News/Politics 5-21-13

The full scope of the devastion in Oklahoma is more apparent this morning. Sadly most of the news is not good. There is also the chance of more tornadoes today. From NBCNews

“At least 51 people, including 20 children, were among the victims of an enormous tornado that roared through the suburbs of Oklahoma City Monday, pulverizing entire city blocks and leaving behind miles of mangled cars and splintered wood.

Officials warned the death toll was likely to climb, making it among the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history.

Forecasters warned that more “large and devastating” tornadoes were possible Tuesday with cities including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Shreveport, Texarkana and Little Rock potentially at risk.”

More From CBSHouston

“A monstrous tornado at least a half-mile wide roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire neighborhoods with winds up to 200 mph, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow on an elementary school. At least 51 people were reported killed, according to CBS News.”

Many of the victims were children. It’s just so sad. Please keep these folks suffering loss and damage to their homes in prayer. And all those working on rescue and recovery efforts as well.


The death toll continues to rise. From KFOR-TV

“Officials have confirmed at least 91 people have been killed in the Moore tornado Monday.

The medical examiner’s office confirmed at least 233 people have been injured.

That number is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue Tuesday morning and daylight arrives.”


In other news….

This woman should be spending time in prison. From TheWeeklyStandard

“Perhaps no other IRS official is more intimately associated with  the tax agency’s growing scandal than Lois Lerner, director of the IRS’s  Exempt Organizations Division. Since admitting the IRS harassed  hundreds of conservative and Tea Party groups for over two years, Lerner  has been criticized for a number of untruths—including  the revelation that she apparently lied about planting a question at an  American Bar Association conference where she first publicly  acknowledged IRS misconduct.”

“The trouble with this defense is that, prior to joining the IRS,  Lerner’s tenure as head of the Enforcement Office at the Federal  Election Commisson (FEC) was marked by what appears to be politically  motivated harassment of conservative groups.”

“One of the most shocking things about the current IRS scandal is the revelation that the agency asked one religious pro-life group to detail the content of their prayers and asked clearly innappropriate questions about private religious activity. But under Lerner’s watch, innappropriate religious inquiries were a hallmark of the FEC’s interrogation of the Christian Coalition. According to Bopp’s testimony:”

And does anyone doubt that this is exactly why she’s received her newer assignments? Me neither.


We also have attempts to intimidate reporters seeking answers at the IRS office in Cincinnati. From ABCNews

“As we traveled the public hallways of the building – watched over by security cameras – an armed uniformed police officer with the Federal Protective Service followed us. We were looking for a particular office—of someone who would not want to be seen talking to reporters–but chose to bypass it because of our official babysitter.

Asked why we were being escorted in a public building, the officer identified himself as Insp. Mike Finkelstein and said he was only trying to make sure that the newsmen were not a “nuisance.” He brushed aside further questions. The cop said a supervisor would call to explain.”

“One of the reporters wanted to know if the act of following the journalists was an effort intended to scare off any federal employee who might have considered speaking to the press. That’s sure what it looked like; and, even if that wasn’t the goal, it was the effect.”

Chicago style.

Next is the ever changing talking points. Regardless of whether it’s Benghazi, the IRS, or the AP story, the issue of a continually changing narrative seems to be a theme. From Politico

“The White House on Monday once again added to the list of people who knew  about the IRS investigation into its targeting of conservative groups — saying  White House chief of staff Denis McDonough had been informed about a month  ago.

Press secretary Jay Carney said again that no one had told President Barack  Obama ahead of the first news reports: not his top aide McDonough, nor his chief  counsel Kathy Ruemmler, nor anyone from the Treasury Department.”

“Monday’s revelation amounts to the fifth iteration of the Obama administration’s  account of events, after initially saying that the White House had first learned  of the controversy from the press.”

Quick, blame the video or something! 🙄

And there’s much more on this. Here are some examples.

A bushel of Pinocchios for IRS’s Lois Lerner, from TheWaPo

Senior W.H. staff knew of IRS investigation, did not tell Obama, from Politico

Riiiight. 😉

The True Scandal, fromNationalReview

“A tea-party group targeted by Democrats gets attention from the IRS—and the FBI, OSHA, and the ATF.”

“Two months later, the IRS initiated the first round of questions for True the Vote. Catherine painstakingly answered them, knowing that nonprofit status would help with the organization’s credibility, donors, and grant applications. In October, the IRS requested additional information. And whenever Catherine followed up with IRS agents about the status of True the Vote’s application, “there was always a delay that our application was going to be up next, and it was just around the corner,” she says,

As this was occurring, the FBI continued to phone King Street Patriots. In May 2011, agents phoned wondering “how they were doing.” The FBI made further inquiries in June, November, and December asking whether there was anything to report.”

