37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-1-17

  1. Good morning Chas. Lulabelle is being a lazy lie about dog but Master Amos has been out and is snuggled up . I am enjoying my coffee and light slowly poking through the trees. The back of my house faces east

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  2. I am off to the office today. Ugh In part it will be fun to be around people but then if Guy is there he will question my every move. Yesterday he hinted that if I took a lunch hour to get my hair done again I would have all the time in the world to get it done. He and his wife don’t get their hair done every 6 weeks. Never mind that I work from home most of the time and am at his beck and call. Monday I told him I had just heated my lunch up for the second time and he kept talking until I had to heat it up a third time.
    Of course I added up my income from last year so that he could send it to the accountant for the 1099 and this has been my best year since I quit work when BG was a year old. I can’t replace the income with anyone else. I interviewed for jobs last year and the most I was offered was $30K. So if I have to stick with him I have to quit complaining. So off I go to pick up the second pair of boots he bought for his wife for Christmas and figure out how to send them back…because that seems to be in my job description.


  3. Kim, I’d gladly snatch up a job for $30K to get away from the Guy. But then, for me it would be a nice big raise. But just as I took a huge pay cut to go freelance, I’d take a pay cut to get away from a boss like that–especially as a married woman with other life priorities.

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  4. I’ve been reading the book of Judges for the entire length of the Trump presidency.

    Sobering, indeed; and a blatant commentary on the state of our country.

    Everyone doing what was right in their own eyes. Has a more grim pronouncement of humanity ever been made?

    Rejoice with me. This morning I get to Ruth!

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  5. Oh, I just got a beautiful sight. A young Cooper’s or sharp-shinned hawk landed just outside the window on the deck, two yards from me at the most, stretched out its tail, fluffed up its feathers, and vocalized a time or two. (“Caw, caw.”) If I’d had my camera I might have gotten some great photos, but I knew I couldn’t move and have him stay there, so I just watched. It was probably just about 20 seconds, but so lovely! (Earlier a hawk, probably the same bird, flew across the deck to go toward our fence. I went to the kitchen and looked out both windows to see if I could tell where it ended up, but I couldn’t see it on the ground, in the tree, or anywhere, from the windows and didn’t want to open the door and scare it. I got a better view by just coming back here!)


  6. Yes, Michelle. The change from Judges to Ruth is refreshing. It shows that all was not so bleak in the time of the Judges.


  7. My husband added that we get a fuller perspective of the judges in Hebrews; we see them as types of Christ, and as having more faith than we see in the book of Judges.


  8. I missed the discussion on Judges as I was not there yet. I have now sailed through and thoroughly enjoyed it. It helped that this time I had a chart Macarthur put in to tell the order of the judges and the duration of their time. It made the whole thing flow much better than the usual reading I have done a little at a time and getting confused. Yes, they did great things for the people. They were put in place by the Sovereign King trying to corral an obstinate people. It does clearly show the heart of man. But it shows there are always those wanting to do the right thing. And slipping up and still trying. Human nature. That sounds like a plea for God’s intervention.

    I really enjoyed finally realizing that Samson lead the people for twenty years. I had been under the impression that he was quick in his sin and out of there. But he was like a great lumbering lumberjack, with all of the behaviors of a guy comfortable with himself and yet a heart turning to God. I know many people like that and have on occasion been quick to judge them as something they were not. But getting to know them, one finds a desire for God that is or has come to life.

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  9. For those who wondered–I got kicked off fb when my husband got hacked. He thought he was on his fb account, but we think it must have been mine. We changed a whole bunch of passwords, but someone reported my being hacked after mine was changed. I did what else they asked, but either did it wrong or for another reason have not gotten back on. I can get on his to see grandchildren things and his friends. He is not on it much.

    I miss my own fb friends and commenting. I always ask him before I say anything on his page and let people know it is me, unless he wants it as him.

    I find fb is like joining a blog to comment. It is all what you make it. Any media is neutral and what we make it. It all changes, somewhat, how humans interact with each other. Facebook is no different.

    On another note: What we find amusing reflects what is in our hearts. Furthermore, because we find something amusing, does not mean it is worth sharing–especially with everyone. I guess this still relates to fb, since I am thinking of a young Christian woman who shared a picture of a typo, which contained a word that would never cross my mouth or fingers. I doubt it would hers either. Is it ok, because it was sent as a joke? I wonder what she was thinking?

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  10. Do you have to use your real name on there? I know several of my children have or have had several different accounts on there.


  11. Kim – Were you late getting back to work from getting your hair done? Other than that, it is none of his business what you do on your lunch hour. And even if you were late, it should only be worth the kind of warning he gave if you are routinely late.

    Praying the Holy Spirit will convict him of his abusive attitude. (Is he a believer? I recall you mentioned him going to your church, which prompted you to change churches.)

