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  1. I cannot imagine why anybody would have their children in those places, unless they are putting the blinders on and saying to themselves that it is not happening in their schools.

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  2. I’m thinking (@11:05) finances, difficult family situations, work schedules, single-parent homes, lack of funds for private school and/or availability (or ability) for home schooling … Many folks simply have no other options than the public schools.

    Charter and school choice programs are so needed for parents, but LA, for one (teachers’ union the primary driver) resists and fights the concept.


  3. Here we have many options open for such situations. Home schooling co-opts , carpooling for like minded families, on campus a few days a week with at home instruction the off days. Scholarships offered to those lacking resources. Charter schools are not a given being different from regular public schools. Many are implementing the “chosen pronouns” with students. The Principal at my grands charter school is an atheist and universalist. His speech at the graduation last year was quite revealing and saddening to us. This school was founded by 6 Christian families and we were blessed to be part of it with our two youngest. It has all changed. I supposed I would be willing to sacrifice and reschedule life wherever possible to keep my offspring out of being groomed by the wicked…

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  4. It is very much a sacrifice to homeschool (in the financial arena) but so worth it in the long run. I found ways to do it on a shoestring budget, but not everyone is willing. I think it was a major splurge to be involved with Scouting because it did get expensive. If it had been necessary I would have cut that out to keep homeschooling, but that cost seemed worth it for all the life skills learned.

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  5. Our church has long been a homeschool hub for other churches in our area, it was something our church families began doing very early on (before I transferred in, church has been around for 30 years) and it’s grown from there, so many more resources now than in those more primitive days.

    I have Quaker friends in NY who also did homeschooling (8 children), combining with other Christians in the immediate area (this was in a rural part of upstate NY).

    Husband was a public defender and his wife was able to stay home with the kids so took on much of the teaching duties. It’s definitely not for everyone, but they were both skilled and devoted and all the kids wound up going to Ivy League colleges, most starting a couple years early they were so advanced.

    One’s a country vet, another a math and science teacher, another an accountant, an architect. It goes on, pretty amazing success stories when it came to the earlier years of church home schooling (1980s, the dark ages!).

    And Janice’s, son, a college professor. So there you go.

    But not all families are able or equipped, financially or otherwise, to take that on, it’s a huge commitment (I knew another Christian woman who told me, frankly, she was so disorganized and while they were homeschooling she realized how weak her natural gifts were in that area, they may have opted to find a private Christian school instead from what I remember).

    Many also just don’t have the connections to find a homeschool hub (and that is still a cost). And those have developed more recently, of course. I still remember how hard it was for the earlier home schoolers to gain any kind of respect from the education community that was so skeptical.

    Again, not for everyone, for sure, but it’s grown into a remarkable option when it fits for families.

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  6. Public schools have to respond to parents so the “good” parent thing to do is get involved and keep track of your kids schooling. But in a world where two incomes are needed and work is a constant, parents often hope everything is okay. For the most part it is. However, parents should always do their research.

    High school shopping is normal here. My school feeds into a high school which the kids call a giant “social experiment”. They have a reputation for taking in kids who don’t feel safe elsewhere. Knowing this our Muslim parents tend to send their kids to the publicly funded Catholic school or the self paced academic high school. I used the French Immersion program to ensure my daughter ended up what was generally known to be the best high school in the city – for academics, behaviour, and the arts. A little bit of research gives most parents the answers they need.

    GSAs are called Gay Straight Alliances here. It’s mostly a high school club for kids to gather for a safe space. Some grade seven-eights may have a club but that requires a teacher willing to lead it and kids willing to join it. Not a combination that happens too often. It’s often led by idealistic younger female teachers (males wisely stay away), but normally this would have to be approved by the principal and permission forms sent home.

    My impression of some American school systems is the approach is really haphazard and everything depends on the board (which are quite small in comparison to ours). And for a litigation happy society, there doesn’t seem to be enough measures in place to ensure limited liability (as in a permission form)

    I often wonder if low pay and low job security lead to lower quality and more risk taking. If one has tenure, benefits and a good pension, I can’t see someone risking this for anything remotely inappropriate. Middle school children rarely tell their parents anything but anytime an adult says don’t tell your parents it’s pretty much a given you should tell your parents.


  7. The Mexican president’s only interest here is keeping the money flowing back home from the illegals, and ensuring they have a place to dump their undesirables. He’s a leech, a resource sucking parasite, as is his country.


    “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leveled Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in a statement this week after AMLO criticized the governor for his strong anti-illegal immigration policies.

    AMLO made the remarks on Monday about legislation that DeSantis later signed into law on Wednesday that The New York Times said last month was “the toughest crackdown” on illegal immigration by any state in the US.”

    “DeSantis responded to AMLO’s remarks in a statement that slammed the leftist president for the rampant organized crime in his country that is fueling the illegal immigration and drug crises in the U.S.

    “President López Obrador should be cracking down on the cartels running his country and fueling our deadly opioid epidemic instead of worrying about what we are doing in Florida,” DeSantis said. “While President Biden may take his cues from leftist foreign leaders, Floridians won’t let their immigration laws be dictated by Mexico City.”

