35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-3-16

  1. What happened is:
    We had a thunderstorm in Greensboro last night.
    I have Time-Warmer for telephone, TV and internet.
    When one goes off, all go off. They all did.
    TV came back on sometime after eight.
    Computer and telephone came on sometime after I went to bed.
    Everything is back now.

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  2. Glad you’re finally able to get in, Ann. Hope it goes well!

    Yesterday I made an appointment with an oral surgeon to have 3rd Arrow’s wisdom teeth removed. A week from tomorrow is the date.

    Jo, your post yesterday about your kids brought a smile. It is such a blessing when siblings get along.

    My own siblings have been wonderfully encouraging lately with everything 4th Arrow’s been going through, offering their prayers and words of support.

    Blessings on your day/evening, everyone.

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  3. By the way, are any of you having trouble with Google Chrome lately? It just happened again, while I was checking email, that I lost my page when a huge “Google Patch” page, or something like that, flashed onto my screen instead. It looks like something got installed on my system. When I go to my Google downloads listing, I see chrome_update.bat labeled as Failed – Crashed from July 26, chrome_patch.hta, Failed – Crashed from July 28, and another chrome_patch.hta, Failed – Crashed from July 31 with a different https: than the earlier one.

    Today’s did not fail/crash, but got downloaded into a folder.

    If I recall correctly, all these things happened while I was checking email, so maybe it’s some glitch in their system? Anyone else who uses Chrome for browsing have this problem lately?


  4. Hello to all you Wanderers! Glad you got power back, Chas. We had a heavy duty storm here. Miss Bosley retreated to under the bed.

    Glad you get to see the oral surgeon, Annms. A dentist can become a good friend indeed when in need!♡

    6 Arrows, I hope those wisdom teeth are easy to remove. Some can be a lot worse than others.

    We have a reorganization meeting at church for WMU. You may recall my friend died back in the Spring, and she was our leader who took care of everything. Not sure what our group will morph into given the advanced ages of most in the group.


  5. I warned you I sent AJ a lot of pictures. 🙂 This one was from Florida, too, and I saw these birds everywhere. When we ate at a restaurant, we ate on a deck overlooking the water, and these birds were even on the rail, and as soon as the people at the next table left, they went down, scoping out the ground around their table until one was brave enough to go up to the table.

    I had a hard time identifying them, though. I even googled “birds in Florida at low tide” and got all sorts of fancy birds but nothing ordinary looking like these. Eventually, however, some term clicked and the birds were not only shown in a photo but described as looking for food in low tide and at places people gather to eat, exactly the actions I had seen. They are female and juvenile boat-tailed grackles. The lack of a male among them made them harder to identify. (I did see one or two males elsewhere, but not among the ones at the restaurant or the tide.) The males are very conspicuous, black birds with some iridescence and very long tails that are wide at the end (bigger tails than common grackles, which we have here).

    But I liked the arrangement of three birds among the seaweed patches, with their reflections in the wet sand. This was on the stretch of beach where the island tour people met their customers and other boat-related businesses had booths too. I also got a cute photo of a boat tied out in this area, waiting for a higher tide, for my husband from this spot.


  6. I have to head into work a little earlier than usual, I’m ‘covering’ (by phone, remotely) an LA council committee meeting on coyotes.

    But I could go right back to sleep about now, feeling so sleepy.

    Ann, good luck at the dentist — a friend at church had to get an implant, I believe it’s done in a couple steps? Probably the first being all the measurements and details needed to make the implant.

    I remember thinking when I was in my early 20s, gee, isn’t it about time I’d have to get my wisdom teeth pulled? I asked the dentist about it next time I was in, he said I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t “come with” wisdom teeth. 🙂 No worries.

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  7. 6 arrows, it does sound like google updates spontaneously without permission from the user, so maybe you’re ok. I don’t use it on my home mac but it is used on our PC laptops from work, I haven’t seen anything like that there (although maybe it goes through the company IT department somehow).

    I really wish I could go back to bed, I’m soooo sleepy.


  8. That sounds more like a virus to me or malware.
    This is what I use


  9. 6 Arrows – I had that happen with Firefox (I use both Chrome, as my main browser, & Firefox). I’m pretty sure it is malware. I don’t think Chrome makes an announcement like that when it updates. Definitely use some anti-malware to get rid of it.

    It seems to me that my anti-virus program (AVG) did not pick it up, but my anti-malware (MalwareBytes) did.


