67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-13-16

  1. Morning Aj. Well I had fun with your wooly worm yesterday, today for me. I learned so much and one of the facts shared was about the wooly worm festival in Boone. One of our teachers is from Boone, NC. At lunch she shared with us all about the wooly worm races and other fun they have. Blog spills over into real life.! πŸ™‚

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  2. I had forgotten about the woolly worm race. I never saw one, but I’ll bet it’s exciting. πŸ˜†

    I wonder what they used to entice the worms to move? Ask your friend.
    As I said, youngest GD made a weekend trip to Boone, likely for the festival.

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  3. My birthday was last month. My wife’s bd is next month.

    I got an e-mail with a picture of a dollar bill. The bill had been stamped in red with large caps, “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH”
    Isn’t it illegal to deface currency? It has been a long time, but I have heard that it is. There was a fad once when people would flatten pennies and punch holes in them for jewelry.
    I would not accept such a dollar in change.

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  4. I think it is illegal to deface currency. Good luck getting anything done about it. Especially since it was obviously a “protected” class doing it. It amazes me the people I know who have turned their backs on the good Baptist upbringing they received and now are “open and tolerant” of Islam. I don’t know how they justify that tolerance to their gay friends or their Jewish family.

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  5. Every touristy place has a machine that will smash a penny into an image that represents it. Disney apparently has many throughout the “kingdom” and even sells a book in which you can store your collection (the granddaughters brought one home from their trip there last winter).

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  6. Good morning to stateside folks, good various times to others!

    Yesterday I posted a photo of the stained glass in the lobby of St. Joseph’s Hospital on Facebook. A follower responded that where she lives, I believe it was in the vicinity of CA bordering another state, that all the Bibles and crosses had been removed from their hospital chapels and been replaced by prayer rugs. Is that happening in other parts of our nation? We need to be watchful concerning this creeping enemy.

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  7. Black cat’s gift to me this morning was a dead rabbit. A large dead rabbit. As big as the cat. I guess cats are somewhat like lions in their ability to carry their prey, must have strong necks.

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  8. Happy Birthday little brother.
    I tried to copy and bring over a copy of the dollar. But it is an attachment and I don’t know how to do it.
    I will not accept a dollar so marked. The only thing they can do is return it to the bank. The bank will send it back and likely be burned. However, I think it is unpardonable to burn such a statement. I wonder how that will work out.???????


  9. I’ve been feeling pretty smug lately about not “doing what is right in my own eyes,” and then deliberately did so this morning turning despite the red arrow (but there were no cars anywhere in sight!).

    I felt guilty all the way home. If you turn me in, I won’t blame you.

    Does this count as confession?

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  10. Last night coming home a police SUV was in the left turn lane, I pulled up beside him on the right so I could go straight. We both had the red light. The light for the cross traffic turned red but there is a delay for those who run the red light. FOUR cars ran the red light. He did nothing!!!! I was indignant!
    Of course before I got to that light I had been stopped at another. I stopped, looked both ways and started to go through it still on red when I caught myself!!!

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  11. That is what daughter said when she got stopped for running the red light. “There were no cars around” So, I asked, how did the police stop you if they weren’t there. “Well, they were way down the street.” Tsk tsk, Michelle, but as you have confessed and appear to be contrite, we will forgive you. I am a sign follower, my husband is not.

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  12. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday
    Mumsee, and many more Happy Birthdays!!!!

    Since it is fall, perhaps instead of roses on top of her cake, she shall have mums in fall colors!

    Orange and Lemon Flavored Frosting Mums
    On Top of LimeFlavoredGreenLeaves&Stems
    Mini Chocolate Chips & Orange Cake Layer
    Lemon Filling==Lemon Filling==Lemon Filling
    Mini Chocolate Chips & Orange Cake Layer

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  13. I remember while waiting for my grandfather to come in on the train at Union Station in LA one time my dad showed me how to put a penny on the track to flatten it. He grew up on a farm in Iowa, a scrappy little red-headed kid who used to have fight all his older brothers, and this was all the rage when he was a kid. I was thrilled. My mom (also from Iowa but from a rather straight-laced small town) was upset, saying it could be dangerous to the train’s safety.

    I think she made us retrieve the penny.

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  14. Thanks, Janice, very delicious, as always!

    Train pennies: When you all were reminiscing your wild childhoods, I remembered living in the country. We were allowed to go as far as the railroad tracks but not on to them. That meant we got to play in the marsh which was a lot of fun and I took a gallon jar of frog eggs to school on the bus but that is another story. Anyway, brothers did the penny thing but I was not going to mention it as it is illegal. Kind of like Donna’s mom, I suppose. And of course, to do that, they were stretching the home rules of not going as far as the tracks. But then they were a year and a couple years older so maybe they had extended privileges. On the other three sides, though, we could go as far as we wanted, but “mind the mountain lions”.

