57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-15-16

  1. Good night (Jo’s hopefully already asleep, it’s 10:38 there.)
    Good afternoon Tychicus.
    HI! everyone else.
    Not much going on around here today.


  2. Good night, Jo. Good morning. Kevin. Good hello to the rest of you.
    Nice header, Cheryl.

    I hope I can get coffee sooner today than I did yesterday. I did not have any yesterday. Now I know why I have a slight headache.


  3. I’ve been reading with some mild interest about Donna’s remodeling trials.
    In Hendersonville, the main bath has a walk in shower. You didn’t have to get into a tub and pull a shower curtain. We walked in and closed the shower door.
    We like that.
    Here, the shower is in a tub. Neither of us use a tub.
    I’m mulling over the possibility of remodeling one of the baths.
    What I would do is take out the tub, put in a walk in shower and use the extra space for towels, etc.
    I just put off getting started. I want it done. I just don’t want to do it.

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  4. Donna was talking about dying hair somewhere yesterday.
    Elvera never dyed her hair.
    But in the late fifties- around 1960. Long before the time for most of you. Women went through a fad of streaking their hair with grey. Elvera never streaked hers. But she had a natural streak in just the right place.
    She has always had a mixture of red and black. Then, she was three-toned.
    Now? All grey. But it looks nice on her.

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  5. When my dad and stepmother built their house they took out the bathtub and used that space to make the shower larger and the closets larger. At the point they married my stepmother was still the night supervisor of nursing in the local hospital and my dad had already had a couple of knee surgeries on each knee. The paid extra for a larger shower door opening and made sure the “lip” of the shower floor was low enough that it would be easier to push a wheel chair in. I think it is a good idea.
    I was thinking yesterday how to get a shower into the small space that is DJ’s smaller half bath. They call a second bathroom that only has a shower a 3/4 bath. I think it the future if DJ needs to sell and move into a more “retirement” suited place it would help her resale value. But I probably shouldn’t spring this on her right now. She is stressed enough over the one bathroom remodel. I will revisit this with her over in the Spring when she is enjoying her new bathroom. 😉

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  6. I guess it would depend on the square footage of the bathroom. Around here they are often a 3rd bathroom conveniently located near the garage or an exterior door so that if you come inside from yard work or other “dirty” work you won’t track through the whole house to get clean.


  7. This photo is also from our anniversary trip. It’s looking out our hotel window, and the bird is a yellow-rumped warbler. When we got to our hotel, we walked into our room and there were two full-sized beds. My husband hasn’t seen them yet, so I said, “Hey, honey, do you want the left bed or the right one?” He looked, realized the hotel’s mistake, and went and asked for the king-sized bed we were supposed to have. (He’s 6’3″ and a full-sized bed doesn’t work well for us.) They moved us and we ended up in the same room we had last year, same view out the window at a covered bridge across the road and a berry-bearing tree right outside the window. I don’t think the berries are edible, though, or not the birds’ first choice in food, since I’ve never seen any of them eating them.

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  8. Our house growing up, my parents’ en-suite bathroom was tiny, with a shower but not a tub. Meanwhile, we had a tub but no shower in the bathroom shared by all the kids. Once in a while Mom would have us clean the bathtub and then she would tell us she was going to take a long bath and we were not to knock on the door. Or maybe she would bathe when we were in school, I don’t really remember. I just remember that we had only a tub, and Mom didn’t have a tub and so sometimes she used ours.


  9. I am holding my hands over my ears. I cannot hear Kim.

    My “extra” bathroom is more like a 1/3 bathroom (is there such a thing?) — 32″ x 65″ — an oblong toilet won’t even fit in there if you want to close the door (which would hit you knees as it is)

    I took my last shower this morning & have everything hauled out of the bathroom so it’s bare, ready for take down. Guys aren’t here yet, but it’s only 7 a.m., they should be here soon (all they said was that they’d be here “early” — they have a long drive in from where they live).

    I cleared out a bookcase that sits in the the hallway yesterday (I wanted to shift it away from the bathroom door area as I figure they’ll need all the elbow and working room they can get). The bookcase is one of my favorites, very tall and narrow, black, with a glass door — simple design, I picked it up at a craft fair many years ago.

