77 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-3-16

  1. It’s Saturday. Nobody has to get up early on Saturday.
    When I first started working at Army Map Service, later Topographic Command, Defense Mapping Agency, National Imaging and Mapping Agency, now, National Geospatial Agency.
    We worked on Saturdays. Worked overtime because Powers got shot down in his U2 a couple of years before and we were just ramping up satellite mapping.
    I have no idea of what NGA is doing now.
    No. That’s wrong. I can imagine, but I’m not speculating on-line.

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  2. Good morning. Sorry I’ve been MIA….. I had the tooth issue forever and had a colonoscopy Thursday….so I haven’t been feeling my best. Good news is there were no signs of colon cancer.

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  3. Why is it Monday through Friday I could sleep until noon I am so tired but Saturday I am awake at the crack o dawn?
    In case you were wondering. The banana split pie is as good as I remembered.
    We had leftover Italian pot roast for dinner last night. Mr P told me it was “I do” food. It was what would make a man marry a woman. I told him I thought I had him with a pork roast and turnip greens. 😉

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  4. Good Morning all….and good morning Amos!
    It is so good to see you back Ann…and with good news!
    For many many years we loaded up the kids and went to Family Camp over the Labor Day holiday…this will be the final year Family Camp will be held at Horn Creek…it has bee a tradition for many families for over 30 years…many cherished memories were made at that camp…..
    QOD….have you had such traditions?

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  5. That is the foot of the bed not a headboard. A “body” pillow is at the foot to keep toys from falling in the open space. He collects his toys at night so Lulabelle won’t get the and destroy them. There is an old saying that if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas so he has to take flea and heartworm medicine. He is the Snuggle Pup.

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  6. QoD- For the last 9 years our “tradition” on Labor Day weekend is my going off to work at the cave, since it’s the last “hurrah” of summer, and it’s one of three “all-hands-on-deck” weekends. I do get Sunday off, though.

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  7. QoD. No. But if we were in Hendersonville now, I would be cleaning up the gym of FBCHNC because we just finished serving the Big Apple Breakfast Lions fundraiser. Then, later today, I would go and person a parking lot for visitors to the Big Apple Festival.

    😆 And I would pay the young people of FBC $2.00 for the privilege of parking to go and serve the breakfast. You give some, you get some. It’s all for a good cause.
    Today? I’m mostly useless.
    That’s a terrible prospect for a person like me.
    I’ve always been about something.

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  8. This isn’t a tradition, but an interesting thing I’m doing today. We needed a new parament for our altar at church (I know it has a special name but I don’t know what it is). It is a plain white rectangle with a Latin cross embroidered in white on the two ends that hang down on the sides. We checked with the company where we got it and the cost would be over $400. I asked if I could try making it. I got the material for about $40 at Jo Ann’s (with a coupon, of course, Chas). There is a franchise company called Embroidme that embroidered the two crosses. That would have cost only $8 each, but since they didn’t have the pattern, I had to pay a $60 digitizing fee. So today I’m going up to church with my portable sewing machine and putting it together. The whole thing cost about $120 (and if we ever want the embroidery done again, it will only be $8 since they now have the pattern). Maybe I’ll send AJ a picture of it when it’s done.

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  9. I’ll be in a skit at the Ladies’ Breakfast at church in an hour. I’ll return to reordering the house post-vacation and will spend the rest of the day at my desk.

    Oh, except for when I’m replenishing the empty refrigerator.

    Was that the question?

    Adorable sighting planned for Monday.


  10. Chas, taking care of the sweetest woman in the world is not useless, that is a life of real meaning. Kind of like my husband when he is here working with the children and saying his life is useless so he needs to go get a job. What?

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  11. I’m waiting for another handyman estimate on the windows (which actually would be my first since the guy yesterday wouldn’t touch that particular job).

    Sure could have slept later — and since this appointment was set up a number of days ago, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he forgets and doesn’t show. He told me at the time that he’s booked for a month, so even if he could do it, he couldn’t do it very soon and it sounded to him like it was a job that could entail a lot of time & shop work. Another guy is coming at 11 to look at both the windows and bathroom.

