17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-8-16

  1. There are two ways to put on a t-shirt, the right and wrong.
    Probability says you will do it right 50% of the time.
    But I have noticed that if you aren’t paying attention, there is a .95 probability you’ll do it wrong.
    Actually, that probably isn’t true. If you don’t do it wrong, you never notice it.
    Isn’t Saturday an exciting day?

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  2. 🙂 Finally saw Sully yesterday.

    😦 🙂 Went to a memorial service yesterday for a wonderful woman, a godly role model as a servant and prayer warrior. Irene was 88 and active to the end. She led a water aerobics class for seniors at the Y. She had just concluded a class when she had a huge stroke. She died three days later at home after the doctors concluded they couldn’t do anything for her and released her to hospice care.

    I met Irene after we moved to Ann Arbor 20 years ago. She recruited me and Jane for the church’s missions committee. She was tuned into what was happening with the missionaries we supported more than most of us. A couple retired missionaries testified yesterday that she wrote back encouragement every time she received prayer letter. If a missionary had mentioned a specific prayer point in a previous letter and then didn’t provide a follow up report in the next one she would ask for an update. And if a missionary was late with a prayer letter, well, Irene would be after them to get it out. She was an early adopter of email to keep the communication more immediate. When she said she would pray for you, you knew she really would.

    I will miss Irene, and aspire to be more like her in prayer.

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  3. 😦 Just catching up on here. We are on the edge of running out of gigs and data allowances. This in spite of adding 7 more gigs when we got an iPhone. We seldom use the phone. When I describe our usage, I am told we could never use that much. Hmmm–

    😦 Yucky campaign and candidates. The state of our country.

    🙂 Visiting grands.


  4. Kathaleena, I’d look into the possibility someone is somehow using your data. I don’t know how that works, but I know there have been news stories of someone arrested for child porn because someone outside the home somehow had accessed their computer from afar to run a “safer” business. I don’t know if such things are possible for data usage, but it seems worth checking into.


  5. 🙂 Little Guy is happy about having four days off this weekend (for Columbus Day & an extra day off Tuesday).

    😦 His mommy didn’t check the school schedule when she accepted certain dates to work, so she is working three out of the four days.

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  6. God gave me three more friends to talk and pray with today. Very sweet fellowship. More is going on than I know about. God has called me to stand firm and pray and keep myself free from anger or resentment.
    Someone called to me as I went out to walk the other evening. They asked if I had found anyone to take my letters and said that they were going to the states on Monday. So I have been writing thank you letters. Such a good focus for this weekend. I have another hour to write. It costs so much to mail from here, over 2 dollars a letter, that we always wait to find someone traveling who can take mail.

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  7. I know when someone else logs in to the Wi-Fi, so it is not from anyone stealing. My daughter changed a setting on the phone and that seems to have helped some.


  8. When I’m traveling, I turn the phone setting to airplane, and that helps with battery life. Then, when I want to review email or FB or here, I turn off airplane mode, everything downloads, and I’m done. Once I’ve read what I need to, back into airplane mode.

    I have an Iphone 5 and every update makes it less workable, sigh. I updated last night and now everything is rearranged, it’s harder to find what I want and I’m ignoring it.

    Tomorrow is another day . . .

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  9. Michelle, I never update anything that is working satisfactorily. Not that I don’t want to be modern, it’s that I’m afraid of fixing something that ain’t broke.

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  10. What does airplane mode mean & do anyway?

    Chas – I’m with you. Changes to my technology make me nervous. I always think “the old way was better”.

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  11. Airplane mode turns off the radio, so no Bluetooth, no internet, no text, no phone calls. It saves a lot of drain on the battery because the phone isn’t always looking for signals. It’s called airplane mode because you’re supposed to turn your phone off when on an airplane.

    Chas, the problem with not updating your smart phone is that applications that worked fine stop working, because changes are made to the web sites they connect to to make them “better”. So you have to upgrade the apps for them to keep working. But then the upgraded apps don’t work on your phone’s old operating system. So you have to upgrade the operating system too. You can’t stand still. If you don’t upgrade, you go backward. It’s very annoying.

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