32 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-27-16

  1. Nancy Pearcy post from FB:

    CA Pastors Forbidden to Counsel Minors on Sexuality & Gender

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld state legislation making it illegal for pastors to counsel minors who are struggling with their sexuality and gender.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco on August 23 upheld California’s wildly controversial Senate Bill 1172 that bars licensed counselors — including pastors — from assisting youth who want to change or reduce their same-sex attractions. The law also prohibits any counseling that would steer youth away from gender confusion.

    Pacific Justice Institute filed suit against SB 1172 in 2012 and initially won a preliminary injunction based on free speech. But eventually the Ninth Circuit created a new approach to free speech that the excludes counseling about sex, and deems it to be unprotected speech….
    Pacific Justice’s lead plaintiff is both a pastor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who oversees a counseling ministry in his church. Pacific Justice pointed out that the SB 1172 if applied would reaching over the walls of a church to prohibit what could be said during counseling by a pastor who is also a trained marriage and family therapist.

    According to the law, “Under no circumstances shall a mental health provider engage in sexual orientation change efforts with a patient under 18 years of age.”

    Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented:

    ‘We are deeply disappointed by today’s ruling because it represents a giant step backwards for religious freedom. A government that can tell a pastor what he can and cannot say during counseling is a government that can tell a pastor what parts of the Bible are off-limits. The court also reminded us today that this law lays the groundwork for further restrictions on parental rights.'”

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  2. One way to look at Trump (seen today from a conservative, non-Trump supporter/political blogger):

    Trump is the non-leftist in the race.


  3. s this a ban on “pray away the gay” conversion therapies? Teen mental health therapies need to be closely regulated (not just the ones related to sexuality) — frequently, the therapy has more to do with parental needs/demands than teen needs. Not to mention, are pastors the best equipped to deal with confused teens and their sexuality?

    Are there any leftists in the race?? Clinton and Trump are both in the top right quadrant of the political compass. In fact, in terms of international trade Clinton is more right wing in the neoliberal economist sense. Stein can be seen as a leftist but she has a credibility problem e.g. vaccinations.


  4. I can understand the secular reasoning behind not being able to counsel under-18 year olds on changing their sexuality. But if they were consistent, which they are not, they would also outlaw any transgender “therapies” (not sure what to call them) for under-18 year olds, especially the drugs they give them before & during puberty.

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  5. Because of our respective positions on the extreme right (Yes. I will admit it.) and extreme left, HRW and I cannot agree as to the exact position where Trump and Hillary sit, side-by-side.

    HRW is correct that Trump is to the left of Clinton on trade. Trump is also to the left of Clinton on healthcare, taxes and gay rights, except when he is not.

    I would ask, “Are there any non-Leftists in the race?” This brings up the fact that Trump is a chameleon and a con artist (as we saw this week on immigration), able to flip positions, back and forth in a day, or even in consecutive sentences. He is therefore harder to locate on the political map than is Hillary.

    From my perspective on the right, I therefore think the correct statement is: “Hillary is the only admitted leftist in the race.’


  6. I have a new (post 1960) movie to recommend to most of you. It is “Hell or High Water” and is about modern West Texas (though it was filmed in Eastern New Mexico). HRW would like the movie”s hostile view of multi-location banks. Everyone would like the portrayal of Texans’ love for guns and their willingness to use them. AJ would like the fact that my wife and I can assure him that all but one of the characters in the movie would vote for Trump (unless they were disinfranchised felons). Sorry Chas, You wouldn’t like the language or one bad scene.


  7. I mentioned trade only because its the one position Trump has been fairly consistent and clear about. Most Americans tend to see the left-right spectrum simply about gov’t involvement esp in the economy. However, using the European concept of left-right (who after all invented it) we can position Trump as a right wing populist. Right wing populism accepts capitalism with some restraints (usually tariffs), opposed to immigration, opposed to central gov’t (federal here, the EU in Europe) yet has authoritarian tendencies (esp in reference to minorities, immigrants etc), etc. In that definition, Trump is definitely right wing. Clinton is a typical centrist — pro-capitalist with some restraint (some welfare but no tariffs), socially liberally, hawkish in foreign policy, and part of the corporate system.

    While on vacation, I came across a poll form Pew which I have yet find again. They did a survey based on a hypothetical five-party election in the US (a Europe style menu of choice) — Social Democratic party under Sanders, Liberal Party under Clinton, Conservative Party under Kaisch, Christian Coalition Party under Cruz and a People’s Party under Trump. The results; Sanders, Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Kaisch with no clear winner; hence a run-off would be Sanders vs Trump.

    Strange, you would think I’m opposed to multi-location banks. Canada has essentially five major banks with no provincial restrictions — it makes federal regulations very easy. Its one of the reasons, the Cdn banking system is considered very safe, conservative and boring.

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  8. Whatever it is Ricky. It can’t be something I haven’t heard before.

    Re: The letter the Univ. of Chicago sent out.
    I clicked on it, but didn’t read the entire thing, So, I’ll admit to not being fully informed.
    However: The entire concept both confuses and repels me.
    During my years of college, there was no concept of somebody being harmed by hearing someone express an opinion.
    It’s beyond my comprehension.
    But then I’m in the check-out generation. (As the guy in the “educational” movie You are what you were when might say.
    I was a 41 year old student at Purdue when I first heard a girl say the “F” word, which Trump uses in his speeches.

