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  1. Do it already! That’s why they keep getting away with everything – there’s no accountability!


    WASHINGTON—House Republicans appear split on whether to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for not complying with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee that seeks a document with whistleblower allegations that now-President Joe Biden received a bribe from a foreign official.

    In a May 3 letter to Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the chairman of the Oversight Committee, and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote that they “have received legally protected and highly credible unclassified whistleblower disclosures.

    “Based on those disclosures, it has come to our attention that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) possess an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions. It has been alleged that the document includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose.”

    The May 3 subpoena required the FBI to hand over any FD-1023 forms—which note information from confidential human sources—with the word “Biden” in them.

    The FBI refused to comply with the subpoena’s May 10 deadline.

    “It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee. We’ve asked the FBI to not only provide this record, but to also inform us what it did to investigate these allegations,” said Comer in a May 10 statement. “The FBI has failed to do both. The FBI’s position is ‘trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify.’ That is unacceptable. We plan to follow up with the FBI and expect compliance with the subpoena.”

    “While the FBI has failed to produce the specific document by the subpoena deadline, their offer to provide an accommodation process in response to our legitimate request indicates the document is real,” said Grassley in a statement.

    “So the question remains, what did the FBI do to investigate very serious allegations from an apparent trusted FBI source implicating then-Vice President Biden? Today’s letter from the FBI raises additional questions, including whether the FBI has an open investigation based on these allegations. The American people pay the FBI’s salaries, and they’re entitled to a fulsome response.”

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  2. Tychicus,

    It’s a fishing expedition. They want every document with Biden’s name in it. Since Comer thinks a specific document exists based on an anonymous whitleblower – name the document. He can’t and therefore he throws out this huge blanket request.

    Imagine the police asking for a warrant. They tell the judge we know he committed a crime so we want permission to search everything. They need to be more specific than that. Or more appropriately, imagine if Democrats asked the FBI to produce any document with Donald Trump’s name. Even the Democrats didn’t try to be this blatant.


  3. Attention House Republicans….

    Impeach this senile fool already.

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  4. I see the FBI held a rally yesterday….

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  5. Good.

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  6. Own it morons.

    You helped Joe build this by electing his senile butt.

    So Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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  7. Biden’s America.


    Own it.

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  9. Un-American vermin.

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  10. Quit sniveling Darcy.

    “Reporter ‘visibly shaken’ after CNN boss scolds him for being ‘too emotional’ in Trump town hall coverage

    Sources confirm to Fox News Digital that CNN CEO Chris Licht told Oliver Darcy to change his reporting style”


    “”It can’t be based on emotion, it’s got to be based on fact,” a source familiar with Licht’s thinking told Fox News Digital about Darcy’s reporting.

    The source said Licht received a “ton” of messages from CNN staffers appalled by Darcy’s newsletter, which emphasizes how CNN and Licht were facing tense backlash “internally” as well as externally.

    The messages, according to the source, were like “what the f—.”

    “I’m asking you to not be emotional,” the source paraphrased what Licht told Darcy at the meeting, adding that he wanted nonemotional coverage applied to all news outlets, not just CNN.”

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  11. Once again Minnesota sides with the pervs targeting children.

    Democrats are the party of the perverted degenerates.

    “Minnesota Senate restores pro-pedophile language in public safety bill”


    “I while back I wrote about how the Democrats in Minnesota, led by Representative Leigh Finke, were stripping language that prevented pedophiles from being recognized as a protected class under Minnesota’s Human Rights laws.

    The public reaction was swift and devastating. I take a bit of credit for that as I was the first to write about it.

    The Democrats were forced to amend their bill and did so unanimously, reclassifying pedophilia as specifically not a protected sexual orientation. It was a tremendous victory.

    It was also temporary. The Minnesota Senate included the original language put forth by Finke, fully rejecting the House’s unanimous decision to maintain the state’s rejection of pedophilia (or in modern parlance, “minor attraction”), and is once again allowing minor-attracted people to get protection as a protected class. based on their sexual orientation.”

    “The law does not SAY pedophiles are a protected class, but pedophilia is classified as a “paraphilia” and hence a sexual orientation. Human Rights law makes sexual orientation a protected category.

    That’s a long way of saying that pedophiles become a protected class, because, well, they do. That is why the original language exists in the law, to ensure that people can express their disgust with pedophilia without facing legal consequences.”

