say that people who show favoritism are generally manipulative and looking for something in return. Favoritism, when it is showed to someone, places them under obligations they may not be able to handle. I took one of my specialty nursing courses, there were several immigrant nurses taking the course, who were being funded and guaranteed jobs if they successfully completed it. That really irked my mother when I mentioned it to her, as I struggled though with slender funds. I never got a job after doing that course – it was for the operating room – despite my teacher saying that he would like me to work in his operating room (he was also a nursing head for the operating room in which I did my practical training). For several years, as I found doors closed to me, she would occasionally refer to those immigrant nurses (before you all get a picture of certain ethnic groups that feature a lot in the media, these immigrant nurses were from Eastern Europe) and how they got funding and jobs when I didn’t. Finally, I pointed out to her that in getting that funding, they had to take the jobs afterward (or repay all the money). There was no turning the job down if they found they could not work in that area, and then I reminded her of the interview I had with another operating room where I had to say I couldn’t do abortions. She saw my point, and has not referred to it since.

    I had teachers in college who showed themselves ready to be flattered into favouring me; their lures just made me try to stay invisible as I had no desire to be caught in their nets of status seeking. Christ said something about seeking favour which has stayed with me whenever I see an offer of favour from the powerful:

    When you are invited by someone to a wedding banquet, don’t recline at the best place, because a more distinguished person than you may have been invited by your host. The one who invited both of you may come and say to you, ‘Give your place to this man,’ and then in humiliation, you will proceed to take the lowest place.
    “But when you are invited, go and recline in the lowest place, so that when the one who invited you comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up higher.’ You will then be honored in the presence of all the other guests. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:8-11, HCSB)

    In my experience, those who offer favoritism are tempting you to take that highest place. I avoided flattering my teachers in college; while I noticed other student who actively curried their favour, seeking the prestige that the teacher’s favour could grant. Yet, and I say this not to boast but to reflect on how Christ’s words are true, I received an award for student excellence and placed on the honour roll. When I got those awards, I truly viewed them as a gift from God – I was not expecting them at all (I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as an honour roll).

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  33. What about when you are the unfavoured one?? I thought I was maybe just too sensitive until a friend told me what she was noticing. God has allowed me to pray for the other individual and given me insights. yet it has still been difficult to deal with.

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  34. Oh you do have good taste Donna…or at least it seems to be favoirite choice for me…cobblestone! I do love brick as well…our attorney for our adoption in FL had a brick driveway…it was amazing…old brick from the street to the house…it truly was lovely.
    Favoritism? Hmmm….older sister was definitely the favorite of my Dad….we knew it…we accepted it….younger sister was the baby…she could do no wrong. I was the middle girl…most compliant, quietest…never complaining that I got hand me downs while the other two always got brand new…it was what it was…I love them and I accept my place in the pecking order 🙂 And I totally understand what you are saying about honoring your Mother, rkessler…I think I have bitten my tongue so hard at times it actually bled!!

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  35. Had to dash to the bank after I learned the 2-man driveway crew wanted cash. Sheesh. Felt like I was robbing the bank with all those bills shoved into envelopes then shoved into my shoulder bag. I have to give him their advance when I get home from work tonight, then the rest presumably in 3-4 days when they finish (and $ for supplies in between, probably).

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  36. Thanks for all the great responses on the favoritism question. It’s so helpful to run the deeper questions I wrestle with past good Christian friends like you all. 🙂

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  37. Jo, I haven’t got any easy answers. The person who favours one person obviously above another is either lacking in maturity to understand how destructive and wrong such behaviour is, or they are being deliberately manipulative. Either way, the gift of their favour may be just as bad as not receiving the favour; as both immature and manipulative people can be very demanding. Perhaps it might help the unfavoured person to understand that the one who is showing favoritism is in the wrong, as per I Timothy 5:21 (which is a very stern charge against favoritism). This doesn’t preclude forgiveness for their wrong, rather it may enable forgiveness. If it is a noticeable and persistent favoritism, then I would say that person should be confronted (Matthew 18:15-17).


  38. My mom seemed to favor my brother, but I eventually came to see it as a result of her fear of losing him. (This was when we were both grown up but at home, me as a young adult who still lived at home, he as an adult in his late 20s back at home after some difficulty in his life.) Brother always preferred his friends to his family, while I was family-oriented. So mom knew she “had” me (& she also knew she could intimidate me), but was insecure in her relationship with him. (If she had treated him the way she treated me, he would have just walked out.)

    But it was frustrating when it would be taken for granted by mom that I would be doing the dishes & cleaning up after dinner most nights, yet she would thank him (as if he’d just done her a great favor) for putting away the ketchup or something. Or when she would tell him she’d take care of his laundry, then tell me to do it.

    Well, there’s more to the story of my brother & me, & it’s kind of a complicated one.

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  39. All set to begin tomorrow morning on the driveway — guy doing the work suggested “gray” large square pavers which is exactly what I wouldn’t like, they’d just blend into the concrete. But I’ll need to figure out something that’s not too costly or difficult to install.

    I hope the end will be in sight soon for all of this.

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  40. Well if he thinks gray squares would work, do you think he would think putting slate pavers in that place would work….kind of sort of a more natural look like cobblestone or bricks…depending on how much they would cost…around here slate pavers aren’t all that much…I am going to smash out the concrete patio where the walk out is from the basement and put in a slate patio…much more natural and aesthetically pleasing to my eye anyway 🙂

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  41. Speaking of police at the door. We had a visit from a deputy at ten last night, that is nearly two hours past bed time. He was very apologetic, looking for a fifteen year old (not one of mine) who had told his parents he was spending the night here with our eighteen year old son. His girlfriend had told her parents she would be with fifteen year old. Apparently, both lied. They found boy out somewhere with a large barbed wire gash on the front of his thigh. He got stitches. No word if the girls showed up at home. Eighteen year old was in bed sleeping but was able to give the deputy the name of the boy’s friend who would more likely know where he was.


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