Prayer Requests 1-7-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 102:1-2

Hear my prayer, Lord;
    let my cry for help come to you.
Do not hide your face from me
    when I am in distress.
Turn your ear to me;
    when I call, answer me quickly.




17 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 1-7-17

  1. Update on two previous prayer requests:

    My back/hip, which was very painful for a few weeks, is doing much better, almost back to normal. But I get a warning twinge now & then, which reminds me to continue to be careful & deliberate about how I do certain things.

    Nightingale’s stomach bug did not spread to the rest of us. Yay!

    And now a couple more requests:

    Nightingale’s best friend (NBF) needs prayer for her family as they deal with her live-in boyfriend’s drug addicted sister (DAS). DAS’s almost three-year old daughter has been left with NBF & Boyfriend for days at a time. While seeing them all together at the New Year’s Eve party, Nightingale noticed that the little girl seemed more bonded to NBF than to her own mother. Very sad all around.

    NBF is a Christian, but not one who is not seriously following God’s ways (not sure how to word that). As I mentioned, she is living with her boyfriend, who is the father of her four-year old daughter. I don’t think she is involved with a church. Please join me in praying that she will be open to God leading her into a deeper, more obedient, walk with Him. (And of course, that she will be some kind of godly witness to Nightingale.)

    Also – We are getting some snow today, which should last throughout the afternoon & evening. Hubby is out there working (as you know, he drives a lot, over a large area, in making those deliveries), & Nightingale is going in early for her scheduled 2nd shift today, as the 1st shift nurse on that wing got sick. She will get out around 11:00 tonight, when the snow is supposed to be just ending. Prayers for their safety appreciated.

    Thank you, & God bless you all.

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  2. Fifteen year old son is having a rough time. He has had a couple of setbacks. A couple of his “friends” from school, who just want to help him, are not helping. One gave him an Ipod so he could listen to em and em at school, and contact her out of school. He was found with an ipod in class and the teacher of that class does not allow them in class and knows our stance on them. It was confiscated and the girl was questioned if it was coercion or just a gift. It was a gift, after all, they are in love. Another girl has set him up with music access and three different email accounts. With friends like those……. Anyway, you know how girls love to help the poor unfortunate and it is well known in town that I am a mean mom. So they are trying to help him. Unfortunately, that was wrong, as was him stealing a charging cord from his brother’s room. And so we are back to square one. Well, first floor, not the basement.

    Prayers for son who asked if he could see the pastor today for counseling, but he blew up that opportunity when the school set him up with an inschool counselor and the pastor said two was too many. He could talk to me and he knows it but he also knows I will not fold to his manipulations and tears. I gave him a couple of other suggestions.
    Prayer for me that I would continue to find ways to help him climb out of the holes he keeps digging. Thanks.

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  3. Mumsee – It is none of my business, but I am disappointed in the pastor for not agreeing to counsel Son. Son is not going to get the spiritual counsel he needs from a worldly school counselor. Very disappointing, especially since Son was asking for the counseling from the pastor.

    Praying God will give you the wisdom & insight to counsel him in your own way.

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  4. Oh, the pastor would be glad to counsel him. It is unethical for two counselors to compete, he stepped aside when advised the school had sent son to their counselor. We were miffed and addressed it but are trying for some stability for son. With school counselor not yet back, he has only had their counseling twice since he was supposed to start getting counseling. The pastor saw him more than that before the school stepped in. If he signs himself up with the pastor and actually goes to him, I will tell the school to keep their hands off.

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  5. Joanne posted this warning on Facebook. (Her own words to follow). . .

    “U.S. Embassy Banjul Press Release: The Gambia Ordered Departure

    Due to the potential for civil unrest in The Gambia before or around the presidential transition that is supposed to take effect on January 19, and a January 10 Supreme Court session to hear a petition filed by outgoing President Jammeh contesting the December 1 election results, U.S. citizens currently in The Gambia should seriously consider taking advantage of available commercial flight options and other modes of transportation to leave the country.

    The Department of State has ordered family members of U.S. government personnel and authorized employees who need to accompany those individuals to depart the country as of January 7, 2017.

    The U.S. Embassy will continue to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in The Gambia but services may become limited if the security situation deteriorates.”

    Joanne writes. . .

    “Pray for The Gambia. Although we are not leaving at this time, we are keeping careful watch on the situation. We are located in the rural area with the border of Senegal just minutes away. So, for now, we are praying and watching and putting contingency plans in place. I personally will be escorting 2 families into Senegal soon because we want the children in the safest possible location. The families don’t speak French and don’t have enough Wolof to navigate in Senegal. If not for that, I would be staying for now.”

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  6. Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for allowing us to cast our cares on You. You are always amazing in how You put Your plans together for good.