    “I’ll never back down from using the full weight of my office to protect the people of Florida by enforcing our immigration laws, and look forward to signing the strongest legislation against illegal immigration in Florida history,” DeSantis added.

    According to the governor’s office, the new illegal immigration crackdown that DeSantis signed into law this week:

    Requires employers to use E-Verify to check the employment eligibility of employees, and fines employers who fail to use E-Verify $1,000 per day.

    Suspends licenses of any employer who knowingly employs illegal aliens, and makes using a fake ID to gain employment a felony.

    Enhances penalties for human smuggling, including making knowingly transporting five or more illegal aliens or a single illegal alien minor a second-degree felony subject to a $10,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison.

    Provides $12 million to continue the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program to relocate illegal immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions.

    Bans local governments and NGOs from issuing identification documents to illegal aliens and invalidates all out-of-state driver licenses issued exclusively to illegal aliens.

    Requires hospitals to collect and report healthcare costs for illegal aliens.

    “The Biden Border Crisis has wreaked havoc across the United States and has put Americans in danger,” DeSantis said in a statement at the signing. “In Florida, we will not stand idly by while the federal government abandons its lawful duties to protect our country.”

    “The legislation I signed today gives Florida the most ambitious anti-illegal immigration laws in the country, fighting back against reckless federal government policies and ensuring the Florida taxpayers are not footing the bill for illegal immigration,” he added.”

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  8. NJ

    My impression from the article was migrants were rushing before Title 42 expired. So Biden didn’t repeal 42 he let it expired as it was part of the Covid 19 rules that are all expiring. Apparently 42 makes it easier to make multiple claims?


  9. Trump was on CNN and the pervs at the Lincoln Project be mad…..

    CONTENT WARNING!!!! because he’s a foul mouthed lefty grifter….

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  10. Hilarious. 😂🤣

    Cope harder!

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  11. Sure Nancy….. 🙄

    Cope harder.


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  13. Lefty twits on Twitter are losing it, so double bonus. 🙂

    I’ll stick to the few without cussing. 🙂

    So what she’s saying is she was to lazy to do some work by watching, and form her own opinion, so she’ll just go with what the other sheep are saying. 🙂

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  14. Yes he did allow it to expire but he should not have. Not only have they been rushing the border but now they rush it exponentially, overwhelming our meager patrol to the point of exasperation. Biden does nothing to protect our border ….nothing. He wants more illegal voting and he cares nothing for our citizenry… nothing.

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  15. I did not have a homeschool umbrella or overall hub but sought out upoer level classes at various churches with programs to fill the higher math and science needs that I did not feel qualified to teach. I drove all over town, up to an hour away for some classes, to meet graduation requirements.

    Now Georgia has a good online program for those students who need that imstead of the traditional classroom. I think it is a form of hybrtd learning, but because it is through the state it probably has some undesirable materials used for teaching. It would be an option though for homeschooling for those who can’t afford it otherwise. It was getting started when Wes was finishing high school.

    Those who were critical of me for homeschooling thought I could not possibly be giving him socialization skills.😀 if they had followed me around for a week after we got established, they would have found that the public school classroom was far more deficient for that skill.

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  16. We have friends in FL who are free online teachers. Students are provided a laptop and this husband/wife team are excellent at what they do…they teach and do not indoctrinate. He also is a basketball coach which he has done since being at Univ. of KY.

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  17. The socialization criticism was a big back in the day, but has been largely disproven as a concern in home schooling.

    There are many more materials available now for families who feel they can embark on such a program. A couple decades ago it was much harder, I suspect. Like Janice, folks had to cobble together, search out, educate themselves to teach, find resources on their own or by word of mouth.

    Collaborating with other churches provides many of the resources, professional teachers who are available as they may also be stay-at-home moms for the time being or retired.

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  18. *me above, dj — on that different computer again!

    I saw this and realized someone else is thinking what I’m thinking about now:


    ~ Suddenly, a Biden-Trump rematch doesn’t seem so inevitable

    ~ As Yogi Berra supposedly once observed, “Predictions are hard, especially when they’re about the future.” So, let’s just call this a hunch: No matter what Biden says now about running for a second term, in the coming months he may drop out.

    Democrats want a candidate who can beat Donald Trump. If Biden doesn’t look like that guy, the people behind the curtain who have been calling the shots in the White House may convince him that it’s time to go.

    And while Donald Trump is way out ahead of his rivals, both announced and those likely to get into the race, it’s still early. If he loses more court battles, gets hit with a few more indictments or a few more scandals emerge, anything is possible.

    So, no matter what a lot of us thought, we may not be locked into a Trump v. Biden 2.0 after all. Maybe in a country of more than 330 million people, we can do better than two senior citizens hauling a lot of baggage. Maybe, Americans are ready for a change.
    As a wit once observed: Politicians are like diapers. They both need to be changed often. And for the same reason. ~


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