41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-28-17

  1. Not just breakfast….. Men’s breakfast. 🙂

    So it’s bacon, sausage, scrapple, and hash browns. Maybe some pork roll too……..

    Sorry, no scones, crapes, or muffins allowed. 🙂

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  2. And since I love the pic of Cheryl’s windswept birdie, I’m gonna leave it up for a bit. I’m kinda partial to kingfishers, and that’s a great shot. 🙂

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  3. Good morning. We are at the important 32 degree mark currently, but it’s sunny so that makes it less important.

    I am suppose to see my CA friend later. Then I will get to be a tourist in my own vicinity. With the nice, although cold, weather I hope to get some outdoor photos.

    I’ve been at the office a lot lately. It was a full house yesterday since my brother is training to help out some. I hope it will be a positive experience for him.

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  4. Grits and eggs, sausage and biscuits, with gravy if you want it.. Lots of real coffee.
    And orange juice.
    On the way out the door, I said “I’m gone”. She said, “And you’re coming back here?”
    I said, “Unless Shannon Bream comes by and wants me to run off with her”. She was hurling threats as I left. 😆

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  5. Ten year old asked one of the elders last week when men’s breakfast would be. He has quite the reputation for putting down some food there.

    So, speaking of flu, does this flu include vomiting? I thought flu was respiratory. Son came home from school yesterday and told me one of his friends has the flu and has been vomiting all day. I thought, that is not flu but it is contagious and we don’t want it.


  6. We’re attending a workshop at church led by Greg Finke, based on his book Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary.

    Pastors are very excited about this workshop and Finke got an earful from My Church President last night.

    Off to make coffee!

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  7. We had sweet rolls, too. If we wanted them.
    During his talk, a guy asked, “How many of you know all you need to know about God?”
    Nobody raised his hand. I almost did, but that would have changed the subject and it wasn’t really the point.
    I know that God loves me and cares for me.
    That’s all I really need to know.
    Lots of other things I would like to know.
    The only things we can know about God is what He reveals to us.

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  8. Remember earlier in the week when I was somewhat panicked because I couldn’t find boxes and boxes of photos?
    It’s because I had done something with them. I have separated them into groups and put them upright into gallon sized ziploc bags and put them in the bottom of the linen closet so they took up less room.

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  9. Yesterday BG and I went to lunch. She wanted to go to a place in town, but they have a glassed in something or other they purchased a few years ago from Disney World and the other seating is out doors in a courtyard. It was FREEZING yesterday–somewhere in the 60’s. We went to the FHope Grill and Bar (because there is some quirk in our law around here that we cannot have a Bar and Grill). I was extremely bad. I had a mushroom Swiss burger with fries and I all all of the burger (minus half the bun) and most of my fries.
    From there we went to the local jewelry store. Sometime in the late 70’s/early 80’s my mother started an add a pearl necklace for herself. All that ever made it were 5 pearls. A large pearl in the center and 2 graduated ones on each side. When I ended up with what jewelry my mother could salvage it stayed in a jewelry box until 1998 when BG was going to be a year old. Because she was born on 9/9 I added 9 pearls to it for her birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy. (When she was born a co-worker –who was the Christian woman I most wanted to be like–gave her a tiny little cross made of enameled daisies and told me one day to put it on the clasp of her pearl. I had bought my niece a tiny baby cross when she was born in 1991 as well).
    I had gone by my ex mother in law’s the other day to pick up my good jewelry that was stored there. As I was getting it to take to trade some of the loose gold in I grabbed the two add a pearl necklaces. I had a pearl bracelet that ex-husband had given me that I was going to add to BG’s to finish it off and have her cross put on the clasp. Niece’s was in another box with the loose pearls Nana had bought for her so I said I would take it too and have the pearls strung. While I was there I had enough credits to purchase another bracelet and finish out Niece’s pearls and add her baby cross to it as well. Niece got engaged at Christmas and they will get married some time next year. Nana is paying half for Niece and I am paying for the other half. I am Niece’s godmother so when she marries she will have her baby cross from her godparents and peals that her mother, her Nana, and her godmother bought. She will receive hers for her birthday in May and BG will receive hers for her birthday in September so next year at the wedding they will match.
    Then we went to find something for me to wear to the awards luncheon next Friday at the Grand Hotel and to dinner that night for the Top Producers. BG got a lovely little dress and I told her Boyfriend would have to take her out someplace nice. What I would really like is to have a nice photograph of her done.
    I on the other had will be putting together a skirt and blouse from my closet and wearing it for the luncheon and changing the shirt for a velvet top for the dinner. 😉 That’s what mothers do sometimes.

