Our Daily Thread 11-5-14

Good Morning!

A threefer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a closer view of a couple of them.

disney 2014 581disney 2014 583

On this day in 1895 George B. Selden received the first U.S. patent for an automobile. He sold the rights for $200,000 four years later.ย 

In 1946 John F. Kennedy was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives at the age of 29.ย 

In 1963 archaeologists found the remains of a Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.ย 

And in 1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach movement, was shot to death after a speech at a New York Hotel. His assassin, Egyptian El Sayyid, was later convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the World Trade Center bombing.ย 


Quote of the Day

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liking to you.”

Roy Rogers


ย Today is Roy Rogers’ birthday.

Today is also Art Garfunkel’s.


Anyone have a QoD?

41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-5-14

  1. Good morning. I fell asleep listening to the election results last night.
    I remember as a child it was exciting to stay up listening to see who the next president would be. I realize yesterday was only the mid term elections but I stopped by a friend’s house. I told her “I voted. It’s done. Nothing I can do about it now. If I am this cynical about it how do I expect others to care. I was raised in a family that had the attitude it was your duty to vote and if you didn’t you had to keep your mouth shut and not complain about what you got.
    I did see that in one state the 3rd party candidate siphoned off enough votes to cause it to be too close to call.
    It also struck me that I don’t like the exit poll results Ann’s the predictions Does that possibly cause late in the day voters like me to not vote sometimes?


  2. Next question. Monday night we were discussing “the new heavens and the new earth”. HeavenS plural earth singular. What do you think I’d meant by that? We went back to Genisis and Jewish/Hebrew thoughts if the heaven where the birds fly – atmosphere and the other -levels isn’t the correct word — heavens. We aren’t flat earth people who think hell is beneth our feet and heaven is above our heads so where is heaven. Is it existing beside us?
    All very confusing. I don’t think I like N T Wright. I am leading the discussion on chapter 7 next week.

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  3. Good morning in the U. S. A!
    Politically speaking, it has been a long time since we’ve had such a good morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Husband’s arm looks better today since he’s back on the med that costs right under 2,000 dollars for one bottle. Our co-pay is 21 dollars. Maybe that is part of the reason for the run around. This is his second bottle. Who knows how much all those IT’S in the hospital add up to.


  4. Good morning, Kim. Good questions for thought. I’ll respond to them later, after the coffee kicks in…

    I usually vote Libertarian; sometimes Republican.

    Becca-Boo awakened at 5:45. But, I’d already had plenty of alone time, as I awakened at 4:30. I fell asleep easily shortly after ten, but tossed and turned from two-thirty on and finally decided I might as well start my day. I never had any problems sleeping until about a year ago. Now, it is rare for me to sleep more than five to six hours. I have a number of friends who said they had trouble sleeping in their mid-forties… It’s frustrating. I have an appointment next week with my OB/GYN. He’s going to check all my hormone levels, as they can affect sleep. Anyway…Becca and I had some treasured snuggle time while the rest of the house was quiet.

    I began typing this post more than an hour ago, but was interrupted by morning routine… I’m off to drive Becca to school. See y’all later…


  5. So now the Republicans have both houses of Congress. Hopefully that means progress. Hopefully it will show that the Republicans have been working all along and it was the Democratic “leadership” that held things up. Paul Ryan was on one of the networks last night saying that the House has passed some 300 bills and sent them to the Senate but Harry Reid did nothing to get them to a vote. Some of those bills were bi-partisan, meaning that in the House, the parties can work together.

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  6. Pretty cool to get three species in one shot, AJ. Is that the little blue heron or something else? I don’t remember offhand which of the smaller egrets has the black legs and yellow feet, but that’s a pretty bird.

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  7. Good morning everyone. I thought I had already said that, but I can’t find me anywhere.
    Maybe it’s just my mind that’s missing.
    I did leave a ๐Ÿ™‚ on the politics page.


