27 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-16-16

  1. CB, There was a time when I thought that uncompromising opposition to pornography, sexual hararassment and sexual assault could be a point of agreement between feminists and Christian conservatives. That was before Trump and Hillary. I guess it can still be a point of agreement between a moderate feminist and a Christian Southerner.


  2. I think the problem is power corrupts and it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. 😦

    I don’t know about your church, but my liturgical church has corporate confession of sin every Sunday. I am constantly examining my heart to make sure my actions, attitudes and words match Scripture. I know I make mistakes. I’m quite experienced in apologizing to people and taking responsibility for saying and doing things that hurt others.

    If I’ve done it to you, I’m sorry.

    I don’t see that going on in the general culture. I don’t even see that going on with many Christians in the world of power and media. It would be refreshing if some of these very vocal people would be more humble and concerned about other than themselves.

    Again, on both sides of the aisle.

    But what do I know?

    Just a reminder: He has shown you, oh (wo)man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to do justice and to love mercy and to walk HUMBLY with your God.

    Back to 1908 for me today . . . .

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  3. That’s ironnic, Ricky. Pornography has been a horrible problem in the church for decades.

    And many conservatives seem to love the titillation of soft porn— especially the Fox New variety with tight skirts up the thigh, necklines closer to the navel than the chin. And I can not forget the sight of spiked heels and bouncing boobs in the Victoria Secret loungerie ‘race’ that Gretchen Carlson hosted some years ago while straddling a Hog in a black leather miniskirt on Fox and Friends. :eyeroll:

    I would think Trump would be right up their ally in that way. And for many he is.
    But globalist free-traders will grab hold of just about anything to see Trump’s agenda defeated. And that is really what all the bloviating on news and the blogs is about I think.

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  4. I never have kept my mouth shut about “the things men say” nudge, nudge. Friday Guy made a comment about one of our tall, beautiful agents at work. I replied, “You old Perv” a few minutes later he said I called him a bigot. I had to clarify, “No, I didn’t call you a bigot. I called you a perv”.

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  5. I’m hoping with Ailes out the Fox girls will start dressing a little more…well a little more. I think a lot of that started because a conservative woman is fair game to be ridiculed for her looks. Fox seemed to go out of their way to see to it there was very little to ridicule. It got out of hand because the male audience liked it.

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  6. Reply to Roscuro about the link I share yesterday. Where I see anger and vengeance is from the left. Destroying a small business instead of going two blocks down to another business, refusing to even discuss a third gender neutral bathroom option, trying to regulate crisis pregnancy centers out of existence, trying to force NUNS to pay for contraption. They have gone from asking for tolerance to demanding affirmation to forcing participation. It is a get in line or be destroyed mentality. And I can say from personal experience that it was more fear than anger. People were honestly afraid that they would have to choose between their faith and their ability to feed their children. Trump may not help but Hillary was guaranteed to hurt.

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  7. Well everyone loves beauty, and rightly so. God created it, and we enhance it every chance we get. :–)

    I worked with a construction crew a few years ago. I was wary of working with an all male crew because…well, just because. But they were all Christians, and I was so proud of them. Even when I wasn’t close by, you could tell they were straight arrows. Of course. there was the matter of the nail gun fights…. They loved to horse around.

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  8. I long for the days when men will respect women enough NOT to tell dirty jokes in their presence. For that matter when they realize how precious the gift of sexuality is not to tell dirty jokes at all. Now too many women have reduced themselves to be as ‘good’ as a man. Makes me sad.

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  9. BTW, there was a book and movie about the lawsuit that was one of the basis’ for stopping that garbage at places of employment. The book and movie were not entirely accurate, which is not surprising. However, I did often here from some of the men that some of the women were as bad. This was from men like those Debra mentioned. I lived these transistions, so am just giving my two cents– not judging anyone.


  10. Kathleena, that is how they act when we are not around. If we ask them to stop being men when we are around then insist on being around all the time, we can’t blame them when they don’t want women in male dominated occupations. To be clear the jokes were not aimed at me and were about on par with a typical modern sitcom. Do you think guys who work in a mostly female offices don’t occasionally hear things they rather not hear.


  11. You are correct, kbells, the modern sitcom has lowered our standards. And, yes, we talk about a lot of things in mixed company that never would have been years ago. There is some good and a lot of bad in that.


  12. I see on Drudge that Hillary is blaming James Comey for her defeat.
    Imagine the problems Comey would have had defeating her is she had obeyed the laws concerning security?
    Bill says it was Hillary’s fault.
    Only Hillary doesn’t have to obey any laws.


  13. KBells, I understand the initial feeling of fear. I think, as Cheryl said on yesterday’s thread, that the church has failed to teach its congregants not to fear. I confess I start to feel panicky when I see something like, say, the legislation on assisted dying, knowing what that could mean to me in my profession. Yet, the verse always comes to mind, “Be not afraid of their terror.” (I Peter 3:14).
    As I read that link yesterday, it was a sad confirmation of what I hoped was not the case. When I heard that Trump was elected, I wondered “Is this a case of turning to the king of Assyria?” In the account of the kings of Judah, Asa, a king who had obeyed God and had been miraculously delivered once, when he was threatened a second time made an alliance with the king of Assyria for protection. God sent a prophet to Asa saying, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him. You have done foolishly in this, for from now on you will have wars.” (II Chronicles 16:9). In the new covenant, the kingdom of God is the church, and every time they look to the secular state for protection from a growing threat, it has not gone well for the church, either in a spiritual sense or in the sense of physical security.
    When the Protestant Huguenots of France seized control of the throne of France in order to secure themselves from the Catholic persecution, they thought the threat was over. Barely a hundred years later, the Edict of Nantes which was supposed to protect their freedoms had been revoked and the Huguenots were dead or exiled. The emperor Constantine – to whom Trump has been compared by his supporters – is credited with ending the persecution of Christians in Rome, but Protestants view Constantine’s nationalization of Christianity as the beginning of the spiritual disintegration of the Catholic Church. Christ’s kingdom is not of this world and He told his followers to expect persecution, saying “The servant is not greater than his Lord; if they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you” (John 15:20). We are certainly to, as Paul said, pray for kings and all who are in authority, that we may live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty (I Timothy 2:1-4). It is not wrong to pray for such a gift. But even in that, our security should not be our primary motivation as Paul goes on to say, “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” Paul wrote that during Nero’s reign, an mad and immoral emperor who eventually ordered Paul’s execution. Nero was never saved – though some in his household were by Paul’s preaching (Philippians 1:12-13 & 4:22) – and eventually was murdered by his own Praetorian guard for his excesses. The Roman historian Tacitus writes of the gruesome ways in which Nero killed Christians, and yet it was under this man that Paul wrote Romans 13 and Peter wrote I Peter, charging Christians to honour the government because all governments were ordained by God. That now includes Trump as president, but God also, at the request of Israel, gave them a king that they wanted but warned them they wouldn’t like it in the end (I Samuel 8).

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