57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-1-17

  1. Good Morning! No flowers around here….we got a couple inches of snow last night and a whole lot of freezing fog…what a mess of a drive home!
    Those are some gorgeous flowers up there and gives me hope of Spring….

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  2. Good morning! I figured Nancyjill had snow yesterday, as we had an ugly wind. I’ll be interested to see how much damage it did once it becomes daylight.

    My granddaughter turns 13 today. That makes 3 grands in the teens for me.

    No flowers here yet, though I do see some little green weeds popping up. Just elm and juniper pollen…and sneezing.

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  3. I turned over the leaf on my calendar to March.
    I noticed that, not only is it Ash Wednesday (no significance to we Baptists), but it’s also Women’s History Month. I didn’t know there was a women’s history.
    I just finished reading a book about six spies Washington had in Manhattan during the British occupation. All of them survived the war except agent 355. Nobody knows much ,except Agent 355 was female, was captured and wast prisoner on a British ship. That’s all we know.


  4. Re: Peter’s link to the Babylon Bee yesterday. The study is from a Lifeway publication. Lifeway is Southern Baptist so you have to take it seriously. All the churches I’ve attended had coffee at SS, but not during, or connected to, the worship service.

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  5. It is hard to believe the azaleas are blooming. The pictures and my eyes tell me it’s true!

    We are suppose to have bad weather today. That is what happens when winter and spring clash over dominance.

    My friend, Karen, continues to not do as well as hoped after getting the pacemaker. It has been borderline lately as to whether or not she will be admitted to the hospital.

    I have to get ready for my church ladies meeting now. Have a good day, all.

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  6. I only made half a pot of coffee this morning. We shall see what happens as the day goes on. πŸ™‚
    Lot’s of speculation about how the accident happened in Gulf Shores yesterday. Perhaps the driver meant to hit his brakes and hit the gas instead. I did that several years ago. It was scary. It seems he was part of the parade, not someone outside of it. The school superintendent sent out an email

    Our latest information is that eleven Gulf Shores students continue to be treated at area hospitals. One student has been released from the hospital. We are very grateful. Please continue to keep the families of the injured in your thoughts and prayers. We have heard from people in Baldwin County and across the country who have extended their thoughts and prayers to these families. I must again thank all of our first responders who were immediately taking care of injured students. I appreciate the thoroughness of our law enforcement community and EMS. We know that our injured students are getting outstanding treatment and care from the medical communities of our area hospitals. We will continue to support the Gulf Shores family. We have not planned another news release. But as always, when I need to reach out to you, I will most certainly do so.

    Eddie Tyler,

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  7. Update on TV/cable box/dvd recorder situation: Turns out we need a whole different cable box to connect to this recorder. Hubby will try setting it all up later today (he is working this morning). This means we have to get the cable box & TV programmed correctly before we try to connect the dvd recorder.

    When all of that is successfully finished, then I have to do the set up (programming various options) with the dvd recorder. I had already taken a look at what I will need to do, & am already confusled. A lot of the options look like this:

    1. Don’t know what this means.
    2. Don’t know what this means, either.
    3. Also don’t know what this one means.

    If the manual doesn’t make these things clear to me, I will probably be do some googling.

    I used to set up our new VCRs or dvd recorders with only minor difficulty here & there. But technologoly (leaving that typo because it strikes me as funny) has far out-paced me.

    As I signed an email to Chickadee recently, I am a “20th Century Girl Living in a 21st Century World”.

    Don’t ask how I’m doing with my new phone. At least I can do the basics so far, but I still haven’t been able to find the text inbox & a couple other things I need.

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  8. Karen, I find hardware a pain, though I love what it does for me. On the bright side, you’ll be a real expert when you finally figure it all out. Google is a big help.

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  9. Sometimes there also are YouTube videos showing how to do things, I’ve watched those before and it gives me a better idea of where your hands and all the gadgets go. πŸ™‚ But I don’t have the kind of brain that can figure those things out well. Took me hours just to put the “easy” cat tree together for Annie several years ago. I can look at a picture or diagram and just not “get” how it goes together in the real world using the real pieces.

    We’re heading into a mostly sunny stretch of 70-degree weather.