    So I’m thinking of re-purposing it for towels / bathroom storage. I wish it could fit in the “new” bathroom, but I think it will be too big. If I leave it in the hall, would it look tacky to have neatly rolled towels in there? Or?


  10. I noticed I stuttered in greeting Chas this momorning.

    I am in the midst of figuring out hotel logistics today. I have to call and find out my options. I don’t want to have to pay an extra 20 dollars for moving the car to put luggage in it (on top of bell hop tips). I do not have much experience with this type place.

    We had a tiny shower in the half bath my father built on to the house I grew up in. My mother never learned to take a shower. She only took tub baths. I became a shower person. It was not out of rebellion, but for convenience. And a shower seems cleaner than soaking in dirty bath water. Remember when kids shared the bath, one after another? 😧


  11. It’s launched. They’re taking the door off to get more room — and poor Tess is very stressed, it’s like there are fireworks going on inside, poor girl.

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  12. Many houses in Chicago–I don’t know what percentage of them, but I saw them in several old houses–have a toilet in the basement, maybe a sink too or maybe not, more or less just sitting there with maybe a sheet drawn around it for privacy. One house where I rented had that, just a toilet and a roll of TP. I only used it if my roommate was too long in the bathroom and I was desperate, but it was nice to have it there if you needed it. I have no idea the history of that practice. Maybe it was since water was already down there for a laundry room, it kept you from having to run up a flight or two of stairs if you were doing laundry and you had to go?


  13. Seventeen year old says the book thing was mandatory. Either they attended the author’s speaking engagement or they read the book and did a two page paper on it. And Tom Sawyer is banned? What about Harriet Beecher Stowe?

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  14. Disgusting about the book and people do need to hear some of the contents. I am not surprised, but I sure would be in talking to that teacher and then the administration, if nothing came of that. I would not believe the old, “Hmm–you are the ONLY ONE who has complained (or thinks that)!”

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  15. As far as older lady dying their hair: I remember some turned out purple, which seems they would all be in style with the young people today. Or with bright red, pink etc. 🙂

    We have a lot of natural iron ore in our water. Hair stylists have to compensate for that, I am told. I have never dyed my hair and only have a little gray so far. I have no intention of ever doing so, but I may need a wig someday. It is very thin. 😦

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  16. Last time I complained about a book, it was shrugged off. This time, not so much. Interestingly, a woman told seventeen year old son that it was not a good book, after the fact. She got it on audio and was listening during her commute. She turned it off when she got home, her husband took her car the next day and was astounded to hear what she was listening to and so was she as she had not gotten that far. She is a teacher in the school and they are known for providing alcohol to the children and places for them to sleep it off if they drink too much. But it did get their attention so I suspect the school is hearing from more than just me.

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  17. The book I mentioned yesterday.

    I thought of DJ today, as I was reading the paper. A store owner in downtown big town was doing some remodeling to modernize their building but then they found the original storefront and are now restoring.

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  18. Tub under the liner is cast iron, but concern is it’ll get more beat up trying to get all that adhesive off

    Peach tiles are now history, maybe I will send a photo in to AJ

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  19. Not sure if this belongs here or not, but today’s Bible study was a little “thin.” I started class by passing out slips of paper and asking the women (12 total) to write a prayer request and then place it in a bowl on the table.

    After the study, we went around the table, everyone picking out one request and praying it.

    8 were about our nation.

    Many are troubled about what they see and are praying for peace.

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  20. Well, it’s over. Don’t want to think about how it went until I get the marks.

    Mumsee, the book issue isn’t new. Over a decade ago (it seems like yesterday) my dear friend, who like myself was homeschooled, took Grade 12 upgrade courses in order to get into university and she ended up having to read a similarly disturbing book for her English course. She did make a clear statement in her report about just what she thought of the work. The teacher was very upset with her critique, but she ended up with over 90 percent in the class. Her experience was part of the reason why, when I took a Grade 12 English course a couple of years ago, I took the writer’s craft one, so I could write rather than have to read other people’s books. My mother vividly remembers an awful (her description) book that described deviant back in the 60s when she took a university English literature course. As a precocious reader in my late childhood and early teens, I ran across such books repeatedly, to the point I do not trust novels, classic or otherwise, written after about 1910. After that point, there is a very high chance of finding a graphic sexual scene or other strongly objectionable material in the book – there are books written before that time period which have such element and there have been good books written since then, but that is the general date that signals caution to me.


