25 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-27-16

  1. 🙂 I finished painting the shed.
    😦 It is in such bad shape that I will need to replace it someday. Wood is rotting.
    😦 Best estimate, so far, is around $1800. Not ready to do that.


  2. Let’s see, where do I start?

    😦 Seven days ago, Misten couldn’t even stand up. That was enough to make me re-evaluate her medications.

    🙂 She doesn’t have her “pep” back, but compared to a week ago, she’s a puppy again, and I still have a dog. A week ago I didn’t know whether I’d be able to say that in a week.

    🙂 I’ve been reading some really good books. Just finished my third by Paul Brand and Phil Yancey–all very worth reading–and I’m into God’s Lyrics, by O’Donnell, an excellent book based on several Old Testament songs.

    🙂 We’ve had several rains the last 10 days or so after a dry summer, and everything looks so different. In fact, our daughter mowed earlier this week, and it already needs it again–rather unusual in August!


  3. My husband goes to sea for the first time in 20 years.

    I have three days to work hard, long hours, to get things done without any distractions.

    Computer– which has hours of work completed on it for a deadline– will not boot up.

    Smart kid #1 comes over last night (day 2 of 3) and lobotomizes it.

    It now runs on half the memory, but sufficient for me to get the doc and my full manuscript onto a flash drive.

    Mouse for laptop, which now houses the important docs, does not work

    Worked fine the day before.

    I’ll check batteries this morning.

    Hours of work to do, will not finish inputting corrections into manuscript, but it can wait.

    Rain for our vacation spot days.

    Important interview did not result in my hopes.

    3.5 years after hanging out so much with OC and Biddy, I’m not anywhere near as freaked out as I would have been 20 years ago.

    I’m claiming spiritual growth! 🙂

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  4. 😦 Accident and the aftermath. We probably should have gotten a lawyer. We were too nice at the scene, apparently. Their insurance adjuster was a liar and nasty person with which to deal. We are almost finished in dealing with her. We should have no more actual speaking with her. Yes, I am counting that as a blessing. I pity anyone with their insurance or having to deal with her.

    🙂 The Lord uses it all for my good. We did find a new car.

    🙂 Our little Annika was baptized last weekend. She was in the same gown that every child in her husband’s side of the family has used. It is beautiful and quite fragile now.

    🙂 The day before our other daughter and family had a housewarming for their new home. She lives about 45 minutes from Annika, so we were able to take in both occasions while traveling the four hours only once and back again. Nice to have these happy times in the midst of the stress of the accident after math.

    🙂 Had a positive response from an unsaved friend on fb after sharing a testimony from someone’s blog. Please pray for a softened heart, ears that hear and eyes that see. God will know who you mean. This person has been very hostile to the gospel, so this little thing surprised me and made me hopeful.

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  5. 🙂 😦 Summer camp is done

    😦 Said goodbye to most of the staff yesterday

    🙂 We’ll stay in touch on Facebook and most will be back next summer

    😦 Absolutely exhausted after 4 months of go go go!

    🙂 I get to go to church again (I work Sundays due to registration)

    🙂 My garden is producing so much we’re giving stuff away every day. We’re so thankful for this garden that just produces without a lot of work from us

    🙂 I’ll have time to read and comment on here more often again

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  6. Something I haven’t seen in several years.
    A young woman came skating by my house.
    (on rollerskates)
    Late teens. They used to do that in Annandale.


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  7. 😆

    If anyone asks you who is the dumbest person you know, say, “CHAS”.
    I was outside cutting grass when I noticed the skater. I was wearing sun glasses. That makes perfect sense. It’s bright out there.
    I come into the house. About half an hour ago now. I have trouble seeing. I could hardly see to make the above post. I wondered about my eyes adjusting to being inside.
    Then, a couple of minutes ago, I pulled my glasses off to wipe my eyes.
    I was wearing sunglasses all this time.
    I see very well now, But I feel real silly.

    None of you have ever done that, I know.

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  8. Everything comes back into style eventually. 🙂

    😦 I realized belatedly that yesterday was National Dog Day — everyone was posting such happy photos of their dogs, at the beach, out on a hike … All while poor Cowboy was stuck all day at the vet’s getting his teeth scraped clean. Bad owner.

