22 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-29-13

  1. So sorry, Kbells. I’ve struggled with migraines for 14 years and know how debilitating they can be. I’ll be praying for you to get some relief soon.


  2. Heavenly Father, I pray for my sister in Christ, Kbells, who has migraines. Lord. You know the source of that discomfort. You know the reason she has them. If there is not some great purpose in her suffering, I pray You would mitigate those pains that make it hard for her to function with ease. Her focus is on the pain and it takes away her ability to be fully there for Your benefit. Please, Lord, let a healing touch from Jesus come upon her and disperse her discomfort at the source. If it is from her diet, please guide her to correction. I pray in the blessed name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen


  3. Continued prayer for my friend & neighbor who sees a counselor today. She still feels very unsafe in her home, she thinks that her husband wants to harm/kill her, so pray that the counselor will be able to get to the bottom of the fears and that she can find a place of physical safety as they try to sort out what really is going on. Prayer also, and obviously, for the marriage which is clearly in a pretty rough state. (She and her husband are Christians, so prayer also that their trust in the Lord will be strengthened, too, somehow through all of this.)

    Prayer also for another friend, Shirley, who has had Crohn’s Disease for several years now — she was headed for some scans in ER yesterday (she’d been having some pain) and I haven’t heard yet whether she may have been admitted to the hospital. Pray that these recent symptoms are ‘nothing’ of real concern and that she won’t have to be hospitalized.

    Also prayer for Shirley to grow in spiritual desire and the knowledge of God through all of this. I’ve been inviting her to church for years with no result (she was raised in the Methodist church but left as a teen; says she still believes in God, but just won’t set foot inside a church, although she seems lately to be reading the Bible for the first time in many years, at least little snippets of it).


  4. Kbells, praying for you to overcome the current migraine, and to find the cause.

    Daughter has suffered with them for years and is now concentrating on eliminating chemicals from her diet in an effort to at least lessen them. She’s now trying a new sweetener, Nectresse, as she suspected even Splenda [which has a chemical ingredient] seems to give her problems.


  5. Migraines are awful — I was plagued by them in my 40s, they seemed to be hormone-related as they hit each month around my periods. They eventually went away, thankfully, but my friend Shirley (whom I mentioned above) has them frequently still.

    Praying, KBells, sometimes the low-grade ones that just go on and on and on are the worst. I had one that lasted 3 days I believe. They can give you a shot for those, but in my case it didn’t work all that well. Usually you just have to wait it out. Do you have some Imitrex or another prescription migraine drug to take? My doctor also gave me a prescription for Compazine as I’d get such awful upset stomaches with the headaches sometimes.

    Just heard from my friend Shirley, BTW, she’s home — it was a kidney stone that was causing the new pains, so she’s relieved (and is especially glad she didn’t have to stay in the hospital, though it was a long night in ER to get all the tests run).


  6. Heavenly Father, You know all. You see all. You are omnipresent and omniscient. I pray for Donna’s friend and neighbor that You would intervene from Your point of view and make things become clear and obvious for the benefit of all Your children involved in this situation. Please give divine wisdom to the counselor to ask the right questions and to prescribe the right actions to overcome this destructive plague that has come to this Christian household. There are battles engaged in the spiritual realm, Lord, and I pray Your angels are on duty 24/7 to assist in the needs of this household. Thank You that Donna’s friend is a believer and can look to You for comfort and peace.

    I pray also for Shirley with the Crohn’s disease. If her suffering through that is what is bringing her back to You, Lord, than I praise You for doing what is necessary to bring her back. I ask that she would be able to find out what to do to relieve her illness. Lead her to the right resources. Also, please help her to get out of her comfort zone and attend church with Donna. You know, Lord, how my friend, Karen, has so many times said she will go to church with me and then she backs out. It hurts, Lord, to keep wanting something good for a friend and they just won’t let it happen. Please make a straight path for these reluctant ones. Remove obstacles that keep them from coming to church. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen


  7. I’m feeling better. Thank you for the prayer. I have eliminated some things from my diet that seem to trigger the headaches. Real sugar has a worse record than Splenda with me.
    Donna, over the counter Advil Migraine usually works but not with this one. I tried the shot once and it made me feel like I was chocking.


  8. kBells, if you have more than 5 migraines/month and they’re not hormone related, Botox injections could be helpful. My husband had severe migraines especially from scented stuff. After Botox, he could be around people with perfume and not have the migraine pain – he still had some of the other symptoms associated with migraines but not the debilitating pain. I’ve tried the Botox injections too, but they have not been as helpful for me. We see a neurologist for them.


  9. Hey, and no wrinkles too? Now that’s a deal. 😉

    Janice, thank you for that beautiful prayer and for reminding me that dark spiritual forces are behind so much of our troubles in this world.


  10. I have a praise. An unspoken that I put up several weeks ago was answered today. It was not in “my time”, but I know that God has it all under control. So it was a wait and not a No.


  11. Update on a prayer request I made on the “Prayer Requests week of 9-4-12” thread regarding a young wife and mom, R, who was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her first child. The Lord took Ruth home to Himself this morning. Please pray for her husband and infant son and all who know and love her. She was a pillar of faith from what I’ve heard spoken of her by those who know her.


  12. That is interesting about Darby. We can wait and see what God is up to and pray for her as we wait! May He bless her family with renewed strength as they carry on with their loving responses to her needs at this time.

    Lord, I lift up Ruth’s family to You as they process grief over her earthly absence. May they feel comfort in knowing she is with Jesus. Please bless her husband with wisdom in caring for their son during this grief-filled time.

    Praise the Lord that so many of us here have been able to lose some weight over this past year to help stave off diabetes. I pray for those with BP problems to have similar good results from their diligence. IJN. Amen


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