14 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-4-16

  1. I’m curious about the stories floated yesterday suggesting Trump may quit the race. My thought is it is not based on anything but rather comes somewhere inside the party, with the thought that if it proved a popular notion it could begin to put pressure on Trump.

    But I doubt it would work.

    Just can’t figure out what the heck is wrong with that man. He’s got the temperament and impulse control of a 4th grader.

    This was quoted in a post Kim shared on FB — I’ll have to find the original citing — but it’s John Piper’s thoughts on the race: “Though neither candidate should be president, America deserves no better than either. Hence our prayers are for something deeper.”

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  2. Ricky,

    Oh now you care, but when it’s Mexicans and South Americans it’s cool though, right?

    And unlike them, she went thru the proper channels instead of just crossing a river or climbing a fence.


  3. Trump and Trumpkins:

    Mexican laborers: Bad, rapists

    Eastern European porn models: Good, mistresses, future wives.

    And as the article indicated, she didn’t follow the rules.


  4. I thought immigrants were allowed to enter and work when there was a shortage of Americans to do certain jobs. I need Mexicans to roof, cook and garden as the Americans who might otherwise do this work are on welfare or are faking a disability. Is there really a shortage of American women willing to pose nude and have affairs with reprobates?


  5. Oh you Ricky have such little faith in American women.

    In the meantime, i think we need to realize Slovenia is not sending their brightest and best. Building a wall won’t work but a temporary ban on Slovenian immigration until everything is figured out would be appropriate.

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  6. When I was in the tourist section of a certain West African city, I would see white Western middle aged men with sagging jowls and beer bellies walking around with young, attractive West African women. It made me mad every single time. he thought would always come, “You can’t get a woman in your own country to look at you, so you use your relative wealth to buy the ‘exotic’ women of another, poorer, country.” The taste for the exotic is what drives the porn industry.

    Donna, the characteristics of chronic falsehoods, blame shifting, and refusal to admit guilt over anything is typically found in sociopaths.

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  7. HRW,

    “Building a wall won’t work but a temporary ban on Slovenian immigration until everything is figured out would be appropriate.”

    Yep, that’ll be true….. as soon as Slovenian women start blowing people up and committing acts of terrorism. 🙂

    They’d have a LOT of catching up to do.

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  8. So how about a comprehensive immigration plan: Trump can get a new Eastern European mistress/wife every fifteen years and Texans can continue to hire Mexicans until low-skilled Americans decide to work again.

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  9. Low skilled Americans are not going to decide to work again as long as government handouts support them.

    None of you remember the 53/20 club. Right after WWII the government passed a GI bill where a former soldier could get $20.00/week for a full year if he couldn’t get a job. A guy who lived across the street didn’t look for a job. He joined the 52/20 club, the rocking chair battalion. I don’t know how it eventually came out.

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  10. Chas, My guess is he started looking for work about the 51st week.

    I have a friend who worked in the home building industry. We felt really bad for him when he lost his job in the crash of 2007-2008. I felt slightly less bad for him when he told me he wasn’t going to look for work until his unemployment benefits ran out.


  11. Chas, there was a 1950 film about that 52/20 phenomenon, called The Admiral was a Lady starring Edmond O’Brien. He plays a captain of a bomber group who all seem to be bumming it in order to collect that check, but things are not quite as they seem.


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