37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-23-17

  1. Good morning Kare, et. al.
    Nite-nite JJo.
    I’m back. Not 100%. all I have in me right now is some Gatorade.
    I plan to remedy that momentarily.
    I went back to bed about 10:00 and slept straight through.
    I woke up and didn’t have anyone to grab.
    I plan to remedy that too.

    KIm, what is it?

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  2. I Corinthians 6:3. “Know ye not that we shall judge Angels?” Mine came through again.
    I told you how he fixed a car, drove me off the interstate, got me to the Adult Center before the red “check engine” light came on.. etc.
    Picutre this.
    I have been feeling icky most of the day, but was ok. We, (Linda and I) decided that I needed to go home to get Elvera’s clothes. So I came home. I was home less than 15 minutes before I got deathly sick.
    Can you imagine what it would have been like had I gotten sick in the hospital room? Or in the car driving home? His timing was perfect.
    I hope, someday, to shake my angel’s hand.

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  3. Yesterday I posted the Legend of the Dogwood Tree which led me to posting the Legend of the Sand Dollar and then I remember the Legend of the Sail Cat Fish. This is a cross that a friend bought for me 7 or 8 years ago. The bone in the center is from the Sail Cat and looks like a crucifix or Jesus on the Cross

    “Of all the fishes in the sea our Lord chose the lowly sailcat to remind us to his misery. His body on the cross is outlined, the hilt of the sword which was plunged into his side is clearly defined. Look at the back of the fishes bone where the Roman shield is shown. When you shake the cross you will hear the dice being tossed for our Lords blood stained dress, those who can hear them – will be blessed.”

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  4. I’m sure you all remember a few summers ago when my younger sister lost her husband suddenly to what was apparently an embolism when their five children were ages six to fifteen. Well, her oldest are now young men, and she has considered various home-based businesses with limited success so far. (They have bees and chickens, but nothing that brings in a steady income.)

    She has come up with a business that looks really good. I have tried a couple of her products and like them. She is making homemade soaps (including some really creative varieties) and also moisturizers and lip glosses and such. I like the chocoholics gift bag ( https://sperosoaps.com/product/chocolate-lovers-gift-bag/ ).

    I’m not going to be like the mother in the office pressuring you to buy her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies, but if you are looking for a creative alternative to a box of chocolates for Mother’s Day or thinking about trying more natural soaps, or you know someone who loves homemade soap and is disappointed her store no longer carries them, or whatever, I know this family has been working hard on the products, the photography of the products, and the website, and they’d love the encouragement of getting the word out. I’ll put the sale info in the next post and if you’re interested, check them out.

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  5. CheapHandmadeSoap.com

    30% Off with code 30promo through April 25th

    Natural Soap And Body Products

    Natural Handmade Soap at amazing prices! We use all natural ingredients and no added coloring, making our soaps purer and more wholesome!
    Also check out our line of Handmade Body Products, including lip balms, lotion bars, face butter, and Spero Soaps exclusive Buttery Soft Lotion Alternative.

    Spring Cleaning!

    Our soap varieties are all scented with essential oils (except for our unscented soaps), no fragrance oils.

    That includes some of Spero’s exclusive proprietary blends. Choose from amazing scents like “Dewdrops,” which contains Frankincense and Myrrh, and “Cookie Dough.” Guys have choices too, with our ManSoap varieties like “Lumberjack” and “Nitty Gritty”!

    Just like our soaps, our body products are scented with essential oils, some varieties also have cocoa in them. Looking for a natural lotion? Our body butter or buttery soft lotion alternative might just be right for you! With 0% water content, compared to lotion which contains up to 2/3 water content, our lotion alternative goes deeper and lasts longer!

    Until April 25th, get 30% off of any sized order! Use the coupon code 30promo!

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  6. Cheryl, I have been trying to place an order via the PayPal option and it does not seem to go through on either my tablet or phone. I do not know if it is my devices or that the link is not working. Someone needs to check that for them. Please let them know.

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  7. I had the hardest time getting up this morning, just wanted to stay in bed. I’m tentatively planning on covering a regional coyote meeting, though — coyotes won’t be there, but two-legged beings will show up to strategize — so I finally needed to just force myself out of bed.

    Friend a couple cities over from me said a coyote was sniffing around in her neighbor’s backyard early this morning (she overlooks the yard from her place).

    Chas, glad you’re better, that sounds like a nasty 24 hour bug of some kind, or maybe food poisoning.

    Now go get your woman.

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  8. Janice,

    I called my nephew earlier, and he just e-mailed me: “Dear Customer, Thank you for your interest in our products! We appreciate your alerting us (through Cheryl —-) of the error! We are sorry for any inconvenience our checkout may have cost you. We are currently working with PayPal to resolve the issue and the PayPal option should be up within 48 hrs. We will notify Cheryl when it is up.” He also said that it looks like the credit card option is working.

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  9. That was a pretty cool article. Made me kinda wish I’d been able to see it when I was in CA for my brother’s wedding and met Donna and the pups.

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  10. Just Sharin’ in case you don’t know…
    In this part of the world, social awkwardness is a sin. It’s even written in the Bible somewhere. Which is why we find it easy to converse with Southern females.

    JANUARY 18, 2016
    Boys, the first thing you should know about a Southern woman, is that she is never awkward.
    In this part of the world, social awkwardness is a sin. It’s even written in the Bible somewhere. Which is why we find it easy to converse with Southern females.
    You know what else a Southern lady does? She eats. Seldom will you find her drinking kale smoothies for supper. Thank Jesus. She was born with an appetite that only banana pudding and Sunday-night Bible study can satisfy…….

    ….Because a Southern girl is many things.
    But she is never awkward.

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  11. My nephew says the Paypal issue has been resolved, and it should be functioning now. Thank you for your patience! (See my 10:25 a.m. post on the sale.)

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  12. Well, let’s see. I’ve never been to the Korean Friendship Bell, viewed Sunken City, and don’t recognize most of those restaurant names. I’ve also never heard of the writer, even though he’s in the same cemetery as my parents and in-laws.

    A revitalized Ports O’Call? Fascinating.


  13. Michelle, how is it you’ve never been to the bell? Maybe it arrived after you’d left?

    And redeveloping Ports o’ Call — some of us will believe it when we see it. That’s been talked about and promised since the 1990s. But they are getting closer, with at least a ground lease signed with developers.


  14. One of the freebies I picked up at this morning’s coyote meeting is a coyote coloring book for kids. (“Preventing Coyote Conflicts: Safety Tips for Children”).

    Kind of cool, actually — PD is passing them out to area schools.


  15. Worked today….blessed to hear Chas sprung TSWITW out of the joint! 🙂 And that Chas is feeling better!!
    A coyote ran right in front of my car this morning as I was leaving the neighborhood….he had been over on the horse ranch across the road….bad ol’ thing!!
    Work tomorrow…hoping this snow blizzard isn’t as bad as they predict…60mph winds whipping across the hwy glazing the road with ice….ack!! Moisture is good…ice not so much!

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  16. Kim, lots of chatter about the article — need to do a follow but having a hard time getting current owners to call me back. I’m told there’s an internal split on whether to sell or not to sell, so we’ll see ….


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