Our Daily Thread 10-8-16

Good Morning!

Welcome to the weekend. 

Apparently I’ve missed some events happening the last 2 days. So….

A Happy Belated Anniversary to Michelle and her husband! 🙂

And a Happy Belated Anniversary to Kim and her husband! 🙂

My apologies for missing it ladies. 


Anyone have a QoD?


60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-8-16

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo & Tychicus.
    It’s almost bedtime for Jo. Sweet Dreams.

    I always say that. When I was twelve, I went from Charleston to Camp Kanuga. Kanuga was an Episcopalian Camp for young people in Hendersonville. At camp, we had dance lessons. I remember dancing with a pretty black haired girl. The song we danced to had the words, “Sweet dreams sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow………..” It was a waltz. Maybe Foxtrot. You young people don’t know what that is.

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  2. I know what a foxtrot is – but a foxtrot isn’t a waltz. Growing up listening to classical music, I heard this piece by the French impressionist composer Maurice Ravel quite frequently:


  3. I’m back home for Thanksgiving, which is officially on Monday. Our family is getting together this evening, but I won’t be able to go. I finally got the nasty influenza virus that has been circulating around the school and the city, and I’m not much good for anything but laying around and drinking warm drinks.

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  4. I will miss seeing the little ones, but I didn’t want to make either them sick or the fragile elderly couple who’ve been invited to join our family for the meal. Lord willing, I will get to see the little ones later on in the week – the reading or break week for the semester coincides with Thanksgiving. I have to do two assignments and prepare for a midterm, so the week won’t be much of a break.


  5. Good Saturday morning one and all. Fall is in the air here. Temps around 45° this morning on the way to 65° with lots of sunshine.

    Sorry, that sounded like a radio weather report. At any rate, ti’s a good day for a bike ride. Several people from three or four churches are getting together for the annual KATY Trail ride. Our newly wed daughter and her hubby will be there. The trail is a former rail line that goes from Western to Eastern Missouri. It’s the longest state park in the US, stretching 210 miles, but averaging less than 100 yards in width. We’ll be riding near the middle. Care to join us? 10AM at the Rocheport trail head.

    Now that sounded like a radio ad. Oh, well. I guess I’ll get ready to go.

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  6. Kbells and Janice: You need to go pick the Southern Mississippi @ UTSA game. Please do so before it starts @ Noon EDT.


  7. Re 8:23. The music we danced to did not have that tempo. It was slow and she was soft. That was the first time a held a girl close. I was twelve.


  8. The church may get a lot smaller.

    Difficult times ahead, and it won’t be easy. We’re not the home team and we’re increasingly playing on a field surrounded by jeering and mocking enemies. It probably won’t get better any time soon.

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  9. I continue to be amazed that daughter continues to work. She is nine months pregnant and still putting in twelve hour days as a nurse. I would not have done well with that. But she is happy and that is good.

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  10. I would hope so, but of course, don’t know. I am a coward, but God is great and able to do great things. I am glad I live when and where I do but how will that look in one hundred years?


  11. I’m trying to mentally gear up for a bathroom shopping day — windows & subway tile w/grout (and all the needed corner & border tiles I think I want but don’t know how much or what or …).

    It’ll be a fair amount of driving around. Unlike the things I could order easily online (faucets, floor tiles, etc.), these items will require some face-to-face consultations. Let’s hope I can find some helpful people.

    Lights and beadboard still to come. Picked out, just need to call the beadboard place with a few questions.


  12. What a pessimistic article, Michelle. Funny that the question of whether one would have opposed slavery should come up. Being sick, reading is a good way to relax, and I have a number of historical documents I have been intending to read on my ereader, so I was just reading Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Slavery in America. He said many of the things that we now say about the injustice of that slave trade – and he was contemporary with the height of the trade – so the writer of that post is incorrect. Paine wasn’t even a Christian – though he invoked Christianity in support of his points – and he went against the popular mindset of his day. Perhaps not the majority of people go against the tide but enough did to eventually end the slave trade, including such Christians as Wilberforce.

    I have also been rereading an old favorite, How They Kept the Faith, a novel about the Huguenots around the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in the late 1600’s. It captures the struggle between those who wanted to take up arms to defend themselves, as the Huguenots had a hundred years before, against the ever increasing persecution and those who were convinced that not only would rebellion worsen their plight, but also it was against the instruction of Christ to turn the other cheek. The Huguenots in general remained steadfast without rebelling, and eventually most would go into exile rather than renounce their faith. The writer of that blog post seems to ignore wide swathes of the history of the Church and how the poorest and most obscure were steadfast against great opposition. The Waldensians, in neighbouring Northern Italy, were similarly unshakeable and to this day there are upwards of 30,000 still in Italy – last year, the pope finally apologized to them for the fierce persecution they endured over many years. John Bunyan, the tinker turned preacher is only one of many Baptists who defied the laws of England. Spurgeon’s Baptist congregation was free to meet in London, but his spiritual ancestors were not and yet they continued faithful. And what of the Christians in China or Iran or North Korea now? It isn’t easy to maintain one’s faithfulness against such organized opposition, but our strength is not in numbers or political influence, but in Jesus Christ. We may fail, but He will not.

