25 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-1-23

  1. Democrats, with their blood soaked hands, continue to hand out our money to the baby killers.

    Elections have consequences.

    “Planned Parenthood Slaughtered 374,000 Babies While Raking in Record Public Funding in FY2022”


    “Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, which was a momentous occasion in the fight for life. But despite that win, Planned Parenthood, the most popular baby-killing coalition, murdered 375,155 children through abortion last year alone. And our government helped them.

    The taxpayer-funded organization’s latest annual report published this week provided shocking, but not surprising, stats on the group’s abortion efforts, even as many states have moved to put more restrictions on the procedure.

    In its 2021-2022 report, titled “Relentless,” the company boasted about the more than 374,000 children it killed in that one fiscal year alone, a year in which the group stated that “the worst happened.”

    Yeah, the worst did happen. No, I’m not talking about the overturn of Roe v. Wade. I’m talking about the fact that there are still people in this world who somehow think that abortion is a good thing. THAT’s the worst that’s happened – and as long as Planned Parenthood remains in business, it’s going to keep happening.

    Averaged out, Planned Parenthood brutally murdered 1,025 babies every single day in FY2022. And for what? So a woman didn’t have to be a single mom? So teens could finish high school without facing the consequence of their own actions? So that a woman who didn’t want her life disrupted could carry on without the burden of an innocent child? After all, those are the main reasons behind most abortions, and not one of them is justified. As a matter of fact, no abortion is justified when it’s merely out of convenience or fear.

    While Planned Parenthood was busy slaughtering children, the government increased the group’s taxpayer funding to record levels that same year. According to the report, Planned Parenthood received $670 million in government grants and reimbursements in FY2022, up 5.7% from $633 million it got the year before.

    Yeah, that’s right. While we all struggle to pay for gas and buy eggs, Planned Parenthood is raking in hundreds of millions to kill children. “

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  2. The clown known as Chuck Todd doesn’t understand basic science.

    Because they made it up….

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  3. Once again kids, elections have consequences.


    A gun law would have done nothing, but enforcing immigration law and controlling the border would have prevented it. But Biden doesn’t do that.

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  4. It’s amazing. Even the drug addled brain of a rock star still functions more clearly and reasonably than your average Democrat politician and voter.

    And the pervs be mad…..

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  5. Just like her mom, runs her mouth, doesn’t know the facts.



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  6. Epstein’s dead, but all of his pedo pals still walk free.

    Hello? DoJ?

    Oh that’s right, the DoJ and members of our govt are complicit in it.

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  7. LGBTQ themes seem to be the common denominator for pushing porn on kids.

    Even Axios sees this, but doesn’t think it’s a problem, only the book “banning” is. The pervs have their media enablers, that’s for sure.

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  8. It’s fine…. totally fine….

    Unless we or Israel eventually need them. But I guess that’s the plan, isn’t it?

    “Biden Admin Depletes Reserve U.S. Stockpile in Israel in Bid to Replenish Ukraine

    “The amount of US munitions stored in Israel has been dwindling due to the Ukraine war and it is still unclear when it will be replenished.”


    “Israeli officials have raised concern as the Biden administration depletes the U.S. ammunition stockpile stored in the country amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Tel Avi-based newspaper Israel Hayom reported Thursday.

    The warning comes as Israel faces multi-pronged rocket and terrorist attacks along its northern and southern borders. The Iranian regime is working to encircle Israel by building a terrorist axis comprising Islamist and terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

    The Israeli TV channel i24news reported that “Israeli officials are worried of their depletion due to the threat of a multi-front war, amid heightened tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon and terror groups in the Palestinian territories.”

    Reports first surfaced three months ago that the Biden administration was secretly shipping large amounts of artillery shells stored in Israel to the Ukrainian front-line. The Biden administration was “quietly shipping hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine from a massive stockpile in Israel,” The Times of Israel reported in January 2023.