  10. Best part of any LA city meeting: The parade of regular public speakers, typically peppering their remarks with the f word in all its various and unique, never-heard-before forms. Today, following a guy with a puppet, someone in a falsetto pretended to be a dog (woof! woof!) and coyote (HOWWWWW! ) and a cat (meow, meow) — he also declared “We must give thanks for the coyote!” “Save my brothers, the coyotes!”

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  11. Donna,
    If someone showed up as a coyote, saying “save my brothers, the coyotes”, we would readily assure them they would all be saved for fur coats, and not left for the buzzards. 🙂 🙂

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  12. The new header photo is “what I went to Florida to see,” a large variety of species that I hadn’t seen before (or had rarely seen). This is Snake Key, where 8,000 birds are nesting (though probably they had mostly finished nesting and had left for the season or their young were among them as fledged birds). In the photo are roseate spoonbills (the pink ones), white ibis, great egrets, tri-colored herons, and possibly snowy egret. Of those, great egrets are the only species I had seen before this trip. Unfortunately, water around the key (island) was fairly shallow and so we couldn’t get very close. I couldn’t, for instance, zoom in on individual birds or even a small group. I would have liked to get closer photos of the tri-colored herons, since that was the one species I didn’t see in other places, but the captain was pushing it to get even as close as we did. It was enough for a teaser, “Let’s come back during nesting season sometime, honey!”

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  13. I run Norton and use Chrome too, and I have noticed the same issue. But Norton blocks it, and notifies me that it was attempting an intrusion. It’s malware. Norton identifies it as Fake Scan Web Page 29. If it got downloaded, delete it right away.


  14. One thing about a pet rock. It didn’t run away. My pet rock is somewhere.

    The kitchen floor on this house doesn’t show dirt.
    Problem: it never looks clean.
    I don’t like that style of tile flooring.


  15. I have to use Chrome for some pages because they don’t load properly, but I don’t trust it. It saves too much information. I like Explorer because I can delete my history whenever I close the page.P


  16. Maybe the pet rock wanted to retire in Florida? Or just become famous by being part of Cheryl’s next book?


  17. Yes. Janice. That is what is trying to get into your phone.
    I had a pop up that said someone had been looking at porn on my phone and I needed to add something. Porn???? I panicked. Porn sites are notorious for embedding viruses. I couldn’t imagine who would be looking at porn on my phone but I panicked anyway and downloaded whatever was supposed to protect me from it. THAT was the virus. Took a lot to get rid of it and it is still draining my battery. I have a Galaxy Note 4 and meant to go to Best Buy today when I was at the office to have them do a cleaning on it, but Guy was demanding and I barely got lunch.


  18. That was a good piece, Donna (the Onion satire).

    We’re in the process of setting up my new computer, which includes a very slow transfer of files because my old computer had gotten so slow.

    But I think it’s clear that the new header is a dolphin. 🙂 My hubby got a better dolphin shot than I did, but I was pleased with this one because I put the camera on action mode and accurately guessed when one would jump and captured the entire jump (several shots).

    The first day dolphins swam around the boat a bit, but none leaped or showed their faces, only dorsal fins and backs. I hadn’t seen dolphins before (except at Sea World) so even that was nice, but nothing remarkable. On the second boat tour, we saw none on our way out (which is when we saw them on the first trip), but on the way back one leapt next to the boat and we all went “Ahh!” Then there were a couple other jumps. Finally the captain said, “Let’s see if we can get them to chase us!” and he gunned it. I think he had a twofold reason for that–we’d already been out the maximum advertised length of the tour and I think he probably didn’t want to add another 20 minutes circling for dolphins, and anyway it’s effective. One or possibly two did choose to chase us, leaping in the boat’s wake for several minutes.

    Since my husband and I weren’t paying for that second boat ride (the captain invited us to come back Wednesday and he’d take us out again, no charge, as long as his boat wasn’t full, since we hadn’t had good bird sightings on Monday and he knew we’d come on my birthday to see birds) . . . we waited till everyone else got on the boat and then we took the seats in the very back, where we wouldn’t see as much. But wouldn’t you know it, since a dolphin chased our boat, being in the back I had a “front-row seat” for the dolphin show!

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  19. wow, God is good! An amazing photo. I need to learn how to put my camera on action mode. and any other mode. I know that there is more to learn.
    A canon sx260 hs


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