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  9. Pearcy’s cautionary post focused on the future freedoms of more orthodox religious bodies — who are clearly now in a dissenting & unpopular role within the wider culture on sexual issues — to practice and preach and offer counsel when needed and (presumably) requested under their beliefs.

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  10. One of my Facebook friends was asked a question by one of his friends, & part of his answer, on what we Americans mean by “conservative” & “liberal” being different from the rest of the world, was interesting to me, so I thought I’d share it with you. . .

    “Conservative and Liberal mean different things here than in most of the world, because we basically had a Classical Liberal revolution, and conservatives wish to conserve what was actually a Classical Liberal heritage, that of the founders, the Declaration, the Constitution, limited government, etc.

    “In the rest of the world, Classical Liberalism is generally still called Liberalism, and Conservatives tend to be those who resist that, and wish to return to a less democratic, less liberal, ethnic-nationalism for instance.

    “The far fight in Europe has often been of this sort, in Italy and Germany in the ’30s, in modern parties in France and elsewhere.

    “Anti-immigrant, intense nationalists, isolationist, sometimes anti-trade as well.”

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  11. HRW, You wouldn’t like the bank in the movie. It practices the worst of what you call ‘corporatism’. It essentially acts like the railroads did in the old pro-Jesse James movies.


  12. Classical liberalism would recoil at “trigger alert” and “safe places” — on college campuses, of all places.

    Yep, the terms have changed here.

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  13. Which is why you see it referred to as “illiberalism” by some today.

    The left’s state-sponsored clamp-down on diversity of thought and speech is entirely contrary to what real liberalism represents.

    We live in strange times.

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  14. I was watching CNN before church and they were hammering Hillary on the Clnton Foundation/ buying access scandal. I had two thoughts:

    1. Any of the other 17 Republicans (including Gilmore and Lindsay Graham) would be beating Hillary. The party would be unified, they would be running tens of millions of dollars of commercials, the candidate would actually be campaigning in key states and Republicans would have a “ground game” to match the Democrats.

    2. Trump could still win. After Trump tried to kill himself after the conventions, Nate Silver put his odds of winning at 11%. Since then he has crept up steadily to 19%. Hillary is always capable of matching his latest bit of lunacy with another scandal. What a year!


  15. During primary polling only Trump and Kaisch were beating Clinton. Kaisch would beat Clinton. Sanders was polling to beat everyone and tie Kaisch. Not sure if any of these poll numbers would hold. Trump’s didn’t.

    Peyton looks like he wants to be anywhere but there.

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  16. HRW, We must be consistent. If we are going to condemn idiocy in Trump, we must also condemn it in Biden. Right now I think bland might get 60% of the vote if it was neither corrupt nor insane.


  17. Sure, you can keep your gardener…….

    As long as your gardener isn’t a criminal. If he is, he gotta go.


    “Donald Trump promised to start “removing criminal illegal immigrants” on day one during his speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual Roast and Ride when he spoke to roughly two-thousand supporters.

    “On Day One, I am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country – including removing the hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into U.S. communities under the Obama-Clinton Administration,” the Republican nominee stated.

    Trump’s comments come after speculation that the New Yorker was waffling on his immigration stance — specifically on deportation. He has continuously promised to deport illegal criminals whom he calls the “bad ones.””

    Not sure yet where this guy will fall, but it ain’t lookin’ good. I get that he was coming to help, but he clearly did not.


    “An undocumented immigrant was piloting a charter bus that he wasn’t licensed to drive when it crashed Sunday morning in Louisiana, killing two people and injuring dozens, police said.

    The bus was full of workers headed to Baton Rouge to help with the flooding cleanup, said Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey. The driver was Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, Matey said.

    One of those killed was St. John the Baptist Parish Fire District Chief Spencer Chauvin, Matey said.”

    “”The bus driver lost control of the bus, struck a fire truck, veered across the right lane, striking other vehicles, then veered and struck three firefighters, who, all three, were thrown over the guard rail,” Matey said.”

    “Two other people in the Camry and five people in a pickup truck that was also hit while parked at the scene were transported to hospitals with minor to moderate injuries, Matey said.
    There were 35-40 people on the charter bus who were also transported to local hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. Six other people were airlifted to trauma hospitals in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Matey said.”


  18. Now we are getting somewhere. I can keep my gardener and the nice ladies that cook my breakfast and lunch at the local restaurants and all the guys that take care of the golf course and set the pins each Saturday morning.

    Speaking of which, we seem to have a shortage of Mexicans at the McDonalds in my town. The crew there which is a blend of white, Black and Mexican workers is really struggling: long lines at the drive-thru, last week they ran out of coffee, and lots of no-shows among the workers. On Sundays I get my coffee at the McDonalds in the next town where we go to church. They have gone to an all Mexican crew. No problem there! The workers show up and that place runs like clockwork. I’m pretty sure none of them are criminals. Hopefully, old Trump doesn’t have any criminals at his hotels or golf courses.


  19. In addition to what is liberal or conservative in America i want to whine about the colors assigned to Democrat and Republican. Republicans should be blue and Democrats should be red. USA Today’s famous Red map-Blue map started it all. I have always thought USA Today didn’t want to label Democrats as Socialists/Communists. That is who/what they are!

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  20. The only “rights” we have are specified in the Constitution.
    Some would say that “Life” is a right. But the Constitution has already been twisted more ways than one.

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