    The ammunition belongs to the U.S. military and has been stored for quick deployment in any future conflict in the Middle East. There is however an understanding that Israel could use the stockpile in case of a dire military need, Israeli media reports suggest. “There has been an unofficial understanding between Jerusalem and Washington that the depots placed in Israel could be used by the hosts in the event that the Jewish state found itself in an emergency situation,” i24news explained.

    The Israel Hayom reported growing concern in Israel over the depleting stockpile:

    The amount of US munitions stored in Israel has been dwindling due to the Ukraine war and it is still unclear when it will be replenished, Israel Hayom has learned from Israeli sources.

    Earlier this year, it was reported that the depots storing US munitions in Israel had been partially tapped in order to help Ukraine fend off the Russian invasion. The depots are officially designated as US military storage facilities and as such enjoy diplomatic immunity under bilateral agreements with Israel. The implicit understanding between Jerusalem and Washington over many decades has been that the munitions there would be earmarked for Israel in times of emergency if the Jewish state faces a major attack along the scale as the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when it faced a combined invsasion by Syria and Egypt.

    According to sources who spoke with Israel Hayom, some of the munitions have been shipped out in recent months through the Port of Ashdod – mainly on Saturdays – to avoid drawing media attention. The shipments out of Israel, which began under the premierships of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, have continued until recent weeks. Israeli and foreign sources have told

    Israel Hayom that the reason those munitions had been tapped is the ongoing shortage of reserve stockpiles in the West in the wake of the continued fighting in Ukraine.

    A defense official said that the White House made the decision to shift resources outside of Israel to another front, but in light of Israel’s fragile security situation in recent weeks, this could have other effects. “These are Israel’s reserve stockpiles for times of war,” a former cabinet minister said. “The move has had a bigger implication in light of the threats on Israel in multiple theaters.”

    After 14 months of intense fighting, the Ukrainian military is running low on ammunition and heavy weaponry. “NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine was using ammunition faster than NATO members could produce it,” the German state-run DW TV reported in February.

    The recently leaked Pentagon documents also suggest that Ukraine may soon run out of various types of ammunition. “Ukraine’s air defences risk running out of missiles and ammunition within weeks,” British newspaper The Guardian reported earlier this month citing the cache of leaked classified U.S. documents.

    The country desperately needs more antiaircraft missiles and ammunition. “Kyiv is depleting its last reserves of S-300 missiles, making it possible for Russia to achieve air superiority,” The Wall Street Journal reported recently citing the same leaked documents. “Russia could achieve its long-sought goal of air superiority in Ukrainian skies as early as May because Ukraine is running out of antiaircraft missiles.”

    The massive pullout of the U.S. stockpile also coincides with President Joe Biden’s growing hostility towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Last month, President Joe Biden told PM Netanyahu to “walk away” from the proposed judicial reforms that seek to give Israel’s elected government more power to appoint Supreme Court judges and amend the constitutional framework.”

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  9. The newsbusters writer engages in stereotypes when commenting on why women get an abortion – its not teen mothers; in a survey where multiple answers are permitted 40% said they weren’t fininacially ready, 36% cited bad planning (including some who were too old or done with children) 31% cited partner related issues (including only 8% who wanted to avoid being a single mom) 29% want to focus on the children they already have, 20% interferes with future plans, 12% for health related reasons, etc. There’s a 7% who said they weren’t emotionally ready – probably the 8% who didn’t want to be single mothers. Hard to assess the accuracy of the survey but the largest reason is lack of money.

    The stereotypical teenage girl is not the one getting an abortion – its the poor and middle age. As the article notes the heavy arm of the law hasn’t put a dent in the abortion rate. Pro-life won the moral battle a long time ago but now they need to put their money where their morals are. Alievate the cost of maternity and post natal, increase gov’t child support payments, etc. You will never get rid of abortion (12% health) but eliminating the 40% who do it because childbirth and children are too expensive will go a long way. And it’s much easier than using the long arm of the state.


