Our Daily Thread 4-28-15

Good Morning!

Today’s photos are from Cheryl. 

blossoms cheryl


On this day in 1789 a mutiny on the British ship Bounty took place when a rebel crew took the ship and set sail to Pitcairn Island. The mutineers left Captain W. Bligh and 18 sailors adrift.

In 1818 President James Monroe proclaimed naval disarmament on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain.

In 1914 W.H. Carrier patented the design of his air conditioner.

In 1945 Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were executed by Italian partisans as they attempted to flee the country.

And in 1985 the largest sand castle in the world was completed near St. Petersburg, FL. It was four stories tall.


Quote of the Day

It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty.”

James Monroe


 Looks like a random selection day. Both are from K-LOVE



Anyone have a QoD?

37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-28-15

  1. Some say Carrier destroyed the south with his air conditioning. No one sits on the front porch to talk to their neighbors anymore. They are either indoors staying cool I r out back on the or decks. You have to come through the house to get there and who let’s people they don’t know in their house? Why houses built in the last 60 or 70 years don’t even have front porches!


  2. Exactly ,Kim. My neighbors pass by my house when they take their walk. But unless I’m cutting grass or something, I never talk to them. I have a front porch with chairs. But I sit on the deck in the back.
    Chuck’s house has a front porch with chairs. But he never uses it. He’s out back.
    Elvera’s dad had a front porch and he always sat on it. And talked to the people who passed by.
    The two houses I had before I moved here didn’t have front porches.
    I’ve heard that without air conditioning, Houston wouldn’t exist.

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  3. Do you know how long eternity is?
    It’s the time it takes for two minutes to pass when you have your hand on the handle of the microwave.
    The time it takes Elvera to go into a store for something.
    That’s how long.

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  4. High up in the north, in a land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this rock to sharpen it’s beak.
    When this rock has thus been worn away, then s single day of eternity will have gone by.

    This is the way Hendrik Willem van Loon starts The Story of Mankind. Which also is overstating his case. The story of mankind is 535 pages long.
    That’s it?

    But even that presumes an eventual end.
    The answer is: Eternity is beyond our concept.
    John starts with: “In the beginning was the Word……and the word was God”
    We can’t imagine a time (that word again) when there was no start. i.e. No beginning.

    Sorry, I know it’s early. This all started when it took forever to heat a cup of coffee.

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  5. In Chicago, when I lived in a black neighborhood on the West Side, people still sat on their porches in the summer. (Most of us didn’t have air conditioning, or had at most one or two window units that had to be put in every year.) Unfortunately the house I rented didn’t actually have a porch, but it did have front steps, and we sometimes sat on those.

    As I drove home from work each day in the summer, with my windows down during the days I owned a red Toyota Tercel without air conditioning (and changed out of my work clothes before I left work each day, so I wouldn’t get them sweaty), children would call out “Hi, Miss Cheryl!” and adults would wave, whether they knew me or not.


  6. My brain isn’t awake enough yet to remember the name of the flower in the header, though anyone in the South knows what it is. It was blooming (just this one plant) outside a building a little farther south than us, before spring was so pretty here. (So was the tree.) When I walked away from the flowering plant and the three bees busy pollinating it, I realized I had taken 100 photos of the plant and/or the bees. But most of them weren’t that great, so I was glad I had taken that many. I liked this one with the bee hanging on tight and all-absorbed in her work. This species of bee seemed to have four legs that could be easily seen and then two tiny little legs in the front that only showed up in a couple of photos. (That may be one of them to the left of the bee’s “chest” in this photo.) The magenta wings are pretty cool, too.


  7. This probably is more of a comment for the News thread, but I will post it here. I have been watching the riots in Baltimore. The mother in me calculated the miles from where Oldest Son, Daughter in Law and Grandchildren live. I asked Mr P if he thought the “kids” were in any danger. He scoffed. Of course not. Those people are on the West Side and can’t get down to where the kids are.
    THERE is the difference! The miles aren’t that far from where we live to a section of the city that would be most comparable. If these riots were going on there (which thank You, it isn’t), I would be terrified all the way over here where I live.
    I also should confess that I am sitting here literally thanking God that this isn’t happening in the Deep South. We have enough bad press without something like this happening. We would have Federal Troops in here and probably be put under martial law. We in the south have a deep seated fear that the other parts of the country would love to put us under something like Reconstruction again, and smugly call us racists, inbred rednecks, and hillbilllies. That does NOT mean I am glad it is happening where it is. I really wish it weren’t happening anywhere.

