Prayer Requests 9-3-16

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 131

¹Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me.

Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child.

Let Israel hope in the Lord from henceforth and for ever.

16 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-3-16

  1. Only seven people were given an interview for the job husband applied for. Tim’s was on Thursday. Please pray for clear direction if he is offered the position as it will mean leaving the work he loves so much (yet is so physically demanding in order to keep in high physical condition). It would also mean more influence in the system for good and practical ideas both work-wise and spiritually.

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  2. A couple prayer requests. . .

    On top of everything else she has been going through, last night Nightingale told me that she had just found out (through a Facebook conversation) that Boyfriend has also been seeing another girlfriend. She found out that he was telling the other woman the same things he was telling her (about being serious about the relationship, wanting to get married, wanting to move in together soon).

    Boyfriend admitted it, & then said that was why he was breaking up with her (Nightingale). Sounds to me like he only decided to break up when he got caught.

    Poor Nightingale. I don’t know if she was really in love with him, but she said that she really liked the idea of settling down & having more children. Now she must feel that that dream is so far out of reach. She may still be young to us, but she is 27, & would have liked to have had her children while still in her 20s, & for Little Guy to have siblings not too much younger than he.

    I was praying for her last night in tears, thinking of how lonely, angry, & disappointed she must be feeling. Pleading with God to awaken her spirit, draw her to Him, & give her comfort & peace.

    2nd request: Mr X is out of jail, as I mentioned yesterday.

    (Just remembered something I forgot to tell you all. He had been told to take an anger management class to possibly have the misdemeanor charges dropped or reduced (the felony changes would still stand). He had two chances to take the class, but did not. He is digging his own grave.)

    Anyway, he is still posting publicly on Facebook, & this morning, after posting a sarcastic post about women, he posted “Dear GOD. Help me.” (He later replied to a comment that he had removed the negative thoughts, whatever that means.)

    So, please join me in praying that God would awaken his spirit, & bring him to repentance & salvation.

    Thank you, & God bless you all.

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  3. Re: Nightinggale:
    She should be thankful she found out in time.
    A bit of free advice, take it for what it’s worth.

    Never get into a situation (romance, business, whatever) with a person you can’t trust.

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  4. There is another version that some people need to know
    If he cheats with you he will cheat on you. I have tried to explain that to a heartbroken coworker. She finally got it.

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  5. Yup. After her experiences with Mr X, Nightingale is not too trusting. That was what prompted her to question something she saw on Facebook, even though it wasn’t blatant. And yes, we are relieved she found out when she did.

    But she is hurting.

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  6. 😦 Karen

    It’s hard.

    But what anonymous said reminded me of a couple co-workers some years ago — he was separated, she was single, they became a very hot “item.” How could she trust him if he’s doing that to his not-yet ex? He did eventually divorce the first wife, they eventually married & had 3 beautiful kids. But ultimately it didn’t last.


  7. So hard to watch your children suffer, even though they are grown. I, too, am glad she found out before it was too late. As Kim said, that was an answer to prayer.

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  8. Please pray for T today, and whenever God brings her to mind in the coming lifetime. Here’s her story–all this has taken place in the last two years:

    She had a baby by her longtime boyfriend who, shortly thereafter, proposed. They moved to a cute house. They got married a year ago this week when the little boy was about a year old.

    T made a stunning bride–tall, gorgeous, smart (MBA) and joyous at finally getting married to the man she loved.

    Husband was ten years older with a family history of heart disease, so he exercised regularly. Six months ago, he finished a regular mountain bike ride with a friend, stopped in the parking lot and dropped over dead.

    Two nurses worked on him until the EMTs arrived, they took over all the way to the hospital, but he was gone.

    T was 12 weeks pregnant with their second child.

    The little girl was born this morning. A healthy, beautiful brunette with a head full of hair.

    There are many emotional complications coupled with some questionable choices that make this harder. The one ministering to her the most, my friend, has a toddler and a 2 month old nursling. There are many, many stresses and for T, no God to fall back on. Our mutual friend is pretty emotional at the moment, as well, though she knows the Lord.

    Heartbreaking, though a healthy baby. Thanks.

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  9. I think I have decided to say goodbye to a long term relation ship with my 3rd through 7th grade best friend, my 6th grade boyfriend, and my 11th grade infatuation. For 8 years we have had an on going Facebook conversation but this election have caused a rift. Both boys are gay men and girl is an intellectual liberal. She is is northern Virginia one guy is in Pennsylvania and one in Los Angeles. It has become clear that I am the square peg. I am mourning the loss but sometimes the certainty of pain outweighs the pain of uncertainty.

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  10. Kim – Can you just put the friendships “on hold” for a while? This election will pass, & the hot feelings will cool. Praying for you.


  11. Kim, sometimes friendships are for a season, and extremely valuable in that season but still not lifetime ones. But Kizzie’s suggestion is worth considering. We have but two months until the election . . . you may wait it out for a bit.

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