31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-26-16

  1. Morning all. Welcome to Friday.
    I found someone to substitute teach in my class this Wednesday. I am invited to go to a dedication in a village for a new school. I have been here almost twelve years and have never been up and over the hill across the way. Such a simple thing, but not something I can do.

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  2. Like Aj says:
    You know what that means?
    I hope to finish painting that shed today. I have to cut out decades old English Ivy vines before I can finish. I may have to paint over some, too.

    What’s new?
    Maybe Hillary decided to not run because of health reasons, and Trump decided to bow out in sympathy.
    Back to the real world now.

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  3. Maybe Hillary decided to not run because of health reasons, and Trump decided to bow out in sympathy.

    If only, Chas. If only. Meanwhile, the Friday funnies poke fun of the campaign and other recent events. Enjoy!

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  4. Good morning, early birds across the USA.
    Good evening, night owls elsewhere.
    And sweet dreams for the others.

    Last night I attended the Citizen Impact annual Defending Religious Freedom event. I met my brother for it. He went to the earlier part of the program that I missed because of having lunch with friends. Ted Starnes from Fox News was the special VIP dinner speaker. I did not hear him (neither did my brother attend the costly dinner). I went to hear Rafael Cruz who spoke later. He was excellent. This was the second time this year I have heard him. It really made me go into wishful thinking for Ted Cruz.

    My brother wanted to meet the young man who had received a scholarship presentation because he, the student, attends where my son got his undergraduate. It was pleasant to talk with him and his dad. And because we took the time to do that, I probably missed being in the six or eight car expressway pile up that happened a few minutes before I got to it on my way home. My brother saw the big accident and thought maybe I was in it since I left before he did. I hope no one died or was critically injured. Ambulances and more police vehicles were arriving, and all but one lane was blocked.


  5. Another nice header. That looks like it could be one of the many forms of mint. Seems I have seen horse mint that looks like that pictured. When I did accounting for a plant nursery business, I was amazed by the variety of mint plants. Chocolate mint, orange mint, etc. It’s not a mint, but I love pineapple sage, and the leaves really smell like pineapple.


  6. I’m up and getting ready to hit the road with Cowboy, it’s teeth cleaning day and I have to drop him off between 8 and 8:30 a.m. — but it’s a bit of a drive north on the busiest freeway in the area, so it’ll be a long, slow trip. Then it’s in to work and I’ll pick him up at the end of the day. Let’s just hope he has no complications, the price of a dog’s teeth cleaning is very high now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    And since it was trash morning, I was out in the driveway right after my shower this morning and discovered the wet spot that had appeared a few weeks back when we realized there were leaking issues with the drain. But the drain is fixed. Now the problem may be in the wall behind the ugly bathtub-and-wall liner that’s been there since way before I bought the house.

    Do I shoot myself now or later?

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  7. Not much for me to add to today’s conversation yet. Today is Mr. P’s Birthday. I am working on having his Baby Boy meet us for dinner. I can’t think of anything else he would like more. He says he doesn’t have a favorite child but the rest of us know differently. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  8. Cheryl,

    Don’t know. But they were all over that bush. I saw the same thing this morning at another spot. Just loaded with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Some past comments about how we love our pets reminds me of the story in 2 Samuel when Nathan was rebuking King David. . .

    “. . .but the poor man had nothing but one little ewe lamb, which he had bought. And he brought it up, and it grew up with him and with his children. It used to eat of his morsel and drink from his cup and lie in his arms, and it was like a daughter to him.”

    What is interesting is that David did not scoff at how the poor man loved his lamb, so it seems to me that this kind of thing must have been somewhat common. And the fact that “it was like a daughter to him” makes me feel it’s not so wrong to refer to myself as “Mommy” to my pets. (Of course, I know that they are not my actual children, & they are not as important as my children or grandchild, but they are special to me.)

    It is nice to know that God understands how much these “dumb animals” mean to us, & that He blesses us with their companionship for a season. But, oh, how it hurts when they leave us.

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  10. Kim – I insist that both my daughters are my favorite – Nightingale is my favorite older daughter, & Chickadee is my favorite younger daughter.

    Recently, Nightingale had the observation that she believes she is Hubby’s favorite, & Chickadee is my favorite. I don’t know if “favorite” is exactly the right word, but Hubby & Nightingale have a certain understanding of each other, & Chickadee & I have a certain understanding of each other.

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  11. Donna – The other day you mentioned something about headlines & photos. That reminded me of that story you shared on Facebook about the car that drove into a house, killing a woman. The article, & headline, about the arrest of the driver had a photo of the victim with it. I thought she was the driver until I read the article. (I rarely read the DB articles you post, because they are stories local to you, but every now & then I do if something catches my interest.)


  12. Kizzie,

    Through the years a lot of people have expressed shock when I refer to “my favorite brother.” I tell them when you have five brothers, you’re allowed to have a favorite. He was my hero when I was a little girl, and since we’re 11 1/2 years apart it was a long time before he saw me as an adult. But we have many common interests, though in different orders. We’re both published authors and we love children and animals. He isn’t my oldest brother, but he is the one who walked me down the aisle. Though I’ve never made the “favorite brother” reference to any of my other brothers, I don’t think anyone was shocked that he was the one I chose to walk me down the aisle. Families just sort themselves out in such ways.

