19 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-9-17

  1. That one was pretty good as was Big Jake and Chisum. However, Wayne needed a very strong director. The last time he had one was Ford in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    Last night we watched The Man From Laramie. Jimmy Stewart and Anthony Mann were another great actor/director team.


  2. Unfortunately, probably an accurate assessment (but with some really fun history thrown in):



    Yesterday, in writing about the Senate’s rebuke and silencing of Elizabeth Warren for disparaging Jeff Sessions, I discussed the rule invoked by Mitch McConnell to accomplish this. Rule 19 provides that Senators are not allowed to “directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.”

    I suggested that Rule 19 is an anachronism. It seemed to me that, while perhaps useful at one time in “curbing dueling or caning or something,” Rule 19 now just curbs robust speech for no very good reason. I also suggested that McConnell’s action made Warren a victim.

    It turns out that Rule 19 was adopted in the post-dueling, post-caning era in response to a fight on the Senate floor in 1902. …

    ” … When McLaurin caught wind of Tillman’s remarks, he rushed into the chamber and shouted that Tillman was telling a “willful, malicious and deliberate lie.”

    A fistfight erupted. As Senate historians recounted, “The 54-year-old Tillman jumped from his place and physically attacked McLaurin, who was 41, with a series of stinging blows. Efforts to separate the two combatants resulted in misdirected punches landing on other members.”…

    Rule 19 (sections 2 and 3, to be precise) was adopted later that year.” …

    … I doubt that these days Rule 19 is needed to prevent fist fights. In any event, the statements Warren made about Sessions (actually quotations from what others said years ago) were considerably less inflammatory than the insults hurled by “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman and John McLaurin. Her remarks did not remotely threaten to produce fisticuffs in the 21st century Senate.

    What about the politics of McConnell’s invocation of Rule 19? There can be little doubt that he turned Warren into a victim in the eyes of many. …

    … Finally, a footnote on South Carolina. Sens. Tillman and McLaurin were from there. So was Rep. Preston Brooks, the man who caned Sen. Charles Sumner, nearly killing the Massachusetts man.

    So was Sen. Strom Thurmond, who in 1964 wrestled Sen. Ralph Yarbourough to the floor outside a committee’s room in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. This bout, though related to the fight to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which Thurmond vehemently opposed, apparently was semi-friendly. Nonetheless, it was unbecoming two 61 year-old Senators.

    I don’t quite see Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott living up to the Brooks-Tillman-McLaurin-Thurmond battling tradition. So I believe Rule 19 can safely be revoked.

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  3. I am saddened by the whole thing with Jeff Sessions. I live across the bay from Mobile where he was a practicing attorney. While I do not know him personally, I know several people who do and at least one who has worked with him. The ALL say he isn’t a racist.
    Let’s suppose for a moment that in the 1980’s he WAS a racist:
    1. I had attended one of the Segregation Academies that sprang up all over the South after the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Not because my parents were racists per se, but they were afraid to send me to public school where there were fights and they wanted me to have the best education they could afford. So, yet, I might have been considered at racist at that time myself.
    2. If I were a racist, I certainly am not now.
    3. If racism is a learned attitude then we have to unlearn it.
    4. If we unlearn it and are no longer racist, can we not be forgiven for what we may have done in the past?
    5. If we can’t be forgiven for what we have done in the past, what is the point of even trying? How can we hope to be forgiven for our own sins and gain Heaven?I

    I am a different person today than I was even last week and I am certainly different than I was 25 or 30 years ago. I may have been homophobic then too and we certainly know I’m not now.


  4. I have to agree. It seems like utter chaos lately.



    … In my good conscience, I can’t defend a president who does not understand the power of his office. I want President Trump to be successful and to make “America great again.” I am his “base.”

    But if Trump thinks childish actions are pleasing to all of his base, he is sadly mistaken. President Trump is an impulsive entertainer, and his going off teleprompter can have dangerous consequences. He has yet to learn that as president, he speaks and writes words that can turn into weapons, and weapons start wars, foreign as well as domestic.

    As president of a polarized nation where close relationships are being strained, Trump needs to be the president of all Americans, not just base voters who are more forgiving.