    And that’ll be it for today, then I’m free to go back to gathering up more things for the Salvation Army.

    For many years I volunteered to work on Labor Day for overtime. It was kind of a fun assignment (provided nothing serious was going on that I had to cover) — it was usually a feature that combined interviewing back to school shoppers, people participating the run/walk held every year on our harbor bridge, and some other last-weekend-of-summer stuff thrown in (people heading to the beach for their final picnics and bike rides).

    Now school starts much earlier (though I did a story for the weekend on one board member who’s trying to get the district to go back to the post-Labor Day start times) and I’d really rather have a 3-day weekend.

    We’re getting a little cool spell right now — overcast and in the low 70s for the next several days. But then we’ll probably get a string of our typical September heat waves going into October.


  12. As you know, daughter, at eighteen, became the caretaker staying with my folks. They won’t move here or in with any of her children. The only other option is assisted living and neither wants that yet. So daughter asked if she could be of help. She has a room there and helps grandma with getting up in the morning, showers, cooking, cleaning, errands, and taking grandma to the hair people. And so on. In exchange, they give her some money and the freedom to do what she wants as long as she is generally there for grandma in the morning and if grandpa has a problem. She travels a lot. She has had a job at an ice cream shop, and various other activities. She is not yet ready to live independently so this works for her. She could be attending college there in town. But she feels like she does not do anything. From my perspective, she has kept grandpa and grandma from going to assisted living so they could remain in their own home for nearly two years. That is huge. She does not see it.

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  13. Chas, in general a man is set to conquer the world and a woman is geared to loving her people. That’s a gross generalization, but it still hits more at a man to lose his job and at a woman to have strife in relationships.

    A wife and mother may spend most of her life in tasks that no one can measure as productive. I enjoy having the dishes done and the laundry washed and feeling “caught up” on those tasks . . . but I almost never finish them without conscious awareness I’ll be “caught up” at most for maybe an hour. Someone is going to use a knife and a plate, and someone is going to throw dirty socks in the hamper. Likewise, the next meal has to be cooked, and the sink cleaned yet again, and the floor swept though I’ve already done it twice just this week . . .

    When my husband and I were courting, at one point I was visiting, and with his girls home I was present in this house that was not yet mine. He walked through the room with a basket full of laundry on his way to the washing machine, and with wry humor at the reality of a single dad’s life, he said, “A woman’s work is never done.”

    For many years, that was Elvera’s life, and it was not useless. It is a different life than the one you lived when you were younger, and it may “feel” useless, but it is no more useless for you than it was for her.

    I “get it,” though. I see the same thing with my mother-in-law in the seasons my father-in-law is doing poorly. When her whole day is taking care of his needs, I see her exhausted, and nothing is actually “moving forward,” just status quo, “existence.” But whether one is caring for the daily needs of an infant who can do little for himself or caring for the needs of a home and spouse, it is productive, and it is work that honors and glorifies God if done in love for him and for that person given you to love.

    I’d encourage you, though, in the same advice given to a mother in that situation: be sure you get breaks. Be sure that you can go to Lions or go to lunch with Chuck, or whatever a “break” might look like for you.

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  14. Wow, I really liked this handyman (and he was early; luckily he seemed to like my dogs, has a couple corgis of his own). He’s more than a handyman, though, specializes in wood repairs but also said he was a journeyman plumber so could take on the bathroom re-do too — He’s older, just seemed like he really knew what he was talking about. Several options available for my windows, to avoid vinyl, including fiberglass — but wood, my preference, being the most expensive. He’s the first one who seemed not overwhelmed by the job, it is doable.

    He’s working on a house just several doors down on the corner right now and is a local guy, lives in town also — he also came highly recommended by several people on the NextDoor neighborhood social media site which is where I first saw his name & contact for woodwork, several neighbors had used him and really liked his work.

