14 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-10-23

  1. Good morning, Mumsee. I got a later start today and am having a bit of trouble with Facebook.

    Usually my morning post of photo and haiku on Instagram automatically posts to Facebook. Then I post from Facebook to a women’s ministry group that daily posts my writing (syndication😀).

    Just waiting and waiting on Facebook. I used a Bible verse this morning in my writing so maybe it kicked out as objectionable language. Who knows?

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  2. Morning! That little birdie appears to be serenading us this fine day!

    Up early listening to my verbal processor husband while having a cup of coffee. He is now headed out to his dermatologist have surgery on his face… praying they remove the bad stuff with minimal discomfort 😊

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  3. Refilling the hummingbird feeders again this morning. They were right there. Lots of edibles for them, they especially like the currant blossoms right now.

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  4. Haha Dj!! I can relate sometimes with that cat!!

    I am sitting at my desk and lo and behold a yellow cheeked warbler landed on the railing outside my window! They are fast and skittish but I had a great view of it’s cute little self. Someone in a neighboring area about 5 miles away post a photo of one a couple days ago! I have never seen them in our area. Maybe they like all the millions of moths that have invaded us and will keep the population at bay!

    Husband had the first go round and waited an hour and a half for the biopsy. They just called him in for a second round as they didn’t get it all… 😞

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  5. Word press is making me crazy. I can like posts then I cannot. I can comment without logging then I cannot. One minute I am NJ and then I am Nancy Jill. Really these sites should not be messin’ with this old woman!

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  6. This is about the twins?

    I know nothing. I’m exhausted after completing the conference today in Savannah.


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