Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016- Week 1

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready for some football?

Pick the winners and the score of the tie breaker. NOTE: Deadline 7PM EDT Thursday, September 1, 2016. (There is no prize for winning, so don’t expect a new car or cash. Chas will give out the “Attaboy” after the winner is announced.)

1. So Carolina @ Vanderbilt (Thursday night)

2. #3 Oklahoma vs. #15 Houston

3. Mizzou @ West Virginia

4. #16 UCLA @ Tex A&M

5. #18 Georgia vs. #22 North Carolina

6. #20 So Cal vs. #1 Alabama

7. #2 Clemson @ Auburn

8. #10 Notre Dame @ Texas (Sunday night)

9. #11 Ole Miss vs. #4 Florida (Monday night)

10 Tie Breaker: BYU vs. Arizona (Pick winner and final score)


And a Thank You! very much to Peter, for once again taking the time to put this all together for us.

Thanks Peter! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016- Week 1

  1. My son Travis says:
    South Carolina
    Norte Dame
    Old Miss
    Arizona 35-28


  2. Chas’ wild guesses:
    Tigers. I can’t lose on this. Can anyone beat Clemson? If Clemson beats Auburn, they are on the way.. I know the Tigers will win this one. I suspect Clemson.
    Arizona 14-10


  3. 1. So Carolina

    2. #3 Oklahoma

    3. Mizzou

    4. #16 UCLA

    5. #18 Georgia

    6.. #1 Alabama

    7. #2 Clemson

    8. #10 Notre Dame

    9. . #4 Florida State

    10 Arizona (Pick winner and final score) 42 to 34


  4. I say:
    South Carolina
    West Virginia
    North Carolina
    Notre Dame
    BYU 28-24


  5. S. Carolina
    Mizzou (where is that??)
    So Cal
    Notre Dame
    Ole Miss
    BYU 64-48

    So, this will get me a vacation in Tahiti?


  6. Mizzou is the University of Missouri. Tigers. Lots of tigers this week. Sorry Chas.

    So Cal. Vandy is the doormat of the SEC, isn’t it?
    Sooners. I would sooner root for an OK team than a Texas school.
    USC- I know I’m going out on a limb, but AJ started it.
    ND – Holding my nose on this choice. Like I’ll do on election day.
    Arizona 24 – 17. This “rivalry” goes back to the days of the Western Athletic Conference, when Arizona, Arizona State and BYU were the only good teams it had.


  7. Missed the deadline…today was Mrs. IBNO’s birthday and I got sidetracked. By the way…its Florida State beating Ole Miss Monday night…not the lowly Gators…go ‘Noles!


  8. Oops! I was in a hurry and just read Florida. My bad. Anyone who wants to change the guess on that game is welcome to before the Monday night game. Sorry for the mistake. I’ll look more closely next time.


  9. It was a strange night.
    South Carolina edged Vandy 13/10 in the last minute.
    Fry kicked his longest field goal.

    Appalachian State lost to Tennessee in overtime. 20/13
    Almost a repeat of the stunning victory over Michigan five years ago.
    App is not in the same league. They play the big guys for the money it brings.
    But they are usually tops in their league
    My youngest GD and husband of middle GD went to App.

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  10. What a week-end! Upsets and close ones. So far, kbells and Tychicus are tied with 7 out of 9 games complete. Neither picked the right winner in the tie breaker, so it will come down to tonight’s game with Ole Miss and Florida State. Tychicus chose Ole Miss, Kbells chose FSU.

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  11. And the winner is kbells! FSU made a comeback in the 3rd quarter to win the game, so Mrs Bells wins the first Pigskin Picks of 2016. So, as a reward (non-tangible), she gets to pick the tie breaker game for next week.

    Totals will be posted later today. (The spreadsheet file is at home and I’m at work.)

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  12. Mumsse, I said I Will have help. I did this one on my own. I should probably leave all the menfolk out of it. They are so emotional. .
    PeterL that should be ATTPERSON


  13. Okay, kbells has spoken. That is a game I was considering.

    Anyway, here are the results:
    So Carolina 13 – Vanderbilt 10
    Houston 33 – Oklahoma 23
    West Virginia 26 – Mizzou 11
    Tex A&M 31 – UCLA 24 OT
    Georgia 33 – North Carolina 24
    Alabama 52 – USC 6 (I think USC was thinking baseball)
    Clemson 19 – Auburn 13
    Texas 50 – Notre Dame 47 OT
    Florida State 45 – Ole Miss 34 (Ole Miss blew a 15 poinit half-time lead)
    BYU 18 – Arizona16

    Our results:
    kbells 8
    Chas, Tychicus & RickyW 7
    AJ, Travis, Kim 5
    Mumsee and I 4

    Good job, those who broke even or better. It was a tough weekend. I’ll send AJ the list for this week tomorrow. It’ll include the 3 major military academies and some cross-state rivals, so kbells’ choice fits that theme.


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