18 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-17-16

  1. You will arrive in Estonia just before the Soviets move in.

    I went to the rock to hide my face,
    The rock cried out “no hiding place”
    There’s no hiding place down here.

    Lord! Remember the ten good men in Sodom? ‘

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  2. You may be right, Chas. However, I have to envy Nordlinger. While his colleagues have to write about the corrupt Hillary and the deranged sexual predator each day, Nordlinger writes about pretty Baltic towns and how the people have recovered from the unbelievable trauma of World War II.

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  3. Since 1940, or thereabouts, 76 years, the USA has stood against much evil in the world.
    But not anymore.
    This is by design.

    What I can’t understand it the contradictory policies Obama has. On the one hand, he is supporting Iran in everything. Helping Muslims where he can.
    OTOH. He is promoting lifestyles anathema to Islam. Homosexuality the major one.
    When sharia arrives, all LGBT’s will be immediately killed.


  4. An overarching concern is how vulnerable the U.S. is now.

    We are a seriously divided nation and soon will have a new president who will have only limited support from his or her own people (and be hated by the rest).


  5. From a long article about InterVarsity Christian Fellowship requiring leaders to affirm and teIach traditional marriage:

    n other words, there’s nothing out of line here. The outrage stems from a sort of moral evolution on the parts of both TIME and these post-evangelicals, that eventually all will reach the enlightened position on these matters. They seem genuinely surprised when some don’t, and then make it out as if non-affirming Christians are somehow the ones who are obsessed with these issues.
    Don’t buy it. The current state of the culture forces people to take sides, and increasingly, so do the courts/i>

    The point I want to make is that there is a requirement, not only on issue, but others coming up. The requirement to “take sides”, that is..


  6. Hubby was saying yesterday that if the progressive get in control the Muslims would destroy our religious freedom. I told him it wouldn’t be Muslims but gays. They want nothing less than total affirmation and forced participation.

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  7. State actors (Ecuador and the US) have shut down access Assange’s internet access just as he was about to release some stuff on John (did you know he was in Viet Nam?) Kerry’s emails and others. He is assuring people that he has alternate means to release it, but it will be delayed. It’s not surprising given how he has hammered Clinton, Obama, and the DNC. Hillary’s not the only one wondering whether they can get away with droning him.

    His continued stay at the embassy is supposed to be contingent on him not causing a ruckus or international incident. He’s clearly done that in the eyes of Dems, so they’re working overtime to get him tossed. Then he’ll be disappeared to a nice rendition center in a third world hellhole where they can pick his brain.

    Personally I hope he dumps everything first. The people have a right to know what our govt is up to, shady as it is. He’s doing the job our press refuses to.

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  8. Vote Democrat? I never have and I am not about to start with Hillary.

    My question is why Democrats voted for Hillary in the Primaries? Was she less evil then? What does it say about the Party if she was the best they had?


  9. Clinton had the party support–Sanders was popular, but couldn’t overcome the party structure; she also had the name recognition (and some thought it was ‘owed’ her after losing to Obama in ’08)


  10. Chas, I think Sanders was serious, and there are enough hints of dirty dealing that it’s hard to know whether Hillary actually won at all.

    But honestly, the Republicans had a lot of good candidates and a couple of bad ones, and the Democrats had two bad ones, and we’re left with two amazingly bad candidates.

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