    Note: Reading the comments – the writer appears to be Catholic. I have observed of both the Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox that they seem to have a harder time with the whole idea of being strangers and I think it is because both churches are accustomed to being national churches and to wield a great deal of political influence. That is why I think such men as Rod Dreher and Eric Metaxas (both are Orthodox) and the writers in First Things (primarily Catholic) seem to be panicking. Anglicans (England) and Presbyterians (Scotland & Geneva) and Dutch Reformed (Netherlands) and Lutherans (parts of Germany and Scandinavia) are also accustomed to being associated with the state, but Baptists and Anabaptists are not, which maybe why men such as Russell Moore take the idea of being an unpopular minority more calmly and optimistically.

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  13. Michelle, my phone will not link to your article. I get the message, “Content restricted.”

    A look at my house indicates I do not believe in slave labor. My house shows a DIY or not at all attitude. My friends whose moms had maids when they were young are ones who hire maids. I tried in the home care at one point while pregnant and working, but I did not care for it. It was a husband and and wife team who brought their two young children along. They were here from another country while he was at seminary. I paid forty dollars for four hours. But there was difficulty in communication because of language differences. I had a small diamond pendant I wore with my wedding gown that went missing. I didn’t ever mention that. Things that did not belong in the dishwasher were put in there, etc. They were very nice people. But I just found it difficult to have “help” that was not micro-managed.


  14. Concert day! 19-year-old daughter and I are trying to figure out what we will wear tonight, and how to coordinate outfits (we’re playing duets, and will be up on stage together). She’s a spring, I’m an autumn, we’re playing in an evening concert in a small venue. We both have some black to wear, but we don’t wear those colors as well as those that are in our color palettes. Going shopping soon… who’s got ideas for us? Kim? 🙂 Any other fashion mavens? Help! 🙂

    And thank you!

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  15. Peter, I would love to have ridden with you. You’ll have to give more notice next time because it will take me quite a bit more than an hour to get there. 🙂


  16. Phos. I liked the waltz better. But we learned to a mush slower tempo. I didn’t really learn.
    I have seen women dance with women, but never seen men dance with men.

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  17. Michelle, it reminds me of what I always say. We cannot judge people in the early 1800’s but 2016 attitudes. We like to think we would have been different but we probably wouldn’t have been.

    The yard looks nice. The wisteria is tamed. We met Baby Boy’s girlfriend and went out for pizza. She is nice. Mr. P asked when they were getting married and having a grandchild for him. I had to tell him to leave them alone.

    I am tired. I am going to my patio with a book.

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  18. Kevin- Every Fall, usually early October. They tried it once in August and it was too hot.

    Had a great day. Rode less than 10 miles, but hiked up a steep hill with Mrs L and some others. I’m tired now, but not as much as a bicycle. They can’t even stand on their own without a kickstand because they’re two tired.

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  19. So, lots of driving today and I’m not sure I know a whole lot more. I’m going to have to consult with real estate pal and/or tile guy on the wall tile, there’s simply too much for me to figure that all out in advance.

    Window showroom was too far away. Prices are good, but it’s vinyl. Sigh. Anyway, I have their card and the guy did say (if I didn’t misunderstand him) that exterior wood trim could be added onto vinyl windows to better match with the rest of the house.

    Also stopped at Anderson who has the sliding back door I’ve fallen in love with. They refuse to give out any prices, not even a ballpark range — they come to your house, give you an estimate then (which is good for a year).

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  20. One hour to showtime! And SCORE! on the outfits! New dress for daughter, new scarf for me — for less than $25 total — and we’ve got everything we need to look put together. Enough black to go with the grand piano, enough creams and other muted shades to complement our natural tones.

    The look is together — now to get the sound together! Here’s hoping. 🙂

    Daughter and I will probably perform around 8:00 p.m. Central, or perhaps a little before. Friend and I will perform last, I’m guessing around 8:45 or 9:00. Pray for us? I don’t feel nervous this time, so I’m hoping that doesn’t change much! (A little is good — gives a certain level of excitement to a performance that isn’t always there in practice.)

    Enjoy your evening, everyone, whatever exciting things you’re doing. 🙂

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  21. Oh, Peter, I wish we had more choices here than just “Like”. I could use “Groan” right now.

    I rode 12 miles today. It’s nice in the cooler weather. I mean to bike consistently, but it seems I have one good year, lose momentum in winter, and don’t get it back again for several more years. The last time I rode consistently was in 2008, until this year when I started up mid-summer. I enjoy it a lot once I get going.

    Our county has been putting together a 35 mile mixed-use paved trail following Huron River. Next year I’d like to get started earlier in the year and be in shape to ride a good part of that. I’ll need a more padded seat though. With my present seat my backside can’t take much more than an hour.

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  22. I’m getting closer on the window … double-hung with grids?

    Apparently older houses like mine often had big windows in the shower (someone put a metal louvre window in the space, but I’m guessing it represents the original window space & was much more traditional before that).