    But when I became a stepmom, I really understood mothers saying they don’t have favorites. Some mothers do, and my guess is it is harder for a mom of five or ten kids not to have one with whom she feels closer, others to whom she doesn’t feel much of a connection. And it’s likely that a mother might feel closer to her sons than her daughters, or vice versa. But my daughters have different interests and different personalities and different points of connection with me, but I love both and don’t have a favorite.

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  13. I am reading Armageddon by Dick Morris.

    It’s a pro Trump book. It contains a lot about Hillary. Some that I didn’t know. Some of which I knew. None of which surprises me.
    But it’s a tedious book to read. As you might suspect. I don’t blame Dick Morris. There’s no way you can make Hillary interesting.
    Do I recommend it?]
    If you want to learn more about Hillary.
    But it’s a tedious read.

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  14. Cheryl – Nightingale & Chickadee are about as different as two young women could be, but I have much in common with each of them. Of course what I have in common with one is different from what I have in common with the other. When it comes to our personalities & temperaments, Hubby has more in common with Nightingale, & I have more in common with Chickadee. And yet, I have so much in common with Nightingale, too! (Hubby & Chickadee don’t seem to have much in common, but I’m sure they do.)

    It has always baffled & bothered me when I hear of mothers having a favorite, & then being open about it, even being unfair to the non-favorites. A friend of mine said one of her children’s grandmothers was open about one of the daughters being her favorite, & she pretty much snubbed the other granddaughter. That really baffled me.


  15. Kizzie, The stimulator seems to be working well. He is weaning himself off the pain meds. He will probably never be free of them but he will take a lot fewer of them and at much lower dosage. I have seen a difference in him. He just finished vacuuming the house.

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  16. Favorites: I am told I have favorites. And it is always the other guy, except when you talk with the other guy. Except when the one saying it is the other guy is actually thinking it is himself or herself. Weird.

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  17. I don’t know about having favorites of anything. My mother was an only child, I’m and only child, and BG is an only child. I would NEVER recommend having an only child if you had a choice. Never! I was lucky to get the one I got so I have to be happy. She could have been triplets and I was disappointed she wasn’t a twin.
    The only time in my life I have EVER had two of anything that required love is now. I have two dogs; Amos and Lulabelle. Amos is my favorite and I tell Lulabelle that she is going to be a good dog someday—just not today. She is 3. She is a Lab mix and it’s going to take about 2 more years for her to calm down enough to be a good dog. Part of her misbehavior isn’t her fault. It’s her human’s fault. He thinks she can do no wrong.
    I base a lot of my opinions about things on my father’s family. He was the second oldest of twelve. I remember a conversation between my dad and my grandmother. He asked her why she had so many children (one born after the doctor had “tied her tubes). She asked him which one he would rather she not have had. I suspect my dad was her favorite son. I remember hearing her on the phone with her “conning” her into cooking what he wanted for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Then there would come a knock on my bedroom door asking me if I wanted to go to Grandma’s for breakfast—That is why I can be up and ready to leave the house in under minutes if I have to. He jangled his keys the entire time I was brushing my teeth. I think my grandmother must have had unique relationships with each of her children now that I look back on it. She was also an entrepen

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  18. Kim, it must have been odd for someone from a family with twelve to marry someone from a family of one . . . and to have just one.

    My sister said she was once in a conversation with someone who said that small families were the right way to go, because that way you could afford to pay for their college educations and I don’t know what all. Mom and Dad didn’t help us with college at all, but five of the seven of us (everyone but the two youngest) have college degrees, and the youngest two had some college and chose not to continue. Anyway, my sister said she retorted, “There isn’t a one of my siblings I’d trade for a college education!”

    My husband came from a family with two children; I have no idea if they chose to limit it to two or that’s all the could have, or what. We have two, but they had planned to have more until health issues intervened. But I find it interesting how different large families and small families think about things. For example, small families try harder to be “fair.” If you spend X amount on Kid A for Christmas, then you should spend the same for Kid B. Larger families, the relationships can have a lot more variation–my having a favorite brother, for example. There are a lot more relationships possible, so the family is more convoluted. Older siblings take younger ones to activities, and then older ones marry and have children while the younger ones are still at home, and children at home suddenly have adult in-laws. My older brothers were really more like uncles than brothers, growing up, and their own childhood experience was much different than ours, when we compare notes. (We were poor, but they were poorer; our parents were very strict, but more so when they were coming up. And I’m guessing–though we’ve never talked about it–that their being born to younger parents means our parents did more things with them, like playing with them or teaching them things.)


  19. I still get alerts from Henderson County Sheriffs. This is good advice, and it applies to everyone. So. I thought I would post it here. This is not all of the post, just the pertinent information.

    Recently scammers have targeted Henderson County residents by calling and telling them their children or grandchildren have been arrested and are in jail. The victims are told the only way they can bond their loved ones out is to buy a Walmart or ITunes card. The caller informs the victim they canโ€™t use a check or credit card and must give them the code off the back of the purchased card. The twist to this current scam is the caller has represented themselves to be a member of the local district attorneyโ€™s office in the county where the child or grandchild is in jail. This is not standard procedure and several Henderson County residents have fallen for this scam and lost thousands of dollars. The reason the scammers insist on getting a Walmart or ITunes card is they have complete control over the value of the funds once the victim turns over the code. The scammer can either use the code or they can sell it. Once the scammer redeems or uses the code that was given, the victim cannot get their money back.


  20. I wonder how people can fall for that. I guess I was born a skeptic. I have bonded out 4 people over my life and that isn’t how it works.
    I also am enough of a realist to know that I might fall for a better scam one day but not yet.


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