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  10. I’m awaiting Sears to come by for a free A/C estimate — I got hooked into signing up for it when the sears home improvement booth staff at a December craft fair nabbed me in a weak moment and I signed up for an estimate on the dotted line. It’ll give me a baseline idea for when and if I decide I can add A/C to my forced air heat later this year. They’ve called me incessantly after they had my name until I finally gave in this week and said ok, I’m not ready to even think about doing this, but come on over if you want. So that’ll take 60-90 minutes, I’m told, just to get an assessment & estimate. Information gathering only, but I have been curious about how hard and expensive it would be to add A/C to the existing system and duct work.

    Then the plumber amigos are coming later today, first will be a trip to home depot with them to pay for what they’ll need to install toilet & sink … I’m not sure when they’ll do the work, but I’m bound and determined to get my bathroom working by the end of this weekend, whatever it takes. So if not today/tonight, then tomorrow. I am desperate.


  11. I cannot believe you folks made the political thread into a golf thread. I remember golfing at Okuma, We had a friend from Guam with us and he was amazing, the drives he could hit, with an iron.

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  12. Mumsee, the common nomenclature for the vomiting and diarrhea caused by a viral infection of the digestive tract is the ‘stomach flu’. I don’t know how it acquired the term, but I grew up using it. Perhaps it is because the correct medical term for such an illness is ‘viral gastroenteritis’.


  13. Sears is really expensive. 😦

    I don’t think there’s technically a “stomach flu,” but there are stomach viruses (norovirus, etc.). “Flu” has become kind of a catch-all phrase, but it really is a respiratory infection. I had no stomach issues when I was sick, just fatigue, laryngitis, horrible coughing.


  14. I keep wondering when I will get the stomach flu… I mean, viral gastroenteritis. The family I rent from has all had it, the last one is the little boy, who I just heard throwing up. Getting sick for me on days I have classes means going to the clinic to get a doctor’s note (for which there is a fee) and filling in paperwork for the school. Needless to say, I do not want to get sick.


  15. It’s funny how the ideas of flu vary. Growing up I thought the difference between a cold and the flu was that you felt worse with the flu, and you threw up. Years later when I heard that if you throw up, it isn’t the flu you have, I was surprised.


  16. I came home with two pair of shoes. I gave my husband fair warning that the last time I showed off like I was about to I got a4 smart aleck answer and to choose his words carefully.

    The boots were originally $84 and the sandals $64 at Shoe Station. They were on sale for half price. Then I got a coupon texted to me and my total was $40.82. He told me my purchases were nice. I did not have to hit him with my grandmother’s frying pan. The amazing thing is he came smart this way and didn’t have to be trained. 😉

    I was browsing at the Dior counter at Dillards and wanted to smell J’Adore. I had picked it up wrong and it slipped from my hand, crashed to the floor and got all over my left shoe. I won’t tell you what I smell like. I was embarrassed but one of the counter ladies told me not to worry. She had done it herself. She was impressed I only got it on my shoe.

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  17. Kim, when I worked in a drugstore we had some perfumes, and the manufacturers would send us bottles to use as spray samplers. My boss was a bottle-blonde lady who styled her hair after Barbie I think (that was her name, and her husband was Ken). We got in a new men’s cologne, and she tested it on her wrist. It was a long-lasting scent, too, and it was weird to encounter her for the rest of that day, still smelling like a man.


  18. I see on TV that Trump has given the Pentagon 30 days to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS. (As an aside: I notice,and approve, that they are no longer saying ISIL, but ISIS. That is significant.)
    Anyhow. the Pentagon can’t defeat ISIS. ISIS is a factor in a religious war. It was Al Qaeda, now ISIS, then something else if ISIS goes away. There is no central power. Isis is a concept led by certain men. Kill them and someone else comes up.
    I supported the Viet Nam war while it was going on. But I was mistaken. I understood that when, at the Naval War College, I asked some of the men, “How do you know when you’ve won?” When they stop fighting? There is always someone who will fight.

    We seem to have the same problem we had with Bush. No one understands Islam. I became engrossed in Islam after 9:11. But our leaders should have known. “Anonymous” since outed as Rita Katz, wrote a book in 2003 called >I>Terrorist Hunter. In it, she tells that she briefed the White House on their activities in the US. And this information was available before Obama was elected.
    Now, I suspect Trump also does not understand Islam. You have to know your enemy.
    It is radical to say that a religion is an enemy, but all of the radicals are Muslim.
    That, whatever else you say, is a fact.

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  19. We will never defeat the evil that is now called ISIS, previously called Al Qaeda, better known as radical Islam. It’ll take the 2nd Coming to defeat that evil.

    And trying to get Israel and its enemies to have peace will wait until then also. They have been fighting since Isaac and Ishmael.

