37 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-25-17

  1. 🙂 One of the schools in my very large district went to state in basketball this year for the first time. They won the first game at the very end with an incredible 3 point shot fired from incredibly far away. As you can imagine, that was played over and over again on the news. They also won the tournament. This is a very small school and was one that consolidated just a few years ago. There were lots of hard feelings over the change. This is a balm, I am sure.

    😦 Still not feeling great. We have a trip coming up, so I am a little concerned.

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  2. 😦 When someone uses the dishcloth to wipe up crumbs, but then doesn’t rinse it out. Then I come along, grab the cloth to wipe something, & crumbs go flying, or drop on the floor.

    Or when someone gets the dishcloth dripping wet, & then leaves it, without wringing it out. Then I come along, grab the cloth to quickly wipe up a spill or something, & the water flies & drips all over.

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  3. Eighteen year old’s teams lost nearly every football game and nearly every basketball game and is proceeding to lose every baseball game. However, eighteen year old was selected for the all star basketball team and the all state football team and the all star baseball team last season.

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  4. Oh, and son continues to maintain a 3.956 in high school but is not going to be allowed to graduate at this time so will probably stop going in a couple of weeks as it is all about play for the rest of the year.

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  5. Because he was homeschooled and our transcripts are unacceptable in the public school system. Of course, they were enough to get him into college…..

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  6. and one to get into the Navy. That is seven out of eleven adults. Two chose not to graduate and one has not pursued college yet. One graduated from a private Christian school and went on to missionary school and is currently working as a tutor in the public school system.

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  7. 🙂 Finished the final galley edits for Mrs. OC. 😦

    🙂 😦 She’s gone, just like kids graduating and leaving home. I’ll have one last look when the book is typeset, but little wiggle room for any changes other than something obvious like my name spelled wrong. (Which is was in the galleys!!!!!)

    🙂 Feeling just a tiny bit bereft, but still pretty overwhelmed as I plan long term marketing and publicity events.

    🙂 Invitation to 24 year-old niece’s birthday in 90 minutes at a winery. Will my notoriously last minute brother ever send me details?

    🙂 Good blood sugar reading this week–lowest in years–for no apparent reason other than I stopped drinking wine in the hopes of sleeping better.

    🙂 It worked a little but the major reason I’m sleeping better is my husband has now lost 50 pounds and no longer snores. If only we had realized that a couple years ago!

    🙂 So thankful for his weight loss.

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  8. Oh, he has a homeschool diploma, he was just expanding his knowledge base with the public school experience. The universities accepted it. Just not the public school.

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  9. LA city schools, fueled by the union, are in a full-blown charge against the charter schools that have begun taking away some of their students (which costs them state money, of course). I’m guessing that home schooling is frowned upon as well. The public schools can be a fearsome and powerful bureaucracy defending its turf.

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  10. You would think the idea would be the education of the child and his grades clearly indicate he can do the work they expect. So maybe it is not about the child and his education.

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  11. 🙂 He ate his supper of boiled hamburger and rice very well and took his antibiotics half well. One pill hidden in a chunk of hamburger. He found and spat out the second pill so it was ‘manually’ given.

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  12. Keva is on an anti-nauseant and antibiotics for a lower gut infection. He’s so dopey right now, but once the anti-nauseant wears off he is much more himself.

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  13. I’m surprised Gongaza is still in it–they haven’t played any game well enough to still be in it (and of course they really should have lost the second game, but had a really horrible referee call go their way). Our daughter has them winning it all, but I keep rooting for them to lose the next one. . . .


  14. 6 Arrows, Gonzaga was one of the #1 seeds in the March Madness tournament. They played a #16 in the first game and it was surprisingly close. Then they played Northwestern (their first time in the tournament) in the second game, and late in the game one of their players put his hand up right through the net to fend off a basket–a very clear and visible violation but somehow the referees didn’t see it. Their coach got upset and they gave him the foul and Gonzaga made free throws.They had a really narrow lead at that point, but they got an unfair four-point advantage that could have easily been the difference between Northwestern winning and losing. (The whole game was really badly refereed, with several calls that favored Gonzaga, but that one was really egregious.)


  15. I knew nothing about March Madness except that it’s in March (does it go into April?) and that it’s basketball. When Mumsee said “Go Gonzaga” right after Chas said, “Gamecocks beat Florida Gators. Go to final four.”, I thought Gonzaga was the name of a player for the Gamecocks or Florida Gators.

    Now I know more. 🙂

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  16. Gonzaga is a little college in Spokane, Washington. It has made it into the tournament for the past nineteen, or is it twenty eight times, and never won.


  17. Husband wants me to tell you that they have God on their side, it is a Jesuit school. The only game they lost all year was to the Mormons.

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  18. PS I’d barely heard of March Madness before I married my husband. My best friend in Nashville mentioned it periodically because her husband is a basketball fan. But my husband really likes it and it’s a sport with comprehensible rules, and it’s only a few weekends of the year, so I end up watching some games, or parts of games, with him. Indiana is a real basketball state, and his childhood and teen years included it as an important part.


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