17 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-5-16

  1. Tychicus, The Texas Big Two (UT and A&M) both beat ranked teams. Some of their rivals (the Okies, the Arkies, TCU, Mississippi State, and LSU) looked bad. However, the poor Aggies still have to play Alabama.


  2. Bill Kristol is thinking like we are this morning.


  3. This is what makes Charles Krauthammer so valuable. He was virtually the only commentator who saw through Trump’s bombast and bluster in his Arizona speech and noticed that Trump had abandoned the one position (all illegal immigrants must be deported) that gave him the edge in the primaries.


    The rest of the press (liberal and conservative) were apparently fooled by Trump’s tone.

    Ironically, this article is from Trumbart, quoting Krauthammer on Special Report, one of the few decent shows left on Fox.


  4. Big debate coming up on the 26th:


    Trump cuts into Clinton’s lead as crucial stretch begins
    Both teams prepare for the biggest moment of 2016 – the Sept. 26 debate.
    By Gabriel Debenedetti


    The final stretch of the longest presidential campaign in history opens this week. Think it’s been ugly? You’ve seen nothing yet.

    Both Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s teams see September as the month that will make — or break — their candidate’s case for the White House. A confident Clinton fighting to keep expectations in check will ratchet up her get-out-the-vote operation while courting more Republicans to her camp. A defiant Trump will double down on the America-first message that he thinks got him this far in the first place. The Democrat’s allies will continue to blanket the battleground airwaves with stinging attacks on Trump’s character. And three weeks into the month, early voting periods will open, state by state.

    But nothing is more crucial for either contender than Sept. 26, when Clinton and Trump will meet at Hofstra University for the first presidential debate. Both campaigns have come to the conclusion that for the Republican nominee to compete in the homestretch, he needs a shock to the system and the Hempstead, New York, forum offers his best opportunity.

    “The wildness and unpredictability of the last 16 months?” said Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. “It’s only going to increase. It’s not going away. Hold onto your hat.” …


  5. I don’t know why people think Hillary’s inaccessible, she answers questions all the time.

    If your parents donated at least $2,700. bucks, you’re under 16, and the questions are pre-screened. You know, the tough questions American’s want answered…. 🙄


    “Maybe the media should pose as children with a stacks of 27 $100 bills in little their outstretched hands so they, too, can have an audience with the queen.

    The New York Times revealed in the 21st paragraph of a Saturday story that while it’s now been 273 days since Hillary Clinton last held a press conference, one group of nonvoters is getting to quiz her, given they have a wad of cash to hand over:

    For a donation of $2,700, the children (under 16) of donors at an event last month at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., estate of the hedge fund magnate Adam Sender could ask Mrs. Clinton a question. A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000, according to attendees.

    The Times didn’t report what questions the children were allowed to ask, but they were likely more than anything the media’s been allowed to ask lately.

    Clinton’s campaign regularly had children ask her questions during the primary.”

    I wonder what her favorite color is? Ice Cream too. I have so many questions…….


  6. Donna,

    I think one way or the other, the debates will decide it. If Trump implodes, Hillary in a landslide. But if he keeps it together, he may pull ahead. That won’t be easy given the line-up of Clinton biased moderators, but it can be done. Hammer her on the lies, cover-ups, corruption, and the fraud that is the Clinton Foundation in a calm and reasonable manner and he’ll benefit. I don’t even know if that’s possible with Trump, given his past examples. 🙂

    It will be interesting to watch either way, that’s for sure….

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  7. I think AJ nailed it @ 2:11. There are a lot of educated people (particularly women) who really don’t want to vote for Hillary. However, before they will vote for Trump they need some minimal amount of confidence that he would govern with a degree of intelligence, sanity and decorum. The debates are his opportunity to give that confidence.


  8. One thing that worries the Clinton people, according to the politico article, is Trump’s chameleon nature. They’re not sure which Trump they will be up against, so it makes the preparation challenging.

    But the debate will either help or hurt Trump the most, especially since he remains the underdog.

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  9. I don’t think the electoral map holds much promise for Trump. He essentially has to sweep the table on every swing state imaginable and I don’t see it. The race has tightened up as the post convention bounces are done and the polls and electoral college math is essentially where it was in June. Organizationally she is far ahead of Trump and in states where 1-2% is the margin of victory, she will have the “get out the vote” machinery in place, Trump won’t.

    The scrutiny on Clinton has hurt her. It amazes me the criticism generated toward the Clinton foundation which apparently has been graded better than American Red Cross, A+ according to a charity watchdog. In comparison, Trump seems to be graded differently — his campaign contributions to state attorneys which then dropped Trump U investigations, his lack of tax returns, etc. all seem to be ignored or gone away quietly. And they say its a liberal media…

    The right wing media has been critical of her lack of appearance post convention but given her lead, why not fundraise for the real campaign season — post Labor Day. That money will be crucial to get out the vote. Hire scrutineers, poll watchers, drive rental vans to pick up votes, etc. I sat as a scruntineer for the NDP one election — I had a list of potential NDP voters which I cross referenced to the voters list as the poll clerks crossed it out. Anybody who had yet to show up and was on my list received a visit or phone call from our driver and asked if they needed a ride to the poll station. Although most election day people are volunteers, the pre-election day organization is not cheap.

    The debates ought to be interesting. Clinton will be vastly better prepared and professional while Trump will rely on his bombastic appeal and bluster (he makes up his facts as needed). And depending what you like in a leader, you will like one or the other. Although if Trump talks about his hands, the debate is over. Any sign of erraticism, and he’s done.

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  10. There have been some interesting articles about the press and Trump. Some have tried to justify a bias against Trump because of his nature/character. Others have talked about how hard it is to pin Trump down because he will change his story, bring up irrelevant issues, appeal to one’s worst instincts, change the subject, and/or deny he said or did something he just said or did,

    It is hard to pin down a con artist. They will use all of the above techniques and many more. On a few occasions I have had to meet with a con artist and one of my clients (generally a doctor) who wanted to invest money with the con artist. I always knew the character was a con artist and the con artist generally knew that I knew, but my client always wanted to believe that story which was too good to be true.

    Trump’s promise in the primary debates to deport ALL the illegal aliens reminded me of one of those meetings. All the other candidates were the voice of reason trying to warn the poor primary voters who really wanted to believe Trump. Last week’s reversal by Trump reminded me of the moment when the doctor called and told me his first $100,000 had been surprisingly lost and asked if I would advise him to invest another $100,000 with the con artist which was “certain” to recoup his earlier loss and produce a “fabulous” profit.

    Hillary has the perfect debate prep partner. Her husband is just as cunning and just as slick a liar as Trump. It will be interesting to see if she uses his services.

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  11. I think it will be very ugly, too. Educated women may have plenty of questions about the Secretary but I can’t see many of them voting for Trump, either. More and more people, including non-believers, are not going to vote for either one. Gary Johnson’s name is cropping up more and more.

    I think the last week of October through the first Wednesday in November, and perhaps beyond, will be a great time to take a vacation in a foreign country . . . what’s Canada like that time of year, HRW? 🙂

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  12. I think you’re right. Trump is difficult to pin down. The media really should investigate Trump U, his tax returns and other financials but then he does something outrageous and distracting and they lose focus. His antics sell papers and grab eyeballs on the screen so the media gravitates to the antics and not the con.

    Michelle — October is the best time to visit Ontario. The leaves are changing colours and the scenery is amazing. The weather is roughly 10-12 degrees with no humidity. Its the best time of the year. And the media is more dignified here.

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