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  10. The schools in our county and the next are all closed today because of the threat of a severe storm and perhaps the dreaded tornado. We live on a ridge with a valley and larger mountain to the northwest, so we do get whatever wind comes down that alley. We’ve battened down just about everything that can be at the home office, and now we’re ready as can be for the severe weather we’ve been promised for several days. But for the record, this is one promise I wouldn’t mind being broken. :–)

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  11. I am grateful my daughter decided to wait an hour to go into work today. There was bad weather and possibly a tornado touchdown where she works in TN.

    Kim and spellcheck: thanks for the laugh.

    I am wondering if any of you are familiar with the teaching of Les Feldick and what you think of it, if you are. He is on television.

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  12. I heard my first tornado overnight. At 2:30 or so I awakened to a really eerie sound and a bright flash of light that looked like it was right outside the window. In hearing it I was reminded of the “freight train” assessment, though it wasn’t as loud as survivors talk about it being, so it must not have been right on top of us. But we crawled into our bathtub and had our daughter crawl into hers. My husband grabbed his ipad, so he could see we were just on the edge but inside it and we had 20 or 30 minutes to wait it out. When the sound dissipated, we got out and turned on the TV.

    Does that count as March coming in like a lion? Cuz it’s supposed to be 60 today, and that is pretty lamb-like. My husband wonders if it went over us without touching down. We did see one uprooted large tree a quarter mile away and a trash can in an odd place, and lots of limbs down, but no missing houses or barns and nothing on the news. But we started March with a tornado warning!

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  13. Cheryl, how fun. πŸ™‚ (I wondered about you last night when I heard that there were possible tornados aimed at the Midwest, but I didn’t see the map so wasn’t sure what part of the Midwest was affected). Glad you were on the outskirts. On the other hand, moving & house problem could have been solved.

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  14. The “how-to” YouTube videos are sometimes frustrating to watch — they’re self-posted by guys who tend to include way too much detail.

    “I’m unwrapping the part here. It’s wrapped tightly, so let’s turn it around and see if this works better …”

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  15. Any preacher type person that is on TV is immediately suspect in my book, although I did ready Les is a rancher in Oklahoma and has been married to his wife since 1953.
    Of course I am cynical when TV “preachers” are concerned.

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  16. Thankful you are safe Cheryl….I was watching the weather as I have many loved ones in the area of the threat…and I knew you were a part of that list of mine…. ❀ Tornado touched down very near my son….
    I watched a YouTube video on how to repair my Keurig….a homemaker decided she would make a video after learning how many were tossing their coffee maker when they ran into the problem…I fixed ours…thanks to this dear woman…and have had to tweak it a few times after that. We also replaced a part on our fridge after watching a You Tube video….the repairman said we did a good job…but that wasn't the ONLY issue with the fridge….after paying him over 500 dollars to fix the REAL problem….we have an up and running fridge πŸ˜›

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  17. It’s been windy all day here. I just heard three big booms, transformers I assume, and the power went out. And the big storm has not arrived yet. Praying.


  18. Remember when you did not scrape that plate because you had a fancy dancy model that you did not need to prerinse? All of that debris is going into your filters. So you can call the repair guy and he can look at it sternly. Then mumble some important words and charge you three hundred dollars to clean the filters.

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  19. Garbage disposal already non-functioning (and that is a non-fiction statement).

    I always super hand clean my dishes before using the dishwasher

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  20. We did that for a while. And the dishes were coming out dirty when certain ones did them . And the dish soap was coming up empty when others did. And the counters got washed and left with a thick layer of water. So we are back to the dishwasher and me loading it. It is faster. But I was just telling them the other day that it is time to try again. We try again on a lot of things.


  21. We don’t have room for a dishwasher. We used to have one, but ripped it out from under the countertop years ago and put in shelves for extra food storage. Growing family, small kitchen and no pantry meant we needed that additional space.

    But I know what you mean about the dish soap, countertops, etc. The training (and re-training) is a process here, too, and not, as I had hoped, a one-time deal. No sirree. πŸ˜‰

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  22. Oh! My dishwasher is 63 years old, and it goes on the blink quite frequently. When it works, it does a thorough cleaning. And when it doesn’t, it is a shame and pity taking up the space reserved for a respectable dishwasher!