    So he’s going to drop by some brochures on window options to consider, provide an estimate (though he already gave me something of an idea per window). He’s booked for the time being, but so far I like him a lot. (He said he was working at the corner yesterday and spotted the guy who came by my house that morning, knows him — I guess all these guys probably know each other in a relatively close-knit town like we’re in). I told him he didn’t want to touch my window job and he aid he probably would let him. 🙂

    And he thinks it’s a fiberglass tub underneath the tub-surround liner in the bathroom, not a cast iron tub (although my plumber years ago said from underneath the house it appeared to be the original cast iron tub, so who knows … )

    Houses, if they’ve been around this long, are such mysteries.

    Of course, if he’s way more expensive to hire than others, he may be out of my league. But we’ll see. He was able to tell that my windows were made by Anderson (expensive) and knew a lot of about them and how they were made and operate. (They’re casement — I call them French — windows but one option would be to make them up-and-down operating rather than opening door-like indoors which does require that space be left around all the windows on the inside for them to be opened.)

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  15. And he seemed sensitive to the notion of keeping the original craftsman look of the house, which I told him is high on my list of priorities in fixing all of this stuff.

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  16. Chas is tired.
    Chuck and Linda came over to help. And they were lots of help. We relocated some flowers beside the driveway and mailbox that I wasn’t going to deal with until Spring. But it’s done and I’m glad. Chuck & I went to the landfill, and we trimmed bushes.
    We got a lot done, but I did too much.

    Elvera is not helpless. She washes the clothes and helps fix simple lunches. She doesn’t cook anymore because I don’t trust her with some of the equipment.
    She still has her sweet disposition and she doesn’t argue with me, except for which clock to look at and when to take her pill. When we go out to dinner, she orders the same thing I get, except when we are at a place where I know she would like something else on the menu. Like “Chicken & dumplings” for instance. She eats that sort of thing and I don’t.

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  17. And the second handyman was a no-show. Again, not a surprise in that business & this one sounded annoyed when I set up the appointment, not that eager for the work, to say the least.

    So I still have no firm bids in place. Sigh.

    I liked the window/bathroom guy this morning, but looks like he’s a general contractor which might put him out of my price range. He’d do a great job, but I still may have to find someone who can do the work for less.

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  18. No Labour Day traditions here. One of the family’s birthdays occurs near or on Labour Day, but with the dispersal of us all, even that gets forgotten occasionally (it is surprising how hard it is to keep track of birthdays when siblings are married and nieces and nephews come along). This Labour Day will be spent gearing up for the first day of classes. The program looks pretty heavy, with lots of assignments and readings to do.


  19. My nomination for sainthood will be received one day next week at the Vatican. My Battle Ax Aunt was there today and she seemed to remember who I was so she was horrid. I can’t begin to remember all the ugly things she said to me. She wanted iced tea but none was made yet, so I got her ice water AND I DIDN’T EVEN SPIT IN IT!!!!!
    Later she wanted a second helping of my dessert, another aunt leaned over and asked me if Battle Ax knew I made it. I kept my mouth shut and smiled at her,

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  20. Yes, the header is Amos and I took the photo. This is my view most nights before I go to sleep. Eventually he moves up the bed and snuggles in next to me. I think it is funny that he collects most of his toys before bedtime so they are safe and Lou can’t destroy them.

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  21. That is cute about Amos’ toys. 🙂

    My current dogs always take every toy outside, so I don’t buy them many of the cute fuzzy ones as they only wind up dirty and ripped up.

    Fleet Week continues, after the patriotic bunting was stolen off the visitor center yesterday, someone else stole a flag that had been put out in front of one of the downtown bars overnight. Guess they have surveillance video of her.


  22. CNN posted a story about the critics of Mother Teresa


    … Mother Teresa’s dogmatic views on abortions, contraception and divorce may have been welcomed by the socially restrained Vatican, but they have also been criticized in more progressive circles and put her at odds with the feminist movement.

    She raised some eyebrows when, during her Nobel Peace Prize Lecture after winning the prize in 1979, she said the “greatest destroyer of peace is abortion.”

    Additionally, some critics accuse Mother Teresa of trying to convert those she served to Christianity. …


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  23. …some critics accuse Mother Teresa of trying to convert those she served to Christianity.

    She was a missionary nun. What did they think she was doing there besides humanitarian work?

