Prayer Requests 2-9-17

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?

Psalm 131

My heart is not proud, Lord,
    my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord
    both now and forevermore.

30 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-9-17

  1. Oh, Michelle! Perhaps since you have had all that rain (which by the way is likely to be what is driving the ants inside now that I think about it) you can justify a soak in a hot tub with the Epsom salts?

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  2. Today seems to be one of those “nobody loves me, every body hates me I’m gonna go eat worms and feel sorry for myself” days. I don’t like it when I have days like this.
    Please pray I snap out of it.

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  3. I may be feeling slightly better – I’m being cautious, because this thing has a way of coming back.

    My parents are doing OK. Just waiting for the next stage in placing the couple.

    Two new prayer requests: I’ve mentioned my dear friend who has marital problems before. Things are reaching a crisis point, and she may need to leave, if only for the safety of her children. She needs a place to go, and a means of support. With a seriously and permanently injured back, she cannot work. Her parents are in no position to take her in. This is a terrible step for her to take, but she is running out of options. Her husband is not trying to change and his sexual addiction is worsening.

    We are close friends with several generations of a nearby farming family. Yesterday, the young teen daughter of the family’s eldest son was kicked in the head by a spooked horse. The blow fractured her skull and caused a serious brain bleed. She is being given the best care possible, but doctors have said she will probably loose her sight on the side she was kicked. The family are all Christians and the girl was recently baptized.

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  4. We are having a big snowstorm today, & Hubby is out there driving & working in it. At one stop, he could not get his truck up the incline, so he put the product on a dolly, & walked it up the hill to the establishment. Now he is stuck on the side of the road somewhere.

    Please pray for his safety, that he can keep warm enough, be able to get some food later, & that he will make it home later this afternoon or evening. Thursday is already one of his longer days, & the road conditions have slowed him down considerably. Thank you.

    (Re: food. He makes a breakfast sandwich & takes it with him each morning, & I make a sandwich for him for his longer days, like today. But considering he starts in the very wee hours of the morning, he’s gonna get pretty hungry as time goes on. Hoping he can stop at an open McDonald’s, or somewhere, for some hot food.)

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  5. Praying for all….I had one of those days yesterday Kim….leaning on Him (and my closest friend) got me through….today’s outlook seems to be much better….trusting He will provide with peace and calm needed for you this day….hang in there….we are all pulling for you! ❤

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  6. Sorry to hear all these woes. 😦

    I am asking for prayer for Joseph. He is the young man who supposedly became emancipated at fifteen. I was able to visit with his mom and then went to hear her speak at a church. She had pretty much given up getting help for this situation. She told God she could do no more and was leaving it in His hands. Through a series of events a nonprofit picked up this case. The mother has heard from many other parents in the same situation.

    The case has already gone before the court, but they are awaiting a decision. The mom is more concerned about her son, for both now and in eternity.

    The story is so shocking and horrendous that I could hardly believe it. I would have never dreamed anything like this could happen here.

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  7. When we looked into emancipation here, for our current fifteen year old boy. The criteria was quite firm. A job to pay bills, living independently for several months, sixteen years minimum, the approval of both parents…..

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  8. Husband had to go pull son out again. Second or third time this year. Good thing he only gets stuck when husband is here as my van and I are still not going any where.

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  9. Heavenly Father,

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the many needs You want us to bring before You. I know Your word says all things are possible through Christ, but even the thought of hearing so many needs from all over the world in Your ears at any given moment in our timeframe boggles my mind. How many bowls do You have in which to collect the prayers of the saints? You remain such a mystery, yet in obedience I enter Your presence again.

    Please help Michelle to quickly recuperate from her shocking fall. She totally did not expect that hurt. Please help her to manage recuperation on top of everything else. You are our God who heals.

    Please bless Jo in her many needs in her distant land. She is beautiful and her heart is given over to You. Please fill any gaps she feels as points of loneliness. Please let her realize the multitude of people who care about her and want to be closer friends with her if given the chance. May she receive an abundance of blessings this year from unexpected sources.

    Thank You for taking care of Leon who works diligently on his route. Thank You for Kizzie and all she does to make life better for all in her family. Thank You for her friend who recently blessed her in sweet ways that made a big difference.

    Please help Donna’s friend, Carol, to do a self assessment and become knowledgeable about responsibilities she has regarding friendship and boundaries. Please help Donna find good ways to express her needs, and if possible bring others in to share the load.

    Please bless young man, Joseph, with new found wisdom and grasping of what life as an adult is truly all about. Please ease his mother’s worries and help her to cast all her cares on You. Thank You that a nonprofit is involved that may help sort things out.

    I lift up Roscuro’s requests involving the lady who needs to get out of a bad situation with her addicted husband. Please make a good situation for her so nothing can escalate and become even more dangerous. Also, please bring a miracle to the teen girl who is being blinded by the horse accident. Please, let Jesus touch her eye and restore her sight just as He did in the Bible. We know it is possible so we ask. Please help Roscuro to fully recover and to be able to do all of her school assignments in a timely manner. Please build up her immune system and keep her asthma in excellent control.

    Please help my brother quickly recover from the cyst removal on his back. Also, please help the lady at the office who had surgery today. May she recover quickly. Bless me as I help train my brother for part time work. Please help Karen to feel less pain and to feel like attending church on Sunday. I pray when she does go that she will feel joy. May it work out for her to be baptized and for the believers in her birth family who have prayed for years as I have to be in attendance.

    I don’t want to ask for less than I know You are capable of Abba. I pray my requests fall inside Your good will. Thank You for shining the light of Jesus upon each of these needs and making a secure path through the felt spiritual darkness. You carry us when we don’t have the strength to do it ourselves. I am thankful eternally for all Your goodness and daily abundance of blessings. In Jesus, Amen

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  10. Also, Abba, I lift up Kim as she experiences feelings of not measuring up to her own expectations. Please give her freedom from fatty thoughts about her worth. Help her to put priority on what You think about her more than what others, including herself, think. I pray You will give her a great sense of how worthy she is of recognition at the higher yet to be seen level. The earthly rewards are but rubbish in comparison to the crowns and glory You have planned to share after our patient waiting. Please open the eyes of Kim’s heart to process life on the eternal scale rather than the worldly scale. Bring her joy from that God well inside her. In Jesus, Amen

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  11. Yes, mumsee, the young man claimed he was working two jobs and on his own. It was all lies. Furthermore, his mother was never informed of any of it and there is worse. A legal aid lawyer just believed it all or acted like he did. Not legal in MN, but who cares about that? (sarcasm)

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  12. It is frightening how the world is so willing to take on the rearing of our children. We saw it in foster care and adoption as well as with our bio children. Everybody has a better idea. But when they clearly throw out the law and trample on the parents, it is alarming.

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  13. Praying for these situations / people. And because it is nearing a full moon, which means I tend to be more wakeful those nights, I will likely have more opportunity to pray again, in the deep of night.

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