4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-24-16

  1. 😦 I just got a mail from someone I know.
    It was on the spam filter and he called me by a name that is really mine, but I never use.
    I replied “If this is really T… tell me how I know you and someone else we both know.”
    This sort of thing has happened before.
    You can’t be too careful


  2. 🙂 Finally was able to find the right time to have our neighbors (by country standards) over for some conversation and games. It is amazing how people can be retired and yet so busy. For some reason, we think when the children leave home, we will all have so much time. We forget that they tend to multiply and bring us more need to travel or have them back home. We forget that humans tend to multiply things they just must do or opportunities, of which we must take advantage.

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