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  24. Well, it got so warm here in Redwood country that we opened the kitchen window and our bedroom door so we could get some cross ventilation going.
    (Nener nener!)

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  25. Nice couple hours at the dog park. We all packed up around 6:30 when it was decided it was getting just a little too chilly.

    I have to find a picture of a bathroom I like, apparently I need to order all the “stuff” — sink, tiles, etc. I have a general idea what I want but I feel a little overwhelmed in having to come up with a precise design.


  26. Could be fun, Dj, as long as there isn’t a timeline.
    Maybe all of us should find pictures for you and post links.
    You did say quite small, right?


  27. I guess I start with some measurements — the unknown is what the heck is under the surround-tub liner, now I’m not even sure of what kind of tub is underneath there. If it’s not the original cast iron but is fiberglass, for example, I’ll need to go back to the added problem of buying a new tub (but one that looks vintage even if it’s not cast iron but a replica type).

    Real estate pal says I need to have all the stuff ordered, delivered & ready to go before I can start plotting the start of the job (and who will do it). He says not to order online, but almost everything has to be ordered online now unless you’re willing to go somewhat generic or can run around town searching for just what you want.


  28. Yes, small and i’m looking for a 1923/craftsman look — hexagon tile floor, white subway tiles for walls, but I’ll need some kind of trim, so winding up back with a black-and-white vintage color scheme mostly. I’ve found pics of the medicine cabinet I want (simple, white wood). I have “pieces” in photos I’ve saved. The trim still baffles me as otherwise it’s just going to be way too much white everywhere. It needs something to break that up.


  29. Yes, I have seen photos on Pinterest and that’s exactly the look I’m after — love-love those both. I’d love to have a freestanding/claw foot tub (providing it’s NOT the original cast iron under the liner – in that case, I’d simply save/restore what’s there). But not sure I have the room. I rather doubt it.

    But yes, that’s the medicine cabinet I’ve seen and that’s close the floor tiles I like on the top pic. (white hexagon w/black flower shapes interspersed is what I’ve mostly settled on, available at Home Depot & on Amazon).

    So the measurements are:

    Tub area, 60″ long, 30″ wide (or less, but replacing the too-big 1950s vanity with a simple pedestal sink could free up a little bit more room)

    whole bathroom, not a whole lot bigger!


  30. you are closer to a plan than you think. You certainly know what you like.
    The bathroom here is 4 feet by 8 feet, I think with the door on the side. No room at all. Maybe it is three and a half feet wide.

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  31. DJ, did you hear that last week Maryland’s governor signed an executive order that schools in the state must start after Labor Day (and end by June 15)? Apparently it’s what everyone wanted except the teacher’s union and the completely Democratic representatives (because Hogan, the gov, is a well-liked Repub).

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  32. Missouri supposedly has a similar “after Labor Day” law, because the big amusement parks in St. Louis and KC need the high school students to work there. But there is a clause that lets rural schools start earlier so the students can work on the farm for harvest. Yes, some of the schools take breaks in the fall for harvest season. But some city schools in rural areas take advantage of the rural clause, even though 90% of their students aren’t farmers. The whole school year was originally decided based on the farm schedule. That’s why we start in the fall and end in the Spring.


  33. Interesting about the debate over when school should start. The argument in LA was primarily aimed at secondary schools, saying the goal was to get all the important testing done before the 3-week winter break (instead of having students take those tests after the break while they’re still in a fog and may have forgotten some of what they’d learned).

    My friend who’s a teacher complains that it puts them back in school for more of August, which can be so hot. It’s still hot in September, she says, but at least there’s less of the hot season to get through when school starts after Labor Day.


  34. DJ, 6 and half by 5 isn’t an unusual bathroom size for a GUEST bath, but it can be done. I like what Michelle posted. Look at Pottery Barn for some inspiration, but I don’t know can afford those prices!!!


  35. Ours appears to be about a five by ten with a partial wall down the middle. No room for a tub.

    The girls’ and guest baths are about five by eight.

    The boys’ have a seven by eleven.


  36. Yeah, pottery barn is fun, but pricey.

    Bathrooms in the early 1920s apparently were typically small, very small. 🙂 And I definitely can’t afford to be knocking out walls to expand it.