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  8. Kim, the rioting isn’t likely to happen in residential sections.
    These people are looking for excuses to loot and destroy.
    Houses are relatively isolated from each other and owners may have weapons which they would use.
    It’s much more dangerous to attack someone’s home than a jewelry store. And less rewarding.


  9. I have a nice, big front porch but I don’t use it either. I do sit on the back patio, guess I like the privacy. But the neighbors to the south of me sit on their considerably smaller front porch quite often, they have a little table with chairs out there and enjoy an evening glass of wine or whatever.

    Sure wish I didn’t have to go to work today, I woke up with a back ache. Our editor is out on jury duty today, so I’m not even sure who’s “in charge.” But I have another homeless story to do so I’d better push through it and go on in.

    (I suspect the unrest in Baltimore will wear itself out in a couple more nights at the most, maybe it’s over already now that the national guard is there — but I also think a couple political careers may be in shambles after last night …)


  10. My back is also sore, from holding the cutest little one year old! so fun
    I need to get over to the church and borrow a vacuum as the one in this house is not working. My friend is coming today, so nice that she didn’t come on Sunday as I was so tired.

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  11. How long have you had the children, now, Mumsee? Which one has changed the most?

    Neighbors the next street over–it may be Timmy of Lassie fame and his wife, I haven’t had the nerve to ask–sit in chairs in the garage in the early evening and greet people walking by, which would be me about 7 o’clock. 🙂

    My porch begs for a chair but I can’t see myself sitting on one. I guess I’m not friendly enough!

    Off to teach on demons this morning. Should be interesting . . .


  12. Just spotted an article on demons in the new Reformation Study Bible published earlier this year. I haven’t read it. 🙂


  13. Has it hit the regular news yet about Iran seizing one of our ships? My husband saw it on Drudge an hour or so ago, and I thought someone on here might have mentioned it, but I don’t see it even on the news thread.


  14. I turned ncis la off last night when it became clear that the “bad guys” (again) were home-grown, “right wing” types with “hate crime” tendencies against the gay community & minorities. This plot line is getting really old, TV writers.

    I realize white supremacists exist and that what they espouse is despicable. But … are there really *that* many of them? And are there really never-ever (on this & so many other prime-time dramas) any “bad” guys who may have, I don’t know, maybe Muslim/ISIS terrorist ties?

    Ever? No?

    Is it always the red-neck or button-down white guy types (take your pick, but they also usually come with Christian fundamentalist undertones) who are always the real evil incarnate?

    Maybe it’s just me.

    It just seems like I see this same show, more or less, over and over again.


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  15. LONDON (Reuters) – The ship manager for the container vessel boarded by Iranian forces declined to comment on the status of the vessel on Tuesday.

    The Pentagon said earlier that the Marshall Islands-flagged Maersk Tigris was boarded by Iranian forces in the Gulf.

    The Maersk Tigris is managed by Singapore-based Rickmers Ship Management, which is part of Hamburg-based Rickmers Group. A Rickmers Group spokeswoman declined to comment when contacted by Reuters about the vessel.


  16. Michelle, some of them for nine years. Others going on six, others going on three. It would be difficult to say. The first three are amazing. When people first saw them, they told us we were crazy and nobody was going to survive the extreme high energy. Now they clamor to have them come work for them. The next six had lots of autism and emotional and mental issues. They are unrecognizable. All nice kind attentive people. If you disregard the tall grass between the rows of short grass after eight year old mowed for me yesterday. The Ethiopian has signed into the Navy and is in high demand at his job after being booted from two other adoptions. The last two, also booted out of several prior adoptions, one is no longer considered a gangsta wanna or any of the other bad things expected of him. He is not in as much demand as a worker, but he is dearly loved by many. The younger one has made lots of progress but still has a long way to go. According to the local children’s home, it takes five years to turn a child around. We still have time and God can definitely do it in an instant or through us or through others. We pray and we work.

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  17. My grandparents who lived next door did not have a front porch, but had outdoor chairs in front of their garage, where they’d sit in the evenings when the weather was suitable for that activity. They waved as people drove or bicycled by.

    Nice memories, seeing them sitting there together as the sun went down behind their house.


  18. There’s a recurring dream I’ve been having in the years since my youngest child was born. A dream that haunts me and leaves me feeling unsettled when I wake up. It came again last night.