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  12. Happy b-day, Aj! Enjoy your special day with close ones, and may God grant you much grace, wisdom and strength for the year ahead…

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  13. NJ — The difference between Mar-a-lago and the current Republican fishing expedition is the latter is the demands of politicians in committee. The Mar-a-lago raid occurred because the national archivists knew there were some missing documents that hadn’t been handed over. With the help of police they recovered the documents they knew were located there. The Republicans don’t know what document they are looking for – just an anonymous source, and thus the blanket request.


  14. Tychicus just noticed your comment. They know the type of document i.e. a FD – 1023 Form but they don’t know which one so they want them all. They need to be specific or its a fishing expedition.


  15. Debt ceilings are an artificial crisis created by a party opposed to the president. Both parties do it as leverage to get some of their policies implemented. However, some Republicans seem intent on ruining the economy to lower Biden’s reelection chances.

    No other developed country has a debt ceiling. The international markets usually determine if a country’s debt has become risky and more interest is charged on the country’s borrowing. The US has the advantage of being the world’s reserve currency and thus the markets are more willing to purchase US gov’t debt. And their debt by most measures (per capita, % of GDP) is about average. Repeal the debt ceiling for the sake of stability.

    The other issue is if the Republicans were sincere about debt and deficit, they would restore taxes to Clinton levels – the last time the budget was balanced. Even better would be Reagan levels. The US gov’t has an income problem (lower than most OECD countries) . However, the Republicans seem to be concerned about debt when there is a Democratic administration.

    And for those who argue the US gov’t spends too much, they don’t. Their spending per capita is about average for an OECD developed country. And this includes the massive amount of military spending. Their spending per capita drops by about 12% without the military.

    This is a manufactured crisis and it doesn’t go away by pointing at other problems that may or may not be manufactured or due to incompentece.


  16. The comfortable smug tweet can’t be taken seriously. He’s upset; a Venezuelaan who walked, bused , hitchhiked, etc from Venezuela to the border and was greeted with food and shelter and you’re upset? He’s smug – alright. Most Americans feel they are blessed to be born in the US but now they’re jealous and upset somebody receives food and shelter at the end of a long journey (Read up on the Darien Gap; its not a pleasant hike)

    When I travel – I take care of myself. However, I have enough money to do so (barely but travel is good for my mental health). I don’t begrudge anyone who is escaping war, famine, poverty, and societal breakdown receiving some food and shelter.

    The influx of political, social, and economic migrants is not going away. Europe has the same problem as Africans board boats barely seaworthy to get across the Mediterranean or walk from Afghanistan or Iraq and pushed by the countries in-between. The disparity of wealth will continue to drive migration.

    If comfortably smug wants to complain about free stuff – look to the Bezons, Gates, Musks of the world whose wealth is derived from gov’t subsidies and legislation designed to benefit them. Three’s the great government giveaway.


  17. The Republican party used to be the party of law and order – now their the party for vigilantes .

    Most people did not FOR Joe Biden. They voted AGAINST Donald Trump. And if its a rerun election the same thing will happen. Young people will be motivated to vote not for Biden but against Trump.

    CNN put itself in a lose-lose situation. They lose because they put Trump on TV and lose what little audience they have to MSNBC and then they also lose when the questions become too tough. Dumb move simply desperate for ratings.

    The Minneasota moral panic appears to be much ado over nothing. Paraphilia is not a sexual orientation. Its a broad category that includes various sexual preferences some criminal some not but all different than “normal”. The criminal code still applies.


  18. A rerun election may happen. But not necessarily.

    According to polls, voters are not thrilled with a Biden-Trump rematch. This has been said to be one of the most “unpredictable” national US elections in a long time.

    It’s early and all kinds of things can go sideways with either of these “presumed” candidates.


  19. Peggy Noonan:

    ~ For months I have held in my head two separate and opposing thoughts. One is that the more Republican candidates get into the race the better the chances for Donald Trump. In 2016 in a field of 17 all he needed was a plurality to win, and he almost always got it. Therefore, Republicans should discourage new entrants. …

    … I now think Republicans should do the opposite of the Democrats and have a big, needed brawl—wake this thing up, talk about meaning, have the argument, brawl it out.

    It’s not all up to Mr. Trump and his fate. Nothing is inevitable. He is evitable.

    It is a party with a great history. Maybe it’s dying, but if it is it shouldn’t be like this, without a last, hellacious fight. What the heck. Everyone into the pool. ~


  20. Ah but all those “found” papers in Biden’s garage. I believe they also went after Pence did they not?? It’s not the R’ s going after the D’s… it’s a dern freeforall out there and the R’s are usually the target in this clown show!!


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