    Need to think about privacy issues (so frosted glass on lower portion?) and a protection of some kind while shower is running (curtain … to be determined). Would like to raise it several inches, but have no idea if that’s possible


  23. Super fun concert tonight, and great audience! We had a good crowd — a lot of people enjoy piano duets. 🙂

    Daughter’s and my last piece, High Five, was a big hit. Someone in the audience laughed quite loudly when we high-fived the first time in the piece. 🙂 There was a part in the middle of it where we wave to each other, too, and the audience enjoyed that. Our last high five was as we exited the stage, and the audience was clapping so thunderously, I could hardly hear the hand smack! 🙂

    My friend and I had a great time with our duet, too — all four movements of Debussy’s Petite Suite. We made a few mistakes here and there, but nothing that threw us out of sync. I heard a lovely sigh once or twice from the audience after we finished one or both of the slower movements. A beautiful piece it truly is.

    The whole night was so satisfying. Many gorgeous selections of music; everyone prepared well (and played with little nervousness — only the good kind! — thanks for the prayers, btw!); the piano was recently regulated by a tech and sounded great; and the audience couldn’t be more enthusiastic and encouraging.

    Truly a blessing to have this opportunity to share music. Next piano show: December 3rd. Can’t wait! 🙂

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  24. I agree with Kevin. I wish there were other options for “like”. Sometimes I hit “Like”, not because I really liked it, but maybe to show that I had noticed it, that I will pray about it, or go along with the statement. It may be that I am also sorry with you. It generally means, to me, that I agree with the sentiment expressed.
    “Like” may mean that I’m as sad as you are.

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  25. Good morning/evening. Happy Belated Anniversaries to Michelle & hubby and Kim & hubby! And early anniversary wishes for Cheryl & hubby! I remember which day you got married. It was the same day that my niece and her hubby got married, also. 🙂

    Blessings on your Sunday, everyone, how ever much of the day is left for you!

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  26. We are off on our big trip. To Boise to wait for the baby and to Denver area for the wedding. See you in a couple of weeks. Feel free to pray for us and I will pray for you as God brings you to mind. Thanks.

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  27. It was a nice day. We went to the late service. They had a baby dedication for Charlie and two others. I never thought much of baby dedication. But all of my kids have done it.
    Linda’s sister came all the way from Springfield, Va. for the dedication (five hours drive)

    I didn’t recognize any of the songs they sang in the late service. One was called “Forever” It has five lines, but it takes five minutes to sing it. The thing I’ve always wondered is, How do they know when it’s over? I mean: Verse four is the same as verse one. And none of the words rhyme. And there is no rhythm.
    I don’t like modern music.

    We had a luncheon at the clubhouse in Chuck’s development afterwards. It was a nice day.

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  28. I think I’ve got the men beat on the bicycle. I routinely do 15 miles, but often more. My longest this summer was 21. Is that as impressive as winning the Pigskin Picks?

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  29. I’m impressed, Linda, I’m impressed.
    The last time I got on a bike, whoops I remember a more recent time, oh, well.
    Back to the memory, after a mile, I could not longer sit on the seat as it had no padding at all. My legs still worked, but could not sit down.
    I saw a picture of friends on an old style cruiser, that looks good.
    I have biked around Europe as a young adult.

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  30. It was a good anniversary. Thank you for the well wishes. It has been a busy weekend. We went to dinner Friday night at Ralph a Kacoo’s. It is on the Causeway and we were able to watch the traffic on the Bayway. When it is dark and the cars have their lights on, it is hypnotizing. There was a nice breeze so we sat outside. Youngest son came yesterday to help with the yard. We attached the inside of the house today.
    Salisbury steak, rice, gravy, asparagus, and green beans are what’s for dinner. It is cool out. The house is open. The dogs wander in and out and I have been outside reading. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  31. Interesting.
    I have never seen the beltway except inside it. I have often thought of that watching airplanes come in.


  32. I can’t ride a bike anymore because I can’t work handbrakes. I keep looking at those foot brake bikes and wondering, but haven’t gotten around to trying one out yet. Maybe–but there are a lot of hills around my house!

    Just went through my clothes: two big bags for the Redwood Gospel Mission. Now my drawers all easily slide shut.

    Of course most of what I kept is still out of style, but at this point I don’t care!

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  33. No! That’s true. I thought about that after I said it.
    The only Cracker Barrel I know of that is not on an interstate is the one in Williamsburg, Va. But you can’t get a decent view of the highway sitting at a Cracker Barrel.
    The approach pattern to Ashville was over our house. I often wondered of all the people who were going for some reason. Some good, some bad, some just wanted to see the mountains. The last part of the statement above was something I typed but deleted. I didn’t delete all of it, I see.


  34. Art and I watched the wonderful French film, The Hedgehog, which mixes in a bit of Japanese. We are still doing the world tour in film. The soundtrack of this movie is excellent, especially for those who like piano.


  35. I smell like a tomato. We just finished processing 150 pounds of roma tomatoes. Salsa, juice, sauce. One thing about our cold snowy weather – we could put the product outside to cool before freezing.

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