    There is a baby in the dream, and I know he or she (it varies whether it is a boy or girl) is my baby. The baby is at home, and I try to figure out how old the child is, and how long since I’ve nursed the baby or taken care of it in any way. (It is never a matter of hours, but days, weeks or months since I’ve held or interacted with the child, if ever. At least that’s what it feels like to me.)

    Last night the baby was a girl, and I walked into a room (it was like I was home, but we don’t have a room that looks like the one in my dream), and the baby was lying, unattended, on some sort of small couch or something.

    I immediately recognized her as my baby. I walked over and picked her up. She was thin and no bigger than a foot long, and, with my arm outstretched in front of me, I held her on my arm with her head resting in my palm.

    Then she looked in my eyes and smiled the biggest smile.

    And my mind went to thoughts that this baby of mine had to be a few months old to smile like that, and she must be so tiny because I didn’t provide the loving care she needed to prosper.

    And still she smiles at me like she loves and adores me, despite my failings as a mother, I think.

    Then I woke up, and the gravity of knowing that I don’t have a baby to nurture anymore, but many older children who need me, in various and sundry ways, and that I’ve fallen down on the job, hits me hard.

    Will I ever be enough of the mother my children need me to be? Why do I still worry, a quarter of a century after becoming a parent, that I’ve failed miserably in providing the care that only a mother can give?

    And can I make it another decade to usher my youngest into adulthood?

    I don’t know how one gets through raising children without knowing the Lord. He is my only hope as weak, frail me takes my stumbling steps in this journey of motherhood and all along the path of life.

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  19. Chas, it works for me if I click the underlined “Watch this video on YouTube” or whatever it said on the black screen. It takes me to YouTube and automatically starts playing there.


  20. 6 Arrows – I’m guessing your recurring dream comes from your sense of inadequacy as a mother, from “Mommy Guilt”, as Kim & I mentioned recently. I’ve had similar-yet-different dreams myself that have made me feel awful.

    None of us are as adequate as we’d like to be. So grateful that God’s mercies are new every morning (& nighttime, too).

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  21. Yeah, Karen, the mommy guilt certainly strikes now and then, and that feeling could very well be some of what is behind those dreams.

    However, I didn’t use to have dreams like that when I was a younger parent, though I definitely felt inadequate at times. The dreams about feeling like I had neglected my babies didn’t start until after I’d had my miscarriages. I think I never found closure after carrying those babies without having a chance to raise them.

    I suspect that may play something of a role in those dreams, because I never did hold them in my arms or nurture them on the other side of the womb.

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  22. Busy day with 2 stories to write — and then I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, had a basked 1/4 full of stuff (a lot for me) — veggies, fruits, milk, OJ, yogurt, cottage cheese — when I realized I’d left my wallet on my desk at work.

    Called my editor and he stuck it in a drawer, but I had to reverse field & “un” shop and put everything back on the shelves and in the bins where I’d gotten them.

    Then when I got home Annie the cat dashed outside, desperate after being shut in for the past 2 days due to her injury needing to heal. Great. She disappeared really fast. I’ll be lucky if she comes in at all tonight …

    But NCIS is on. And NCIS NO where they like to say Purdy. (Which was Tess’ original name from her former owner, btw. But I could never say it without the drawl — PUUUUURRR-dy. So she became Tess.


  23. Wow, 6 Arrows, that is some dream. I only remember two distressing baby dreams. One was before I had our son and in the dream I had the baby but totally forgot that I had a baby to care for and eventually remembered and felt terrible that I had forgotten. Of course nothing like that ever happened after I had him!

    The other dream occurred a number of years later when son was growing up. I dreamed that the baby crib was by an open window and that a big bird, an eagle, flew in the window and snatched up the baby and flew away with it. Now I realize that must have been about son growing up. He was the only baby I ever had in my life since we have such a small family and husband was an only child and my brother never married.


  24. I used to have quite vivid dreams when I was pregnant, too, Janice. I remember one where I was in a big body of water (I don’t know how to swim very well), and was being circled by a ring of school buses that kept getting closer and closer to me. A weird and somewhat scary feeling.

    I woke up wondering if the water in the dream represented the amniotic fluid, and my trying to get away from the buses was me trying to protect my unborn child.

    I think I had a dream similar to the one you mentioned about the baby by the open window. I know I’ve had many dreams like your first one!


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