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  15. No, I had the ten year old feed the rabbit to the dogs. I think it had been dead for a few hours so it needed to not be eaten by us.


  16. You can imagine that since we spent time playing under the overpass by the train tracks that we had a collection of pennies flattened by the trains. But we did not do it too often because of the fear of making the train jump the track. That was somehow planted in our brains. Kids can have a sense of power and grandeur that is in no way logical. Actually, a parent probably used that as a warning and reasoning to give us one less enticement for playing on the tracks.


  17. We are harboring criminals on this blog!
    When I put a penny on a RR track, it disappeared. Train must have brushed it off. I didn’t do that often. Pennies were not so trivial in those days.

    Now? You made me forget what I came here to say. An emergency or life changing even of some sort, I suspect.

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  18. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. We had to put Misten down somewhat quickly, and then I fell and hurt myself (though I’m nearly back to normal now after the doctor telling me Saturday that I’d probably be very sore for a couple of weeks), and my husband may have bronchitis. I had to miss a family dinner at a restaurant I like, and this week we’re likely to miss a church event I was looking forward to. And then last night, a friend who is probably the closet friend I have at this point in my life, who has had health issues all her life and who had cancer the summer we were courting, e-mailed me that the doctor reported of a different health concern that it might prove fatal. (She is several years younger than I am.)

    So . . . this morning I was looking out our back window, and a couple of bucks were making their way through the back field and I decided to go out with my camera and see what I could see, since the lighting was lovely. Initially I was just sober at the brevity of life, and its sorrows. And I started crying when I realized I never did take time to learn to sketch Misten, as I always intended to do “someday.” But it wasn’t just crying for Misten; it was also just being aware of loss, and being aware what big a gap this friend will leave if she dies (our friendship goes back a quarter century to when we were in college together), and being aware of the sober reality that with people, too, you only get so much time to do and say the things you want to do and say, and then someday that’s it. And in it all came a longing for the consummation of eternity, the time beyond parting.

    The doctor told me on Saturday that I should walk half an hour a day, which is the kind of prescription I like. Well, I wasn’t jogging or even walking fast most of the time, but meandering along a country road (not a quiet, peaceful country road–the cars go fast and there is no shoulder, so you have to stay alert even though the cars don’t come in vast numbers), but I was out for about two hours. In that time, marveling over God’s creation turned my thoughts to praise. And when I came back inside, the word that kept going through my mind was “extravagance.” How anyone can think this extravagant, enormously complex and profuse web of life just came into being by accident, I do not know.

    Walking along in front of the home where the run-off water from the area drains in a ditch along the street, creating a wonderful swampy area where we have seen turtles, muskrat, a baby coon, and more, I saw a frog jump. I saw it just as it jumped, not before, so I decided to see if I could find some before they jumped. And once I focused in on looking for patches that were just a tad different in coloring than the water and its vegetation, I saw the things everywhere, some buried with only their eyes showing, others showing most of their bodies, others somewhere in between.

    I saw butterflies, bees, wildflowers of all sorts. I got some gorgeous shots of a cedar waxwing and was teased by hearing many more (but not seeing them). A viceroy butterfly landed on sedum planted next to someone’s mailbox, and posed quite nicely. A small butterfly landed on dew-covered grass and spread its wings. Zooming in on a frog, my lens focused instead on a lovely yellow spider I hadn’t even seen. (Sorry, AJ.) Geese flew over in a noisy V. Flowers sat in perfect lighting for a shot–purples and yellows and whites.

    Life is brief, and parts of it are really hard. But God is good–extravagantly good.

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  19. Mumsee- Β‘Feliz cumpleaΓ±os Little sister!

    Janice- Very citrusy cake. But you forgot mumsee’s favorite cake ingeredient: chili or cayenne peppers.

    At the cave we have a dime smasher. It’s called Dime-in-mine. Very popular.

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  20. Progress on the bathroom. You mentioned the light cornflower blue color. What I was suggesting was a blue so light it almost seemed white. That against the crisp white of the board and batten will look good.


  21. Thank you, both. It is indeed. Two children off to school and three working away on their school at home. I was going to make myself some chocolate brownies but decided that was not a good idea so no cake but Janice’s today. And that is fine. Husband did leave me a brownie mix in case I was so inclined and he left me mint chocolate ice cream. I will be indulging in that. Meanwhile, life is good here and other than husband being gone (which is good as it pays the bills and he has always wanted to do that, and a year and a half ago we thought he was as good as dead) I could ask for nothing to improve it.

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  22. Cheryl, I am almost in tears from reading your post just after hearing from my friend, Karen, who was almost hospitalized today for her heart issues, and expects to be by the end of the week. I am wishing she could be in the same hospital as Art. Again I am holding back tears since I am to meet with a tree guy in a few minutes for an estimate.


