43 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-10-16

  1. Here is another reason to root for Trump. While Hollywood has gone communist, pornographic, green and perverted, India is making good movies. If Trump runs the Hollywood types to Canada and France, I will be able to go to the movies again.


  2. It’ll take more than that to restore sanity, Michelle.
    It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

    We are going to elect a woman who was assistant President for eight years, and Secretary of State for four. And she either doesn’t know security protocol or is lying about how she sold her position to possible enemies for money.
    The Clintons don’t have enough money?


  3. Good point, Ricky.
    I don’t think this generation understands relationships. Everything is so shallow. I can’t speak authoritatively because all my friends, but one, are gone. But I don’t see in this generation a closeness. (I was going to continue with illustration, but I think the point is made.) It isn’t a buddy-buddy relationship we have with the Lord.

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  4. Chas, That failure to understand the proper nature of relationships permeates our entire society. Last night at Chick -Fil-A, my wife and I observed one child after another simply ignore his/her parent’s instructions with no consequences. Children ignore parents’ instructions. Adults ignore God’s instructions.

    Men have abused and/or abdicated their leadership role. It is all part of our toxic culture.

    I was serious about my Leviticus 13:45 comments yesterday. The culture of Northern Mexico, Northeast India and a hundred other places is better than ours.

    The US needs a Revival. Until that happens the US needs to be quarantined. Trump could achieve that result.

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  5. Pretty astute analysis. I certainly agree with him that a major political realignment is likely coming our way.

    And with social issues, now — for the most part, seemingly off the table (the culture has dramatically changed, in case we haven’t noticed), perhaps Christians also will not be as engaged in the political realm as they were in the immediate past. And that may be a good thing.

    Dennis Prager said something interesting yesterday, though — that secular conservatives, as much as secular liberals, don’t understand what it is/was that made western civilization great.

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  6. Donna J, The Southerner in me would say there is no such thing as a secular conservative.

    I think you are right that it will be a good thing if individual Christians pull back from politics. Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas is a fine preacher, and I think he is a good pastor. His support for Trump in the primaries just made him look like an idiot.


  7. Interesting poll



    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican Donald Trump appears to have carved out a wider path to the White House as a number of states including Florida and Ohio are no longer considered likely wins for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project released on Saturday.

    The project, which combines opinion polls with an analysis of voting patterns under different election scenarios, still shows Clinton would have the best chance of winning the presidency if the Nov. 8 election were held today. Yet Trump has caught up to her level of support in several states.

    Clinton now has an 83 percent chance of winning the election by an average of 47 votes in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately selects the president. In late August, the States of the Nation estimated that Clinton had a 95 percent chance of winning by an average of 108 electoral votes. …

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  8. “The Southerner in me would say there is no such thing as a secular conservative.”

    And that southerner would be wrong.


    “The most profound thinkers in America are conservative. There are, of course, bright liberal and leftist thinkers, but I can’t think of one who approaches the depth and wisdom of the best conservative writers and thinkers. What liberal historian, for example, approaches the understanding of life and history that Paul Johnson has exhibited in his many works of history?
    Who on the left matches psychiatrist/writer Theodore Dalrymple for insight into the underclass? What left-wing columnists understand human nature, the state of mankind, or contemporary America as do George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Tom Sowell, or many of the leading columnists at journals such as National Review, City Journal, Commentary, or the Wall Street Journal?

    I write this to make it clear that my admiration for the leading conservative writers, columnists, and thinkers is deep and abiding. There is, however, a “but.” The vast majority of leading conservative writers, just like their liberal colleagues, have a secular outlook on life. With few exceptions, the conservative political and intellectual worlds are oblivious to the consequences of secularism. They are unaware of the disaster that godlessness has led to in the West.

    Most leading Republicans and most of the wealthy donors to the Republican party — in addition to virtually all libertarian politicians, and think-tank scholars — are either uninterested in the death of Judeo-Christian religions and values in America and the West, or are okay with it. They think that America can survive the death of God and religion, that fiscal and other forms of conservatism without social conservatism can preserve America.”

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  9. Hillary needs Bleach to erase Twitter comments that show she is a hypocrite of enormous magnitude.

    Hillary Clinton

    The last thing we need is a president who brings more name-calling and temper tantrums to Washington.
    12:01 PM – 31 Aug 2016

    890 890 Retweets

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  10. AJ,
    1. The “S” in Southerner is capitalized like the “Y” in Yankee.

