16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-3-16

  1. In, I don’t know how to do “like” here, but I like your comment. I suspect it’s both scary and exciting, but I’m happy for you.


  2. 😦 You all know my biggest one: that the week that started with “she hardly ate anything over the weekend and maybe we can change her medications” turned suddenly on Tuesday into “it’s time.” My sweet Misten was with me/us nearly 12 years, but she missed that “one last fall” I was hoping for her.

    It has been a sober week, with thoughts of the one loss spilling over into so many more thoughts of loss. I can’t mark this with a sad face, since times of sober reflection can be spiritually productive. But I can’t help but think of other losses–the loss of my parents, a sister-in-law and brother-in-law, the inevitable loss of my father-in-law in the coming months or years (he has outlived our expectations a couple of years so far, but seems healthier than he seemed two years ago), and even the likely eventual great loss of widowhood. And also the fact that my individual suffering and grief is just a tiny hint of the grief around the world, and this sense: I could say goodbye to Misten knowing I’d never see her again because she was just a beast, but on some level even that seems weird, because death itself is an enemy; even the deaths of our beasts is a result of the Fall. But how on earth does an unbeliever stand at the grave of a spouse or a child and live with his (false) belief that it’s just “over” for this person? We were born for eternity, and we were not created to have body and soul severed in death.

    πŸ™‚ It was a blessing that the expenses of the week were minimal. The vet didn’t charge much (and took back and credited unused medications), because of “even billing” with our utilities we have a month with no electric bill, and several good deals from various companies converged this week to allow us to stock up on groceries (and wine and chocolate) at good prices with some really good reward bonuses.

    πŸ™‚ Our daughter who still lives with us (not the one who married, IOW) works a long shift Wednesday p.m. to Friday a.m. and now that we’re half-empty-nesters that means we have a long stretch with the house to ourselves. This week, probably partly due to the very hard start to the week and our sense that we needed time to comfort and love each other, we had some valuable “date” time, including a walk in the swamp Thursday and time yesterday sitting at Starbucks snuggled up on their outdoor seating, sipping drinks and talking and laughing. My husband said it was just like the days when we were dating, except that our dating months we were spending all our time together in public places or with chaperones, and now we don’t have to stay in public anymore.

    πŸ™‚ I’m finally getting my photos from my old computer onto my new one–my husband worked so hard on setting up the new one a month ago that he didn’t want to mess with it anymore for a while, and I’m not computer literate enough to figure it out on my own (nor did I want to mess up anything he’d have to fix). But now my “most important” photos have been moved and we’re working on getting the other ones transferred too.

    😦 It’s a little weird, though, because I have one screen but two computers . . . including two keyboards and two mice. So to figure out how to type here, I had to figure out which keyboard and which mouse are paired with the unit that is “on” now.

    πŸ™‚ God’s in His heaven; all’s right with the world.

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  3. Fifteen year old son is frustrated. Last summer we told him he was not to work at a certain business. He said he was going to anyway. This summer he went to the business and worked for two months ( he is a volunteer and spends most of his time watching television and playing video games there). He got in last night at nearly midnight from an away football game and I woke him at the usual time, told him he had twenty minutes to eat, shower, and hit the road, presumably to the business where he was told not to work. He hemmed and hawed and mentioned that this was frustrating. What? The school supplies. What? We offered to buy them for you, gave you money to buy them, set you up with an account at school, and you still get your supplies from somewhere and won’t tell us where. You chose to go to the business after being told repeatedly not to, and now you were told to go entertain yourself as we are busy here with our usual activities and don’t care to change them for somebody unwilling to follow directions. Bye, see you around five thirty! But the business is closed, what do I do? Whatever you want, young fellow, just not on the property. He went up the hill and stood there for a long time. It might help if he would apologize for going to the business and use the supplies given to him by us. But he won’t. I can understand his frustration because he still carries the idea that whatever he wants to do is fine and I don’t agree.

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  4. Get a cat for the mice. πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ 😦 Going through the stress (but also enjoying the promise of a better looking-functioning house) to get estimates on things that need to get done.

    πŸ™‚ A long weekend, much needed.

    😦 The loss of Misten 😦

    Not to re-open the whole (sometimes contentious) issue of pets in heaven, but I’ve long taken comfort in RC Sproul’s rather open-ended response to that question. I suspect we’re in for a number of surprises both when it comes to how the earth’s final days unfold — and to the details of our life everlasting.



    By R.C. Sproul in Now That’s a Good Question

    … Within the Christian church there are different schools of thought on this issue. Some people believe that animals simply disintegrate; they pass into nothingness and are annihilated, which is based on the premise that animals don’t have souls that can survive the grave. However, nowhere does Scripture explicitly state that animals do not have souls.

    The Bible tells us that we have the image of God in a way that animals do not. Now is the β€œimage of God” what differentiates between a soul and a nonsoul? Those who take a Greek view of the soul—that it is this substance that continues indestructibly forever—may want to restrict that to human beings. But, again, there’s nothing in Scripture I know of that would preclude the possibility of animals’ continued existence.