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  12. Agreed, your lunch hour is ‘your’ time.

    Carol is on FB but very inconsistent, she’ll go gangbusters and then disappear for months. Unfortunately, she seems to always feel like she needs to set up a brand new account each time she returns so there are now several Carols (same person).

    She once asked me why I didn’t respond to her latest ‘friend’ request — I said that can be a sign someone’s account has been hacked. When I checked on my list, I told her I was already friends with “two of you” anyway. 🙂

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  13. Put a call in to the Roto Rooter guy who did my small bathroom — asked if he would come out to check what’s up with the backing up from the washing machine now … Main line problem? Ugh.

    He wants to know if I can be available tomorrow morning (seriously, I didn’t think he’d ever want to come back here again!)

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  14. I am home from the WMU program. This phone insists it is an EMU program, but I straighten it out each time it insists on changing my letters. I did the program today. At the end I told the ladies thank you for bearing with me on my learning curve.

    Kare, the colors in Your header photo are stunning! Glad you are blessed with such lovely views.

    Today it’s in the mid 60s here so I opened the windows. Good thing since I saw the watershed testing people in our neighborhood. I pray for no smoke/gasses/odors to seep into our indoor environment.

    A nice wind is picking up and sending fresh air in to clear any stale air. My furnace just kicked on after the cool blast.

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  15. My aunt got a call this morning and is headed to Birmingham for a liver transplant!!!! Praise to You, Lord Christ.
    Please pray for the surgeons and for a successful transplant.

    Now would you also pray for the donor’s family?

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  16. Saskatchewan is “The land of the living skies” (It says so on our licence plates).
    I’m never sure if it’s because of the changing colours, clouds, northern lights or if it’s because there is a huge fly way for migratory birds over most of the province and one sees endless flocks of geese, ducks, cranes and other birds in spring and fall.

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  17. Prayers Kim.

    Busy day, interviewed a homeless guy who not works behind the counter at the 7-Eleven store he used to panhandle at, then went a few blocks away to meet up with the Venice hipster who’s redoing (and restoring, from the 1920s) what will be probably a landmark seafood restaurant in our town. He gave me a tour of the place about a year ago and then again today, they’ve made a lot of progress.

    Then as I was heading into work on the freeway, I got stopped & given a speeding ticket. As he handed it to me I reflexively said “thank you.” 🙂 Always polite.

    Eventful day — and worried about the plumbing issues, could be something easy to clean out or something major.


  18. Janice, kudos to your phone for preferring EMU over WMU. WMU is Western Michigan University (boo hiss) and EMU is Eastern Michigan University, my wife’s alma mater and the school both my kids children are enrolling in.

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  19. I don’t have any kids enrolling in schools, but I do have one attending BSU and another plans to attend ISU in the Fall.


  20. I see Cheryl figured out strikeout type.

    However underlining is apparently not what I thought it was, because “at which” in my 6:34 was supposed to be underlined. Anyone know the tags?


  21. What are you going to do? Called an old family friend for her 87th birthday and she launched into Trump derangement syndrome . . .

    Just love ’em. I finally convinced her that I refused to discuss politics with anyone. That worked.

    For awhile.

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  22. For those who may be interested:



    Take note of the birds that visit your yard, and you’ll be ready to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), Feb. 17-20, when thousands of people around the world will record information about the species of birds they see. The information backyard bird-watchers gather assists scientists in better understanding the movement of species around the globe, how well different species are — or aren’t — doing and how factors like climate change are affecting bird populations everywhere.


    and there’s a photo contest connected to it;

    –This contest celebrates the beauty and diversity of wild birds seen during the count from around the world. All images must have been taken during the current Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), February 17–20, 2017. Photos showing birds in plumages or in locations where they are unlikely to be during the GBBC will not be judged for the contest. Photos must be of wild birds in their natural surroundings. Domestic or pet birds and other animals will not be included in the judging.

    —Photos that appear to be the result of baiting raptors, or actions that could be harmful to birds such as feeding inappropriate foods, disturbing nests, or using recordings to call in wild birds, etc., will not be considered. In public areas, such as parks, beaches, or nature preserves, photographers must abide by all posted signs governing interaction with birds and other wildlife.

    –Submit images in as high a resolution as possible as .jpg, .gif, or.png files, up to 10MB each.

    –You can submit up to 10 images per category. Please do not enter the same image in multiple categories. If a photo seems to fit more than one category, consider entering it in the overall category.

    –Please include the name of the species shown in the photo.

    –Location—tell us where the photo was taken (which may not necessarily be where you live).

    —You must agree to the terms of use. After you read these terms, and if you agree, remember to click the box at the bottom of the photo submission form. You will be asked for your name and email.


  23. Co-worker lives in an apartment across town where neighbors were feeding a fox who hung out there (probably because they were feeding him)


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