    Trump has now twisted the famous words of President Teddy Roosevelt, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” by speaking loudly and carrying dynamite. Trump can still earn the respect of the American people, by staying on his teleprompter and shutting down his Twitter account.

    Above all, he must remember that he is the most powerful man in the world, and he should start acting accordingly.

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  5. Kim,

    While they’re busy with the politics of personal destruction, Sessions is getting right to work. They’ll rail against him, because they were powerless to stop him. But there’s not much else they can do.


    “If the pace of confirmations from the Senate remains historically glacial, the pace of executive orders still seems rather brisk into Donald Trump’s third week as president. The two streams crossed in the Oval Office this morning, as Jeff Sessions took the oath of office as Attorney General administered by Vice President Mike Pence. Sessions then presented Trump with three EOs for the Department of Justice for Trump’s signature:”

    “Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was sworn in Thursday as the 84th attorney general of the United States as President Trump signed three executive actions aimed at bolstering law enforcement. …

    Before Sessions’ took the oath of office from Vice President Pence, Trump used the occasion to announce a new series of executive actions, directing federal law enforcement to step up their efforts against international drug cartels, creating a national task force on violent crime and launching an effort to protect local police from violence.

    “A new era of justice begins,” Trump said. “And it begins right now.””


  6. There was no doubt how the 9th Circus was gonna rule. Now they can move up the food chain to the only court that matters.


  7. Haha — Well then I’ll be expecting a check in the mail. 🙂

    More on undocumented populations in the US


    The population clusters, tracked by Pew Research in a study released Thursday, also show that a big swath of the nation’s undocumented population lives in communities that voted against President Donald Trump in the last election. That could minimize the political fallout for the Trump administration and others who push to deport undocumented immigrants.

    Pew, which has tracked the undocumented population for several several years, pegs the total number of undocumented immigrants at about 11.8 million, roughly a million fewer than what Pew found a decade ago.

    In Southern California, roughly 1.4 million undocumented immigrants live between the Ventura County border and the Mexican border — the biggest cluster of undocumented people in the country.

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  8. Conway was hawking Ivanka’s clothes on the taxpayer’s dime. Of course, she’s just following up on her boss who tweeted about Nordstroms dropping Ivanka’s line when he should have been paying attention to his daily intelligence briefing. Small town politics at its finest.

    From the leftist on my newsfeed – part of the Warren furor is the perceived sexism in that 4 male Senators did read Coretta King’s letter into the record without any objection from McConnell. Warren does rankle the Republican establishment; she is extremely critical and unrelenting yet so is Sanders but they have respect for him and allowed him to read the letter…… Some are now wondering who is the snowflake here — reading a critical letter into the record is enough to send the Republican senators into a frenzy and silence the speaker. Does McConnell and Sessions need a safe space?

    Trump’s cabinet appointments are not preceding at a glacial pace — although Trump may think so — apparently questioning his judgement offends him…. Obama’s full cabinet in 2009 wasn’t approved until March, Clinton and the Bushes were similar.

    I was surprised how adamant the opposition was to DeVos. I found Tillerson far more objectable — putting an oil man in charge of foreign policy brings the US back to the early days of the Bush administration and for an added bonus he’s a friend of Putin with business interests in Russia. DeVos is unqualified but I think some of the opposition to her religion and wealth unfounded. As a member of the RCA she’s certainly not a bogeyman to science and gay rights as some have portrayed. As far as Reformed churches go, the RCA is fairly mainstream. Her wealth is only a problem in that its quite obvious that her donations were probably the reason she was appointed. But isn’t that part of the Washington swamp which Trump endorsed by appointing the Goldman Sachs alumni team? My main concern would be her endorsement of charter schools and vouchers. Contrary to popular myth, they have not been successful and frequently they do not have adequate oversight. At least 15 years ago, public funding of Protestant, Jewish and Islamic schools was an election issue in Ontario and soundly defeated. Of course my union was adamantly opposed but I thought they never addressed the fundamental flaw in the funding plan (through tax credits) — the lack of accountability.

    Other candidates I expect heavy opposition to include; a polluter heading the EPA, a fast food owner and know violator of labour rights as Sec’y of Labour, and finally the foreclosure king heading the Treasury. I think they will have fun embarrassing Perry who wanted to abolish the dept he’s now to be in charge of.


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