    The Bible does give us some reason to hope that departed animals will be restored. We read in the Bible that redemption is a cosmic matter. The whole creation is destined to be redeemed through the work of Christ (Rom 8:21), and we see the images of what heaven will be like; beautiful passages of Scripture tell us about the lion and the lamb and other animals being at peace with one another. Whenever heaven is described, though it may be in highly imaginative language, it is a place where animals seem to be present. Whether these are animals newly created for the new heavens and the new earth, or they are the redeemed souls of our pets that have perished, we can’t know for sure.

    All of this is sheer speculation, but I would like think that we will see our beloved pets again someday as they participate in the benefits of the redemption that Christ has achieved for the human race.

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  5. Cheryl – Your daughter is working 30-something hours in a row?! What does she do?

    Re: Your thought about how do unbelievers stand at a grave, thinking it’s just over. I think there are some people who think that, but most that I have known believe in some kind of afterlife, some kind of heaven that everyone gets into, except maybe people like Hitler.


  6. 😦 Ongoing effects of the trauma Mr X brought into our lives.

    😦 Nightingale’s cheating boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend). (Details on prayer thread.)

    😦 Continuing concerns for my Chickadee.

    πŸ™‚ God is control.

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  7. Is it because my eyes are so bad (can’t wait for my cataracts surgeries) or does anyone else have trouble telling if the faces are smileys or frownies?


  8. πŸ™‚ Summer camp is finally finished – now for the follow up and fall rentals

    😦 I’ll be missing the wonderful young staff we had for the last four months

    πŸ™‚ Bringing in the garden produce – today was the last of the apples and all the celery – next year I’ll need to remember to thin the celery. I probably now have enough chopped and frozen to last me the whole year for soups and all ground beef dishes. We use celery instead of onions as husband can’t eat onions.

    😦 Misten – so very sad

    πŸ™‚ Daughter was offered a full time job after covering vacations for August!!!!

    πŸ™‚ A much needed week off this coming week – medical appointments and hopefully some canoeing/kayaking and other fun stuff

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  9. 😦 Learning my cousin (who was younger than me) died, probably of an over dose. I cannot imagine the sadness of his father, who just lost his wife a couple of month ago. He has a tender heart and I know it must surely be aching. I prayed often for this cousin.

    😦 The body of Jacob Wetterling being found. Now if we could just find out the fate of Lee Ann Warner, who has been missing for years. She was only five and lived in a small town near us. Her dad worked in the same place my husband did and her grandmother sang in some of the same shows my husband did. These stories haunt the people around here and our hearts hurt for these families.

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  10. Michelle, yeah, I had to put her down Tuesday. All summer I’d known “it was coming,” and in fact on our trips out of state I was somewhat concerned lest she take a turn for the worse while we were gone and (1) our daughters would have to be the ones to take her to the vet and (2) I wouldn’t be here with her, but at the time that was only a remote, unlikely fear. (But when you’re going to be out of town for two-and-a-half weeks straight, the possibility strengthens.) I thought we probably had several more months, and had finally come to terms with fall would probably be her last season, that winter would be too much for her. And then the last couple weeks she went downhill fast, and by Tuesday she was mostly incontinent and not eating at all, even cheese, and those two sudden changes were enough to say “It’s time.”

    I dreamed about her last night, dreamed that I was at some sort of park next to my house that was doing a company picnic, and then Misten was standing there (without a collar, I think–I removed it and brought it home), and in my dream I thought, “She is already dead, but I get one last chance to pet her,” and so I petted her but she didn’t turn around and look at me or show any other response to my touch, just stood there and let me pet her. I imagine that if in my dream she had turned and looked at me, I would have woken up crying.

    Donna, I tend to think that animals (thinking ones, anyway) do have some sort of “soul,” something that separates them from plants and from creatures like jellyfish. And I’m inclined to think there will be animals in eternity–somehow it seems hard not to think something will be “missing” if we don’t have butterflies, birds, dogs, and horses. (Other creatures are kind of “take it or leave it,” but those fill specific niches; I imagine there will be others, too, but those come to mind as a basic minimum.) Whether we will have the same creatures is indeed speculation, and my thought is that in eternity I won’t “need” Misten, but God in His goodness may well add anything that will delight His children, possibly including collies and possibly including specific ones.

    One of the hard things that last day was that as well as she and I knew each other, the limits of communication were so stark when I couldn’t ask her whether there was anything at all I could do, whether she was in pain, etc. I imagine that before the Fall, animals and humans could probably communicate better (could the serpent actually talk other times than in the temptation?) and that any animals we know in eternity, communication will not be so limited. Yet I also cannot imagine that they will be actual pets (servants) in eternity, but that any creatures we might know will be wild and free, voluntarily loving us but not in need of our protection and not subject to our whims.

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  11. My former dogs randomly turn up in some of my dreams, it’s kind of like “oh, hi, it’s you!” The dreams aren’t about them per se, but there they are, suddenly in the yard or next to me. They do leave their mark.


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