22 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-28-17

  1. Inspired by Donna’s experience with remodeling baths, I had a man come out and give me an estimate for putting a walk in shower in my bathroom.
    He will take out the tub and leave the plumbing. Turns out I will have to replace the floor tile because I have a bare spot. And it has to be big enough for a sliding door because one that swigs open will be broken someday when someone slams it against the toilet bowl.
    He’ll give me an estimate next week. But it looks kike it will be more than I originally planned.
    Does that sound familiar, Donna?

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  2. Aren’t sliding shower doors difficult to keep clean? Do they still have that shatter problem or was that resolved years ago?


  3. Problem was resolved about the shattering door, but wise to consider the implications–a door would get in the way, anyway, for any helper.

    We bought a special coating for our shower door when we remodeled 12 years ago. It helps keep the water from beading, but I still left a squeegee in that shower. My Adorables have been giving that bathroom hard use for the last 3.5 years, so it doesn’t look as good as it did when we lived in the house, but it’s still not bad.

    I’ve taken many a shower in tiny units in Europe which use accordion doors.

    I was always very good at getting water on the floor using those . . . but remember, it’s a machine . . .


  4. 🙂 My rave is actually a humble thanks–God got an A–my editor loved Biddy.

    Very thankful for that.

    🙂 The delight of having an extroverted Latina relative for the weekend–we’ve been laughing ever since she came through the door!

    😦 Rant–Satan.

    😦 Judges and the ability to consider what it means when an entire nation decides what is right in its own eyes.

    🙂 Thankful that I have eyes to see through God’s grace, even as I mourn and pray.

    The recent election has opened my eyes even wider to how many lost souls dominate the United States. I’ve been asked to pray for revival in our land. No one can adequately legislate morality with any hope of lasting success–as OC said, “prayer is the greater work.”

    Prayer in conjunction with God’s will–Jesus–is our only hope.

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  5. Costs usually hiring and a “week to 10 days” can stretch out to far, far more than that.

    Still–I would like to have mine redone. 😀

    🙂 Visiting with my husband’s family today. One of the nephews none of us have seen for almost forty years is coming. Should be quite interesting. He is in the state on business, so I do not believe he has family with him.


  6. Get more than one bid 🙂

    I had a roofing contractor with all the bells and whistles give me a $10,000 bid for a new roof; got it done by someone else, with no bells or whistles but who needed those, for half that.

    😦 Blown away (in a bad way) by AC/heating bid from Sears. Yikes. Outrageous, I think. Salesman could probably see the blood drain from my face as he itemized it all. What??!! Gotta be someone cheaper, so now the hunt begins to see if I can find something affordable. We’ll see. If not, I’ll do what I usually do and keep the cold, wet washcloths ready to get through the heat waves.


  7. You’ve seen my LA city tree, right?

    Actually I have many very large trees on my property … I am hoping that getting my wood windows repaired, re-aligned & outfitted with weather stripping will help.


  8. The land of Israel must have been heavily forested at one time. Like the Eastern US.’
    II Samuel tells (Ch 18) about a big battle in which the forest claimed more lives than the battle. (18:8) I think that situation occurred in one of the Civil War battles in Virginia.


  9. We started talking about reading the Bible through in SS this morning.
    Turns out, seems nobody reads the book of Leviticus word for word throughout.


  10. I remember reading about the offerings. The exact same thing from each tribe. Over and over and over. I think God was letting us know it was important. And letting us know that even with all of that, we still needed a Savior.

    This year I am reading through as a book. No other books until I am done. It is sailing along and making much more sense than when I broke it up into daily readings. Hat tip to older brother.

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  11. Mumsee, do you mean that you are, say, reading all of Genesis in one sitting (or at least multiple chapters of it), that you are starting in Genesis and moving all the way through to Revelation instead of jumping around, or what?

    I’ve heard the recommendation to go to one book, Romans for example, and read it all the way through in one sitting, and reading that same book 10 or 20 times before going on to another. It sounds like a great idea, and I have read whole books in a sitting several times, but not thoroughly like that.


  12. Yes, Genesis through Revelation, as many chapters as duties allow. Obviously, my children’s needs guide that. And I am cheating in that I am reading at least one Psalm each day and one New Testament chapter each day. But I anticipate getting through those at least a couple of times in the year. But I am finding it much more clear than the small readings of the past. Of course, I may stop doing it tomorrow and it will be okay. Currently in Joshua as I was a bit slow getting started and not clear on quite what I was intending. But with all other books set aside for now, it is going well. Isn’t it Ecclesiastes that mentions too many books?

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  13. Yep, Ecclesiastes.

    I’ve done a variety of reading plans, but most have been some version of Genesis to Revelation. This year the one I’m doing is a bit different, since each day of the week is from a different genre. I think it’s Monday that starts in Genesis, so you may read Genesis 1-2 Monday, then Psalms 1-3 Tuesday, Job on Wednesday, Matthew on Thursday, or something like that. But I’ve done the consecutive (or chronological) order enough times that this one seems like it will break up the huge chunks of Kings and Chronicles and the like a bit more. I wouldn’t do it every year, but so far I like it. I like the daily reading plan simply because it keeps me accountable. Even if I don’t keep up with it totally (e.g., I haven’t yet read Saturday or Sunday), I don’t get very far behind and it keeps me reading several days a week. I have done it where I just pick it up and read a few chapters, and the next day pick up where I left off . . . but somehow I’ve never gotten all the way through when I do it that way. Well, I shouldn’t say “never,” but I’m less likely to. I did a chronological plan two years ago and that was a little too complicated (a reading might be 1 Chronicles 12:7-14:8), but this one has a bigger variety and is a nice change of pace.

    One I liked a lot, one year when I was ill and couldn’t do much of anything for two or three weeks, I went through the entire New Testament on tape a couple of times, and I think maybe the OT on tape once. But the pace was fairly quick (I might get through the Gospels in two days), and I heard things I’d never noticed, parallel themes repeated in several chapters in a row. I wouldn’t mind doing it again someday, just as quickly, though without the health situation.


  14. That is what I am finding, parallels, helping me to keep track of things. So far, so good. But I had to take a break for a few minutes to climb up on the roof to clean the chimney. I took fifteen year old boy up so he could experience it. He did well and after the first slip, realized the seriousness of it. I had him slip where the snow was quite deep but he would slide into the wall of the added on school room. I also had him shovel a lot of the snow off so he could learn it is most slippery where there is just enough water to freeze.

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  15. At different times over the years, I’ve read through from Genesis to Revelation, read the one year plan that has OT, NT, Psalms & Proverbs each day, & read chronologically. I find I really enjoy, & prefer, reading chronologically, as long as I also read a bit from the NT each day while I am still in the OT.

    I’ve found that there are different ways to do it chronologically. One chronological Bible we had would switch in the midst of chapters, while another that I read online would finish a couple chapters before switching to where the same stories were elsewhere (such as in the gospels & in the Samuels, Kings, & Chronicles). I preferred the former to the latter.

    Currently, I am giving myself two years to read through the one year M’Cheyne Bible reading plan, which kind of mixes things up a bit compared to other plans.

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