    Scroll halfway done to find Table 2.

    Canada has an abortion rate of 12 per 1000 wheras the US has 20.8 per 1000. US has strict laws Canada has none. The disparity then isn’t the law but the financial assistance to parents and free health care. Want to lower the abortion rate, go to the money.


  10. Gender dysphoria has been around a long time. Focusing strictly on science; people may be born with extra X or Y chromosones and people may overproduce hormones opposite their genitalia (the most famous being two female middle distance runners) . Sure there is a social contagion right now but the science is clear – gender isn’t strictly binary. I tend to see genetics or biology as the source for most if not all mental differences. It is nature not nurture. The DSM is a horrible resource -its diagnosed anything outside “WEIRD” as a disorder and is more social science than science. According to them we’re all suffering from something if we don’t conform to WEIRD norms (Western, Educated, Industrialized, rich and democratic societies) .


  11. Elections do have consequences – stop electing politicians bankrolled by the NRA. Even if you built a wall, minefield, etc; you’d still have American citizens committing mass shootings.

    Paul Stanley of KISS is not a drug-addled rock star. He is well known for not participating in the drugs and alcohol lifestyle; He is foremost a business person, for whom rock music was a way to get rich and as a business person, he’s fairly conservative.

    I wonder if Flowers in the Attic is being banned. It was written in 1979 and was extremely popular with girls when I was in middle school – it featured incest, rape, and family murder. In other words, books of this type are nothing new. Let’s not forget Romeo and Juliet features explicit sexual content and suicide.

    Here’s the list of the top 50 banned books -some are LGBQT and may be explicit but some only dealing with racial relations. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/the-50-most-banned-books-in-america/23/

    Ironically one of the most banned books of all time in the US is 1984 by George Orwell.


  12. I do wonder why the US stockpiles ammunition in Israel without Israel actually buying it. Bizarre – the Israelis get weapons and ammo and only have to pay for it if they use it? And some complain about money lost supporting Ukraine. In 2020, the US gave over 3 billion dollars in military aid to Israel and also gave over a billion to Egypt and Jordan. Hence the only border threat to Israel is Syria, Lebanon and Palistine . The first two can’t even run their own countries and the latter isn’t a real country. Iran, Saudi Arabia etc have long had unofficial relations with Israel.

    And Israel’s claim to be the only democracy in the Middle East is slowly dying as Bibi Netanyahu attempts to turn Israel into an “illiberal democracy” as modelled by Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Russia, India etc.


  13. The ads write themselves.

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  14. He’s already smarter than most teachers and administrators.

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  15. There are only two genders or sexes: male and female. Not everyone is exactly alike and there are also birth defects that may have some affect on the individual. But we are alike enough to abide by the long recognized standard classification of male and female. Pretending this reality is a choice is lunacy. Literally, mental illness. And those who support the lunacy are either themselves mentally ill or are deeply corrupt.

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  16. Stand up and fight these degenerates, wherever they may show their faces. Canada has already caved to the pervs.

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  17. Isn’t it nice to see one of the “good” Christians giving his full throated approval to child grooming and predation?

    When he tells you who is, a leftist stooge, believe him.

    3? More like 6.

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  18. Fight the pervs.

    Stand up for yourselves ladies.

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  19. And the intolerant pervs can’t tolerate that.

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  20. “Fact checkers” like Glenn have helped grease the media slide into trash heaps everywhere.


    “Following a spate of scandals in the 1980s typified by the Washington Post’s Janet Cooke inventing an eight-year-old heroin addict and winning a Pulitzer for her tear-jerking profile of this nonexistent person, newspapers created their own in-house hall monitors in the form of ombudsman and public editors who responded in print to reader complaints about journalistic mistakes. Their presence in a newspaper’s pages was intended to encourage skeptical readers to believe they could trust the institutions that published them. After all, who could doubt the integrity of media organizations willing to subject themselves to harsh scrutiny by one of their own employees?