    2. A New Yorker like Prager can not understand what it means to be a conservative in the South.

    3. To a Southerner, Jesse Helms was the last conservative in the Senate.

    4. Krauthammer is brilliant and articulate, but he would never be regarded as a conservative in the South. He is soft on abortion and perversion. The same is true for others who might be regarded as “conservatives” north of the Potomac.


  11. Prager, yup.

    Secular conservatives are still preferable to the liberal variety, but they really can (and do) miss the point when it comes to the values that undergird us as a nation.


  12. The famous do what we do. There was a giant Twitter argument last night. It was Hannity vs. Rich Lowery, Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol. The subject was the orange lunatic. It was more entertaining than the football, but not as entertaining as Lana Turner in The Bad and the Beautiful on TCM.


  13. Getting close to heading into the last lap … (it’ll feel kind of weird to have this election behind us, whatever the outcome — what a year)


    Clinton’s lead: Steady but not certain
    New polls suggest the Democratic nominee faces turnout and enthusiasm challenges.


    Despite a recent back-slide that erased some of Hillary Clinton’s once-yawning advantage in the polls, a raft of national and battleground-state public polling released Sunday gave her a consistent lead against Donald Trump, 58 days before American voters choose the next president.

    Clinton’s 5-point lead over Trump among likely voters in an ABC News/Washington Post poll out Sunday morning is an encouraging sign for her campaign — though, like a CNN/ORC International poll last week, it suggests Clinton faces turnout and enthusiasm challenges.

    Meanwhile, a series of new state-level polls from NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist and CBS News/YouGov show that while the race is close in some traditional battlegrounds — like Florida, Nevada and New Hampshire — Clinton has put new red states in play, like Arizona. And a CBS News/YouGov survey in Ohio gives Clinton her largest lead there since before the state’s March primary.

    Taken together, the new surveys — all conducted entirely in the past week — point to an uphill road for Trump. While he has unquestionably cut into Clinton’s lead over the past few weeks, his support still appears capped at just over 40 percent.

    There are some warning signs for Clinton. A number of the polls point to a turnout gap: Among all registered voters, Clinton has the advantage. But Trump runs stronger in most of the polls when likely-voter screens are applied, suggesting Clinton’s supporters are less likely to be motivated or interested in the election. …

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  14. The large Washington Post nationwide poll shows Texas as dead even — Ricky must be persuasive.


    It will be interesting how people perceive the sunstroke episode. Not sure if it matters — I probably couldn’t tolerate 90 mins of standing in the sun either. I hate the heat. And hey Tim Kaine is a fairly bland kind of guy, he would make a decent president if Clinton’s health falters during her presidency. Its not like her running mate is Bernie Sanders.

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  15. HRW, My candidate (my son’s dog) is gaining support daily. Like Hillary, he is a little heavy. He also will sometimes collapse and have to be carried. However, that is after sprinting in 100 degree Texas heat. 79 degrees in New York isn’t hot.

    This is the most comprehensive article I have read on the problems with Trump.


    I forgive Peter Wehner for being a Bushie. He dealt with every argument for supporting Trump except Leviticus 13:45.

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  16. I just walked the dog for an hour in 76 degree heat — that was enough for me. Hot hazy humid weather in the middle of the city is different than a dry, desert heat.

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  17. HRW, I will concede that heat is relative.

    In my part of Texas, it generally never drops down to 76 degrees (even at 4:00 a.m.) from mid June to Labor Day. I have walked 18 holes of golf in 113 degree heat and played 54 holes of golf in 107 degree heat. The key is to stay hydrated.

    Humidity adds a degree of difficulty. When I was 32, I walked 45 holes and rode 54 more holes of golf (in 13 hours, stopping only for lunch) in Orlando, Florida in 90 degree heat and 65 percent humidity. I wouldn’t try that now.

    Here in North Texas, we have both heat and humidity, though not like Houston or the Deep South. A typical Satuday morning golf round in July or August will start at dawn with a temperature of 82 and humidity at 70 percent. If I play again at 7:00 that evening it will be over 100 degrees, but the humidity will have dropped to 30 percent.

    On the other hand, I do not swim when the water temperature drops below 70 degrees. You Canadians probably cut holes in the ice so you can swim.

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  18. And I have to say, I really don’t know how either of these candidates — who are both older than I am — survive the rigors of these campaigns. The schedules and demands are grueling, it’s got to take its toll

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