34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-10-17

  1. These hearing aids will take some getting used to.
    Thing is, you hear things you never heard before..
    Like the keystrokes on this keyboard.
    The noise I make sipping coffee.
    The sound of water running out of the faucet.
    Turn signals clicking.
    Things like that. The noise has always been there, but you have trained your brain to ignore inconsequential sounds.

    And hearing ids are expensive.

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  2. Good morning everyone. Baby Girl wanted her mommy to hold her all night so I did. I brought the pillow off of my bed and she is still asleep on it. They have been in and out all night doing various things. Obe doctor came in at 9:30 last night and was very confusing. He had george just got here

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  3. Chas – I found that, too, when I first got my hearing aids. Are yours the kind that go in the ear (like mine) or the kind that loops over the ear? Since mine go in my ears, my own voice sounds much louder in my head. Maybe it’s like that with the other kind, too.

    Something I have realized is that the “hearing” that they give us is not completely natural. It’s not a matter of simply “turning up the volume” on our natural ears. Some sounds are louder than they should be (running water, for instance). And I still need the TV louder than my family does, though not as loud as I needed it before hearing aids.

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  4. Oh, hey! I forgot to tell y’all what happened the other day.

    The cable guy came out & fixed our cable problem, whatever it was. And while he was here, Hubby gestured at the dvd recorder, & mentioned we’d been having trouble connecting it properly. Cable Guy took a quick look, switched one connection, & switched a setting, & voila! Our dvd recorder is now properly connected! Yippee!!!

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  5. Happy birthday to your dad, Peter.

    Prayers for BG, Kim & the doctors and nurses. Gallbladder surgery is fairly routine but any surgery is always scary when it’s on us or someone we love. Can they do one of those limited incisions now, something like a laparoscopy, to take out a gallbladder?

    HI CHAS!

    Oh, sorry. Was that too loud?

    Real estate pal is convinced plumbers are charging too much to do that work on Monday (they’ll have to cut out a big chunk of my sinking driveway to get down to the clay pipe, remove and replace what’s broken — problem is, they’re not sure how far the broken, messed up, leaking pieces go, to the price is rather open-ended, depending on what they find.

    He’s trying to find someone else to do it for less. But I’ll have to cancel the Monday work order today then, which I always find a bit awkward especially since I’ve used this guy before and like him. But they work for Roto-Rooter and those “chain” style companies do hike up the charges. (I had one Roto-Rooter guy come over a couple years ago check out something in my bathroom and he told me he could come back and do the work but that I could probably easily find someone to do it cheaper — wow, Ok, I said.)

    Meanwhile, the ceiling demo crew comes first thing Saturday morning so I can no longer put off the chore of hauling things out of that bedroom. That’ll now have to happen tonight and early in the morning. And I have no idea where all that stuff is going to go. There’s always more of it than you think there is.


  6. Nice photo!

    Glad the TV/Cable/DVR got fixed, Kizzie. Amazing how easy it all is for those guys; I keep thinking they will make these gadgets simpler to operate in the future, but they seem to only get more complicated.

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  7. I hear all those I know with hearing aids say the same thing. My husband has problems with his hearing. He isn’t willing to attempt hearing aids, though. I know several people with them, who don’t wear them for this or that. I suppose it is all in how desperate you are, which is true of lots of prescriptions, in general.


  8. It turned out that doing the general set-up of the system was much easier than I thought it would be. When I first looked at the options I needed to choose from, I had no idea what many of them meant. But the manual not only showed how to get to them & what buttons to push (both of which I was already familiar with), but also showed the settings that are most often used & in fact are already the default settings. I just went through them to make sure it was all set correctly.


  9. Kathaleena – There is also a remote control thingie that come with them, to set the volume up or down. I turn mine up for certain things, & down for others, but usually keep them at the same volume.

    With mine being in the ear, if I turn them off, they act as ear plugs. I have used them that way sometimes, like when Hubby is watching something on TV but I want to read.

    As we get used to the hearing aids, we become more aware of just how bad our hearing was before we got them. I am still amazed at how quiet things get when I take them out in the evening. If music is playing, it will be as if someone just turned it way down, or off, depending on how loud or soft it was to start with.

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  10. Well our run of good weather, sunny and 60’s, has officially ended.

    Snow today, also Monday into Tues. could be a Nor’Easter, and temps in the 30’s for the next week, with teens overnight. Winter’s last, desperate attempt to keep her hold on us I guess….

    It’s OK, her days are numbered. 🙂

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  11. Lots of water here. Not surprised with all of that wet snow over the past couple of days. Our concrete holder for the pressure tank is three quarters full of water from ground water running back into it. We have a sump pump down there to clean it out.

    The fence between the turkeys and chickens went down under the weight but that is the only damage and that is an easy fix. Well, not real easy. And it will have to wait for the place to dry out some. Nothing but rain in the forecast. I love snow. A little less fond of mud but it is all good.

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  12. Donna!~
    Don’t worry, it shuts out noise that’s too loud.
    The technology is great. It tells me when the battery is low.
    It is also expensive.
    It has been Wendy today and the sound comes through.

    Did I kill the thread? It’s been 2.5 hours.

    Kim. Report!

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  13. We have been out digging and damming. The driveway was going to run down the creek if we didn’t. It was good to see husband out there doing the digging. He is a long way from a couple of years ago.

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  14. Long day at work…glad to be home and relaxing! Didn’t wear my hearing aids today…I notice they pick up sound that is the closest to me…we have music playing at the shoppe and the hearing aids tend to pick up that sound over voices…frustrating…and yes…they are expensive! When my batteries are running low on the hearing aid, they make a sound like a train whistle…makes me laugh every time!! 🙂
    Good to hear BG has come through the surgery..continuing to pray she finds rest and comfort in knowing our Lord has orchestrated many prayers being said on her behalf…He loves her so ❤

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  15. I’m finally home, too — bedroom clear out still ahead of me. Can’t wait until this particular stretch of house work is over.

    Glad BG is resting, hoping tomorrow she’ll begin to feel a little better, although post-surgery is tough. But then you bounce back quickly. Kim, hoping you can get some rest, it’s been quite a week. You must be emotionally and physically exhausted.


  16. Not a good morning to sleep in, since tomorrow you have to get up extra early with the time change!

    Nancy Jill, I worked in a drugstore in a senior citizen community when I was 20-22. People would frequently walk through the store with their ears whistling, and sometimes they were there to buy hearing aid batteries and sometimes they seemed the only ones who didn’t know they needed new batteries.


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