    Few of these monitors remain today, the victims of budget cuts and a changing media landscape. The New York Times, which could easily afford one, eliminated its public-editor position entirely in 2017. “Fact-checking” organizations that for a time tried to fill the void created new problems. Groups such as PolitiFact, now housed at the nonprofit Poynter Institute, claimed to be neutral arbiters of partisan disputes but turned out to be as subjective and just as (surprise!) left-leaning in their sympathies as many of the journalists and Democratic politicians whose work they were supposed to monitor. Unsurprisingly, this earned PolitiFact a Pulitzer Prize. Just like Janet Cooke.

    Today, while news organizations still (sometimes) fact-check their articles internally, the professional “fact-checker” is a dying species whose purpose is now largely performative, an aging circus clown who too often mistakes himself for the ringmaster.

    Consider Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post, who has enthusiastically doled out “Pinocchios” to those he deems to have committed offenses against the truth. He’s been the paper’s fact-checker—excuse me, “the Fact Checker”—for more than a decade. His career began the same year—2011—that the Weekly Standard published a blistering cover story outlining the considerable bias demonstrated by professional “fact-checkers” such as PolitiFact. “Media fact-checking operations aren’t about checking facts so much as they are about a rearguard action to keep inconvenient truths out of the conversation,” the Weekly Standard concluded.

    At the time, Kessler, new to the fact-checking beat, responded to his critics with the earnest enthusiasm of the journalistic truth-seeker and argued strenuously that he viewed his job as nonpartisan. “Some people are always going to be partisan,” he wrote in 2011. “That’s fine, but that’s not the role of a reporter. We value the many comments we have received from our readers, the words of encouragement and also the criticism. Every day, we seek to live up to your expectations of a true, impartial seeker of the truth.” He added, “Sometimes you may choke on the meal we serve, but each day the food (for thought) will be different.”

    Kessler’s meals have since proved to be less “food for thought” than partisan Soylent Green. A quick scroll through the Fact Checker’s work reveals lots of Pinocchios for Republican politicians and Fox News hosts but only the gentlest admonishments for Democrats. Kessler wrote, for example, that there are merely “reasons to doubt” President Biden’s recent claim that, as a child in 1961, he and his father saw two men kissing in Wilmington, Delaware, and that his father uttered a line straight out of a Hallmark Channel movie: “Joey, it’s simple. They love each other.” Rather than call Biden a liar for telling this highly suspect story, one he’s repeated often and never the same way twice, Kessler wrote that Biden’s story has “evolved over time.”

    Similarly, in his piece on Biden’s State of the Union address, which contained plenty of whoppers, Kessler said the president merely “omitted factors” related to the rise in crime, for example, and he declined even to rate Biden’s claim Pinocchio-worthy. Evidently only the most outrageous lies can prod Kessler to release the Pinocchios for a Democratic president, such as Biden’s unequivocally false claim that he had once been arrested for standing on a black couple’s porch (this after Biden’s lie last year that he had been arrested trying to meet Nelson Mandela).

    In the past, when pressed by critics to explain his decisions, Kessler claimed on Twitter, “We rarely fact check statements by PR people like Press Secretaries. We only did that once or twice during Trump and Obama. We have a high bar for such statements because we prefer to pin the Pinocchios on a policy-maker.” Not to fact-check or anything, but this is patently false; Kessler spent years fact-checking the statements of former President Donald Trump’s press secretaries such as Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

    But Kessler’s days playing fast and loose with the Pinocchios might be coming to a head. In a piece fittingly published on April Fool’s Day, Kessler denounced the “incendiary claims” by Republican politicians and journalists that philanthropist George Soros funded the campaign of progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who recently brought a criminal case against former President Donald Trump.