  21. Neighbor’s one son married into a very proud Mexican-American family (she is an LA public school teacher) and the DIL texted her today warning her that Thanksgiving conversation will likely be anti- Trump discussions. She said she didn’t want my neighbor/her MIL (who supported Trump) to feel ‘uncomfortable.’

    Neighbor told me the grandkids are terrified they’ll be sent to Mexico and their father (her son) will have to stay here.

    Guess this could have gone on either the prayer or political thread, but as Michelle said, there is a general unease afoot about how this all Is playing out

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  22. Why DJ. The children are the natural born children of a natural born citizen. If nothing else they would have dual citizenship wouldn’t they?
    This is the disturbing part. People are fearful because of half truths/half lies.

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  23. I think they are going to concentrate on those with criminal records. I doubt than anyone else, those who go about their business, shouldhave any concern.

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  24. Okay, I heard back from the school. Apparently, nobody had read it. They were doing as I did, reading the writeups and figured it was a good opportunity for children to read more about the writing process. Oops.

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  25. DJ, I would think that one way the neighbor could frame the discussion would be pointing out that spending a holiday in anti-president-elect rhetoric is likely not going to make those children feel more secure. The parents need to reassure the children with reminders of their legal rights, and if they are Christians, then they can pray for their leaders.

    We have the opposite problem here. My mother-in-law enthusiastically told us a few times that Trump would work to “make America great again.” We chose not to mention that we were not voting for him. Now that it’s over, I’d just as soon not hear more about how “wonderful” he is.

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  26. I had the same problem with an 11th grade English class with my foreign exchange student from Brazil. It was American Lit and the girl finally came to me to say she couldn’t take it anymore. EVERY reading dealt with suicide. She went to the young teacher and asked if she could read something else, “for personal reasons.”

    The teacher told her suicide was an issue in America, and the student would just have to live with it.

    As in, would not allow for any other outside reading.

    The girl finally came to me.

    No one had told me that our student’s best friend had committed suicide six months before. I was livid with the teacher and asked what she thought she was doing. Was she unaware that teeangers had suicide issues?

    No answer, but a final begrudging allowance to read something else.

    The book was Kate Chopin’s book, I don’t recall the title but I really didn’t like it.

    Of course, this same foreign exchange student adored Twilight vampire novels and is into all sorts of unsavory things based on FB, but I thought it completely irresponsible for a high school English teacher to behave and choose the books she did.

    It has not gotten any better since 2009. 😦


  27. I sat on a school board committee 25 years ago–controversial books. We had to read every new book being added to the school district if a teacher wanted to teach it in class.

    I enjoyed serving on the committee but soon discovered that I was the only person who read everything. I’ll never forget the day I asked, “I’m sorry. I have a degree in English Literature from UCLA, but I don’t understand what happened here. Can anyone explain why there was an oral sex scene four pages from the end?”

    The teacher pulled the book. She, of course, had not read it. 😦

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  28. When I was in school we read “Pilgrim’s Progress” and Mark Twain books. I thought “A Connecticut Yankee……..” was kinda silly, but I kept my mouth shut. I enjoyed “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” For my personal recreation, I read Zane Gray books. I think I read all of them. I think girls could read other books. We usually had a choice. But we had to report on the books to show that we read them.


  29. Ten years ago, I brought up one to the school library that my foster son insisted I read. All of the issues he was experiencing, the book was glamorizing or so it seemed to him. They kept the book in the library. Alcohol, drugs, sex, suicide….


  30. I found a similar book being read by classmates of my daughter in third grade, if I remember right. She heard them talking about it and said I might want to read it. I did and was quite disturbed. I believe I wrote out ten or so objections and brought those in to the school. Can’t remember if I approached. I do remember I had happened to work a few years earlier with the woman who was the school librarian at that time. She had children around the same age as mine. She totally agreed with me and the book was removed or at least taken out of the younger children’s area.