“On the same day they received the questions from the IRS, Catherine says, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) launched an unscheduled audit of their machine shop, forcing the Engelbrechts to drop everything planned for that day. Though the Engelbrechts have a Class 7 license, which allows them to make component parts for guns, they do not manufacture firearms. Catherine said that while the ATF had a right to conduct the audit, “it was odd that they did it completely unannounced, and they took five, six hours. . . . It was so extensive. It just felt kind of weird.””

The fourth shoe is coming according to Drudge Editors and Dem. Sen. Max Baucus.


And we have yet another example of govt agencies harrassing people, and once again, an ever changing story. From NBCNews

“The Justice Department’s secret subpoena for AP phone records included the seizure of records for five reporters’ cellphones and three home phones as well as two fax lines, a lawyer for the news organization tells NBC News.”

“David Schulz, the chief lawyer for the AP, said the subpoenas also covered the records for 21 phone lines in five AP office lines — including one for a dead phone line at  office in Washington that had been shut down six years ago. The phone lines at four other offices – where  100 reporters worked — were also covered by the subpoenas, Schulz said.”

We know they also targeted at least 3 Fox reporters as well. From WeaselZippers

Jay Carney would like to remind everyone that leaks will not be tolerated. From TalkingPointsMemo

“Insisting repeatedly that he can’t comment on the Department of Justice’s 2009 probe of Fox News reporter James Rosen, White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday emphasized the severity of leaks related to national security.

Carney said that President Barack Obama has long valued the First Amendment and an open press, but that leaks of classified information “are not tolerated.” The White House spokesman said that the media shield law proposed by Obama strikes that balance.

“I think it is very important that leaks are not tolerated,” Carney said.”

Well, except for those that benefit and come from the administration right Jay? 🙄

From Breitbart

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a new report Monday that confirms former U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson.”

Apparently some leaks are more equal than others.


Democrats are planning an attempt to place restrictions on crisis pregnancy centers. Of course no such restrictions for abortion mills were not included. This is just rich. Gosnell they ignore. His victims, they ignore. And they don’t seem real concerned with full disclosure from Planned Parenthood before for an abortion. In fact, quite the opposite. From TheHill

“Democrats in the House and Senate are looking to stop what they say are  deceptive advertising practices by anti-abortion health clinics that imply they  offer abortion services, but instead encourage birth and promote  adoption.

The legislation is aimed at crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs),  which are clinics often set up by a church or other anti-abortion groups.  Democrats in Congress and other pro-abortion groups say these clinics are known  to indicate they can perform abortions in order to attract pregnant women  patients, and then try to convince them to carry their babies to term.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), the House sponsor of the Stop Deceptive  Advertising for Women’s Services Act (H.R.  2030), said CPCs should not be allowed to deceive women who are seeking  information about their pregnancy.”

But this enabler who sponges blood money from abortion groups wouldn’t dare try this on PP, where it’s actually needed. Hypocrite.

Meanwhile some actual honesty and following of the law is completely lacking from Planned Parenthood. From TheBellinghamHerald

“An Everson man who impregnated a preteen girl and forced her to have an abortion must serve a six-year prison sentence, then leave the country.”

“He brought the girl to a Planned Parenthood clinic in August 2012. She told staff members that her 14-year-old boyfriend impregnated her, but she couldn’t give the boy’s name or address.

Six weeks after the abortion, the girl told a detective how she had really become pregnant. Gonzalez-Jose had insisted “it would be best for her” to not have the baby, according to the documents.”

Perhaps their new-found fondness of honesty will let them explain how a 14 year old girl, accompanied by a non-family member adult male, can get an abortion in one of their clinics without serious questions being asked and the authorities alerted?


18 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-21-13

  1. None of this will make any difference. As Rush calls the “low information” voter doesn’t know and doesn’t care. The “low information” voter is the guy who gets his news from ABC News on the Hour.


  2. The Times-News article originated with the Kansas City Star, just to give appropriate credit.

    I was reading in the Times-News today about the FBI wanting online providers like Google to prepare a back door for encrypted personal correspondence. “Where federal investigators once tapped phone lines, they would now slip through a software hole created just for them.”
    “Citizens and lawmakers must not fall into the trap of believing this affects only wrongdoers.”

    We have seen what the IRS can do. This is big. It is much bigger than the MSM is making it. I saw a TV program a few days ago that tells about a large NSA facility in Utah that processes huge quantities of data.
    A “black helicopters” thing? I don’t know.
    I do know that Obama told the Ohio State U. graduates that they must trust the government. I have learned that when Obama says, “it’s a nice day”, I should grab a raincoat.