    Thinking out loud: I have found hexagon floor tiles (2 patterns, can’t decide) I like at Home Depot & (same ones) on Amazon, they come in those mesh rolls I think; Home Depot might be best to buy from as it would be an easy return, but they may only sell them online, I’m not sure.

    Subway tiles for the walls are pretty commonly available, not sure if I do the whole walls or just part way up for a wainscoting look. Then I guess there are different finishes. Entire walls in tile (except around tub/shower area) might look too white, which is why a contrasting (black?) trim design somehow would be needed? Maybe the partial wall in tile is better/easier to go with, using a solid color to pain upper wall portion.

    I need to find a window, vinyl in there is fine, something that will be smaller & higher than the louvre windows in there now but in a traditional-looking style. Pedestal sink, easy to find, but need to figure out (top/bowl) size (smaller is probably safest). Medicine cabinet like those in the pictures, still need to find.


  37. I’ll check out Houzz, I’ve been there before in my online wanderings for this project, but will go back now that I’m kind of narrowing down the specifics of what I’m looking for. I’m hardly a designer, so finding something to basically “copy” is probably safest for me


  38. Why would you not tile around the tub/shower surround? I would scrimp on tile somewhere else to have tile there. I think I would only tile the wall half way up so if you ever wanted to add color you could.

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  39. I had to break it to our new pastor that, though I appreciate he has a correct Bible (NASB), I was sorry to hear that his theology was so flawed. He warned me this morning that I would not agree with what he said. Most of what he said was very good, about us being saved by the Blood and nothing we can do to better that. I asked what I was supposed to disagree with. He said he had mentioned loss of salvation. I told him I had conceded long ago that he was wrong there but that was okay, I still love him.

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  40. Mumsee, many of the Pentecostal churches believe that you can lose your salvation.
    My dad was saved three times. He believed that his cigar smoking would send him to hell. He finally quit for good the last 25 years of his life. My mother was saved only twice. The second time was permanent.
    So far, I’ve been saved only once.
    That was enough for me.

    The pastor preached on witnessing this morning. He pointed out that being born again meant that you were changing sides. i.e. Whose side are you on?

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  41. Oh, I’d tile all of the tub/shower area, top to bottom, of course. It’s what’s left of the rest of the bathroom walls I’m not sure about yet. Currently, it’s floor to ceiling peach tiles (circa 1950 or ’60?). If I do white subway tiles (including all of the tub area), I’m just thinking maybe more of a wainscot look in the rest of the bathroom would break up all that white and be easier than figuring out a tile trim pattern — although just a black horizontal line of trim could work OK.

    Stopped at Home Depot on the way home from church, they have very little to see “in stock,” only 5 pedestal sinks (very contemporary looking) — some hexagon tiles but not the ones I saw and liked on their online site.

    This is really such a girl thing I guess — my real estate pal is like, just go to Home Depot and buy a pedestal sink & some tiles that they have in stock and be done with it (said right behind his repeated thought of replacing my historic wood framed windows with vinyl). Eeeek

    I’m off work next week (week of 9/12) so since my hope of scheduling the bathroom work that week probably won’t happen, maybe I use that for more research, maybe find some vintage bathroom supply places round LA to poke around in. I don’t necessarily want to buy “authentic” old stuff, but it might help me get a better idea in searching for reproduction type things, from tiles to sinks, to get the right look.


  42. Our sermon was on Proverbs 3:5 with some significant segues into Job, Romans and other Old and New Testament books.

    From some of the written notes that were handed out:

    “God ‘works all things after the counsel of his will’ (Eph. 1:11). This ‘all things’ includes the fall of sparrows (Matt. 10:29); the rolling of dice (Proverbs 16:33); the slaughter of his people (Ps. 44:11); the decisions of kings (Prov. 21:1); the failing of sight (Ex. 4:11); the sickness of children (2 Sam. 12:15); the loss and gain of money (1 Sam. 2:7); the suffering of saints (1 Peter 4:19); the completion of travel plans (James 4:15); the persecution of Christians (Hebrews 12:4-7); the repentance of souls (2 Timothy 2:25); the gift of faith (Philippians 1:29); the pursuit of holiness (Philippians 3:12-13); the growth of believers (Hebrews 6:3); the giving of life and the taking in death (1 Samuel 2:6); and the crucifixion of his Son (Acts 4:27-28).

