8 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-24-16

  1. Cheryl, gold and silver have no intrinsic value as currency and people who advocate hoarding it for an economic disaster are not planning for it to be used for anything other than currency. Hence, it is no more valuable than paper. Like I said, look at countries whose currency tanked – none of them turned to shiny metal.


  2. Parting shots


    It is Islamist-leftist dogma that Israel’s millennia of attachment to its homeland count for nothing. Adding a final shameful chapter to a foreign-policy record that already runneth over with them, Barack Obama on Friday abandoned America’s commitment to Israel’s security, and to the vindication of democracy over sharia-supremacist aggression. In an act of cowardly venom, the president had the United States abstain from — and thereby effectively enact — a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement activity.

    At least, that’s what the resolution ostensibly does. The reality is much more than that. The resolution undertakes to render our ally indefensible.

    It was a black day in modern American diplomatic history, a flurry of sinister wheeling and dealing while the nation — exhausted by the election, anticipating a weekend of Christmas and Hanukkah celebration — was looking the other way. …

    … But such is the disdain in which Israel is openly held after eight Obama years of empowering Islamists that four other countries — Malaysia, Venezuela, Senegal, and, of all places, New Zealand — revived the resolution, knowing they had the State Department’s backing. With the U.S. abstention, it was easily approved. It is a disgraceful legacy of Barack Obama that his obsession over settlements and antipathy toward Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu — traits he shares with his old radical comrade, Rashid Khalidi — have made the already dim prospects for peace far more remote. …


  3. Is Trump becoming a conservative?



    … what happened? Trump has no track record as a conservative to speak of, and not many people change their politics at age 70. What has made Trump seemingly the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare? Was he a closet right-winger all along?

    I don’t think so. My guess is that throughout the general election campaign and continuing to the present, Trump has been stunned by the insane outpouring of hatred against him and his family from the Left and the Democratic Party. My guess is that he didn’t see it coming. He wasn’t particularly conservative, and had never had anything to do with the social issues, the main locus of left-wing venom. As an urban real estate developer, he had worked collegially with Democrats in various cities. He had been a Democrat for much of his life; heck, he even had been a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He must have been shocked by the hysterical hatred that the Democrats unleashed against him and his wife and children. …

    … The liberals wanted war, so war they will get. Trump knows where his friends are–on the right–and it looks like that is where he will govern. …

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  4. I doubt that Trump is an ideologue of any kind–conservative or liberal. I like that. Hopefully it makes him capable of crossing the aisle when necessary.

    I think Ricky has the right idea @12:34. Sit back relax, break out the popcorn. It could be another long decade.

    God Bless you all, and have a wonderful Christmas. :–)

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  5. Both of the ladies are right. Trump has no coherent political philosophy. He responds positively to flattery and very negatively to criticism. At this point the Democrats (by their venom) are driving him to the Right. They may wise up. If they can arrange more dinners between Trump and his liberal friend, Chuck Schumer and fewer verbal attacks on his daughter in airplanes by leftist perverts, they may draw him back to the Left.


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