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  9. Chas, the hipster in sunglasses. 🙂 We have a reporter who gets migraines a lot so she’ll put on her sunglasses in the office. One day, we all decided to follow suit, took out our sunglasses and joined her as we worked in the dark.

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  10. Memorial service this morning for baby Samantha, who I’d asked you to pray for a couple weeks ago. 😦 Such a sad time. 🙂 Such a powerful Christian testimony from the parents as they recounted their journey with Samantha in the service. 🙂 Nice visit with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile who came for the service.

    🙂 It rained enough the week before last for the lawn to turn green again and need mowing last weekend.

    😦 It rained enough last week for the lawn to need mowing again now.

    It’s raining now so I can’t mow the law today. 😦 🙂


  11. 🙂 Very productive day in the house.

    🙂 Took some old household cleaners to the hazardous drop-off site, but one of the bags leaked. Good thing I have a heavy-duty tarp over the cargo area, but it spilled a lot. 😦 It smells clean, but it’s not really.

    🙂 Cowboy got his teeth cleaned, which was needed. All went well. Expensive, but good to have it behind us.

    😦 Possible old bathroom wall liner failure going on, but I picked up some clear plastic barrier and white industrial tape to see if I can at least keep the water out of the one spot. It’ll need more (maybe a lot more) eventually, but I don’t even want to think about it. Maybe I can marry a plumber/bathroom contractor before then.

    🙂 Mexican lasagna casserole to make tonight for the mission, already had most of the ingredients on hand, just picked up just the random ones (tortillas, corn, black beans) that I didn’t have.

    🙂 Lots of stuff ready to ship out to the Salvation Army. They say you spend the first part of your life acquiring things, the last part trying to unload most of it. 🙂

    😦 Coyote issue still isn’t resolved and probably won’t be, the city is dug in on no trapping, no way, no how, ever. People are frustrated, but I guess the issue will have to play out for a couple more years. Maybe it’ll ease up. Or, if it gets worse, maybe the city then might be ready to reconsider. Meanwhile, city officials are having a devil of a time trying to educate us commoners on how to play nice with the coyotes so they will be nicer to us and our pets so we can all live in harmony. (I exaggerate. They actually want us to basically build 8-foot-tall fence lines — illegal in the city, but I don’t think they considered that — and to live most of our lives indoors with our pets and children, There. Problem solved.)


  12. Chas, when I went to pick up our Barn Buddy cats from the SPCA I needed to sign a document stating that we had a heated outbuilding for the cats to live in. I couldn’t quite read the small print so I grabbed my “reading” glasses from off the top of my head and signed the paper – but I still couldn’t see very well. They were not my reading glasses – they were my sunglasses. I think the lady at the counter thought I was a little crazy 🙂 🙂

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  13. We have a badminton net up, so no one can mow the lawn. I’m so tired right now, I’m not sure I can tell the difference between the lawn and the sidewalk anyway.

    I have to memorize a part in a skit for the Ladie’s Breakfast in the next two hours.

    My brain is fried.

    Fortunately I was type cast, but I sure don’t feel like a wise woman right now! LOL

    Smart Kid # 1 saved me again. This time I’m not turning off the computer until I leave!


  14. Of course in all the chaos of the last couple days I lost the paperwork telling me where to pick him up. I’m going to be waiting near Fisherman’s Wharf 30 minutes before ETA and will just follow to wherever the ship docks! LOL

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  15. Elvera is wearing a grey pants suit with a red blouse to church this morning.
    I told her that’s what she wore last Sunday.
    She said, “I’m wearing different beads”.

    If she doesn’t care, I don’t .
    I’m wearing almost the same thing I wore last Sunday.
    Different tie.

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  16. Hi Jo. It’s just you and me this morning.
    But you’re off to bed and I’m off to early service in just a few minutes.


  17. Time for some sleep, as tomorrow is a school morning.
    Enjoy the service, Chas. 🙂
    I am so rested after a three day weekend. I did my cooking today and the haus meri comes tomorrow and she will do all these dirty dishes. Doesn’t that sound like a nice way to cook??!

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  18. Well, we are considering emancipation for fifteen year old when he turns sixteen. Wondering if his nineteen year old brother would help him or hinder him in his progress. Wisdom.

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