    “From the smallest thing to the greatest thing, good and evil, happy and sad, pagan and Christian, pain and pleasure — God governs them all for his wise and just and good purposes (Isa. 46:10). Lest we miss the point, the Bible speaks most clearly to this in the most painful situations. Amos asks, in time of disaster, ‘If a calamity occurs in a city, has not the Lord done it?’ (Amos 3:6). After losing all 10 of his children in the collapse of his son’s house, Job says, ‘The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord’ (Job 1:21). After being covered with boils, he says, ‘Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?’ (Job 2:10.”

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  43. Donna, check out wayfair.com – they have sinks and other things that might give you good ideas – and also a price point that might help you know if it’s a good deal or not. I got my vessel sink on eBay (shipped all the way from China). I love it and I could not find anything like it in a big box store or at boutique stores for a reasonable (read inexpensive) price.


  44. Yes, I’ve run across wayfair, too — will go back as I’m continually honing. I saw a number of early 1920s sinks on Ebay, so I’ll re-check those too (just to get a better idea of style, lines, form). I’m still inclined to buy new — but I do want to keep the look authentic, and it’s sometimes hard since these styles (pedestal sinks, for example, or even hexagon and subway tiles) really transcend the eras and have turned up for 100+ years now, but with style nuances particular to the difference decades, no doubt.

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  45. And I’ve found signature hardware dot com online and another vintage bath fixture place that probably would have more precisely what I’m looking for than a Home Depot, for example.

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  46. Missed being around this weekend! I had my writers group yesterday and saw my brother today after church so he could look about our downed tree limbs situation. He thinks he can take care of it. We also drove to the nearby community garden so I could get photos of flowers to post with my haiku. I got some nice shots although my new phone does not do the same quality as the Smartphone did.

    Art and I watched the movie, Shine, last night. It is an Australian film about a child prodigy who plays piano, but his father is abusive and does not want the son to go to America for furthering his musical career. His father disowns him. The prodigy eventually has mental problems but finally finds his way back to playing in concert. His family, all except his dad who had died, were in attendance. It was a great movie, especially for music lovers, but the physical and emotional abusiveness of his father was very disturbing to see. Still, after all the pain, there is a happy ending.

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  47. We don’t have family traditions now because son is so far away. We use to try to do something special on the 4th of July. Well, I guess I should say we continue in our annual timeshare trip. That has been our main tradition.

    This weekend, Atlanta is having the big Dragon Con, a tradition for many. And my city/town, Decatur, within the greater Atlanta metro area is having its annual traditional major book festival. It is one of the largest in the United States. I have never been because early on it did not seem geared to Christians. Maybe our main tradition is staying away from all the crowds! LOL

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  48. Donna, have you considered the ReStore? They may have good, used items that would be less expensive and still match the decor you are aiming for. It pays to swing through the store every couple of weeks. The one in Albuquerque has bins and bins of old door hard ware, tons of sinks, tubs, cabinets etc. We have found some really nice items there.

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  49. Thanks, never heard of it but will check it out — we also have habitat for hilumanity stores here, though that can be hit and miss.

    Real estate pal thought I wanted the hexagon floor tile on the walls, he was pretty relieved when I explained it to him

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  50. Consider the possibility of sinking part of the medicine cabinet between the studs and thus getting a deeper one with more room. Just a thought. I’m always looking for more storage space and if you’re opening the walls anyway–there’s an idea.

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  51. Thanks, I was thinking that’ll be my only storage in there– current cabinet is very big, real estate pal says new one can be same height, but better if it’s narrower (which shouldn’t be a problem) ??


  52. I’ll spend my Labor Day working around, Jo.
    TSWITW is still lolled up in the bed.
    I’m up late this morning because I stayed up to watch Texas beat Notre Dame is two overtimes. last night.


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