    Kessler wrote that anyone who called Bragg “Soros-backed” or “Soros-funded” was trafficking in a factually inaccurate claim about Bragg’s supporters. “Soros never directly funded Bragg, but instead contributed to a group that supported Bragg and other liberal candidates seeking to be prosecutors,” Kessler wrote. That group, Color of Change, had announced a plan to spend “over one million dollars” for Bragg (it ended up spending $420,000). Kessler’s conclusion? “Claiming Soros ‘funded’ Bragg is simply false, but many rely on the more ambiguous phrase of ‘backed,’ which is technically correct by several degrees of separation. But it’s still misleading and worthy of Three Pinocchios.”

    Kessler also claimed that anyone who said Soros funded Bragg was engaging in rank anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing: “It’s a dangerous game that plays into stereotypes of rich Jewish financiers secretly controlling events.” Kessler should know, as he played it himself for years when the partisan leanings of the donor trended rightward. As Kessler wrote in 2015 about the campaign of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “One should note that Netanyahu is believed to have politically benefited from the efforts of American billionaire Sheldon Adelson.” (Adelson was, like Soros, Jewish.).

    When Kessler tweeted out his Soros piece, however, a new fact-checker emerged. Users of Twitter’s Community Notes quickly appended a clarification to Kessler’s tweet, adding, “Soros donated $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, the largest individual donation it received in the 2022 election cycle, days after it endorsed Bragg for district attorney and pledged more than $1 million in spending to support his candidacy.” The creation of the Community Notes system allowed verified Twitter users to add context to Kessler’s tweet, effectively fact-checking the Fact Checkers’ facts.

    Kessler was not pleased. He denounced the Community Notes with the hauteur of an aristocrat dismissing the peasants. “Twitter trolls who posted a ‘community note’ to this tweet apparently have not read the actual fact check,” Kessler tweeted. A second Community Note soon appeared on that Kessler tweet as well, noting, “The original Community Note says that the Color of Change PAC *pledged* $1 million. Soros donated $1 million to the PAC days after it endorsed Bragg and pledged more than $1 million in spending to support his candidacy. The PAC ultimately spent $420,000.”

    Note to Kessler: If you’re the self-appointed collector of garbage takes by the media and political class, then you yourself should probably avoid littering.”

    Nonexistent, like the Russia, Russia, Russia lies the media gave themselves another Pulitzer for.


  21. David French has a good argument. If corporations are persons, then the gov’t can’t punish their free speech by withdrawing gov’t contracts. He even cites case law. Now if corporations weren’t people – the argument would be weaker. Apparently there are 1800 special tax districts in Florida (bizarre really but it’s Florida) , but DeSantis is only going after one. Looks like reprecusions for the exercise of free speech.

    I’m not an expert on gender, identity and expression. For the most part, it’s fairly simple but I also know organizations like the Olympics have struggled on the question for decades.

    Claims of indoctrination of children have been levied at political, social, and religious organizations of all stripes. Is Sunday school or vacation bible school indoctrination? The documentary “Jesus Camp” accused the organization of grooming. Gay conversion camps have been similarly accused. Or how about the youth wings of political parties? Generally our society has allowed parents to decide which organizations their children will be exposed to. However, in the culture wars both sides seem intent on stripping parents of that right and responsibility if they don’t like their opinion.

    Movements tend to narrow their visions the more isolated they become. Youth movements are even worse since they lack the experience which often teaches the need for compromise and tolerance. This combines to form militancy. The trans response to rape center women only policies are inidcative of this attitude. Personally – rape victims have the right of first “cancel”.


  22. If all the people who thought they could not afford children had abortions years ago, (and many of those other reasons) there would have been a whole lot of abortions. Probably even me. Sure, money is sometimes what is needed. Often, though, it is just plain encouragement to keep the baby. Usually, all that is given is the worst-case scenario, which scares women. This is especially true for those giving birth to babies with any type of problem. I thank God everyday my own daughter is pro-life and did not listen to all the naysayers. I could tell lots of stories of women told terrible things about their having their babies. Not a whole lot of it came true. And women find out quite often that they can do things they never dreamed they could do.

    Of course, why bother if life is so cheap?

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