29 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-7-17

  1. 😦 Off to a memorial service for our friends whose grown daughter died of cancer. She lived longer than the doctors expected. She was a believer and lived well. They will grieve like those with hope, but, oh, they will grieve!

    🙂 Potluck and jam in the evening. I am not looking forward to driving in the brutal cold to either event. I am grateful for a good vehicle, that helps us keep warm. I will also enjoy seeing old friends again, since we have not been to this one for quite awhile.

    🙂 Also grateful that my TN daughter was able to turn her car around and get home safely after trying to drive in the bad weather. She is used to driving in snow, but it is very different down there from up here. Roads were closed shortly after she turned around and there were lots of vehicles going in the same direction.

    😦 Computer hacking. I still cannot get back on facebook. I miss it and especially the back and forth with my daughters.


  2. 🙂 I really like the “find friends” app on my iPhone. At a glance, I can tell if all my people are where they are supposed to be.
    And Wednesday, I followed Linda from St. Petersburg to Greensboro. Not really all the time. I checked and found her in Savanna and again, “What are they doing in Florence?” I wouldn’t have gone that way. But they were making good time.

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  3. 🙂 Bathroom progresses

    😦 For what was a *short* week (with Monday off), it felt very, very long.

    🙂 I’ve also been hit with something, not a full-on flu, but lots of chest congestion. It feels like it’s finally breaking up today. Had to just power through it at work, though, and I won’t get much rest this weekend.

    😦 Loss in a helicopter crash of community member and former news staffer who was well known by many in our circle and beyond. I will be tentatively sitting down with the port’s dive crew whose job it is to recover victims and wreckage in these incidents, with the interview set to look at their very difficult job and how it impacts them personally.

    It will be a challenge — 6-7 of them in one room for the interview, which always is hard in keeping comments attached to the right people during what will be probably a free-flowing interview with lots of back and forth remarks. But it should be a good story. Port spokesman (our former editor) asked me if I’d be interested in doing it, he felt I’d be the right person with the right sensitivity to handle it, which was complement. (He’s a conservative/orthodox Jew and interestingly I think always felt somehow connected with me due my religious faith.)

    🙂 Rain, at long last. How we’ve needed to get back to a more normal winter pattern after so many years of drought. Several storms are coming in this coming week which also will bring snow (as in feet, not inches) to our mountains, mostly in central & northern California but we all benefit from a healthy snow pack.

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  4. 😦 Nasty sinus infection – knocked me off my feet for 2 days now – not as bad as what Donna and Michelle are experiencing though.

    🙂 Living room and main bathroom have been de-Christmasfied. I don’t have the energy to finish any other rooms – took me most of the day to get this far.

    😦 Nasty cold weather

    🙂 Nice warm furnace

    🙂 Husband is out cutting wood as I type

    🙂 I hung some of our pictures in different places as I took down Christmas stuff – I like moving things around. I’m also trying an antique mirror from my grandparents farmhouse in a dark corner hoping to add some reflected light.

    🙂 Enjoying hearing about Donna’s bathroom saga


  5. 🙂 Finally got around to a lot of long-neglected housecleaning this past week. With my back/hip hurting as bad as it did, I had to let some things, like floor-cleaning & vacuuming, go for a few weeks. It may not sound like something to be so happy about, but it gave me a great deal of satisfaction & relief to get it all done.


  6. 🙂 I went to wal mart to get some fresh spinach, V-8, mixed nuts, and a couple of other impulse buys. I came home and Mr. P was vacuuming….it was one of the sexiest sights I have ever seen. (He did it between football games 😉

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  7. 😦 I wasn’t able to get one of the 2 tube lights clicked in exactly right in the spare closet bathroom last week so now and again it goes into flicker mode, giving it all a haunted house feel.

    I used the 2nd step on the step ladder but the light fixture is so high and hard to reach in there — I threw something out in my back/hip just fiddling with it last week and even said a bad word (or two) — that I’m in no hurry to try to redo it.


  8. Elvera asked, “Is it all right to wear these black pants?”
    I said, “It’s OK by me. And I’m likely the only person who will see you today.”
    Snowed in. Front and back.

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  9. 😦 Missing church today – my face hurts a lot.

    🙂 I don’t have to go out in the cold?

    🙂 Husband will go to church, do the grocery shopping and then come home and take care of me.


  10. My back hurts again. I was teaching the little folk how to chop the wood and may have chopped a bit more than I ought to have done. The fifteen year old girl could not hit it. The ten year old boy could not hit it. The nine year old girl could hit it but is not strong enough or big enough to lift the axe high enough. The fifteen year old boy stood and watched as he has chosen a different path. Eighteen year old boy was off to church and then to his job at the skeet shooting range.

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  11. 😦 I woke up voiceless, whatever I was battling all week finally grabbed me, I started sinking fast last night

    😦 Worst part: I had to call a halt to the bathroom work after we’d finally managed to get some momentum going. Boo-hoo. I’m hoping I feel LOTS better by tomorrow and can call everyone back in asap

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  12. 😦 No church for me either; I’ve got a video of The Messiah playing, which is certainly uplifting!

    🙂 Donna– my husband shows no sign of getting sick after spending the last four days with me.

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  13. Church for us and a guest preacher, who was also with us last week, returned. He continued on the Beatitudes. Good sermon. He is good at keeping the cookies on the lower shelf as Vernon McGee used to say.

    Kizzie: That was me saying it was my husband who clicked a link by mistake. He seems fine, so far, though. I seem to be in limbo.

    It was so fun to watch the dancers last night at the jam/potluck. These older folks sure know how to enjoy themselves. One couple was celebrating a 2 yr. anniversary. They had both lost spouses and met at this event and married at it. (I wasn’t there for that) They had on their ‘wedding clothes.’ There is no alcohol at these events. I think there are a lot of young people who would be amazed at how much fun these people have without it.

    One couple doesn’t sing gospel songs at this place anymore. They are upset that people dance to those just as they do all the rest.


  14. No church for us. I still have not moved the log splitter from behind my van. I don’t think my back would survive. So I am sitting here with Jesus Christ Superstar playing. What????

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  15. Michelle, I figure the workers have already been exposed to whatever it is I have by now (and you’re supposed to be most contagious early on, even before you notice your own symptoms.

    Still, felt wrong to have people working in here with me being pretty sick.

    I’ll be out of work tomorrow for sure, then I’ll see how I feel after that. I think I have some pain in what must be my left lung when I inhale.

    Got to the grocery store which ended with an interesting experience of hand signals at the cash register. I’m now stocked up on soups and OJ and chicken though.


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