21 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-10-16

  1. This morning, I told Elvera that she was The Sweetest Woman in the Whole Wide World.
    I noted that somewhere, probably not in Guilford County, but some guy was telling his woman the same thing. He would be wrong of course, but I’m not going to tell him.
    That’s what keeps the world turning.
    Millions of guys under the illusion that he has the sweetest woman in the Whole Wide World.

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  2. 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed “Sully” last night. I actually wanted to stay and see it again . . . That has happened few times in my life.

    😦 Feeling overwhelmed by a vast list of things to do– today, this weekend, before Dec 31.

    🙂 😦 Forcing myself to stay in bed until 6. Pretty much woke up at 2:30. I’m reliving my childhood in reverse.

    🙂 I can get up now and start. 😦

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  3. 😦 Tomorrow is the anniversary of Twin Towers on 9/11. Muslims have a thing for anniversaries. Consider Benghazi.
    All the churches should be alert for possible terrorist intrusion. Some churches sit in perfect locations for this sort of attack. I can think of some scenarios.
    Some churches, like FBCHNC should have armed guards, in civilian clothes, hanging around the entrances.


  4. 😦 Problems with the Kid. He is being threatened with alternative school. I think I have talked Hubby into taking him to a counselor. It worked for a friend’s daughter but they had to go through three and a lot of money before they found one who helped. We don’t have a lot of money and will have to go through insurance. The Kid’s pediatrician has already told us that when you go through insurance you risk losing control.


  5. KBells, He can only be wrong in telling someone to “give up”. The search is part of the excitement.
    And somebody may find somebody.
    It makes the world go around.


  6. Counselors: they seem to help if the person wants help but you need to find one who does not think they are the best buddy and confidante, they need to realize they are dealing with somebody who can lie without any indication, so all the problems are because of you. At lest, that is our experience. These children can shmooze. And people love to be stroked so they tend to believe the child over the adult, because the child told them so….
    We have not found that good counselor yet.

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  7. Praying you will find the right answer and make the best decision, Kbells. Will be keeping him and you in my prayers even more.

    😦 Memorial service for my cousin, who died of an overdose or some such. Such sad drama still going on with some people.

    🙂 Hospital chaplain spoke. He did not know my cousin or all the people involved, except for the little while he interacted with them at the hospital. He did an amazing job on his talk and clearly laid out the gospel. He did say my cousin had accepted Christ a bit ago and was working to get his life back together. He was attending church and taking some positive steps. He did say, he did not know how sincere my cousin was, but we can all take know that we can have that salvation ourselves and can reconcile with God through Jesus and with each other. It was a great message. Alas, before the short lunch was over, the woman living with my cousin caused some more terrible hurt and pain. 😦

    😦 Recently heard of another family who had two different funerals. I had relatives who attended one listed in the paper and knew no one there. That is when they called and found out about this terrible rift in the family. So very sad.

    🙂 Which lead me to ponder the ministry of reconciliation we are given. How often do we sow seeds of discord or encourage bitterness? I am so grateful for the reconciliation we can have with God through Christ and that the Holy Spirit can help us with giving up the fruits of the devil and giving us the fruit of the Spirit.


  8. I was thinking yesterday, KI, about writing another blog post about bitterness and my prayer partner and I prayed together on the score yesterday. We live in a society that encourages bitterness, not reconciliation. surely, here is an opportunity for the church?

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  9. Today, the easiest thing appears to be to unfriend people rather than pursue the relationship. Remember that study by Jim Wilson? That is what brought my evil stepmother into the Light and she became my beloved stepmom at eighty. She always was but continued to call herself my evil stepmother until I told her she was no longer able to do so as she was made new. She continues to be a delight at ninety four.

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  10. 😦 Falling on one’s back and head.

    🙂 The doctor gave me a good report, though he warned me I’d be sore a couple of weeks.

    🙂 A very nice lunch this week for my mother-in-law’s birthday, at the same restaurant my husband and I went the night we got engaged.

    🙂 I’d been hoping to go back to that restaurant for our fifth anniversary next month . . . and our daughters got us a gift card there for my birthday and Father’s Day (given to us belatedly since we’d been out of town over those dates and then life got crazy when we returned).

    😦 Other “events” keep getting cancelled or changed because of stuff like a dying dog or a back injury. We’re supposed to have another meal with the in-laws tonight, and I’m not sure I can sit on a hard bench with the pain that is lingering.

    🙂 It’s nice to have a husband who comes alongside and helps in practical ways, like helping me up and then later offering to make supper.

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  11. 🙂 A week off to get a lot of things done (I hope)

    🙂 Got up to Hollywood to help Carol return some library books then we ate out (weird place, coffee-house / 24-hour diner that looked space-agey with a pointy, star-shaped roof, like it was out of the Jetson’s — and surprisingly high prices, as I discovered once we were seated; plus the food was really just so-so).

    I told Carol once she starts getting some extra income this fall from a pension (attached to a long-ago job), we’ll go dutch. “Deal?” I said. “Deal,” she replied (although the other day when I bought it up she said “we’ll see” — I figure either we’ll go dutch or skip the meal out, I feel like she doesn’t make an effort to put aside some money to pay for her own lunch and I’m tired of being expected to always pick up the tab for both of us)

    😦 House. Bathroom. Now foundation issues, though my real estate pal says there are alternatives to the super-costly fixes proposed by inspection company today. I just want to paint the house and be done.

    🙂 We were up in some new hills over Hollywood today, with very narrow, winding streets — and lots of cool old houses painted interesting colors.

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  12. 😦 Friend at church told me a mold horror story ($$$$$$$) from her bathroom do-over experience, scared the heck out of me. 😦


  13. 🙂 Also on our travels yesterday in Hollywood-Los Feliz, we passed by John Marshall High School. What remarkable edifice, it’s been used frequently in movies (esp horror movies, I guess) and from the distance I thought it was an old church.

    That area also is where an actor (initials KS, think Netflix political series) owns a (vacant) house that, I was told by a source, had become something of a home to coyotes — last I heard it was getting ready to be put on the market so coyotes would be quickly dealt with, no doubt.

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  14. 🙂 Another nice day with our sweet grandson.

    😦 His mommy worked both days this weekend, & will be working 2nd shift Monday & Tuesday, meaning they will only see each other for a brief time in the morning on those days, while she gets him off to school. The next time they will have any time together (after this evening) will be Wednesday after school. Since that incident with his father, he misses his mommy so very much when she is working, & clings to her when she gets home. It’s sweet & sad at the same time.

    🙂 At least he gets to be cared for by his Mimi & Auntie (& Papa, when he’s around), who love him, & whom he loves.

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  15. Yeah, that was pretty obvious I guess, I was being coy, but source who told me later said he probably shouldn’t have named him and he asked me not to use it in the article I was writing, which I didn’t of course; but I have seen mention of it in neighborhood email threads he’s forwarded to me since as well.

    There’re probably worse things he — or anyone else — could be accused of than that . 🙂 (Especially if you’ve watched any part of that series! sheesh)

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