  8. Last night you guys were talking about people who talk fast. SometimesItalksofastitseemslikeonelongword. But then, since my first job was in radio, and the manager tended to write 120 seconds of copy for a 60 second advertisement, i had to learn to talk fast. ComingfromafamilyoffasttalkingNewYorkersispartofitaswell. When Mrs L first met my family, she sometimes had trouble understanding us.


  9. My chemistry professor at Carolina got off chasing a rabbit about heaven. He thought it was in another time dimension. i.e. a minute before or behind us. I wasn’t thinking much about it in those days.
    I don’t know where it is. But I’m convinced that there is a spiritual world just as vast is the natural world. It was before the natural world was created. That is, all the things we see and hear are constructed from the real world that we aren’t yet aware of.

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  10. Good Morning!! I am pleased, for the most part, at the results of the election…they are saying Hickenlooper will prevail in our governors race, which is disappointing.
    I am having much trouble sleeping this week…waking at 3 every morning. Now I know we fell back an hour this weekend, but, this is ridiculous…I have put the time to sweet use in praying for those of whom the Lord has laid upon my heart…many of you here…and many of whom I have not thought of in many a year…His ways are higher than ours…I will try to catch a nap in the afternoon!
    AJ those are some wonderful photos up there…that one of the darker bird reminds me of a Disney character bird…dark and foreboding…


  11. Heaven is in the vast spiritual realm unseen to us as Chas said. A few people get glimpses of it, but even those people don’t say where it is. They have a great longing to be there if they glimpsed it. Maybe there is an area of our brain, an undiscovered frontier, that is the gateway. God is unlimited in His placement of heaven and how He transports the people of His creation and His spiritual adoption.


  12. The only issue I cared about on the ballot (given where I live), was the library bond. It was ahead 62% this morning, but needs 66% to pass.

    You get used to being on the losing end, though I was shocked to discover I voted for 2/3 of the new city council members!

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  13. michelle, I haven’t checked the local results yet, but I’m guessing almost everything/one I voted for lost, with the exception of a couple of the propositions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    There’s a national conference being presented next year by the folks at The Gospel Coalition on the topic of the new heavens and new earth:


    “Our 2015 National Conference seeks to stir longing for our ultimate home in heaven as we explore the sweep of redemption from creation to consummation, Genesis to Revelation. Our plenary speakers will unfold the Bible’s teaching on eschatology, a topic of burning importance today. Along with these nine plenary sessions we’ve planned more than 50 workshops and focus gatherings led by speakers addressing topics including evangelism, homosexuality, student ministry, sexual abuse, faith and work, and much more. Join us as we worship God together in word and song with joyful hope that Jesus is returning soon.”

    Amen to that last point.


  14. As for elections, I’m afraid we’re all over the map right now and the electorate is, well, pretty fickle, depending on the mood that strikes them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m so hoping that the GOP (including its growing libertarian wing) can work together effectively to form a cohesive, unified, common-sense approach to resolving what ails us as a nation in the next few years.


  15. Very encouraging report out of Hawaii:


    โ€œ ‘In a small enough beaker, it only takes a little heat to make some major fireworks,’ a chemistry teacher remarked at the end of the weekend. The Spirit lit some serious sparks in our small little islands through Overflow 2014. From history we know heโ€™s brought true awakening and revival to Hawaii before, and weโ€™re bold enough to believe heโ€™s doing it again.”

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  16. beautiful morning here after an hour of torrential rain yesterday afternoon. Had to speak quite loudly at the staff meeting as the rain was so loud.
    Enjoyed watching and hearing the neighbors bonfire last night for Guy Fawkes. They used bamboo and warned us it would sound like gun shots as it exploded

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  17. Our microwave works. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It has been out since 17 October. I could have bought a new one cheaper than having this one fixed. However, I explained before, it is a buff color and they donโ€™t make them anymore. Well! Elvera doesnโ€™t want a microwave different from the other appliances. She was talking about a new stove and washer. That would have caused a big ruckus in this abode. But for $240 for the part and the cost for labor, we have one that works. And an intact marriage.

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  18. Wait, I went to work all day and then ran errands (had my picture taken for a new work permit) and there is not even one new comment??!
    oh, my


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