  23. Happy birthday to a woman I admire out on the prairie 15 hours northeast of me!

    I just bought two little cakes and we have ice cream. Mumsee, obviously, is better disciplined than me!


  24. Awww…Michelle, no need to be embarrassed around home fill.

    I got my tree estimate to get another big limb down from the tree that dropped the whopper limb before. I am just taking care of what could possibly cause damage to my neighbors. I will get other, needed but less urgent, tree work done later.


  25. More “fallout” from the incident with Mr X . . .Little Guy sometimes takes out his anger on me, & tells me he hates me. I remind him that I love him, that I have taken care of him since he was a baby, & will always be here for him. I understand that he cannot express his anger at his dad (it may even be too difficult emotionally for him to admit to himself how angry he is at his dad), so he has chosen someone safe to lash out at. (Of everyone in the family, I am the one who is most consistently here.)

    I know that he knows I will not reject him, & that I love him immensely. God has helped me to feel calm when Little Guy treats me like that, & to not take it personally, but it does make me sad for him.

    That is why on Saturday I felt supremely blessed to have two times during the day, while babysitting, when Little Guy wanted to cuddle with me. The boy loves me, even if he can’t express it right now.

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  26. Kizzie, whether or not he has found someone safe to lash out at, you need to be “safe” enough to be an authority figure in his life, someone stronger than him whom he can trust . . . and telling you he hates you is not acceptable language. Turning the other cheek and expressing kindness to a parent with dementia who is saying things she doesn’t mean is one thing, but I’m afraid that if you try so hard to be “safe” that you let him say anything he feels like saying, you are in fact proving yourself unsafe. You aren’t drawing clear lines where he needs clear lines. “Son, in this house we don’t tell people we hate them. You may tell me that you are angry, but you may not say ‘I hate you.'”

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  27. The other day Jo posted something about her rental management company raising the price on her house and that the only way she knew was she saw it on Craig’s List. I warned her about all the scamming that goes on.
    I recently listed a house for sale but we made the decision to also market it for lease. I have gotten a few legitimate inquiries regarding it. I just received a text on my phone. Hi Cayenne, Penelope asked me to send you the rental application link you requested. I looked up the number 310-721-7806 it is an AT&T Mobile number in Beverly Hills, CA and has a Spam Activity Level of HIGH


  28. Kim, I finally emailed them and asked them to lower the rent by 100 dollars a month, which means it went up by 85. They said that they had done it, but I haven’t seen it yet.
    What do you think: now they say that they have two applications from families with four children, but California law allows them to turn them down as being too many for a two bedroom place. There is actually a dining room tht could easily be another bedroom. But, lots of wear and tear with four children, so perhaps I am being protected.
    Laughing that he said he was unable to reach me by phone. Not sure if he knows I am back in PNG.


  29. Janice, will the surgery be via catheter or open-chest? And can you tell me which valve is involved?

    Part of the reason I ask all these questions is that I may need valve replacement one of these days. On most people they can do it trans-catheter, but because of my congenital history they probably can’t do it that way on me. 😦


  30. “What is home fill?”

    We don’t know, but you don’t have to be embarrassed around it.

    Another busy day in the house — tomorrow the dogs are scheduled to go in for grooming at 10 a.m. so that’ll might as well be my run-around day. I need to order new glasses (which takes a while) and wanted to visit an “old house” store in the town on the other side of the harbor, just to poke around, see if there are any ideas there.


  31. Ooh, Take Five by Brubeck, I’d forgotten I had that in the loop. Nice.

    And lots of movie & TV themes, interesting. From LA Law to the Odd Couple. I have varied tastes.

    And “You Wear it Well” by Rod Stewart, one of my all-time fav’s by him, but kind of bittersweet hearing it, my boyfriend of so many years in college & beyond said a few years back (while we were catching up via email) that it made him think of me. “A little old fashioned, but that’s alright … ” Sweet.

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  32. I’m clearly avoiding my work today in the house.

    Star Wars, Raiders of the Los Ark — and (weirdly) now the NBC Nightly News theme. ?? What a collection of music I’ve accumulated πŸ™‚

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  33. Mumsee, you really have to be with it around here. Do you think that someone will wait till you finish your chocolate brownies and Ice cream? Nosiree. You have to catch the moment. And it won’t come again till next year.
    Though it’s still early out there.


  34. Cheryl – Thank you for your concern. Yes, I am an authority in Little Guy’s life, & he knows it. I may be a bit softer than the other authorities in his life, but I am one nonetheless.

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  35. We just need to show a little respect to the birthday girl!
    You certainly have lots of patience and endurance. Stand Firm for another year!


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