    I also told a health teacher that every single thing that they had studied was depressing. I do not expect only happy things to be discussed, but to put load after load unto students (who cannot do anything about most of those things) is not helpful, IMO. Then we wonder why suicide is at epidemic levels at that age? He seemed quite surprised. I hope it did give him something to consider.

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  31. Neighbor thinks is very inappropriate for children to be dragged into listening to the adults argue about politics at a holiday, but she said that’s kind of the way DIL is, very activist and now outraged about Trump.

    I’m exhausted even though I didn’t do any of the hard work today. 🙂 Demo is essentially finished, now I’m scrambling to see if that cast iron tub is restorable — or not. I’m anxious to move on to putting it all back together again as quickly as possible.

    And work calls, I doubt I can get a lot more days off for this, I’ll have to figure out a way to juggle it all going forward.


  32. Ok, I have a question about the history of this group. What day and year was the get together at Linda’s house? My daughter posted a few times after that group. She cannot remember her username. We want to see if we can find it.


  33. Yapamom — July 5, 2014.

    (The meet-up picture I clicked on in the sidebar, under Wandering Views 4, shows 7-5-14 as the date.)

    Doesn’t seem like that long ago.


  34. I am beat. Insomnia two nights in a row. I was trying to think of ways to stay awake until a more reasonable time to go to bed. It won’t work to go to bed this early.

    And then…

    I came downstairs to the computer, turned on MPR live streaming, and the program host announced that at 8:15, they will be playing one of my most favorite, invigorating pieces of classical music: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

    Yes! Thank you, Lord! That last movement especially — well, the first one, too, which everyone knows — is such a pick-me-up.

    Now I’m feeling a lot better. Not dragging, just anticipating… 😉

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  35. I like the background colors on the most recent header.

    I was surprised to see a tree — by a library the kids and I went to recently that we don’t often go to — that had beautiful, golden leaves still mostly on the branches. We are way past the peak autumn colors, and our trees have dropped most of their leaves.

    We’ve had unseasonably warm weather lately. Other than one morning this week that we woke up to frost on the ground, the daytime temperatures have been in the 60s most of this month, and even got up to 70° one day! Unheard of for November. I love it!

    Several years ago we had an unusually warm December day, when temperatures got into the 60s. It was early in the month, and Christmas shoppers were out and about, and no one seemed to know what to wear. 🙂

    I saw shorts with sweatshirts; jeans & T-shirts; winter coats. 🙂 It was pretty fun.

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  36. I texted 1st Arrow tonight to see how it’s going. Sort of slow-going at work, just getting started. More to do at his apartment — he mentioned going to buy a laundry basket. Yep, need one of those. 😉

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  37. Here comes my flurry of posts, now that I have my wind back. Good old Beethoven!

    Tomorrow my high school piano student will be here for double time. Her lesson is normally one and a quarter hour in length; tomorrow will be 2 1/2 hours!

    I had gotten an email last Thursday (the day after her most recent lesson) announcing a music composition contest for students in my state. I got the email through our state music teacher’s organization, of which I became a member in September.

    I suppose because I didn’t join right at the beginning of the membership year, which is something like May or June, I didn’t hear about this contest as soon as I could have.

    Anyway, I emailed my student’s mom, giving her the information about the contest, asking her to ask her daughter if she wanted to participate.

    She said yes (she’s my one who wants to compose for film someday), but the deadline for submission is Monday, November 21!

    She’s got quite a few original compositions now, having been composing weekly since July 2015. The early works were quite short, but the last few months, her compositions have been lengthening, so it’s not like she has to start something from scratch at this late point.

    I anticipate we’ll discuss some possible ways to tweak/polish up something she’s already begun, but which one she’d like to extend, etc. will be interesting to see.

    I’m excited about her lesson tomorrow — both the regular part, with her playing and composing assignment from last week, and especially the additional, in-depth focus on preparing her manuscript to meet guidelines.

    I’m not sure how exactly our time tomorrow will unfold, but am looking forward to how it all pans out. I’ve never even taken a private lesson for that long (though large-group orchestra rehearsals in college were 2 1/2 hours), much less taught an individual lesson for that length. But she can handle it. It’s very enjoyable discussing composition, pondering “what if…” “How would an extended chord work here…” Etc.

    So much fun, exploring the vast compositional possibilities…

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