13 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-12-16

  1. Russia may have outlawed spanking, but it is still more sane than Western Europe. Germany has outlawed books that advocate spanking. Apparently, Germans consider Dr. Dobson more of a threat than terrorists. Sweden has even outlawed “timeouts”.

    Islamic culture is very bad. I cannot say that it is worse than the culture of Western Europe which it is currently replacing.


  2. “10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever”

    The last verse on today’s Prayer Thread

    I fear there is a total lack of wisdom with anyone is position of authority in this country.
    I prayed for Spiritual protection for my great-grands this morning.

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  3. If you can’t spank and now you can’t use a time out, how are you to discipline the Little Beasts? If we raise up an entire generation of spoiled brats who will do the tough things in life?

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  4. We spanked. No batter what technique you use, the children need to understand that you mean what you say.
    We never had to spank Chuck after he was seven or eight. He was a good, obedient, kid.

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  5. I only remember being spanked maybe twice (once when a girlfriend and I decided to wander off and visit with the soldiers in some kind of military installation in our neighborhood — and no, I wasn’t a teenager 🙂 ) We were just little kids and the soldier guarding the fence was really nice and talked to us for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time as we hung out on the sidewalk outside. I vividly remember the forced march home with our furious (but relieved) parents when we were finally located. We spent most of the time insisting to our parents that it was all “her” (the other one’s) fault. That didn’t work.

    Spanking can be overused and abused, obviously — if it is used, it should be very rare and controlled, employed mainly when the offense was something that put the child’s (or someone else’s) wellbeing in danger.

    “Time outs” weren’t called that when I was growing up, but they also were used (as in “go to your room”). But I don’t remember getting those too often, either.


  6. Spanking can be overused or done improperly. In this country it is greatly UNDERUSED.

    Our experience was very much like that of Chas. I spanked my son less than 10 times. My wife spanked him much more because she was at home with him. However, after age 4 he was trained and gave us very little trouble. At age 2 he could sit quietly through any movie. My wife gets all the credit.


  7. Yes, being firm and sometimes resorting to a spanking with them when they are young is less painful for them than some of the other ‘techniques’ advised by those who hate spanking. Older children, if properly disciplined when young, usually need no spankings. There are so many other ways to get your point across.

    All children are different. I did not need to be spanked. A look was enough. Some children are like that. Then there are those who could care less with a look or even a mild spanking. It is cruel to allow children to think they are the bosses of the world, whether their little world or the whole world. It is so detrimental to them and everyone else.

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  8. My father was a big man. He spanked me once, probably the last time, and I twisted and he accidentally hit my face. It gave me a black eye. In 35 years with the same company he only missed 8 days of work (except for being hospitalized). One of those days he stayed home with me because of the black eye. I bear no emotional scars from it and only know the story from hearing him talk about it with remorse.
    Now I can’t tell you the times my mother sent me out to pick my own switch. I learned very quickly to pick from the althea and not from the English Dogwood.


  9. My wife and my son consider the failure to discipline a child as “child abuse”. My wife points out that a parent who fails to discipline a child is raising a child who will not be liked by peers and adults.

    My son saw Gone With the Wind at age five. He left the theater completely incensed, claiming that Rhett and Scarlett had “murdered” Bonnie. They had not taught her to mind, and were therefore responsible for her death.

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  10. I have a cousin who was unable to have children. She adopted two. They are the most pleasant children you have ever been around. THEN, lo and behold she became pregnant. That is the most obnoxious child you have ever been around. He is ill behaved and gets away with murder. I do my best not to be around him. The excuse is “he has allergies”. My foot! He’s a brat.

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  11. For me, the method of discipline rarely makes a difference. Nature not nurture is the most important. As most teachers will note — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Genetics will explain almost anything, And if genetics isn’t the entire explanation then the environment before and after birth when the brain is still able to be shaped is the rest of the explanation — smoking/drinking by parents, lead in the air, water, paint etc, other chemicals ingested by the child, war, upheaval, difficult birth, late pregnancy, etc. To spank or not to spank is rather moot at this point in a child’s development.

    Given that a child’s behaviour is more or less set by genetics and neonatal environment, spanking won’t do much to change the behaviour. The use of corporal punishment is a tool that some parents due to their own limitations (i.e. anger management) shouldn’t employ. As a society then we are best off not using a disciplinary method that will probably has as many drawback as benefits.

    Kim’s anecdote also point this out — the adopted children probably had better genetic material than the biological child.

    Anecdotally, corporal punishment failed to change my behaviour. I was the last child in my school to receive the “strap”. I was back in the principal’s office soon after being punished. The principal indicated I might receive the strap again. At this point I simply stuck my hand out, told him to go and ahead and hit a child if it made him feel good. And if he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

    Physical coercion only works on children in which other methods would also work. And for some kids, it simply won’t work and will probably make things worse. My brother had similar incidents with the principal. Genetics. I changed as I grew up and matured.


  12. In our family some parents spank and some don’t don’t. The children who are spanked can be pleasantly taken anywhere by age 2. The others are still throwing fits at age 5 and 6.


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