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  20. Islam may look like more of a threat, but other religions can be just as hostile – just ask the Christians of India about the Hindu nationalist movement: https://news.vice.com/article/christian-and-muslims-are-facing-more-and-more-persecution-by-hindu-extremists-in-india, or the Church in Bhutan about living in a Buddhist controlled state: http://shoebat.com/2014/12/11/bhutan-buddhist-country-persecutes-christians/. We know, as Jesus said, that the world will hate us, because it hated him first. When he said that, Jesus was ministering to the Jews. The natural man, Paul said, is at enmity with God. God loved his enemies, and sent His Son to die for them. “As the Father has sent me,” said Jesus, “so send I you.”


  21. Watching Tom Hanks cut his infected tooth out with the blade of an ice skate — “Cast Away.” Painful

    I went out to eat with a friend and now am waiting for the guy who’s going to do the final installation on the bathroom tomorrow (but he wants to come by tonight — supposed to be here around 7 p.m. — to look at the sink and go to Home Depot to get proper supplies). He did the painting and beadboard and I feel bad because I’d written him a check using an old bunch of checks that had (unbeknownst to me) an old account number so he couldn’t cash it — so I sent him the money via bill pay online, it went out of my account and was scheduled to go into his on Friday, yesterday, but he’s saying it still hasn’t shown up in his account — so now I have to call the bank help line tomorrow to see what’s up. Worrisome and awkward.

    I’m so ready for a break from all the house stuff. It’s a blessing to be able to take care of it all, but it has also been disruptive.

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  22. Lucked out and found a Home Depot clerk who was also a plumber. Great help in picking out what we needed. He saved amigo from buying connector parts for a garbage disposal instead of bathroom sink. 🙂

    But we forgot to buy the wax ring for the toilet. That was one of the few things I knew we needed but we both forgot. He said he’d pick it up on the way over tomorrow.


  23. Jo, yes. I think he’s bringing someone with him today who knows more about plumbing but he wanted to buy whatever they’d need in advance, which made sense (even if they have to return or exchange some of it).

    Got to know a little more about him in the ride there and back, he’s from Salvador & he and his wife have two girls, 12 and 14 (but 14-year-old looks 17, he said, popular with the boys and they’re both now costing him a fortune as teens 🙂 ). I told him girls are undoubtedly more expensive to raise than boys. His wife cleans houses and sends money her her family still in Salvador, her mother is quite elderly now.

    So I’m up and ready for church, they should be here within the hour & I’ll just leave them to it while I bail for a few hours.


  24. Hey y’all. Just perusing the comments here.
    And… I dropped by to let you know I’m doing better. A long talk with the boss helped clear up some stuff. It’s not a raise or increase in bonus, but at least misunderstandings are cleared up. I even got to put a couple of jobs in the shop this past week. SHOCK! :-O
    At the same time I’ve been practicing the four rituals that neuroscience proves will make us happy. See this linkie: http://theweek.com/articles/601157/neuroscience-reveals-4-rituals-that-make-happy
    1) Practice Gratitude (even the search for something to be thankful for is beneficial).
    2) Label negative feelings – it reduces the pain because the brain knows what it is.
    3) Make decisions. It releases those feel good chemicals.
    4) Touch someone instead of texting. Get hugs from your people, people.

    Anyway. It helps.

    I’m also learning that my “Emotional Intelligence”…. is, errrrr… um.. well… it needs improvement. The four things above should help, but there’s a lot more to it.

    Thanks again for your prayers. I really appreciate it.

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  25. Woohoo — sink is in, shower fixtures are (mostly) in (can’t figure out how the hand shower fits, so that’ll have to wait I guess). they’re on lunch break, I just got back from church (we had our annual congregational meeting afterward, I ducked out after about 90 minutes of that).

    Looks like a couple 2-3 more hours of work to finish it all off, but it’s looking very nice. 🙂

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  26. Long day. It’s getting dark out and they’re still working in the bathroom. Something with the sink drain, I think, they’re fiddling with something in there … Sigh. I’m sure they can’t wait to leave (and I’m ready to have them leave).

    I need some alone time in this house. 🙂 But how good it will be to have a fully functioning bathroom — not to mention having all the huge boxes holding the new sink, toilet, lighting fixtures, etc., all emptied and broken down and hauled out of the house. Wow. I have some space again by the front door.

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  27. Yesterday morning, Little Guy came downstairs before I was up. He does that often on a Saturday. (Hubby works Saturdays, but he’d be up early if he didn’t.)

    As I walked through the living room to get to the bathroom, I saw that he had turned on the lamps, & opened the drapes – getting the room ready for a new day. I thought that was neat, & cute, that he did that. 🙂

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  28. Posted a photo of Annie in the new 1923 bathroom and a couple of guy FB friends have asked in private messages who ‘did’ my bathroom (which would be Kim and me of course) 🙂

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