47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-15-16

  1. Good morning. The f I gs are still sleeping but I have watched the sun come up and had coffee. It is cool this morning and the birds are awakening. Bliss.

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  2. The picture is something hanging on a tree, but I can’t tell what.
    Hi Kim.

    I was out to a men’s breakfast at church.
    I heard an interesting take on the man who was healed in Acts 3. I had thought of this before, but not pondered. Here was a man who’s life skill was begging. Now he was healed. What’s he going to do for a living. Presumably, he has no skill.
    He clung to Peter and John. That’s all we know.
    I presume God took care of him somehow.

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  3. I need to get busy hauling things away from areas where window person will have to get to in 3 hours. But I can’t seem to get to it. I should have done it last night.

    I had some mild nightmares last night, rare for me. One of them revolved partly around coyotes and the other had someone getting beaten up on my porch; someone else and I dragged the female victim inside my house and then I was looking for something to whack the perpetrator with.

    I’m watching too many crime dramas. And I’d just written up something before leaving work Friday about a city council committee next Wednesday to resume discussions on the city’s coyote management plan. Coyotes aren’t hip on being managed and that’s the problem.

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  4. Grog is over in Atlanta, too.

    I have a hangover from being at the hospital with K yesterday. Truly, I felt like I had spent the night at the hospital after Art’s surgery, and I was only there during the day with K. Also Art is back at work since yesterday so that is another adjustment.


  5. Is that a monster hanging from the tree?

    Still shaking off the nightmares. And it’s almost Halloween.

    OK, I need to take a quick shower and drink some coffee myself, I have a lot of work to do in a very short time.


  6. It looks like an over-sized bat in the tree. Yes, they are used as scary creatures, but they are harmless to humans unless they have rabies. And they get rabies only as much as any other mammal, so it’s not too often.


  7. I am so excited. DJ is getting window ideas today. I will be watching my inbox this afternoon to see what “we” are getting!!!!!

    I want a buffet for my breakfast room. Mr. P told me he thought we were finished spending money on the house. Silly man! I have a closing Monday. Does he want me to be totally selfish and get a chemical peel and a massage or would he like something more permanent?

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  8. I think that’s a dark rock behind the tree. I went back to bed at 4:30 when I saw Kim was up posting on FB. I woke up at 2 alert and ready to go (had gone to bed at 8:15). Very tired these days but somehow managed to get rested . . . now on to the day!


  9. No, it’s a monster in the tree.

    After the window appointment I need to get over to the tile center to order tiles and grout (but it’ll take figuring it all out first, I’m hoping the same guy is there who gave me a bit of help a couple weeks ago).

    I should also try to locate a tub that will be quick and easy, available in stock for pickup at one of the big box stores, in case we discover we also need that once demolition begins.


  10. DJ, several other people had posted, and you showed up only as a “like” on a post, so I knew that you were lurking. 🙂


  11. It’s later here than it is everywhere else. And it takes me a while to get going. 🙂

    OK, it’s probably as “clear” as it’s going to get around the back sliding door & neighboring back (93″-long) window in the (messy) computer room. Honestly, there’s not a room in my house now that’s livable, everything’s getting displaced, heaved out of closets, you name it. It’s like a whirlwind hit.

    Do you think the window guy would believe me if I said, “I’ve been renting the house out recently and, honestly, they just made a mess of everything!”

    He’s probably heard that one before 🙂

    Well, they’re running a little late, so I have another 30-40 minutes before they arrive. Time to collect my thoughts and get to that list of questions I want to be sure I get asked. I think this company (and these windows they sell, which are beautiful but pricey) will be too expensive for my budget, but at least it’s a start to get some idea especially about what maybe can or can’t be done with replacing that metal bathroom window in terms of shape, size, positioning, etc. — while trying to keep the outside wood trim (though my guess is that’ll just have to be recreated by a handyman after it’s all over anyway).

    And I discovered yesterday that there’s another window product that’s kind of in between this high-end one and the vinyl that might work for me. They’re sold at a store not too far from here so I’m adding a stop there to my rounds today for bathroom stuff. Kind of getting down to the wire.


  12. It’s a beauty of a day here in the forest….stark blue sky with nary a cloud…
    We have bats out here…they swoop over your head in the twilight hours and scare the daylights out of ya!!

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  13. One of the silliest things I’ve seen is eleven men in black shirts chasing a guy with a white shirt ten yards ahead of them.
    The next silliest is the guy in the black shirt, on receiving the kickoff, downs the fall a foot outside the goal line. They did make a first down though and the ball is on the 34 yard line.
    Their minds aren’t with it.
    But the score is
    White shirts 35, black shirts 7.
    You see why.
    Black shirts are Purdue, BTW.

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  14. 🙂 Actually, I’m also rooting for the Cubs, who couldn’t want to see them win after so long? (The Dodgers have also been “out” for many years now, but not as long as the Cubs.)

    OK, I signed on the dotted line in triplicate & have a bathroom window that I’ll love. And a sliding door that I’ll also love.

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  15. Just heard this on the radio. I know I have heard it before because suddenly I could hear my father singing along to it, only he changed it from Little Jimmy Brown to Little Jimmy Black. Oh that’s some wingnut ears but the rest of him is pretty cute

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  16. Bought the shower-tub wall tiles this afternoon at a local tile center (standard ceramic white 3×6 subway tiles). Also bought a box of grout (I took the salesman’s advice and went with white instead of the charcoal I’d kind of picked out first; he said it looks very “busy” with that combination & besides, historically they would have used white in the 1920s, which was the clincher for me; yes, it’ll show the dirt more, though, but he said the black grout shows other things like water stains — and it’s much more of a contemporary look).

    The thin, black, horizontal-line accent tiles had to be special ordered and should be in by Wednesday. I carted all the (heavy) boxes from the Jeep onto the patio.

    The salesman was great (I’d talked to him before, I’ve been in there maybe 2 times before this just to poke and look and do some information gathering & pricing). He’s been in the tile business a long time and had a lot of good perspective and knew exactly how much to order (along with a little extra) and what other odd pieces I’d need as well.

    I previously ordered the floor tiles from Home Depot, they should be coming soon.

    So now I just need to order the beadboard, I keep thinking I’ll have time to get them on the phone during a break from work to ask the questions I still have, but I never find the time. First thing Monday. And I suppose I’ll need the paint for the walls above the beadboard, too.

    But except for the window, most everything should be in hand within another week.

    Feeling better than I did a week ago when I was close to feeling defeated (though I’ll probably get there again before all this is done!).

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  17. I’m off to a writer’s retreat through work in Monterey today. I’ll be working hard until the end of the week. Whew! Raining now, but it’s supposed to be beautiful tomorrow. Keep me posted if there’s a cyber attack. Ha!

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  18. I have no idea what that is, and didn’t notice it when I took the pick. I blew the pic up and it looks like there is a very large, black capybara on the far bank. It has big eyes too. 😯

    Weird man…..

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  19. I was puzzled by it, but after Aj’s post above, I went back and figured it out.
    In’s nothing. That’s right. Nothing.
    At first glance, it looks like something on the tree. But the tree is covering up part of a rock on the other bank. The shadows make it look black.
    It’s nothing. That’s why Aj never noticed it.


  20. Sat in a different spot in church today and someone, after the service, told me what a “nice” voice I had. 🙂 I’ve been told that (on occasion) before, and it’s always a (sweet) surprise.

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