    I continue to lift up the children of blog family members who are unsaved or who need to mature into stronger faith so they can follow in line with what You would want them to do. I include the One mentioned by Kizzie. And please help the young mom who is addicted. I ask that her daughter would be specially blessed with angels watching over and providing for her as needs arise.

    I lift up Mumsee as she deals with the various issues of her children. Please give her an extra dose of wisdom. May the best counseling situation evolve through Your process. You have supernatural ways of making things happen. I pray good influences would replace the bad influences in each of her children’s lives. Thank You for good relationships with the pastor and other church members. Please help Mike with all he has going on.

    I pray for the Gambia and all those who are afraid of the transition. Please, especially help Joanne during this time. Keep her safe as she helps others.

    I lift up Jo in the things she has going on with the van. May it all work out. Please help her with her planning.

    Thank You that the storm was not worse here. Thank You that we did not lose power or suffer in other ways from what could have been a terrible storm.

    Lord, I lift up Israel during this time when the enemies seem to be gathering to destroy it. May Your will be done. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That of course includes praying that those there who are not believers in Jesus would know Him as the Messiah, as their Lord and Savior, so His peace would fill their hearts and souls. That is my best prayer for peace in Jerusalem. Thank You for turning hearts to believe.

    Please bless the homeschooling moms who are regrouping after the Christmas break. Please give them a second wind. Help them to feel appreciated for their work which has no paycheck or benefits other than what they will see in hindsight. I pray for other teachers, too, who have to teach things they may not agree with. And I lift up that teacher Mumsee mentioned who seems off track in telling stories about cage wrestling. Please put her on Your track or may she no longer have opportunity to go off subject matter with the students.

    Thanks for listening, Abba, and responding as You think best. May Your perfect will be done. In Jesus, Amen

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  7. I did have the opportunity to address that with the principal yesterday, when he called to report son’s infraction. And he understands that that sort of thing is not in son’s best interest. He will pursue it to whatever end.

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  8. Prayer for my teacher friend who has been hooked up to a heart monitor for the next month. She had a scary episode at school a couple weeks ago that landed her in the hospital overnight. The put her through numerous tests and think what is causing the problem (this has happened before, pounding heart rate) are panic attacks, which makes sense. She is a high-stress personality and teaching, even though she’s a veteran, causes her a lot of internal, high anxiety.

    Pray that nothing more serious is found and that they can find ways to control and manage the stress. She’s already on one medication for it, but it’s apparently not working. She is close to retirement (another 1.5 years) but may decide to go out a bit early due to this.

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  9. Donna, I had that a year or so ago. Decided to go off the malaria drug and it hasn’t happened again. I stopped and thought about what I was taking that could be causing the problem. Otherwise it didn’t make sense.

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  10. My daughter was diagnosed with panic attacks for a bit. The heart palpitations were just one symptom. She went to several doctors trying to get to the bottom of things, before ending up in a ambulance. She was finally diagnosed with Mono and put on a path of recovery. It was quite frightening and the recovery took quite awhile. So difficult to diagnose some of these things that have similar symptoms.


  11. My friend said the doctors told her there were 2 enzymes present in her heart that indicated panic-related kinds of attacks.

    She’s always been almost overly responsible on her jobs (if that’s possible), burning the midnight oil now on lesson plans and making sure she’s prepared for class (she’s an excellent teacher because of it, not one who slides by). But she seems to be worrying about the “what ifs” a lot.

    She told me on the day this happened they had been out on a field trip earlier and she also had parent-teacher conferences later in the day, two things that cause her great stress (she keeps imagining a car hitting a child while they’re crossing the street, things like that). She also learned that day that she needed to pick up 32 more units for some reason (she’s taken extra college classes ever since becoming a teacher — as I said, she’s super-responsible and goes more than the extra mile). She told me yesterday that she cries on her commute to school, she’s so stressed over it. She also hasn’t been assigned to a steady school since she had back surgery some years ago, which she thinks is greatly adding to her stress. Every year it’s a new school with a lot of unknowns.

    Anyway, all of a sudden her heart began to just pound and her principal insisted they take her to the hospital. Said that has happened to her maybe 5 times over the past several years.

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  12. Sounds like everything checked out ok (they did mri’s, etc.). Maybe the monitor will add more clarity to what’s causing it and what can be done to treat it. But it may be good if she can just leave work, she’s trying to figure out now what she’d get monthly & whether staying another year and a half will be necessary for them to make ends meet in retirement (her husband is older and retired some years ago).


  13. She also barely eats, surviving on half a sandwich and just a few bites at dinner most days (no breakfast). That also is out of nervousness & overall stress, she thinks.


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