Our Daily Thread 9-29-14

Good Morning!

On this day in 1789 a regular army was established by the U.S. War Department with several hundred men. 

In 1943 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marchal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson

In 1951 the first network football game was televised by CBS-TV in color. The game was between the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania. 

In 1960 “My Three Sons” debuted on ABC-TV. 

And on this day in 1999 I married my lovely wife Cheryl. Hands down, the smartest move I’ve ever made. 🙂

Happy 15th Anniversary Cheryl! 🙂


Quote of the Day

Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can’t sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can’t sleep with the window open.”

George Bernard Shaw


 For Cheryl.

And this one is because I like it. Old song, new version, from AmartianHD


Anyone have a QoD?

36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-29-14

  1. Happy 15th Anniversary, Allen & Cheryl!

    (Now I’m off to play with Forrest while Emily is working with Lee. See y’all later.)


  2. Happy anniversary Allen and Cheryl.
    You have to take her to dinner someplace special.
    I told you before how I took Elvera to Wendy’s for our 25th.
    I’ve forgotten how to make the heart


  3. Happy Anniversary to the two of you.
    Today I cry “uncle” and go to the doctor. That is if they can fit me in.
    Mr. P should get the last of the things out of the other house today. The current house isn’t completely in order yet, but I had to come to work to get some rest. 😉

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  4. Hey, it let me post! Last night it wouldn’t let me; it ended up making me make a new password, not accepting my new password, and then when it automatically supplied my old password it still wouldn’t let me post.

    And I had such fascinating things to say, too!


  5. Well, looks like cheryl managed to find us again.

    Happy anniversary (other) Cheryl & AJ!

    Kim, glad the worst of the dreaded move is behind you. That has to feel good by itself. Prayers that you can get in to see the doctor and whatever’s wrong can be fixed with an antibiotic or some other easy cure. 🙂

    I had a lot of dreams last night, many of them involving swimming in the ocean with large waves (a mostly pleasant experience). I also dreamed I was going to the Academy Awards for a story I was covering and (obviously) had nothing to wear — but I was glad I still had a few months to lose some weight & shop. 😉


  6. Donna, you must have had the dream I was supposed to have. I have a debutant ball Thanksgiving night to attend. Once the dust settles around me I intend to have a panic about what to wear. I have been pulling a Scarlett O’Hara and will think about it tomorrow, but I don’t have any curtains to pull off the wall and I don’t have anyone to sew it up if I did.

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  7. Good Morning and Happy Anniversary AJ and Cheryl….
    The weather is cooling here…it was snowing on top of Pikes Peak this morning…we’ll just see some rain later on.
    Praying you get in to see the doctor Kim…and that Mr P can finish up the rest of the move so that you can begin settling in the new nest…
    Donna isn’t it always the case that we have nothing to wear when we go to a special event? Even though my closet is full….what an embarrassment I am to myself! 😦

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  8. oh, wait, never mind. I read 11:47 and put it together with 10:52 and got a quick glimpse of Burt Lancaster in a bikini. Whew. Got to read the comments in order…..

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  9. Mini blinds are more in my budget. 😉
    I have a 2pm appointment! I am trying not to take anything until then. I always want to see the doctor when I am at my worst. Our running joke is that he will listen to my lungs and ask how many packs of cigarettes a day I am up to. I will reply that I don’t know after the 3rd pack I lose count. (No. I don’t smoke.)

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  10. 6 Arrows, I just had some comments on how easy Misten’s move was for her, and some other comments on something, I forget what. All that wisdom just wasted, I tell you, wasted.


  11. Thank you all for the kind greetings.

    We had a nice day out. The ladies got their hair done and then we had lunch out. 🙂

    And we received our Disney Magic bands in the mail today, an anniversary gift. But we can’t use them until next month. 😦

    It’s our late anniversary, early Christmas presents, bi-annual family vacation gift. 🙂


  12. Happy Anniversary to The Real & Mrs. AJ!

    As my father would say, “I’m busier than a one-armed paperhanger” (Could that be considered politically incorrect?) as I go full steam into the next unit of my course – got a pretty good mark on the first unit. But I noticed a couple of questions that I missed:

    Cheryl, my guess on your avatar picture would be garlic mustard. If so, then get rid of it wherever you see it – it was an imported kitchen garden plant that has become an invasive species, as it actually renders the soil inhospitable to native plants.

    6 Arrows – about how to link World articles: I am not a subscriber, but part of the reason my links to World might work is that my IP address is out of country. However, I do get the pay wall after I view about 5 article pages on World (not necessarily 5 articles, as some have more than one page). I get around that by going off the Internet and then going back on – my setting are to delete all website cookies (tracking devices used by website to track user behaviour) upon exiting the Internet. I would love to subscribe to World, but I have not the funds or the credit card to be able to do so, so I resort devious methods.


  13. Roscuro, my hunch is it isn’t garlic mustard, since I saw that earlier in the summer and I think I would have recognized it. But I’ll double-check the photo to see if it looks like a match. Thanks!


  14. Roscuro, World came out with a special deal for missionaries this year. Very affordable. I have trouble figuring out their new website. Are some daily news articles and are some just articles that are in the magazine???


  15. Jo – I find every news/magazine website confusing to try to navigate. My interpretation of World’s site is the first column, with the ever changing display photo are feature magazine articles. Next, the row of headlines with cover photos is online news. Then there is a multimedia window (audio, video, and cartoons); and underneath that the opinion columnists, headed by their photos. Below them, the running columns with no pictures have the older feature articles, online news, and opinion columns. If all else fails, use their search engine.


  16. Looks like the wrong number of petals to be garlic mustard, and the leaves are wrong. But it was worth double-checking, since my googling hasn’t brought me anything close. . . .


  17. Happy anniversary to AJ and Cheryl!

    I am not used to this working full time business. I don’t even get on here until some of you are heading off to dream land. It is good to catch up with your days when I get home at night.
    Kim, hope you’re feeling better soon and I’m glad Amos was such a caring little dog 🙂


  18. I hope you are enjoying the camp work, Kare. It sounds like a wonderful site.

    I have continued to have stomach problems so I have not gotten to see my friend, Karen, who had surgery. She is in a lot of pain.

    I did get to see my friend, Sue, to interview her for my article assignment due tomorrow. Now if I just had the skill to put together the article as quickly as a seasoned reporter like Donna. 🙂


  19. So I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work tonight and I forgot to buy the main thing I’d stopped for — paper towels. Got a bunch of other stuff though. 🙄 I hate it when I do that.

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  20. I understand, Donna. I have gotten so I am writing notes for everything, realizing that I will not remember. If I have a fleeting thought, I need to write it down, because it will fly away.

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