  3. Kirsten Powers does it again, noting how the administration began early on to openly criticize Fox for (imagine this, we’re shocked) criticizing the president. Who ever heard of the Fourth Estate doing such a thing as criticizing a president? Especially this president?

    Now some of the rest of the national media finds itself in the crosshairs.

    Powers: “Trashing reporters comes easy in Obama-land. Behind the scenes, Obama-centric Democratic operatives brand any reporter who questions the administration as a closet conservative, because what other explanation could there be for a reporter critically reporting on the government?”


  4. One thing that has puzzled me about this tornado is how long it was on the ground.

    I live in California and know nothing about weather, but I thought tornadoes usually just touched down for 10-30 seconds, not 40 minutes.

    Pregnancy Counseling Centers advertise in the non-abortion provider section of the phone book–that law was changed 25 years ago. While, like at PP, there will always be rogue volunteers (everyone is a volunteer, the employees are very well trained), for the most part they are Christians are must speak the truth.

    So, when asked, “do you perform abortions?” I say, “No, but I can provide you with information about what happens during an abortion and about possible alternatives.”

    Half the time that ends the conversation. The other half of the time, they want to know more information.

    Freedom of speech, you know?

    And your point is well taken; some would rather harass folks who give their own time and money to provide women with another perspective, rather than make sure abortion mills are run in the approved “safe, clean and rare,” method.

    But, I suggest we focus on the book of Judges if we want to see where our society ultimately is headed, and then ask ourselves, how shall we live, now?


  5. Michelle, speaking from tornado alley, they are unpredictable. You never know what they will do. The slow ones do more damage.
    I think they have lower the causality count, but it may go up again.


  6. I just heard from Cindi. People in Ohio are working to help the families here in Oklahoma. I gave her the number to the Salvation Army here in the city along with the number to the 1st Baptist Church in Moore.


  7. Looks like round 3 is headed our way. I can see the rain moving in from the West near El Reno and Yukon. The radio station is reporting that people are working feverishly to try and get what few belongings they have left in storage to prevent them from getting ruined.


  8. drivesguy, we had the live local news feed posted on our website yesterday also, the anchors & reporters out there were doing a great job under tough & emotional circumstances.


  9. Low information voter — not a bad term, passive voter is another. Most people don’t get involved in political news …. celebrity gossip,crime and natural disasters are what hold their attention to cable news. Thus, Obama can easily ride this out … Harper our conservative PM has been doing that for 5 years now, just ignore and “message”. When elections come all is forgotten.

    Frankly, I’m a little surprised that many of you are surprised at the the attitude of the IRS and other federal agencies. They’ve been harassing and observing organizations for decades usually to benefit cooperative and conservative politicians. Its not the Chicago way, its the IRS way. Its the reason they got Capone and not the FBI.

    Meanwhile, I hear Obama’s ratings actually went up.

    Tornadoes, more than hurricanes, are an awesome display of nature’s power and arbitrariness. I was somewhat shocked to hear Pat Robertson blames the victim regardless of their behavior, religion or sexual behavior. To hear him, people should’ve prayed more….I’ll spare you the link. And according to leftist sites, an OK senator wants to tie federal aid to Social Security cuts …. he must not fear the electoral process.

    And my link for the day …. Syria and more background on the conflict by Thomas Friedman …. who I don’t usually like.


  10. (They’ve been harassing and observing organizations for decades usually to benefit cooperative and conservative politicians.)
    IF that is true all the more reason to get rid of them.
    How many times are you all going to bring up Pat Robertson. He really speaks for no one but himself. You should see what liberals are saying about the disaster victims on Huffington Post and CNN. Many are down right gleeful that Red State children are dead and they get to taunt their parents for disagreeing with them on FEMA or Global Warming or Religion.


  11. kBells, I spotted some of those comments — on a link posted from somewhere else yesterday. Pretty eye-opening. Gotta love that angry “new” atheism (several people were really on a tear about the horror of suggesting prayer might be appropriate); not to mention the intense feelings out there against ‘fly-over’ country. Rather chilling, really.


  12. HRW,

    “They’ve been harassing and observing organizations for decades usually to benefit cooperative and conservative politicians. ”

    You keep saying that, but you’ve yet to provide examples or proof. If it’s on the same level and number of victims we have in this instance, you shouldn’t have difficulty giving us numerous examples.


  13. “Obama can easily ride this out” — well, that remains to be seen, I’d say. I suspect we’ll hear the sounds of a lot more shoes dropping in coming weeks.

    And don’t underestimate the power of a few mainstream reporters who are no longer in your corner.

    The IRS stuff is just ugly and getting uglier. Now we have the story about the one official who’s going to take the 5th. Nice. Nothing going on here, right?

    At the very least, the president likely will find it a bit tough to get some of his beloved big-bigger-government agenda passed in his 2nd term.


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