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  23. The dogs are good garbage disposals, they hover and watch to see what might fall their way

    House came with a built in dishwasher (I’m on my 2nd one now), love it (though I still do a fair amount of hand washing too)

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  24. I’ve actually had very limited experience with dishwashers, only one house in which it was regularly used, and that was a house with two roommates who used it and so it’s what we did. But in my experience they are expensive to run, noisy, not always effective, and they damage some things. I don’t want to be the only one in the household washing dishes, but the task itself is something I don’t mind doing.

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  25. Our water is very hard, so a dishwasher would just leave spots.

    Training and retraining are very familiar to me. πŸ™‚ 😦

    Taxes finally sent to bookkeeper. Now I can get my table back. Next on the agenda is doing paper work for license renewal. I just need to enter all the CEs.

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  26. Love, love, love my dishwasher. It is a standing joke around here, which was spoken again this morning. My husband no sooner finished the breakfast he had made us, when I had his dish in the dishwasher and the washer started. Wonderful!

    There are things that should not go in a dishwasher. There are shorter, gentler washes for more fragile dishes and more forceful ones for pots and pans. We have hard water, but I use a rinse aid and that is also well worth it for me.

    Oh–and washing your dishwasher, once in awhile, helps keep the dishes cleaner and more spot free.

    My husband was very happy with the sauerkraut hotdish I made him today. I am happy that the casserole dish will eventually be washed in the dishwasher. πŸ™‚

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  27. I love my dishwasher too. Great invention. And I only wind up using it maybe 1-2 times a week so it gets fairly light and easy use. Some things (“good” cookware & utensiles with plastic handles) I hand wash only. But I have some hand-made pottery tumblers that I love and they do fine on the top shelf of the dishwasher.


  28. New cable box is working! πŸ™‚

    Still don’t have the right connector/cable to connect the dvd recorder. 😦

    I suggested to Hubby that he send photos of it all to Chickadee, & have her ask Mr McK. He works in a store that specializes in those things, so he may know what kind of thing we need to buy.

    Cable company said it would cost $105 to have a technician come to hook it up. Hubby says he is not giving up yet.

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  29. I love my dishwasher, too! There are some things, not necessarily dishware-related, that are time-consuming to wash by hand, but which come out nice & clean from the dishwasher.

    One example I am thinking of is a metal “cup tree” with curlicues. Some parts of it are almost impossible to get to with a cloth, but it comes out great from the dishwasher.

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  30. A curious and ironic twist on Ash Wednesday from an la times story about an Episcopal priest who, “now retired and living in San Diego, is one of roughly 150 religious leaders across the country who left parishioners with some sparkle to show support for the LGBTQ community.”


  31. I love our dishwasher! We had to replace the kitchen appliances when we moved in this house 7 years ago….we got a Bosche dishwasher with stainless interior….it is quiet and does quick work of cleaning the dishes…
    I read that article about the glitter….why oh why??


  32. There was a “drive up” (rather than “drive through”) place, on the side of Main St., to have ashes applied by a priest (I think he was Episcopal, not Catholic) in our town today, for people who couldn’t make it to church for that.


  33. I love our dishwasher, too. We just got the cheapest one that had a garburator in it. Works great, runs quietly and uses very little water. I’ve also used it to wash toys (put them in a mesh laundry bag on the top rack) nicely sanitized for the next little visitor. I’ve even washed husbands ball caps on the top rack πŸ™‚

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  34. Mine isn’t the quietest model (a Sears, not super expensive) but being a single person household being extra quiet or having a lot of bells and whistles wasn’t a “must” for me. It’s certainly a lot quieter than the original one (its motor gave out maybe after about 8-10 years — don’t know how long it was in here before I bought the house though — so this one now must be close to 10 yrs old).

    As Karen said, they’re generally made quieter nowadays I think.

    Just walked the dogs, no coyote sightings which is always good πŸ™‚ — packed up some more Salvation Army stuff, will try to get a pickup scheduled soon. Meanwhile, my kitchen sink is backing up (or not draining) so I’ll have to make another call to the plumber … It all seems nonstop with this house.


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